lol i did this for 5 minutes in class

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pretty young tbh 



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I have no idea :( 

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top, p!atd, mcr

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bts (always thinking about the boys), taekook, the number of minutes left until class is over, books 


The only language I’m fluent in is English haha. I can understand Telugu pretty well, though. 



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Ravenclaw :)

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I wish I knew….

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7:42 a.m.

    Will T make it to class before the end of the 5 minute bell? Will T pay any attention to Seychelle and Augie?? And did T ever listen to what Margo had to say???

Today was a whole new level of crazy

I was up at 5:15 to teach 6AM Zumba class. Rushed to practicum 8-3.

Shadowed strenght group training @4 (for my personal training certification)

Attended abs and glutes at 5:15

Taught TBC @6:15

And taught Zumba at 7:15.

I reached my limit today in fitness lol. But I love every minute of it.

A common question I get on tumblr is how I did I get started in teaching fitness classes.
For me, I was approached by a Zumba instructor after I had been attending for a while and she encouraged me to look into getting certified.
I fell in love with a program and wanted to learn all about it. I think that is the best place to start. Find a format you love and dive in and start learning! ANYONE can get certified. What will make you great is how passionate you are and what your knowledge about the format is.
Talk to your favorite instructor and ask them for their tips. If you are not currently attending fitness classes, I suggest you start attending at a place you will want to teach eventually. It’s great to make connections and see what kinds of instructors work at places that you’re interested in.

Learn about the format you want to teach and start making connections and learning about what it means to be a fitness instructor.

One of the best pieces of advice I got in regards to teaching is this:
Being a great instructors is not about showing people what you are capable of. But rather teaching others what they are capable of. You want people to leave your classes proud of themselves and what they accomplished.