lol i did this before i even had a tumblr

so i was waiting for my bus at the bus stop; its a typical monday, im wearing my “tony stark did nothing wrong” shirt.

this 16 yo girl (she was also waiting for the bus i think lol ) keeps looking over at it, scowling. i’m ready for a fight just like i always am on tumblr, i can’t stand the fucking antis. i speak up. “u got a problem or something?”

the question’s not even fully out of my mouth and this chick starts going off, spit flying and all. “dont you know tony stark is a weapons manufacturer?!??? hes killed a SHIT TON of people” i’m shocked; i’ve never had a child speak to me that way IN REAL LIFE before. but i’m trained; just last week i doxxed a 15 yo girl who said tony was homophobic on line.

before i can anything though, this old lady steps up and says “tony stark is a hero u fucking bitch” then smacks the kid right in front of me and the other hundred people at the bus stop. i’ve never seen so many people clap before, i feel like justice has finally been served.

moral of the story: antis dont try any shit, we’re everywhere.

BTS - Reaction - Sickness

Anonymous said: Could you do bts reaction to there GF wakeup in the middle of the night and and running to the bathroom and throw up and crying?

I actually researched things for this reaction. Yes, I did research for a fictional Tumblr reaction. Ya’ll can’t say i don’t try hard enough lol (no one ever said words akin to that, I’m just messing with you ^^)


If it was anything else but you, he probably would still be asleep since this was one of the few nights he decided to get some more sleep rather than working on music. You could say is ‘Y/N sense’ was tingling in that moment, and before you had even register his presence, he was being you, holding your hair and tell you everything would be fine. By the time you stopped, it was a decent number of minutes later.

Y/N: “Yoongi… go back to bed… I’ll be fine from here-” More vomit.

Suga: “I doubt that, you’re barely holding yourself together, actually, it’s mostly me holding you together.” The grin on your face was the only thing stopping you from cheekily slapping him right there an then.

Suga: “I’m glad I wasn’t at the studio tonight, staying here with you is more important than music. Now, please, don’t cry…”

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Jungkook: “Huh…? Honey, what’s wrong?” Caught in a tired daze, it took him a moment to realise something was wrong, when he did, he’d just up instantly to run to you despite his fatigued body begging him to return to bed. Only being part way though vomiting, Jungkook would hold your hair back with is hands until you were done. Retrieving his phone from the bedside table in 5-ish seconds, he was already googling what to do after you vomit to relive the symptoms.

Jungkook: “Okay, so what you’re meant to do is… ‘Do not eat or drink anything for several hours after vomiting. Sip small amounts of water or suck ice chips every 15 minutes for 3-4 hours’… That doesn’t seem too hard, can you handle that, honey?” Nodding weakly, you held his hand as he picked you bridal style to lay you down on the bed.

Y/N: “T-Thank you… I love-” With a quick cough, you were cut off.

Jungkook: “I love you too, now, I’ll get what you need, stay right there.” Walking out of the bedroom, this become one the time where you you truly got to admire who Jungkook was to you.

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Upon hearing the tell tale sound of vomiting, Jin’s mind was cast back to the meal you had that restaurant you stumbled upon by chance while walking down the road. It was pretty late, neither of you wanted to cook, so you just found a nice quiet place to get your dinner. This, seemingly, was a huge mistake.

Jin: “Are you okay? It must have been-”

Y/N: “The restaurant… I thought the same… that pasta did taste off, but i was so hungry I didn’t care…” Seokjin should have known to be more careful; mentally slapping himself, he helped you stand up again to lay you back in bed.

Jin: “Don’t you even think of standing up, I’m going to take care of you until you feel better!”

Y/N: “… I look terrible, don’t I?” A mild shock took hold of Jin.

Jin: “I don’t care what you look like, I’ll always think you’re beautiful. Would it make you feel better to wear my favourite sweater?”

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster: “Try not to panic, that’s one of the worst hitting you could do in a situation like this.” Namjoon wasn’t the lightest sleeper, but your movements and painful sighing awoke him almost instantly. When you ran to the toilet, he was right behind you, instantly reader to hold your hair and rub your back.

Rap Monster: “Do you know what could have caused this? … You must be getting sick again, and so soon too…” Too fatigued to reply, after you were 100% sure that you we not going to vomit again, all you could was to hug Namjoon with what little physical strength you had.

Rap Monster: “Now, let me get you comfortable, I know exactly what to do.”

Y/N: “You sound like a doctor when you talk like that… haha…” You swear you could he the smirk forming on his face.

Rap Monster: “Oh yeah? Do you want Dr. Namjoon to make you feel better?~”

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As it dawned upon him what was happening, there would be silence before… an all out panic.

J-Hope: “Oh no! Are you okay? Talk to me! Actually, don’t talk, just vomit! Focus on vomiting, then talk, one thing at a time!” Hurriedly, he’d hold your hair, but not so fast that he hurt you, though his grip was a little tight.

J-Hope: “Welp, better out than in, right?” Even though you felt terrible, at least he was trying to brighten the mood, if you could even call it that at this point.

Y/N: “I think I’m okay now… but I don’t feel like going to sleep anymore… Can we just stay up a bit longer, watching something until I feel better?”

J-Hope: “Of course, anything to help you feel better honey, now come lay down with me so we can chat.”

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Not even for a moment did Taehyung look down upon you for vomiting in such a vile way. Even though you felt as if you were at one of your lowest moments, V would tell you that be with you, and that this isn’t that bad.

V: “Look at it this way, this won’t last forever, it’ll be all over soon, You know why?” Shaking your head to signal a ‘no’, you were pulled back to face the toilet bowl by the urge to vomit once more.

V: “it’s because you’re amazing, beautiful and perfect in all the ways you may, or may not, hate about yourself. I know you don’t want to here me say it so often, but I swear you’re perfect, but you’re even more perfect for me.” If by some miracle, Taehyung’s kind words had miraculously stopped you from vomiting, and you were already feeling a lot better.

Y/N: “I swear, it’s as if you’re all the medicine I need…”

V: “That’s sweet of you to say, but I want to be on the safe side, just stay in bed, and I’ll check the cabinets for something that’ll help you.”

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Shame began to crawl up his spine, a sneaking suspicion that he was to blame taunted him. He really should have checked the weather before taking you out on a date.

Y/N: “How were you supposed to know it would rain today? Please don’t blame yourself, it was probably something I ate-”

Jimin: “No, all the food we have in the house is still…” Trailing off his words, he began to delve into his thoughts, the only thing snapping him back to reality was the sound of you vomiting once more in combination with your sobs of pain and disgust at yourself.

Jimin: “Whatever was making you feel ill is out now, you can only get better from here on out. Come here…” Pulling you into a hug, his hand gently rubbed your back, only causing you to cry harder. Not at the pain you felt, but at how lucky you felt to have a man like Jimin in your life.

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  • No rude or offensive requests. They will be deleted immediately
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Seeing all these people like “Yeah, I just got into DGM last year, right in time for Hallow”…

…I’ve realized that I’m that old curmudgeon, sitting in the corner, ranting:

“When I was your age, we didn’t have no fancy DGM Hallow. Hell, we didn’t even have any manga. We had to wait years to get a single new chapter, with low quality scans. Y’all children have it easy!”

But for reals, y’all. 

I’m pretty sure I started reading DGM before Tumblr existed…

Jesus Christ.

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(RE 1/2) (i cant believe tumblr deleted that lol) there is something i recently found really sweet about jikook..when 2 ppl hang out together a lot or being in each other presence a lot, they start to become really similer, in their movment, style,personality and even laugh. i dont know if you noticed but jungkook had v v v similer poses like jimin in the wings photoshoot (WE KNOW YOU WATCH HIM JUNGKOOK) also recently jungkook started wearing wrings, and he did not wear any before...

firstly, thank you so much for sending your ask again :))

and yes yes yes! this reminds me of jimin’s “i was born in busan first” lol.. what i especially noticed was the jewelry thing. kook usually doesn’t (didnt used to) wear any

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you KNOW i would bring this up. .jimin was also wearing a ring similar to the one kookie is wearing in that gif im not coherent enought to find it rn

and you’re absolutely right about kookie watching jimin, i mean….kookie exposes himself.

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like he pays so much attention to jimin. not just with all the imitations and stuff like, when he was doing this he looked over to see jimins reaction. and when he saw that jimin was laughing he became EVEN MORE extra….no offense but jungkook loves making jimin laugh and he does anything to get that laugh out of him. its beautiful. 

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he’s so extra when it comes to jimin…also, i think jungkook LOVES and THRIVES on the attention jimin gives him. poor baby bun just wants his jiminie-hyung to pay attention. 

ill stop being trashy now but come on jungkook is literally notice me senpai with jimin.


I figured I’d get at least 15 minutes of exercise in before I had to get ready and head out to meet my friend for a painting pottery thing.

15 mins down and 25 to go to reach my minimum 40 minutes.

Also, enjoy my jiggly self dancing it out. Lol

The last one I did before the dance even started. Just figured I’d show off my awesome dance skills. 😂😋

Happy Saturday everyone!

Ok I was debating whenever I should do another follow forever, but since I reached my goal, like two weeks ago (I think?), I decide to do another follow forever. 

I’m using a edit I did few weeks back,because I can lol. And I love Natsu’s smile alot so yeah. 

Now before I do the follow forever I want to say something: Thank you all for following me and sticking with me. I had tumblr for nearly three years and just now I finally got to 1,000. For those who don’t know me, socialization takes a lot of energy out of me, even just for five minutes belive it or not, despite this I really do want to talk to people,and so I’m really am suprise I have this many followers. And so thank you guys so much, it really does mean alot to me. And now here are the people/blogs that I love seeing on my dash, or just in general have a really great blog, and you all should deffintly check them out. Just so you know if you aren’t on here, it doesn’t mean anything, i love all the blogs I follow, and just so you know that all of you are awesome. 

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So... Remember how I used to joke about PhDs, Scandal and Tumblr?

Welp, it’s not a joke anymore. Some university just said YES to me doing a PhD about Tumblr!

After I double checked to make sure I read correctly, I was like

because I just couldn’t imagine this over a year ago before I started messing around on this site. Legit thoughts of applying for a PhD program did not even occur to me until January of this year, so I never wrote anything for this site with that intention. I just wanted to share what was in my head. I’ve thought about whether I should say anything at all, but decided I had to because I’ve gotten to this point because of you guys. Obviously I did the hard work (lol), but I would not have been motivated and kept pushing if I hadn’t received your welcoming support. Even when you disagreed with me or provided constructive criticism, it encouraged me. I have learned from this space, and I’m a better and more accessible academic *because* of you and Tumblr. So, thank you.  

I have written of my love for Tumblr before, and the personal and societal value it offers. But it also has intelligent social educational value, and that is what I will be researching. Specifically, here’s a snippet from the abstract of my proposal:

I aim to critically examine social media site, Tumblr, as a space for alternative social education discourse around issues at the core of most social interactions: gender, sexuality and race. The research will focus on these issues as they are culturally produced in American television shows Scandal, Being Mary Jane and Orange is the New Black.  The micro-blogging and social media site, Tumblr, will be the locus of this Intersectionalism…

Now that Black women are going to be stunting all over TV this fall, some of the shows will change, but Scandal will remain the predominant text. Expect more deets in the future, including a call for interviews with Tumblr users.

Don’t expect the content of this blog to change in tone. It won’t become an academic journal.

I’m gonna stop before I go into a lot of feels. I just wanted to express my gratitude and keep you guys in the loop. While I’m in this happy stage (before I get overwhelmed by having to find funds for my first year, and the research itself), just dance with me y'all

toxicity in the hobby

I typed this up last week and decided not to post, but I have changed my mind bc it’s eating me up and I’ve noticed a lot of people have blocked me out of nowhere probs from just seeing one side, which is fucking hurtful so I’m posting the facts.

(i will probably delete this later. it’s just making me anxious so i thought id type out my thoughts.)

this is not bullying, i am not mentioning any names out of courtesy, i just need to vent a bit *deep breath*. so i have recently had some “drama” with someone who had blocked me last year randomly accusing me of copying their dolls new nails. i tried to talk to this person but they blocked me directly after sending me a large message here on tumblr, to which i didn’t know, until now, that they had.

i made comet gyaru style long nails and i had planned this for a few months and only just received the hands.

i couldn’t have even seen the persons doll before i did mine bc 1. they blocked me so i couldn’t see their shit 2. why would i try to look at their stuff after being blocked? 3. i don’t look at the bjd tag often, maybe once every 3 months, if that.

also this person blocked me yet obviously they still check/lurk my accounts. #totallynotcreepy they have also copied me prior to being blocked and more than twice recently (my friends showed me pics) but i didn’t say anything to them. so they have no right telling me i copied them. i have a lot of screen shots and pictures to prove what i am saying but i do not want to show the persons name or dolls out of me being decent and nor do i want them to be harassed.

i tried to be an adult, by messaging them on my other side account which they immediately blocked me there too.

here are some pics of the gyaru nails that inspired comets new ones:

comet’s nails:

ive been obsessed with these nails for years but could never get them bc my nails are very damaged and i do a lot of art so it would get in the way so i decided to give them to my new msd comet.

the person that made their dolls nails in a similar style posted them on the 28th of april. i was only alerted to them making these nails via messaging here at 2am in the morning. i was very confused and flustered at the messages also bc i was unable to respond bc of being blocked. i didn’t even know they had tumblr either.

i received the hands in after they did (due to being a pre-order) so i obvi couldn’t make the nails before them, but i had plans to make them for months, i actually type out my plans often for my dolls on my iphone notes and i have a screen shot of it:

(i know im a loser lol)

and here is a screen shot of when i purchased the hands with he long nails on alices collections a month later:

so clearly i could not have know this person was going to make similar nails for their dolls at around the same times as i posted mine.

i do not like being accused and ranted about for shit i did not do and i do not appreciate being blocked before i could have a chance to respond to said accusations.

some people in this hobby are so toxic and are making it a terrible place where it’s supposed to be a fun chill outlet for creativity and friendship.

people can go around copying me all the time and i don’t say shit to them but satan forbid i put some glitter and rhinestones on my dolls nails at around the same time as someone else and i get pissed on and called a bitch and people talking smack in the comments on said (now deleted) rant post.

just like i do not own decora,fairy kei, guro, you do not own gyaru glitter nails.

if you are going to call someone out and make them feel like shit and cause them anxiety over “copying”, you should not copy the person you accused of it when you have done it numerous times, (*cough, pacifier* *cough, sheep hat*, *cough, pic editing style*, *cough, gfs “oc”* etc etc) so blatantly and i have not said anything to you.


There. Just needed to get that off my chest…so sick of this bs.

A shipper story :)

This time last year, I was dealing with a deployment, six months after my husband had gotten home from a remote tour in South Korea. My son and I stayed behind in North Carolina. Afterwards, we got our dream assignment to Arizona. Then the dreaded “D” word came up. I was tired, and so sick of being alone. I kept thinking after Korea, spending an entire year away from my soul mate, being married but living separate, I just did not know how I’d do it again.

I had already read outlander, which I was determined to do because I wanted to read the book before I watched the show. I didn’t realize at that time how big both would impact me.

So anyway, July 2015. SDCC was in full swing and I decided to watch the outlander panel. I didn’t realize it at the time but that’s definitely the day I joined the ship. I didn’t even know what shipping was! It took me awhile to figure or what it was I was doing. lol.

I had already been lurking in the tumblr outlander fandom for a few months, and it took me a while to find my voice and start getting brave enough to interact with everyone.

At the time, I was super stressed, worried, anxious, etc. Anxiety has always been a struggle for me since I was a teenager. My relationship with my parents had gone to shit a few months earlier, my husband was gone, again, my cat was dying of cancer and I had no idea how long he’d be around for. My worst nightmare was having to put him down alone.

Not to mention trying to not lose my mind with a four year old running around.

So tumblr and this fandom quickly became my escape. For a little while each day I could forget about everything going on around me. Gushing over outlander, Jamie and Claire, and Sam and Cait. I was so happy to find like minded people who understood my obsession 😉

This literally was my happy place for months.

A few weeks before my husband was due to come home, my cat took a turn for the worst and I had to put him down. He had cancer in his lungs and had a lot of trouble breathing. I was alone with my son and so heartbroken. It was my worst nightmare. And the second time I’ve had to put one of our pets down by myself.

Well, this long story is just my roundabout way of saying how thankful I am for this place. Even just lurking here, knowing I had found people as passionate as I was about Sam/Cait/Outlander was a comfort to me. And when I finally got brave enough to add my voice to the conversation, it became an even better experience.

I never really consider myself a strong person, but 15 years as a military wife has taught me a lot about how much I can handle, and not giving up easily, even at the hardest part when you think you can’t go any further. So I don’t want to give up on this ship, especially for the wonderful ladies I’ve come to know here.

So I wanted to say thank you to those I follow, and whom follow me. You may not know it, but same days you all were the only thing keeping me sane. And that continues to be true to this day.

This ship/fandom can be a real roller coaster ride, but so is life. 😉

I originally came here for Outlander, Sam and Cait, but found so much more.


P.S., thank you for reading this, especially if you’ve made it to the end 😉👍🏼