lol i d e k

gabejones replied to your photo “@gigatrillbreaker lol thanks @lunaaltare B L O C K E D @sassydoctor9 I…”

wear a jumpsuit + heels, do your makeup real dark and severe

although you could literally wear anything under that garbage bag they call a graduation gown

See, I’ve considered wearing a jumpsuit like these

but 1. I hate my arms, and 2. I hate the way rompers sit on my waist line because they are always, undoubtedly too high up, and it ends up making me look like the embodiment of a fart.

@gigatrillbreaker lol thanks
@lunaaltare B L O C K E D
@sassydoctor9 I wore one to my high school graduation so I’m unsure of whether or not I wanna do that again.
@gabejones anything I touch is automatically gay. We’re married you should know this.
@monaquisha I went to a Marshall’s here and it was awful, also we don’t have a Burlington’s here because this city sucks. I’m probably gonna end up going back to San Antonio to look.