lol i d e k

heyo, it’s alessa with her first follow forever !! I remade like what? a week ago ?and I’ve already reached 700+ followers which im so !! grateful for !! Thank u for everyone who puts up w my dumbass 😣 

This is only for my mutuals bc I do want to show appreciation n love to them !! Also, sorry if this fucks up ur notifs I hate Tumblr. AAAAAND this is not in order except for the ones that start with numbers lol okay.


💘 = favs/I would d*e, k*ll, n live for u

🎀 = the mutuals I admire from afar bc im too shy to interact w you fully lol why are u even following me, a piece of trash omg

I love everyone on here w all my living !!!!!!!

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This is a bit old, but here’s a drawing of some pones!

Top Row- Self centered babu, nerd babu, mean babu, and shy babu. (I call them the babus cuz as of right now they don’t have names lol) They’re characters from my SUPER SECRET BLOG that isn’t super secret anymore: 

Bottom Row- Unnamed, Sally and Joe! Also known as happy babu, sad babu, and business babu