lol i couldnt not make this

sketches from the stream!
bottom 2 rows are some concept sketches of steven fusions!
the Steven/Garnet fusion was heavily inspired by a concept sketch by @genchiart .. I couldnt think of anything better for the outfit he came up with, so i just gave them 5 eyes and an extra arm lol.

I’m gonna clean up these sketches and tweak some stuff here and there to make some actual designs, so stay tuned!


So i didnt post my first trying at flash animation. So here it is.

Then i started learn Flash i wanted to make “test” thing with Hunk breathing but i couldnt and then i be like “lol, and what if i will do not test and thing wich i realy want” and then i made this

and then it turned to my animation video

so, something like that

Rain surprised them and they forgot the umbrella this time.

Kiss art challenge

(I’m not taking more requests, I’m just finishing the ones I’ve previously had)


More Love For Cas | Week Four
Heartfelt Moment(s) or Funny Moment(s)


I swear to heaven I don’t know why I wanted to cosplay Krista lol why I wanted to cosplay in general  So how I added filters to make it look nicer. Actually looks ugly I swear. Still incomplete, tho :B


STARISH Confrontation

↳ Then and Now