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i just want to take a moment to thank all michemil/ emimike content creator. god bless all of you tbh.

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Aside from Sara, who in the dctv universe do you think len would be attracted to/consider pursuing something with?

That’s really hard to say? 

And attraction is very different from genuinely considering pursuing something. Who he’s attracted to could be any number of characters and we’d never really know, because most people don’t act on every (or even most) passing attraction(s)?

So I’m approaching this from the angle of “who would he genuinely consider pursuing or try to pursue” and my answer is coming up pretty short (sticking to canon, that is, because I can ship a lot in fandom).

Because with Sara, a few preconditions (after basic attraction) were also met? She’s single, she’s a badass who can hold her own in a fight, she’s more morally grey than most of the heroes he’s met so far, and she has her own checkered past and demons that she wrestles with. They’re working together closely and he knows he can trust her to have his back and that she has a huge loyalty to all of the team. She demonstrates (in S1) great emotional insight into others and cuts right through (his) bullshit but she’s typically non-judgemental about it. She doesn’t try to change him but she does expect him to be authentic and a better version of himself.

Aside from shipping coldwave (which I think is super canon-plausible), I can’t really see him pursuing anyone else on the Legends voyage. Jax is too young and too much like a younger brother (or son, given their ages…), Stein is married and their personalities would clash, Len and Rip are too at odds and Len doesn’t trust him, same with Ray tbh?, and Kendra seems pretty uninterested in Len and Mick and sees them as the dangerous criminals on the team. I think Len would find her too sweet for him? And he’d fine Nate too frustrating/annoying. 

Of all the Legends, I can see him maybe having a thing for Amaya, to be honest, once he got to know her. Once she showed her (moral) flexibility a bit and they found a way to joke with each other. But I think he’d find her a bit strict? And maybe not easy to connect with or open up to.

For Arrow…it would be hard to me to see him with any of the Arrow ladies. Thea is too young and he would not at all be her type. Felicity is too… earnest? And would need more from him emotionally than he’s ready to give. Laurel comes the closest, but her moral compass and her being a DA make me think they might not actually get along much. 

For the men… haha, I can’t decide if it would work perfect or be a complete and utter trainwreck to have him and Oliver together. I feel like they are too similar in certain regards, which would leave them often at odds and in competition. And by another token, Oliver has done a lot of killing (low-level) criminals and I think Len would see him as a deadly agent of justice and it would take a while to get around that reputation. And Digg wouldn’t put up with Len’s shit in the slightest (plus Digg is [was?] with Lyla) so… idk. 

Which leaves us with Flash characters. Caitlin is an immediate ‘no’ because she wouldn’t be attracted to a guy like him at all. She likes guys who work out and who compliment and spoil her a little, guys that make her feel safe and protected and talk softly to her and she wouldn’t be comfortable with Len and his coldness. (And yes I ship her and Mick…). Iris seems unlikely because she was pretty scathing of him, and she needs honesty in a relationship, like a lot (with Eddie and now with Barry) and I don’t see that as something Len could really provide her with, and he’d be exhausted even trying to. I can see her lecturing him a lot and him not having any of it.

I can see Len being compatible with either Barry or Cisco though, to be honest. Not that he’d ever genuinely pursue anything with either of them, based on canon. Barry is his enemy, but he’s got most of the same checklist as Sara does: badass, surprisingly morally grey and has plenty of personal demons, has worked with Len and can see through and cut through his bullshit but does so while having rapport instead of being preachy. With Cisco… Len’s straight up admitted he likes Cisco, and he loved the alias Cisco gave him. Cisco is badass, clever, gorgeous, and has his own moral greys that crop up sometimes. He’s also funny and I think Len would really enjoy having him around. I can’t say if it would ever end up in flirting and romance territory, but I can just see them hitting it off.

But yeah, sorry dude, if we’re sticking hard to canon, the answer is pretty much that he wouldn’t genuinely try to pursue any of them (except Mick, who is already his husband).


i recently caught up with bsd and fell very hard for these two, so naturally i had to draw them

Selfship Playlist #2

Here’s another selfship playlist that I’m gonna make in addition to my first one. Since I’m always finding new songs that either match or just make me feel good while listening to them ^.^

((There is some songs that are a tad bit different than the last one >.> don’t judge mehhhh XD))

1. Lights Down Low - MAX

2. Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur **

3. Perfect & Dive- Ed Sheeran **

4. Feel Good - Gryffin & Illenium

5. I Need It - Johnny Balik **

6. Seasons - Shaggy

like a life of loving you (harvey/mike)

Mike is bored.

This contract is quite possibly the most dry, boring, soul crushing document he’s ever had the displeasure to work on. And he’s been working on it for hours now.

Every half hour or so he’ll make a complaint to Harvey, who sits beside him on the couch as he goes through his own tedious document (bi-laws, ugh so boring), the complaints getting more halfhearted as he goes along because Harvey has absolutely no sympathy for him.

When Mike says, “I’m so bored,” Harvey replies with an absent, “Don’t care.”

When Mike complains, “Why am I stuck with this boring contract?” Harvey replies with an automatic, “Because it’s your job.”

When Mike suggests, “Hey let’s take a break for a minute,” Harvey replies with an exasperated, “Get back to work.”

When Mike asks, “Can I work on something else please,” Harvey replies with a short, “No.”

When Mike demands, “Give me something fun to do,” Harvey replies with, “Like a life of loving you.”

Mike looks up from his contract, his face full of amused confusion. Harvey doesn’t seem to have noticed anything amiss, because he’s still just working away like he didn’t just say that.

“Uh, Harvey,” Mike says, on the verge of laughter because he can’t believe that a) Harvey just said that, and b) that he hasn’t even realized yet.

“What?” Harvey asks, exasperated, actually looking up from his paperwork this time. He takes in Mike’s smiling face, furrowing his brow in confusion.

Mike doesn’t say anything, because even though Harvey doesn’t have his eidetic memory he still has a damn good one, and he knows Harvey will eventually get there. Plus, it’s more fun watching Harvey work it out himself, and Mike can tell the exact moment Harvey remembers because his entire face changes. There’s a moment, just a flash, of embarrassment before he schools his features into wearied indifference.

“It’s just a song lyric, Mike.”

“Uh huh, sure it is,” Mike says, amused.

“It is,” Harvey insists indignantly. “It’s just a quirk of the brain, automatically completing a half finished lyric. You of all people should understand that. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“Are you sure you’re not just using that as a cover because you really want to confess your undying love for me but just can’t quite find the words…”

Mike can’t get anything else out because he’s laughing, and the best part is that Harvey chuckles along. Mike loves that he and Harvey can tease and bait each other without it getting weird. It’s one of his favorite things about their relationship. And even though Harvey will never admit it Mike knows he feels the same way, that he appreciates that Mike can keep up with him and give as good as he gets.

“Okay, smartass,” Harvey eventually says with a smile bordering on fond, “get back to work.”

Mike does, but only for a minute. It’s too good of an opportunity to let pass. “Soooo, what’s the next line of the song?”

“Nope, not telling,” Harvey replies, not even looking up from his work.

“Come on, you know I can just google it anyway.” And he gets out his phone to press the point.

“Okay, okay,” Harvey relents.

Mike grins, victorious, but when Harvey puts his pen down and looks up at Mike he doesn’t say anything. So Mike prompts him by starting it off himself. “Give me something fun to do, like a life of loving you…”

“Kiss me quick now baby, I’m still crazy over you,” Harvey replies in an even tone.

Mike is unprepared for that in every sense of the word. He just keeps looking at Harvey, because all the money in the world wouldn’t make him look away now, and Harvey, incredibly, keeps their gazes locked. Mike swallows, nervous. He’s suddenly aware of how close they are to each other on the couch, a proximity that is so common these days it usually goes unnoticed. His heart pounds hard in his chest and the want that Mike feels for Harvey every waking moment of the day takes control. He asks Harvey to say it again, barely recognizing his own voice, thick with desire.

When Harvey obeys, his words are low, rough. “Kiss me quick now, baby. I’m still crazy over you.”

Mike kisses him then, because how could he not. In the three years they’ve worked together there has never been a more opportune moment and Mike can’t not take it. And Harvey kisses him back, their lips moving effortlessly against each other. But then Harvey pulls away, eyes glancing beyond Mike to the glass wall of his office and beyond.

“We can’t, Mike. We’re at work.”

“Don’t care. And it’s late, no one is here anyway. Now kiss me quick Harvey, because I am crazy over you.”

And Harvey does.



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My drawing for Inktober day 24

I started off drawing a sentry bot, and when I was done I forgot about old Ironsides! So then I drew him too and included him for this post. Man did I really love that quest.


Sometimes studying is not a thing. Most times it isn’t. So I made a Pop Portia and Ariana a few weeks ago, as a select few of you know lol. I just had to. Portiana’s my fave. How could I not.

I shipped them out to Claire and Angie via Sarah but I wanted to wait until they actually got them before posting any pics so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise.

Portia was actually a lot easier than Ariana was to make because I didn’t have to make a toque and hair for her. Picking an Ariana outfit was hard mainly because ya gurl wears fishnet and other fantastically difficult outfits. So I went with the sleepover outfit because MST sweats are sick.

The two bottom pics are before pictures. Everything was done in acrylic and then sealed twice. Toque and hair on Ariana was done in air dry clay and then super glued. (I may have eaten some super glue because I am terrible. My lips are sealed on that incident tho)

More after finals! (Probably)

-a smol bear, Kae


Rick is the leader. Michonne respects Rick and she believes in Rick. She doesn’t hang out that long with someone she does not respect or believe in, you see with the Governor she was out quickly because she could see this guy is bad at the core and she can see with Rick this man is great at the core. So she has a respect for him and she’s willing–she actually wants to enhance that part of him sometimes…she believes in his leadership abilities and she actually wants to remind him that’s who he is…she chooses to ask him what the plan is because she wants him to remember who he is. She wants him to remember who he is. Michonne definitely has leadership components, but at the same time she really respects Rick and she wants to keep him in his identity which is a leader. Rick is a leader. But Michonne could lead, too.  

Danai Gurira in response to who is more powerful or the leader–Rick or Michonne?