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Listen if you’re having a sad day treat yourself to some Pirce Is Right the excitement, and pure joy the contestants have on that show is infectious. Also, that game show is pure America soooo I had to draw some Public AU where America guest stars as one of the showroom guys and loves picking up and spinning the contestants around when they win. 


You have a pattern of keeping things to yourself. You hid the truth about Emily, you made her seem like the bad guy. And then before that, you didn’t tell me what really happened when you came out to your parents, and how badly they reacted. You don’t like to talk about you. So, I think that when your parents didn’t accept you, you stopped trusting people that are closest to you. And I totally get that.

EXO’s Reaction to You Riding Them


Naturally dominant, the only thing that would stop him from pushing you onto your back and taking control was how much you were enjoying it. He’d smirk, grab onto your hips, and grind against you, pushing you both to climax.


Chen would run his hands along your body, his eyes never leaving your face as he memorized your expression.  He’d slowly rock his hips to your rhythm, gently pulling you to your peak.


As always, Baekhyun would take this as an opportunity to tease you, forcing himself not to move.  It wasn’t until you, desperate for orgasm, begged him to move that he finally gave in and thrust his hips, pushing himself deeper into you.


One of Chanyeol’s favorite things was when you rode him.  Seeing you in so much pleasure only increased his, and you two would go at it all night, pleasure coursing through your bodies.


Lay would find it almost cute when you decided to dominate, and would enjoy watching you work yourself to orgasm.  He’d help in anyway he could, helping move your hips with one hand and stimulating you with his other.


D.O would take it easy, lightly resting his hands on your thighs and leaning his head back, eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure that you were giving him.  He’d peak first, your moans of pleasure quickening the process for him, and you’d come shortly after.


Suho would have to fight back the urge to take control, instead doing his best to increase the pleasure you were getting, He’d use his hands to full effect, stimulating and edging you the best he could, all while letting out soft moans himself, which unintentionally pushed you further.


Riding Kai would be like dancing.  His hands would push your hips harder down onto him, causing you to shake with pleasure.  His body would sync to your rhythm, grinding against you as you both reached a powerful climax.


Sehun would love to play with you while you were riding him; he enjoyed the power he had over you even while you were dominating.  He’d thrust his hips sporadically, sending jolts of pleasure into you.  He’d slowly quicken his pace, enjoying how your expression changed to pure bliss as you reached the edge.

for bts_69min the theme was tears/crying….. so I did kookmin again……… and idk y i decided to combine I NEED U concept (bathtub jimin and runaway jungkook) with THAT scene in hxh……….. (i also had ‘understanding’ and ‘hyori ittai’ piano ver. playing in bg, y do i hurt myself like this) [my original tweet]


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oh my venus or she was pretty


There are a lot of people who have prejudice against me, let me introduce their prejudice.

I appreciate the prejudice against me and hope you to make more in the future. (x)