lol i change colour's so much


I made some Gem redesigns! I’m planning to do some of the homeworld gems next. 

My main motivator for these redesigns was the fact that I’m super disappointed that all the gems look so plain…(like for example I was really hoping Sapphire wasn’t going to have legs or that Peridot actually had cool floaty fingers) and I’ve seen some really neat monster-esc designs for them!

I wanted to do my own little spin on making the gems a bit less human while also adding in a few things that I thought I’d like to add/change (like their colours and Garnets hair most of all lol) 


Some explanation for each of them under the cut!

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Second time doin the @savewoygiftexchange and I got my friend @best0utthere! xD I’ve drawn some wandercest for them before, so why not a lil’ Wandy Fresh this time? ;3 He’s riding on a hoverboard cause space and 90′s-


I have graced you all with double selfies- AND UNEDITED SELFIES AT THAT. I have never, EVER posted unedited selfies*, so I’m actually super nervous lol Σ੧(❛□❛✿);;

The lipstick that I’m wearing today is actually that really cool colour changing flower lipstick, and I love it so much~ ♡♡ ✿

Left is yesterday, right is today

(*snapchat is an exception. But I don’t use it much)

akami15  asked:

Are you have an Ocs?

I rarely post about them but I have a bunch!

Nature series:

Rita is from a high school art project, and the rest are from my abandoned monthly postcard project in 2015. I draw Rita and Leia the most.

Then there’s those who are basically just all the element I like slapped together. They are all in the same universe (but different from Rita’s).

They’re from a chuuni comic I made during high school 🙈  (around 2010…?) (there’s a couple more minor ones). I only drew them in pencil so I’ve never really thought about their colour themes and stuff like that. Haku is the male version of Akane that looks too much like Natsume/Jafar/Suga… Now I mostly just doodle them in private and play them in Miitopia :D

Oh and there’s also the BNHA and Joker Game OCs


Somebody once told me modern/college AU is a cheap shot but here’s one from me anyway even if i don’t know much about dressing up and may have created some fashion victims, screw somebody (with extra crayons and traditional art)!

I did a modern berseria AU comic some times ago but I’ll probably upload more in the future, now i don’t have much idea but i’m always open if you have any input feel, free to talk to me and also feel free to disagree lol ;)

Keep reading below if you have nothing to do for the details:

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Day 4 of Cykesquill Week: Haircut!

I can’t make it in time for the previous days, but I can at least get Day 4 on time!!! 

I like (some) of my lines better than the colouring so you guys can get that too LMAO.

Simon’s look inspired by Prince Jinwoo of Winner (check them out they have absolutely amazing music and talent like no joke they’re perf <3)

anonymous asked:

How long did it take to find a art style?? And your art is so ADORABLE!!!

Hi! ^^ Umm, I’m not really sure if I’d say I have a consistent art style right this moment tbh, I think I’m still rather inconsistent lmao;; but if you’re referring to the style I use to draw my comics, I’m not really sure how to put an accurate time frame on it??

I experimented a lot when I started doing ask blogs to find styles that I could draw quickly with (since ask blogs require a lot of quick draws!) but improvement of drawing and understanding colour theory over time also played a big part in changing the style I use… So I don’t think there’s quite a clear-cut answer to this! 

Anyways if I had to put an actual time frame I’ll just go according to how I changed styles when I did my ask blogs I guess?? So maybe about 3 years??? (with a lot of time in between where I didn’t draw much tho lol)

I drew out a quick example below! 

So a guy today asked what the 2017 eurovision squad would look like and what kind of people they would be if they were all part of a school class and I had nothing better to do lol so this came out

Nathan is the one who is sort of good at everything, hyperactive, always positive, maybe a bit too much sometimes, he drags everyone else with him and keeps the squad together in difficult times
Manel is very laid-back, not really a perfect student, always goes around in his floreal shirts bringing his guitar with him, sometimes he plays during lessons too and often gets in trouble for that, hangs out with Nathan a lot
Kristian got into school a year before due time, so he’s one year younger than everyone else and he is everyone’s favourite little brother
Blanche is the study-hard girl, but not a know-it-all cause she’s too shy for that. Only talks when necessary.
Alma is the popular girl, very beautiful but very smart and kind too
Francesco, the cool kid, always wears sunglasses in class, doesn’t talk a lot but can dance very well
Anja is a very emotional girl, also she always defends Kristian if older students pick on him
Robin, the good looking guy every girl wants, not very used to team work though
Martina is a very goofy girl, always falling and breaking stuff, but everyone loves her anyway; despite being like that she’s very reasonable and always knows what to say
Isaiah is the exchange student coming from faaaar away who everyone got attached to immediately
Navi are the always happy, nice, cute childhood friends, everyone knows they will end up getting married no matter how much they keep denying it
Salvador, quiet, artistic kid, rarely talks but when he does everyone stops and listens
Imri, the party guy, always trying to organize big parties without the teachers noticing, Manel usually helps him so they often end up in trouble together
JOWST and Alexander, apparently calm and serious, but always there when it’s time to make trouble with the squad, they make very sarcastic puns
Lucie, perfectionist, homework always on point, dog lover, kinda like Manel’s opposite but they surprisingly get along quite a lot
Triana Park, the total sass squad, usually sitting in the back of the classroom, very particular and unique style, they change hair colour a lot

I’m very much sorry lol I tried
Idk feel free to add to this or to give it a try :“


Sara Kingdom.  I think she turned out pretty fine. Actually much better than I’ve expected I could manage to do it, though not everything went the way I was imagining it to be… But as I said I’ve kind of expected her to end up much worse (mean much more random looking), but I think she has even some likeness to Sara so I guess I can call it success :). And I’m happy I finally managed to finish something for a change lol. 

(note to her outfit: her uniform is said to be brown. When starting to make her I was looking for reference pictures and there are not just any colour ones but hardly ANY at all, so an usual joy of mad crochetter here. Anyway I always imagined the uniform either black or dark blue (and also saw few fanarts when she had dark blue uniform and liked it) and decided to make it in dark blue, because all black wouldn’t look nice and dark blue also has (at least to me) sort of a police look to her, which she is in a way. I learned about the uniform being in fact brown from @unwillingadventurer (who else right?) and I think it was still before I actually started making it but I didn’t change it, because I liked the vision of the uniform being in dark blue better. So yeah. Not quite colour accurate but what can you do without proper references and no colour references at all, right?)


I. am. so. fuckin. done. with. my. life. lol xD These took me so damn long but I had so much fun drawing BTS in the version of their newest MV for DNA! x3

Actually I wanted to draw just 4 of them (I startet with the left pic, obviously x’D) but Joongkookie, Jin and Hobi need love too, soo I changed my mind xD ♥ And I also think I’ve never drawn such colourful pics before xD

The signs as fun things to do in the summer/bucketlist
  • Aries: work out, go jogging, you have the time so why not am I right? Do exercises or pick up a new sport. It doesn't have to be for that perfect body, do it to feel better j your own skin, body positivity is key peeps
  • Taurus: keep a movie night with friends, build a giant fort of pillows, get comfy blankets and maybe even some cool lights to hang up inside the tent? Some popcorn, icecream, loads of chocolate and just watch some of your favourite movies, enjoy!
  • Gemini: change up your looks, try new lipsticks, some eyeshadows, DYE YOUR HAIR BLUE, PINK, PURPLE, RED, whatever you want, summer is about change and fun
  • Cancer: have a colour fight, I did this with my friends once, (it's like the Holi festival look it up lol) there are those kind of colour powder thingies that you can throw on eachother and it explodes in different colours on your clothes, just go to a park, dress al in white, team up and let the games begin its so much fun
  • Leo: remake some old clothes into cool new stuff.
  • Go trough your closet, there must be Some old shirts or jeans you don't like anymore
  • Search up tutorials, cut cool holes in the back of your shirts, draw your fav band logos on em, cut your jeans make holes in them just have fun, you can't go wrong with change.
  • Virgo: attend a concert or music festival with some friends. Nothing is more fun than singing and screaming until your lungs give up am I right? get ready together with some friends and then Go jamm out with them at a concert, maybe have a sleepover that night? Next day just wake up late and go get something to eat in the city or get some coffee, helps against the hangover you'll have haha
  • Libra: redesign your room, paint the walls another colour, hang up photos (get a Polaroid and make pictures with your friends) hang up cool lights, or posters with your fav band logos on them, get little things to redecorate and maybe make some fun things yourself, YouTube has enough room digs
  • Have fun being creative
  • Scorpio: go to the mall with your friends and spot some hot boys, dare eachother to ask random boys their phone number, because why not? Who doesn't want A summerlover
  • Sagittarius: go have a sleepover with friends at your or their house (get A friend who has A pool), buy 10000 glowsticks, stay up until 1am and then crack alllllllll the glowsticks and throw them in the pool, also get loads of soap and make the whole pool foaming.
  • I did this once actually and I am planning on doing it again this summer because it was so much fun
  • Capricorn: get a piercing or tattoo, if you're old enough and want a tattoo then do it! even its a small one on your wrist or the back of your neck, or get your ears pierced, maybe second holes so you can wear 4,earrings idk, just change something up
  • Aquarius: go camping with friends, bring a tent and put it up somewhere under the stars in fresh air, and then.. Get some cookies, chocolate, and Some marshmallows, and make smores. I actually never made smores (Dk if Thats something weird) but im definitely planning on doing this with my friend or friends this year
  • Pisces: make a new friend! Maybe while being on vacation, or just at home. Look for people with tumblr blogs with the same interests and talk to them, because why not haha be an extrovert. New friends mean new relations and new adventures and new late night convo's. So that can't go wrong