lol i cant do colouring

11 Questions Tag

rules: Answer 11 questions from the person that tagged you and make 11 more for the people you tag.

tagged by: @destination-unicornland thank you!!~~~

1.) If you could learn how to play an instrument instantly, what would it be?

Piano!! or bass~

2.) Would you rather go to a concert or get all the albums of your fav group for free?

Free albums!! Also i cant go to concerts lol

3.) Do you prefer drawing/sketching or colouring?

Drawing/sketching!! bc coloring is ugh hard!

4.) Favourite sweets?

Skittle!! Taste the Rainbow!!~

5.) Rain or snow?

Both!! haha

6.) Books or movies?

Both again!! but just a liiiiittle bit more movies~

7.) Favourite fruit?


8.) Do you like making eye contact or not?

It depends? lol. Not with strangers but in a serious situation I think eye contact is important lol does that make sense??

9.) Your favourite song by your bias group?

By GOT7???? umm umm…. all of them??? lol

10.) Last picture you saved?

my boys :’)

11.) Lined paper/notebooks or squared?

Lined paper~

My 11 Questions For You:

  1. If you were in a drama who do you want as your love interest and second lead?
  2. If you could kiss your bias anywhere on their face, except the lips, where would you kiss them?
  3. For your 10th anniversary with your bias, what would you do?
  4. Would you ever dye your hair the same as your bias? If their hair is the same as your natural hair, what color do you want to dye your hair?
  5. What is your favorite picture of your bias?
  6. What couple item would you and your bias wear?
  7. What was your least favorite era for your bias group?
  8. If you were a youtuber, what would your content be about?
  9. If you could do a collab with anyone in the world, who would you collab with?
  10. What is your favorite pickup line that you would use on your bias?
  11. Have i asked too many “your bias” questions??

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