lol i cant dance

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inpire me, be a part of
Everything I do

Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
And as the long, long nights begin
I’ll think of all that might have been
Waiting here for evermore! (x)

this.  took too long aaa.  4 hours, sketch to effects all on mobile medibang paint, end meeee. ToT

but!!  this is fanart for @shinyzango’s 2d bendy au, which i’ve fallen in love with!!!  i had a more clever caption earlier but its so late & i’m tired but i wanted to post this before i slept. 

imagine the last scene of Dirty Dancing with Gaston and Lefou though:

Gaston in the middle of a dancing crowd, he’s practically the center of the hall, black tight pants that leave nothing to imagination and a bordeaux loose shirt with the front nearly all open, showing his hairy pectorals glowing with sweat; everyone trying to move together with him if only for a few beats of music, trying to gain his attention but he has his eyes fixed on one particular side of the room, a lazy predatory smile plastered on his face meant for one man only; and Lefou knows he’s being looked at, observed with such an intensity that leaves no doubt whatsoever to who the person is. So he locks eyes with Gaston and starts moving towards him, curls loose like a halo around his head, and suddenly the song, and ohmygod he awaited all his life for someone to do this with and without a second thought he’s doing it; Gaston sees at once the change in Lefou’s demeanor and the way his eyes now are all but shining bright and he just stops while the crowd parts sideways and he blinks in confusion for a second before seeing a sort of tornado running towards him, yelling over the loud music “IT’S THIS ONEE! GASTOOONN! LIFT ME UP!”
“Lefou what the-” but he hasn’t even the time to express loudly his confusion because with a jump and a “LIFT ME! LIFT ME UP! NOW!” Lefou is on him and decides then to go along with him, why not, his boyfriend never seemed so excited after all, and lifts him up. Lefou released an undignified squeak of surprise, adrenaline and pure joy because he’s up, he’s there, he can see everyone down there shouting and applauding and he extends his arms, closes his eyes and just feels. He feels Gaston’s hands holding him so tightly just above his waist, he feels the sound of the music in his body, he feels Gaston’s arms lifting him higher still, he gasps and looks down and sees Gaston’s smirk and the flex of his muscles and revels in the feeling of his strenght while he says “you know, you could have warned me earlier, dancing queen” but he’s just as pleased as Lefou because all eyes are on them and he gets to show off, they’re quite literally having the time of their lives and it’s just perfect, he’s thinking that they’re just perfect.

yes thank you I’ll be in the trash if you need me lol


Choo Choo - Touch of Class

1st Place Age 6 Tap
Double Platinum 1st Place

Dancers: Bristol Dixon , Brittney Blizzard , Evelyn Moutaw , Gwen Mowery , Juliette Cruz , Mia Tomasello , Olivia Hellenkamp , Tori Taylor , Zoey Harvey


Club doing a Lindsay Nelko combo!

(I spy Brynn on the left!) 

anonymous asked:

Manakete anon here with more kiralfonse to annoy u with but with floof !! Ok so they get a break and kirans asks about like fancy balls and formal stuff like that when the wars over and hes like "I think you'd enjoy them, i hope when the war is over we can have one" then kirans like "lol i cant dance" so he goes "i can teach you,,, if you want like um" and then kiran starts messing and they ballroom dance around like idiots

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BLESS alfonse teaches her how to ballroom dance and its the first time theyre ever close without it being on the battlefield AND JUST….ITLL BE THE FIRST TIME ALFONSE EVER OBSERVES HER…..SEES HW PINK HER LIPS ARE…..HW BRIGHT HER EYES ARE……….


crying because rAVE-UP TOGNITHT TRAOIELR and i dNIDNT HAVE INTERNET FOR 2 DAYS adnn guess whta i spent it on

also sxun’s perm is fab and all but im really not used to drawing curly hair :’((

10 questions tag

tagged by @eclair, thank you!!!

1. What is your favorite show these days?
i only watch the news on tv, and i cant really stream anime/tv shows with the audio on my pc broken…but ive been watching 1n2d on youtube app…really great show!!!

2. Do you have a favorite dance style or genre? Or any kind of movement arts you are interested in? Please mention if you practice it or you mostly watch it.:)
I cant dance at all lol. but my sister is a former street/hiphop dancer so i guess my tastes got influenced by her. she’s currently a fan of the royal family dance crew & i watch sometimes too. otoh, u guys should know how much i like martial arts & good fight choreography from my iwaoi fantasy au haha. im currently anticipating the mcgregor vs mayweather mma fight!!!

3. Do you have collections? What are they?
i have a mug collection! ive drawn the mugs in my art sometimes. my dad’s a seaman so I have a bunch of mugs from different countries too. :3 also have a tumbler/water bottle collection, but lately my mom’s been using them to store her herbal brews and they make my bottles have a weird aftertaste so i stopped buying more O_O

4. What is your favorite meal of the day?
dinner! cause the delicious food only come out at evenings in our household haha (it’s the only meal when someone had the energy to cook something)

5. What is the most interesting food that you’ve tried?
korean snacks my sister used to bring home from seoul when she was a student there. i find them interesting because im a nerd for really great and simple packaging designs ahaha.

6. Given a chance to time travel, what time/period would you go to?
probably time travel to before my laptop broke & try to stop it, cause it made my last college semester the worst sem ever, &started a chain reaction w/ our other laptops breaking lol.

7. What quote do you tell yourself when you’re feeling bad?
“my dog looks sadder than me i need to cheer him up”

8. Have you ever been to a gig/concert of your favorite musician?
at a college fair! you need tickets to get close to the stage but we just set up picnic mats outside the fence (the stage was within the sunken garden so you can see it from our place anyway) &watched the concert from there, totally free lmao

9. What’s your favorite color or color combination?
pink and blue, you see pink a few times in my art ahaha

10. What’s the one thing that you can eat almost everyday?
i eat rice everyday already haha

ahh i can’t think of questions of my own!!! but, again, thanks for tagging me!