lol i cant dance

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inpire me, be a part of
Everything I do

Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
And as the long, long nights begin
I’ll think of all that might have been
Waiting here for evermore! (x)

imagine the last scene of Dirty Dancing with Gaston and Lefou though:

Gaston in the middle of a dancing crowd, he’s practically the center of the hall, black tight pants that leave nothing to imagination and a bordeaux loose shirt with the front nearly all open, showing his hairy pectorals glowing with sweat; everyone trying to move together with him if only for a few beats of music, trying to gain his attention but he has his eyes fixed on one particular side of the room, a lazy predatory smile plastered on his face meant for one man only; and Lefou knows he’s being looked at, observed with such an intensity that leaves no doubt whatsoever to who the person is. So he locks eyes with Gaston and starts moving towards him, curls loose like a halo around his head, and suddenly the song, and ohmygod he awaited all his life for someone to do this with and without a second thought he’s doing it; Gaston sees at once the change in Lefou’s demeanor and the way his eyes now are all but shining bright and he just stops while the crowd parts sideways and he blinks in confusion for a second before seeing a sort of tornado running towards him, yelling over the loud music “IT’S THIS ONEE! GASTOOONN! LIFT ME UP!”
“Lefou what the-” but he hasn’t even the time to express loudly his confusion because with a jump and a “LIFT ME! LIFT ME UP! NOW!” Lefou is on him and decides then to go along with him, why not, his boyfriend never seemed so excited after all, and lifts him up. Lefou released an undignified squeak of surprise, adrenaline and pure joy because he’s up, he’s there, he can see everyone down there shouting and applauding and he extends his arms, closes his eyes and just feels. He feels Gaston’s hands holding him so tightly just above his waist, he feels the sound of the music in his body, he feels Gaston’s arms lifting him higher still, he gasps and looks down and sees Gaston’s smirk and the flex of his muscles and revels in the feeling of his strenght while he says “you know, you could have warned me earlier, dancing queen” but he’s just as pleased as Lefou because all eyes are on them and he gets to show off, they’re quite literally having the time of their lives and it’s just perfect, he’s thinking that they’re just perfect.

yes thank you I’ll be in the trash if you need me lol


Club doing a Lindsay Nelko combo!

(I spy Brynn on the left!) 

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Which chappelle show skit is that gif from ?! I really been thinkin bout that shit for a minute I gotta know lol

When he said white people cant dance and then he played a electric guitar and they danced so he went to the barber shop to play it to see how black people react and the gif is their reaction

Tessa and Scott grace the cover of Macleans

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so i can control my spotify to play anywhere in my apartment, so i played fy faen in my kitchen where my boyfriend was (i was in my bedroom) and when i went to the kitchen he was dancing like cengiz in that video!! just thought i'd tell u that lol

ljdsfklsd nice! you simply cant NOT dance to that song 


“I got my diploma with my left hand up like WOO!“™ 😂🙏🏾🎓

@twice-the-joy and I graduated with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Psychology (respectively), and kept it real ratchy lol. Thanks for millyrockin through the pressure with me (i cant stop making dance references pls halp) 😭 We oooutta here 🎉🎉💃🏽 CLASS OF 2016 STAND UPP!

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I have a weird doodle idea for Lara x Sam. Sam is dancing to Gas Pedal while Lara stands in the background either embarrassed or disappointed. Just a little idea :) Btw, I love your blog and drawings <3

[Link to the song]

tbh I reckon Lara would just be really confused about why people are singing about an accelerator, what does it mean, and why is her gf shaking her arse to it??? rather than any other kind of reaction. lol