lol i can't with you bbc

Sherlock be like...

Sherlock: Oh I’m a high functioning sociopath. *Rescues Watson from a fire* I don’t care about any human. *Screens his wedding guests* Humans are such dull and boring things. *Calls Watson the kindest and cleverest man he’s ever met* I don’t care about anyone. *Looks at Watson* Dang…

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I'm just getting into blockb (omg bastarz!) & I'm trying to figure out their individual l personalities & was wondering if you could tell me some things about them? I've started watching shows but can't figure what they are truly like.Tysm in advance

Omg hi! Welcome to the fandom, new BBC friend! <3 Block B is the type of group that will always surprise you, especially if you think there is nothing left for them to do. lol I’m sure you’re gonna love them, each second more and more! :3

So, I’m gonna tell you what I  think about them, what I’ve seen and learned from them since I’ve became a bbc, a few years ago. I apologise for my English in advance.

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i love how well he fills out his can't stop staring. also his arms, holy shiet

Ikr! Gah. And all this super tight pants wearing he’s been doing lately ioskjebr I need an ice pack.

Like literally everything that was the glorious TIFF/BBC week 

This basically is everything. Arms, pecs, some nipple (don’t act like you don’t see them), thighs, crotch, HANDS LOOK AT THE MANS HANDS! Where the hell is the ice bucket challenge when you really need it?

HIS CALVES ARE LITERALLY THE SIZE OF HIS THIGHS. Normally I would think this might weird me out but nope. Nope

Then there’s the suit that murdered everyone.

I don’t even have anything else to say about this one. *throws blank papers in the air*

He even talked about his butt bottom. He knows what’s up. (x)

We witnessed his beautiful biceps doing some karaoke. His arms really do look quite nice here. Plus the high-water skinny jeans… Please wear these everyday of your life This nonsense has got to stop Taron. 

Tennis shorts fucking happened. 

And of course we witnessed his true physical prowess when he made every man/woman on the earth wish they were a pub chair in under 10 seconds.

So yea, legs and arms. 

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who would you be if you live in bbc sherlock universe? like your own character

omg yati… hmm i think i’d be a bartender of a place that John may frequent during Sherlock’s ‘death’ who just nod understandingly as i pass him a pint or sometimes on weekends i’d tell him it’s on the house and sit down to drink with him occasionally but we never talk. it’s sort of that silence companionship lol idek