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I guess I need to say this here before I go to sleep, so I won’t get too many messages about the same questions.

These pictures are not HD at all (i wish), but they are my edits and I try to clean them out, so I can do a close up.

Also, these are from my magazine copy , so thats Why I don’t have a link for them. The good news is that the magazine is out everywhere and you can get a copy 😍

Imagine EXO otps if they could use their powers #Kaisoo
  • [the Everyday Kaisoo morning]
  • Kai: *yawns and stretches his arms while looking at the bed*
  • Kai: That's strange? Last time I checked someone was there sleeping beside me...Kyungsoo hyung?
  • Kai: Dyo dyo hyung!/hears water splashing from the bathroom/
  • Kai: *smirks*
  • Kai: /teleports to the bathroom/
  • Kyungsoo: AAAAAAAAH/moves his hands up and throws random floating pebbles at Kai/
  • Kai: OWWW!I knew you lied when you said they were just decorations
  • Kai: But I've seen you naked 100 times before
  • Kyungsoo: THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!/he blushes so hard random pebbles hit Kai again/
  • Kai: ow
  • --
  • [On the phone]
  • Kai: This place is boring! I miss you hyung!
  • Kyungsoo: aww Nini I miss you too but there's..only two days left...
  • Kyungsoo: You did not just-
  • Kai: Hi Hi /kisses Kyungsoo's cheek/
  • Kyungsoo TELEPORT ALL THE WAY FROM LAS VEGAS TO SEOUL!.ugh Jongin what am I going to do with you
  • Kai: Only for you babe,only for you
  • --
  • [ Going out]
  • Kai: hold up hyung I'll buy us popcorn/teleports to buy popcorn/
  • Kyungsoo: ok guess it's just me and you pigeons
  • Kyungsoo: ewww did it just poo on that
  • Kyungsoo: NO don't you dare!/takes a step back cuz pigeon was walking towards him/
  • Kyungsoo: I SAID DON'T COME NEAR ME!!!/unknowingly stomps his feat and creates a crack on the ground/
  • Kyungsoo: oops.
  • Kai: what just happened?
  • Random person: There's an earthquake!Dude you gotta run!
  • Kai: But that's my boyfriend! How dare you/shoves random person away and teleports near Kyungsoo/
  • Random person: Weird.
  • Kai: your mini earthquakes are giving me mini heart attacks Aish kyungsoo!
  • Kyungsoo: I'm sorry.I didn't mean it.
  • Kai: It's ok Baby, I'm calling Tao/takes out phone and calls the time stopper/
  • Kyungsoo: I'm very sorry Kai.
  • Kai: /puts down phone and everything except him and D.O stops moving/ wow that was fast.Now hurry up and hide that crack
  • Kyungsoo: /kneels and pats the ground with his hands making the ground merge together/
  • Kai: yay Babysoo saves the day! /hugs Kyungsoo/
  • Kyungsoo: wtf /hugs back eventually/
  • --
  • [Bed time]
  • Kyungsoo: Jongin please tell me you won't do it again.
  • Kai: Do what? /lays near Kyungsoo on their shared bed/
  • Kyungsoo: Don't pretend like you don't know when you teleport to my dreams every night!
  • Kai: ...
  • Kai: Did you just admit that you-
  • Kyungsoo: Wait so you can't teleport to dreams...
  • Kai: duhh lol. If I can teleport to dreams than you can teleport to dreams too
  • Kai: I mean I see you in my dreams every night too
  • Kyungsoo: Go to sleep you big cheese ball/puts his hands on his face because he's too embarrassed/
  • Kai: sure babe, SWEET DREAMS haha
  • Kyungsoo: I hate you
  • Kai: I love you too

thisshouldnotbethishard  asked:

Ok so you already know I'm a fan of Jackson Friar but I have to know, is he actually a good guy? Like, are his intentions with Riley good or am I going to be absolutely crushed when he turns out to be a horrible human being lol also even tho I'm assuming rucas is the happy ending here because it is a rucas fic, will Jackson get a happy ending ? (And please tell me it's not with Maya)

Jackson is a good guy.. at the core. I’m trying to be as vague as possible with these answers so bear with me lol. His intentions with Riley are pure that much I can say. If you’re thinking he’s going to turn out to be a slimebag thats just trying to sleep with her thats far from it and not the case at all. Jackson really cares about Riley and it goes beyond his own feelings for her. But he’s not a bad guy, just a guy who does bad things sometimes.

Also dont worry he does not end up with Maya! Hahaha. I’m not too concerned with her arc in this story because it’s about Riley. As for his ‘ending’ hmm you’ll just have to wait and see :)

amiablearcher  asked:

For the ask meme: 1, 17, 30, 57, and 100!

1. What is you middle name?

I go by my middle name, Alexander, so thats not interesting so my first name is Michael. I don’t think it fits though so I would like to change it.

17. Who would be your ideal partner?

Idk I guess someone who would give me attention and just make me feel comfortable, I always feel so anxious and nervous, especially in public, so anyone who can ease that seems ideal lol

30. How many pillows do you sleep with?

It was 5 but my pokemon pillow from when I was like 7 got gross and ripped up so now I’m down to 4 :/ but now I have a little jigglypuff plush to make up for the loss :D

57. How long does it take for you to get ready?

I’d like at least 30 mins + but most days I don’t get ready until last minute so it takes me less than 5. I just throw my contacts into my eyeballs, deodorant, cologne, chapstick, brush my teeth, and lotion my hands if I feel I have an extra minute. If I actually have time I usually just spend it thoroughly cleaning my face and using products and all that jazz, i find it sooooooothing :)

100. Color of your room?

It’s a really light grey, basically white. I wanted to paint it black but the floors are black tile so it might be too much :/

Thanks for the questions!!! 

What an uneventful birthday

Even though it was uneventful it was good 😌 it rained really hard while I was at my boyfriends playing cards so thats all I really wanted lol Every year on my birthday it rains (even the night i was born my mom said it rained) so now I always look forward to it since I love mid day storms. I also got a beautiful text from @berrychu and tbh it made my day. Now the best birthday present would be if I can get a full night sleep cause I haven’t in weeks and now I’m sick and still have to go work on set tomorrow 😫

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Hello Hello! Its your captain Kodone here.

corny? Yeah sorry I know. I am currently coming off of the beautiful girl we all know and love since the 50’s or so LUCY or ACID or LSD or Lysergic acid diethylamide if you’re really into that kinda stuff whatever works for you.

I’m here to tell you guys about my misadventure of something so god damned beautiful it made me sick. Literally. I threw up. It was fucking awesome.

Now I was building up the courage to trip. My buddy Zac was talking about it today and I was like yeah fuck it why not! Lets do this shit. Its been a year since I’ve been on a date with Lucy it’ll be a good time I ensure.

this bitch.
oh man.
o h m a n.
this bitch lucy.

she definitely had me fucked up.

What I thought was going to be a cute date through the park and enjoy the beautiful colors and the pretty breathing textures was more than just that. It was a trip to the therapist…but the therapist is yourself…on acid….losing their shit…yeah. Wild.

I remembered the bubbly feeling. The Tip toeing of courage and all that. It was great. I was saying “wow crazy body high! This is so fye” all the stereotypical shit you’d hear out of a eighteen year old pot head fucking dropping acid. All was fun until the trip started weighing down on me and boy was it weighing down on me fast. It was a bird getting shot straight out the sky I’ll tell you that. I noticed my body started settling down and my perspective got heavy. Way heavy. I felt like the universe picked me up, shook me up and said look here you little shit. It was a cold back hand from no not myself, no not mother nature but THE FUCKING UNIVERSE.

You had your momma walk up to you with a belt ok but HAVE YOU EVER HAD THE FUCKING UNIVERSE SLAP YO SHIT UP? DIDN’T THINK SO. ANYWAY.

yeah the universe was beating my ass. The trip started turning for the worst. My concerns of trying to watch “yamborghini high” tripping and the music video “LSD” by Asap Rocky soon diminished and turned into me trying to survive rather quickly. I felt like the universe crumpled me up, swallowed me whole and spit me out into the corner of my bed. Beautiful.

I sat there tripping balls. My friend Liam sat at my feet watching me and of course I was absolutely fine. I was merely just laying in bed…false. I actually was seeing thousands of patterns flash before me while my eyes are shut, my body is quivering faster than a daytona speed track and I never wanted to be so dead so fast.

for about an hour but what is seemed like in my head to be about 4-6 hours waaaaaas….shit.

I sat here this state suffering. I felt as if I was serving a time sentence to god himself. For what? Who knows god is weird. (ah fuck problematic) My bed was the cage and my soul was as dead and defeated as a soldier who lost his legs in enemy turf. In my head I wished for the trip to end but I only knew that would make it far worse. I then pleaded asking the universe “please chill bruh like this is some fuck shit” for about two hours (in real life about 30 minutes) the switch from my bed to the restroom was terrible. Its almost like if I wanted to trip even harder all I had to do was enter the restroom well FUCK. It was just that. I entered the restroom and I felt dimensions shatter and I felt dimensions colliding together. I LITERALLY saw a dimension shift into ours.

deadass you can’t tell me I didn’t see that shit because I did. Well after I witnessed something so great like that I knew my reality I was in was a joke. Complete shambles. My dimension has just been broken by another one. I lost my sanity. Yes oh yes. I lost it. Completely but I decided to reach for an old friend of mine I hold dear to me. I texted her and she texted back.

Its almost like my friend was a sage or some sort. The moment I read her texts, my trip just eased out. Instantly. I started coming back. It was almost like she was guiding me through my lost journey. I remember texting her multiple times “THANK YOU!” and feeling like she understood me completely. It was pretty badass I’m not going to lie due to the fact shes in Chicago and I’m in Oklahoma like isn’t that shit nuts?

Stage Two I’m in my restroom and my friend is giving me these amazing words of guidance and something snaps in my head.

mistakes are okay.
mistakes happen.
the universe will always love you no matter what.

I walk into my room and grab a painting that I was working on. A painting that I didn’t touch for a month because I said I had to “perfect” things on it and I had to “plan and perfect” it completely before I dove into it. See that made sense to me but at that moment fuck that. Fuck that painting. Fuck being perfect. Fuck what anyone has to say about it. I took off my clothes so fucking fast, opened up every fucking acrylic paint I fucking had, squeezed that shit into my bare hands and started slamming and sliding paint on canvas.

0 fucks given…and it felt so great. It felt so good to do just that. Here I had this painting. I worked on it carefully and precisely aaaaand then I stopped. Why? Well because I didn’t want to “ruin it” because I didn’t have a “good” plan to think of before painting it out and “ruining” it. Kind of how my whole life has been. Just a whole lot of focusing on the sole called “perfect plan” but…never actually moving ahead. I was so afraid of making a mistake on that canvas that it blinded me from the fact that I wasn’t actually moving ahead with it. Fuck that. That all ended tonight. That “perfect” canvas I was working on was my breaking point. The moment I went in that fucking room and started fucking that canvas up was the most beautiful moment of my life.

It was like I put all those years of the “perfect plan” into a blender and spilled it back up on that canvas. I knew that it was okay for me to make mistakes in life. I HAD to make mistakes in life. It was REQUIRED of me. I HAD to “fuck” that canvas up to get the bigger picture.

that shit changed me. I knew I was in a new zone now. Jesse Diaz nah PAPIKODONE nah KODONE nah KODONE 3.5 ON ACID WITH ROCKET BOOSTERS ON HIS YEEZY BOOSTS yes. Oh yes definitely.

Once the universe shook my hand and let me know it was sorry for the ride it had to give me in order for me to realize everything I just said its cool bro and kept the energy going. After that episode I caught myself drawing, writing, painting, thinking for the rest of the night. I was a new me. All I had to do was accept my mistakes and move on without worrying about a “perfect plan.”

so here I am now. In bed. Its 5:48 am and I can tell I’m probably about to come off this trip here in a bit and phew man that was insane. I’m still like loopy if ya catch my drift when writing all this but I feel like thats what makes it great and the only reason its postable lol

well thank you for reading. I’m going to try and catch some sleep. Bye. Thanks universe for showing me whats up. You’re like The Ape except you don’t terroize kids for wearing supreme you terroize them because they have their life perspectives fucked up. Not bad. Not bad.


… . you can’t just take him back to new york when this is over, and pretend none of  t h i s   i s   r e a l … . 

imnmortal  asked:

Can u do a scenario when mark went on a vacation with his girlfriend and the boys and mark had to sleep in the same tent with the girl which he grew nervous cause its their first time?? Sorry its kinda long but i love your blog A LOT!!

~lol thats cute and don’t worry! its not long! and thank you so much! enjoy<3~

You stuffed your last shirt into your suit case before zipping it up. Mark was down stairs calling your name to hurry up. 

  “Y/n-ah! Hurry up!” you heard him call. You quickly started going down the stairs with your suitcase which bumped along every step. 

  “Okay, okay. I’m ready.” you say struggling with your bag. Mark chuckles as he helps you take your luggage down. You pull your bag out the front door and go down to the car and stuff it in the trunk with the other bags. Mark comes out of the house and locks the door as he comes along. 

  “Noona! Where are we going?” BamBam asked as he poked his head out the window. You were going to answer but suddenly, someone grabbed his shirt by the collar and pulled him back inside. Assuming it was Jackson. You chuckled before hopping into the passenger seat of the van. Mark soon came and started the ignition and started backing out of the driveway. 

  “This is going to be awesome.” Yugyeom says as he looks out the window quietly. You saw through the rear view mirror how everyone was just chatting away, they seemed so happy. 


  Finally pulling up into the parking lot with trees and woods surrounding it. There were people who also came to this place to have a peaceful vacation. The guys hopped out of the van, the sun began setting. 

  “Wow, it took that long to get here?” JB says as he looked up to the sky that was slowly fading into a deeper color. Everyone grabbed their tents and started walking into the forest. Finding a perfect, wide open spot to pin up the tents, you guys started building your tents. After building the tents, you all decided to sit around the campfire and roasted marshmallows.

  “So Youngjae and Jackson in one tent-” JB started to say.

  “What no-” Jackson chirped up. Youngjae rolled his eyes playfully. “He had to be my teacher in IGOT7 and now this?!”

  “Jackson, I’m not going to teach you how to sleep.” Youngjae states. Jackson rolls his eyes.

  “Anyways, Jr and I, Yugyeom and BamBam and Mark and y/n.” JB continued. Mark’s eyes widened. 

  “Is something wrong?” you lean in and ask him. He shakes his head. 

  “U-Uh nope. Nothings wrong.” he says nervously. You nod your head slowly before going back to your position. Singing along to songs, it was midnight. 

  “Let’s get some sleep.” Jr says as he yawns. Mark scratched the back of his neck as he holds your hand and guides you to the tent you both shared. The process of getting ready for bed was kind of awkward. He would just be robotic. Like if he let his guard down, he’d get shot or something. 

  “Mark?” you asked snapping him out of his daze. 

  “Huh?” he replies. 

  “What were you thinking?” you ask curiously as you wiggled into your sleeping bag that could fit two people. 

  “Oh just…how much fun I’m having on this trip.” he says as he dims the latern down and squirms in beside you. He didn’t make any contact with you, not wrap his arm around your waist or anything. Just face the opposite direction. You sighed as you tapped his shoulder. 

  “Is it something I did? Are you mad at me? You seemed fine before the campfire.” you say as he slowly turns around to face you. 

  “No, no. It’s not that. It’s just…it’s the first time we are actually sleeping beside each other ever since we started dating and what if you don’t like how I sleep.” he babbles. You giggle as you scoot closer to him and lift his arm so it rests on your hip. 

  “That’s what you were worried about?” you asked raising an eyebrow. He shyly smiled. You snuggled into his chest. “If it’s anything, you should be worried how I sleep.” 

anonymous asked:

Hellooo, I'm a new shawol and I was wondering if you could give me information about the boys? I know all their faces and names but that's all really. You don't have to if you don't want to! :)

Well hello anon~~ i would love to inform you about the members as much as possible! I <33 I hope i can do them justice ^^

First we have our Dubu leader: ONEW

This man… /grunts/ look at him… OKAY.  INFO

So his stage name is Onew, but his real name is Lee Jinki. He was born December, 14, 1989 making him the oldest and the leader of SHINee. Tbh, he’s a little ball of fluff that can get your motors running in a matter or .002 seconds. Like… 

Can he not? lol… This man also has a fandom name for all his body parts a such as: 




sooooo to put it simply… this man is a threat to your ideal man. He’s super sweet and takes care of his members. Minho mentioned it in an interview how Jinki doesn’t think of himself as higher then any of the other members, but as their equal. He is SHINee’s pillar… their stability. The glue if I say so myself. He holds it down for SHINee and i don’t think we, as shinee world and shinee themselves, could have asked for a better leader. 

He recently went through surgery on his throat, but is completely better now! How could I forget onew condition! - this is basically him being funny or clumsy as hell with out even trying and tbh, its a completely charming point. OH, HE LOVES CHICKEN. You’ll hear a lot of jokes about that :)

His personal fandom name are: MVP’s- they were given this name because in their debut song “Replay” he says “noona you are my mvp” and well naturally, thats what they are called now! 

His smile is blinding. It legit feels like angels are throwing up on you… here have a look:

Ohkay~ so before I make this any longer, jinki is an amazing person and we’re lucky to have him. He’s strong hardworking man, and deserves all the chicken in the world for all his efforts. i love him, you love him we all love him. 



oHKAY IMMA STOP THERE BEFORE I GO OVER BOARD AND THIS IS ALREADY NOT GOOD. sooooo… he is the one and only Kim, Jonghyun. He was born on April 8, 1990. He is SHINee worlds residential puppy and crybaby.. but its okay we love and accept him and want him to cry rivers. He’s a sensitive soul and that itself is a charming point… who doesn’t love a man that shows his feelings? 

He is a composer and lyric writer. He recently debuted solo January 1. He took a main part in his album, “Base” and also writing SHINee’s “View’ for their most recent comeback. He also partook in writing, “Pretty Boy” for Taemin’s solo Album, “Ace” and “Playboy” on EXO’s comeback album. (as you can see, hes into writing and his songs are A++, but of course that comes from me and i’m a little bias…. haha)

His personal fandom name are: Blingers - because he is BLING BLING JONGHYUN ^^

Jonghyun is understanding and very aware of all the bad that is happening in the world. He’s the member that will say what on his mind? at least thats the portrayal i have of him. If its important to him he wont be afraid to voice his opinions and RESPECT him for that. He has brought up subjects that i believe an idol wouldnt usually bring up or openly talk about.. but nope, jjong is different. Hes proven time and time again, how caring he is not just towards his members but to his fans. hah sometimes i think he doesnt give a fuck- BUT IN A GOOD WAY. He is so humble.. all of SHINee are.. and this why they are together and shine as all five. It feels as if they havent let all this fame and fortune get to their head.. but dont get me wrong they’re still humans and as humans were not perfect lol. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT. 


He runs a radio program called: Blue Night everyday from 12am kst to 2am kst
He has insomnia so he has trouble sleeping at night… and he loves shoes. lolol. 

He was in a band before debuting and played the bass. I know he also plays guitar and piano…(?) someone can correct me if im wrong. 

OH, HES ALSO SHINEES TEASE (wait.. all of them are teases but look)







Look at how he saved that girl~ okay, so this is Choi Minho. Sweet ass mother f-er. 

He was born December 9, 1991 and is the Rapper of the group.. Well, so is Key, but yes.. the OG. This guy is the competitive sports athlete member. He loves soccer.. practically breathes it. IF IT BRINGS ON SWEAT COUNT MINHO IN. He has couple of nicknames such as: Flaming Charisma and Frog Prince. He burns with passion on a daily basis. 

His fandom name are: Flamers

Minho is the guy that comforts his members.. (they all comfort each other, but hes there to offer the hugs and lowkey harass jjong) but he offers the love that shinee needs during those emotional times. He writes majority of the raps that he does in the shinee songs and has even branched out to letting us hear his angelic voice. HE CAN SING AND SOMEONE CAN FIGHT ME IF THEY SAY OTHER WISE. LEGIT, MINHO IS A PRINCE. He gives off that aura of romantic pure guy that only wants good in the world… haha this might just be me living in my own world. HE IS AN ACTOR AND HAS ACTED IN COUPLE DRAMAS. He is currently working/ or already finished up the movie is going to be in. 

He is the tallest member of SHINee and never forgets to remind jjong LOLOL



honestly tho.. minho is a treat. is adorable and OMG OMG OMG HE IS A BIAS WRECKER.. LIKE WTF, CHOI. W.T.F.

where? who? what? when? NO. NOOOOOOOOO. YOU KNOW THAT PERSON THAT WRECKS YOUR NUMBER AND SOMETIMES YOU DOUBT IT.. YEAH. THIS IS WHAT HE DOES TO ME. this was even before all this happened… just /faints/

nah, but i appreciate minho and his part in shinee. He’s funny, charismatic, easy going and loves those around him. I THink that itself is pretty clear. OH I FORGOT HE LOVES HIS HYUNGS… YES. THE HYUNG WHORE HIMSELF. 

i truly cant get enough of him. 


This is Kim Kibum. His stage name is Key. He is SHINee’s fashionista. He loves fashion and you can see him rocking new trends or creating them himself when looking at the outfit he has on. He was born on September 23, 1991. His nickname is The Almighty Key. 

His fandom name: Lockets though on instagram he started calling everyone lil freaks… sort of renaming his fans. so either one!

This man loves musicals. He’s performed in many, and is currently going to be starting up a new one called “chess” He is known for his girl group dances.. and if i do say so myself he can rock those girl group dances, even to this day! He has a way with his body and he can dance. He goes hard in a delicate way lolol. 

He is a rapper, vocalist and dancer (tbh, they’re all dancers cause damn, their choreo isnt simple)

kibum… kibum .. kibum. what can i say? I love him? yes. He’s the type to show who he is and not hide it.. he said so himself. Hes the type to put it out there and not be afraid. I look up to him and they way he thinks… He’s hardworking, always trying to improve himself.. he’s dedicated to shinee, to everything he does and its always 100%. i feel as if he doesnt half ass the things he does. Committed. That to me is what kim kibum is. He’s also a caring towards his members… i mean, he wouldnt be the “umma” if he wasnt. Maybe that nickname was for way back in the day, but i know hes on the side lines watching out for them. 

He loves skin care~ i mean look at his skin, FLAWLESS. Thats another great way to describe him. 

He has two dogs, comme des and garcons. He currently is living in his own apartment that he recently moved into this year. HES A BIG BOY DOING GROWN MAN THINGS AND LIVING ON HIS OWN YEAAAAAHHHH. 

Oh he studied abroad in LA for i think, a year (?) again, someone can correct me, but he can speak some english and if anything understand it. ACTUALLY, hes known for knowing few other languages such as japanese and chinese. 




he knows hes hot.. he knows hes sexy, and look at him.. smug little shit. 

so this guy, hahahaha… well, he is the youngest outta them all. His birthday is July 18, 1993. He is the main dancer of shinee and now a vocalist! When he first debuted, he didnt sing as much, but guess what? This little shit debuted as a SOLO ARTIST LAST SUMMER!!

Who allowed this to happen? idk. idk. idek. 

the cute innocent taeminnie is now TAEMAAAAAAAAAN. JS. 

so im trying to think of the words to describe him but i really can only think of trouble maker? the ones that wants to cause shit… but not really? if that makes sense? Hes a joker for sure. Hes the type of smile and laugh when a member is crying -NOT IN A BAD WAY NO- BUT he’ll record you or take pictures when you’re crying. HE’S FUNNY. he blanks out and sometimes has this distance stare. OMG. HIS WTF FACE; HES KNOWN FOR THIS- HE IS “THE KPOP DUDE”

HE HATES BUGS. its actually quite funny and cute. 

HES THE YOUNGIN THAT GETS TAKEN CARE OF BY THE MEMBERS BUT ALSO IS THERE FOR THEM IN THEIR TIME OF NEED. haha (sometimes i feel like he cant take jjongs crying… lolol)

he kicks ass at dancing. that was his original role in SHINee until he blossomed into the beautiful manly fairy prince he is today. 

His fandom name: Taemints - so i heard it was that because during debut days he would carry mints and share them with his fans (?) again, people are free to correct me. 


Soooo thats it! I mean, there is A TON MORE TO BE SAID ABOUT THEM but i think i might have scratched the surface to tell you a bit about each of them. If you were looking for more factual things rather than how i perceive them then im sorry!! but i hope you were able to grasp shinee in this post! I’m glad that you’re getting into the fandom because it surely is a great one and you wont regret getting into these five shining men. They have done so much, not just for me, but for many shawols around the world- giving many of us strength to carry on. Whether it be through their songs, or talks during concerts, or little interviews… they manage to connect with us and relate with us. Sometimes it feels as if they’re the best friend we never had… you know?

i did want to point out that in the beginning each member had their “distinct” positions, but now? look at them. ALL VOCALISTS. ALL DANCERS. and i bet, if they give it a try, they can rap too :D 

SHINee is SHINee because of Lee Jinki, Lee Taemin, Kim Kibum, Kim Jonghyun, and Choi Minho. Their personalities, voices, attitudes all make up the band we love. They have grown so much to be who they are and ugh so proud. okay.


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"Sherlock come to bed," John said to his lover. "In a minute," Sherlock replied. "WILLIAM SHERLOCK SCOTT HOLMES I order you to come to bed right now!" John said in his captain's voice and Sherlock was across the flat and in bed in the blink of an eye. "That's more like it," John smiled and followed after him. "Am I in trouble?" Sherlock asked. "No," John told him. "So can we have sex before we go to sleep?" Sherlock asked hopefully, "you know what your captain's voice does to me." "Yes."

NUF yessssssssssssss~♥

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Hey! I know you're doing the absolute best you can, and I am so so so grateful for all the work you've done! don't worry, you're doing great. I was just wondering if you had any indication of hours for posting time? if not, that's fine, please, don't beat yourself up over this! x

It’s currently 50% uploaded. If it doesn’t crash again, it should be up in about two hours - about 4:30AM EST. However I need to go to sleep and km terrified to leave it be as I’ve been staring at it for two hours and so far so good…

Also I’ve been watching it. And it’s pretty rough. I want to warn that you can hear me directing in the background sometimes lol