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I can't even go to the Sherlolly tag w/o being upset because of all the negativity & wank. It used to be a happy place I go to when I feel sad & defeated. I feel so sorry for these people who couldn't understand what that Sherlolly scene truly meant.

Oh I know, it’s a pain in the butt in the tag right now! It’s not too bad when on Xkit, (since I have a certain ship name blocked and that eliminates most negative posts) but even still it’s just so bogged down with a million “let me say something about TFP” posts or “here’s my thoughts about the ILY/coffin scene” posts. Not that I’m saying people don’t have the right to express their opinions about stuff! But it does just make it quite a chore to see the few scattered gems that I actually go in there for. I’m going to be glad when things settle a bit. Though by that time I’ll prob be on my own hiatus lol.

And as always, I like to interpret the canon of the show the way the writers present it, whether that’s good or bad in my opinion. And I agree with you. There are many who simply did not choose to see THAT scene for what the writers intended it to be. 

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hello (: do you have any websites where i can watch cartoon/ tv shows and read pdf books on internet? i really cant find D:

Hey, it depends what kind of thing you wanted to watch/read - here is a link to children’s cartoons, they have things like spongebob, Pokemon, adventure time, regular show, they also have things aimed for younger children so will have v basic vocab if you wanted something easier 
For tv shows again it depends what you want to watch there are a lot of sites that you can use to watch things 1 2, often people upload reality shows to youtube as well
And then same for books it depends what you want - this is a cool book (in PDF) that has Korean folklore, stories and myths that also has little sections at the end of each story that explains some of the vocab/grammar
Here is the Harry Potter series in PDF form as well☺️

I hope you find this useful and there is something there that interests you, tbh its just a case of searching but sometimes if you want a specific book it might be quite difficult to find it in PDF


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Hey there :) When you speak to a spirit, do you sometimes find that they speak another language? As in, they have words that don't translate? What can you do in these situations? Lol usually I ask them to give me a visual instead (as a clairvoyant I prefer visuals) Thanks x have a great day/night

YES! This actually happens often (to me at least), and I am actually used to this with my boyfriend; his first language is Cantonese, and a lot of things don’t translate well. He speaks fluent English, but when he tries to teach me Cantonese is when it gets funny. I often ask them to give me a visual as well, if they can, or a feeling or saying or even just describe it. I have also come across when they just don’t know the translation as well! It happens. 

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So now Louis is using his child for "promo" which is why the decided not to end bg yet. lol I can't with these people.

All you can do is laugh at their asses

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lol I can see Aaron doing a Monica from Friends he doesn't do casino's but once he's there and starts betting he's really good and keeps winning and Robert's just all giddy next to him, cause it's too of his fav things Aaron being happy and money.

cause it’s too of his fav things Aaron being happy and money Well you’re not wrong there. But imagine Robert stood there watching Aaron with this look of adoration on his face because Aaron’s enjoying himself and feeling good about himself because he’s winning and loving it. And Robert made that happen because he took Aaron there.

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Mun, how is gender bent Ayano? Name? Personality?

Mun: I’ve actually never put any thought into that before…? >.>;; omg is that bad I’m so sorry >.< I just like… It never crossed my mind much xD So I don’t know how to respond lol ;; Least I can do is give you some vague answers tho, this is what I thought of at the top of my head so yeah~ I feel like Male!Ayano’s name would either be Ayato or Ayuta (idk tbh haha). Personality would relatively stay the same honestly, perhaps he would be more cocky and confident? But lowkey he’s insecure as hell… Yeah I literally don’t know! xP I’ll have to give this more thought~ Forgive me! D:



just quickly slapped some color on a sketch lolol >_< 

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literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended


Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 24 - A for Actor

Fleur Delacour

warmth you left behind.

cg redraw of jaehee’s christmas dlc end ft. mc3 !! 

just a small sketch between comissions. i’m planning to redraw the rest of the cgs but i don’t know who to do next lol ;;

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