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I had a weird dream about this blog last night, but to clear things up, would this blog ever recommend asking our "friendly local aces for immoral, sinful and rich, delicious, most moist chocolate recipes"? I'm just so confused.

Google and I cannot find a post like that but if that’s not a shit post I don’t know what is. I think you dreamed up a shit post lol

That buzzing sound in your ear

Okay, so…after a night of thinking and seeing reactions/comments/etc., I’ve gained a bit of perspective on all of this. Also note that this post is more about the fandom behavior and not so much about the issues of representation, because I don’t think I really have a valid opinion in that discussion. 

Also this is the last time I’ll talk about this. I won’t answer asks and I won’t bring it up again because I don’t want this space to become centered on it. 

1. When stuff like this goes down, I should just turn my computer off and play video games for a while because spontaneous reaction is never ever good. I got angry last night and it was dumb and I feel dumb for it. I love this damn show so much and I won’t let something as small as this ruin it for me

2. Do not, under any circumstances, attack Arryn for this. She is a voice actress with no creative input in the series at all. She was looking out for the fans and trying to do a good thing. She’s already timid enough about social media (and rightfully so) don’t scare off someone who openly stated that she was the captain of the ship and supports it whole heartedly. 

3. Stop expecting Rooster Teeth to spoil their most popular show with some kind of statement about the song or the direction they’re going with Blake and Yang. They’re not going to because that would be stupid. If Bumbleby is meant to bee then giving that away in a journal on the RT site would be criminal. Not to mention that we’ve gotten so much more in canon already than just this random song.

4. I understand the caution, but people really need to calm down. It’d be one thing if we saw Sun and Blake kissing or Yang and Blake openly saying “we’re not in love with each other!” in an episode - but we didn’t. This is a song that was put on the soundtrack, that definitely shouldn’t have been, and the bees fans ran with it. I’m not faulting them at all, I was one of them and I jumped right on board the hype train. But even if it’s not directly meant to be about the ship - I highly doubt it was put on the soundtrack with any sort of malice intent.

5. Which leads me to the next point. Stop pretending that Rooster Teeth is rubbing their hands together and laughing like they’re doing this just to spite people. Could they handle some things better? Absolutely, and they’d be the first ones to tell you that - but they’re not mean spirited people. They’re not trying to upset their fans and this notion that they “don’t care” about their fans is ridiculous. 

6. Patience, please just have some patience. Stop living and dying on every small thing that comes across your dashboard. This show has such a long run left in it and to this point romance has been so so small on that spectrum. Volume 5 is not going to suddenly become a big love story. Even if the bees are going to happen it’ll be subtle as hell and probably take a long time. So one song and one response to a song should not suddenly shut you down from wanting to watch the show at all. There’s so much more to RWBY than this.

7. While this does have the potential to be very bad, it isn’t yet - it’s not even close. I’m just asking that you give them a chance to tell their story without constantly looking for a reason to jump down their throats - all that does is make them leery of you. Writers have the right to tell their story and that’s the whole point. We’re here to watch the stories, not dictate them. If they do queerbait (which I personally don’t think they have, I think that can only happen at the very end of a show or if one of the two characters is killed with no resolution), then they will be in the wrong and they will be met with an even larger version of what happened last night. For now though, just let them make the show and quit hunting for reasons to make them the enemy. 

8. Lastly, please don’t stop shipping bumbleby. Don’t stop talking about how much you love them. Don’t stop making arts and fics and long posts about why you love them. This whole thing wouldn’t be a thing at all if the fans hadn’t seen what they saw in these two and turned it into the biggest ship in the fandom that it’s become.

Movie Night (One-Shot) (Request) (Bucky x Reader)

Prompt: “Can you do an imagine with Bucky with number 3 and 13?” ~ Requested by @superwholockian5ever

3. What would you do if I kissed you?

13. I thought you didn’t like (genre) movies.

Summary: During a Movie Night at Stark Tower, you and Bucky grow close to one another unexpectedly.

Warnings: None. Just FLUFFY. Maybe implied smut? I don’t know lol 

A/N: Since I have many requests, I will get them done as soon as I can. Please be patient as I put time and thought into my work, to make ya’ll happy. Thanks guys! 

It was an infamous Movie Night with the Avengers, at Stark Tower. You were all beat after a long mission, and thought that a night in was well needed.

“Girls turn tonight boys.” Nat said, matter-of-factually. Tony growled. “Oh come on. Last time you guys picked and it was awful. I wanted to rip my eyes out.” 

You cleared your throat. “Uh, hate to break it to you Tony…but Sam picked the last movie and it was Saw II.” Sam chuckled. “Oh yea. That was just wrong on so many levels.” Steve chuckled on the side of Sam.

Nat walked over to you, currently wrapped up in a blanket. “Y/N, what do you feel like watching. Wanda is not being helpful at the moment.” You turned your look to Wanda, who was sitting in Vision’s lap, giggling away. You rolled your eyes and thought for a moment. “Uh, how about…The Notebook?” You heard a few snickers from the guys and a groan from Tony. 

I thought you weren’t into Romance movies.” You heard a voice behind you and turned around. Bucky was standing in the doorway of the living room in grey sweats and a black, tight, muscle shirt. His biceps were screaming to be released from the tight shirt. Your cheeks started to feel warm. “Well, I, uh…just feel like seeing it. Got a problem?” He walked over to you and snickered. “Not at all. Mind moving over, Doll?” 

You blinked a few times before realizing he was speaking to you. “Oh, yea. Sure.” You shifted in the love seat, giving Bucky barely enough room to fit his amazing butt. You groaned. “Buck, I’m squished.” He chuckled. “Well, we can take care of that very simply.” Before you started to get up, Bucky lifted you and placed you in his lap. A few oohs and ahhs flowed throughout the room. “Shut up.” You mumbled to everyone, feeling the embarrassment settle. 

Bucky adjusted the blanket so it wrapped both of you in a cocoon. You were pressed up against his chest, which was insanely warm. “You comfy now, doll?” You hummed and nuzzled into his neck, appreciating how close you were to him.

You had developed a mad crush on the man since he helped you in the gym. You weren’t sure the feeling was mutual, so you tried your best to not show your feelings. Apparently they were obvious…


About an hour into the movie, most of the boys had fallen asleep. Thor left early due to family matters, Nat and Bruce were nuzzled up and asleep, Wanda and Vision left for “business”, Tony was snoring in his chair, and Sam and Steve were out cold on the couch. That left you and Bucky wide awake, watching the rest of the movie. During the rain scene, when Noah and Allie get back together, you started to tear up.

You felt Bucky’s stare and looked at him. “What? I get emotional at these things.” Bucky put his hands up in defense. “Hey, I’m not judging. But why is it sad?” You chuckled and punched him playfully in the arm. “Because, doofus, it’s true love. Allie and Noah are meant to be and they always seem to find one another.” 

Bucky snickered and wrapped his arms around you. “So, like you and me?” You shook your head in disbelief. “Wait, what?!” He chuckled and turned your cheek to face him eye-to-eye. “What would you do if I kissed you?” He asked, flicking his eyes to your lips and back to your eyes. You smiled and bit your lip. “I’d enjoy that very much.” He smiled and licked his lips. “Well, I guess the feeling is mutual.” 

And with that, he leaned into your face, pressing his plump lips to yours. The kiss was long and tender. You wrapped your fingers in his hair and tugged on the ends. He moaned softly and rested his hands on your hips, pulling you even closer. His tongue swiped against your bottom lip as the kiss deepened.

“Hey! No sex on my love seat!” You and Bucky pulled apart and looked over to the voice in the dark. It was Tony, who was half-asleep and pointing his finger at you. “Sorry, Tony.” You giggled. He groaned and resumed snoring.

You looked back at Bucky, who was smiling about what he just experience. He cupped your cheek and whispered, “I love you, y/n.” You leaned into his touch. “I love you too, Buck.” With one last kiss, you resumed watching the show, nuzzled into the man of your dreams. 


Aw! Gotta love a movie night with my fav man…Bucky! I really like The Notebook, cause it’s like the only Romance movie I can stomach. Lol LIKE, REBLOG, AND LEAVE FEEDBACK DEARIES! Much love! :)


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i love your blog it's freaking amazing i spent all night looking at all your post when i should be studying lol XD but anyways can i request bts reaction to the boys finding out their s/o is going into labor i really liked your last reaction with them finding out about the pregnancy so could be like a pt.2 or something?

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Giving Birth Part 2

Part 1

A/N: I’m just going to pick with gender it is, based on what I think their first child would be and what gender they probably prefer(note not saying the other gender is any less of a preference since they would love their baby endlessly regardless of gender)


When he had found out you were going into labor he would stop everything he was doing to go see you. At first he was a little bit nervous to see you, but pushing it aside he’d go in and he was glad that he did, because the moment he had saw you and his child in your arms he cried tears of joy he was so happy. “You did amazing jagiya, I’m so happy/proud of you” he’d just want to stay in that moment enjoying  this beautiful life the two of you had made together.


He still wasn’t prepared even though it had been months living with your pregnant self he still held mixed emotions, but these were a little different from the mix emotions he had first got when you told him you were pregnant. Even though he still didn’t feel like he was ready, he stood by your side the whole time through the labor. “You’re so amazing jagiya, I can’t- I’m so happy” he’d be at a  lost for words, the moment he saw his child, tears would just be coming down even if he tried to mask it.

Rap Monster:

He was busy with work at the time when he had received a call saying you were about to go into labor, like jin he had stopped everything he was doing and went to see you because work wasn’t nearly as important as you and his child he was about to see soon. He’d be very helpful during your delivery, letting you squeeze his hand as hard as you wanted “you’re doing great jagiya, just a little more” upon hearing the first cry of you guys child it’d truly hit him that he was a father and he couldn’t be happier.


He was waiting for this moment, he had prepared and read almost every single parenthood book there was. Even though he was scared about the labor process, he buckled up and held your hand tight, he wanted to be brave for you in hopes that’d ease your nervousness and to assure you that he was here and he wasn’t going anywhere. He would be so excited to see you guys baby and when he did he would fanboy about how tiny she was “her hands are so little” he’d laugh.


Though he was ready, to be a dad, and much like jhope had read a lot into parenting books, he did feel a little anxious, because this would be his first time ever experiencing something like this. Nonetheless though he’d be confident and that was important because it wouldn’t help if he was nervous, for then you would be even more nervous. “Just one more jagiya, you can do it”. When he was able to see his little boy, he would tear up and laugh a little since he was so small “he’s so little, his hand is even smaller than mine, hehe that’s so cute”


He was ready and waiting, he really wanted to see what his child would look like. Would they have your eyes and his nose? Or perhaps his eyes and your cute smile. Though he was excited he made sure to turn down a few levels, since you must have been nervous, he wanted to support you and make you feel at ease. When they had bought out the baby, he’d smile so big and give you so many kisses “you were beyond amazing jagiya, the proof is our child, aww look at her she’s so cute”

He was nervous when he had heard that you were going into labor, and though he was nervous he decide to stay in the room with you and try to be strong/brave, rather than stay outside and have you feel even more nervous that he wasn’t  there with you. “That was stunning jagiya, you truly are amazing”. He’s nerves had died down, but only a little because when you had asked him if he’d like to hold the baby, he looked shook “oh, no you should hold him jagi, I don’t wanna break him or anything” even with parenting books he was still unsure. It would take some getting used to.

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Hi, First of all: I love your blog, you are amazing and I am a jikook trash (with proud lol) So, I have a question, if jikook weren't doing laundry, why Jimin wanted to talk about how late they went to sleep? Isn't a little stupid talking about the subject if they were doing "other things"?

ok let’s get ready for some bs theory leggo >:D

Yeah I noticed it too and it seemed like they were talking about something else and it was a really random cut (perhaps along the lines of a convo like “did you see whatever last night or what’d you do last night”) And Jimin just happened to mention “Weren’t we the ones to stay up the latest?”, just casually nbd. So they checked. Asked what time. Ok 3-4 am fine. Whatever just a day in a bro’s life. Normal questions you’ve been asked and genuinely answer without thinking much. (e.g. “YOOO I STAYED UP UNTIL LIKE 3 AM WATCHING ANIME SO MUCH REGRETS LOLOLOL” so nbd. people disclose their late night activities all the time.)

 But it was Hoseok who made a big deal out of it with “WHAT WERE YOU GUYS DOING WHY.” as if it truly didn’t make sense for them to stay up that late. And surprisingly, it was Jungkook who replied not even Jimin and as soon as he did the entire group just had this wave of massive understanding wash over them which was the sketchy part (as referred to in my other post XD). Like wouldn’t they haven noticed all their clothes were clean? Or why did they not question the time the laundry was being done?


If someone pulled that shiet on me I’d be like “dudes. why the fuq are you doing laundry at 3 am? on our vacation. like chill and get some rest yo wtf.” they literally could’ve done while they were cooking or anything that had that long evening. or done it in the morning idk. unless this a korean thing? IDK. I DON’T GET IT. 

hoseok’s rxn was weird–he kind of hit jeon and jeon lowkey defended himself. and den fuqing kim namjoon had to say he heard the sound of the washing machine and i’m like >.> yeah ok bruh. 

anyways they played it off real nice but unless jungkook truly is obsessed with laundry…i got no other explanation LOL.

GH Vol 1 Ch 4 Update

So, this took longer than expected (my mother came to visit and I couldn’t get anything done), but I finished translating chapter 4 last night. I just need to do a read through/ edits, prepare it for posting, and write up translation notes. It’ll take a day or two, but maybe a little longer. I’m supposed to do some kind of graphic design for my husband’s work by Thursday…. so I kind of need to do that first ($$$). But the chapter will be up by the weekend.

In other news, I kind of wondered why no one blogged about the Inada Shiho Noll/Gene Birthday comic yesterday, so last night I started to translate it (the kanji was hard to read >_<). I pretty much got it all translated, but then it didn’t make sense to me lol. I guess I have to read last year’s comic because I need more context. So for now, that’s going on the back burner (or maybe someone else can translate it). But hey, Naru got Gene Converse shoes!

Okay fine, here’s what I have of it:

Happy Birthday 2017

Panel 1

Gene: Last time was a disaster, so this year, I’ll make the first move!!

Gene: “Happy birthday, Noll! Here you go!”

Gene: I’ll show him… heheheh

Gene: He got me this last year, so I’ll return the favor~ (not sure - 去年もらったからおかえじ~)

Panel 2

Noll: “Oh…”

Noll: “Then while we’re at it, I’ll give you this as well.”

Panel 3

Gene: “Eh?”

Box: Converse

Noll: “Wasn’t that what you wanted?”

Gene: Was I obvious about it?

Gene: Yes! This is what I wanted~

Panel 4

Gene: “Oh, yeah. This is right. Um, thank you.”

Noll: Good (よし - maybe ok?)

Panel 5

Gene: Huh? Something’s off with my plan… I wonder if this outcome is okay?

Noll: He behaved exactly as expected.

Lol I didn’t plan to share that. Anyway, there’s probably a better translation, but there you go.


Finally got this pic down. It was a struggle but I did it! lol Hopefully he will be happy in his new home. Thought I would have time to sneak away to London Fashion Week but my manager reminded me of my busy week I have coming up in Cali. The last pic is me ending the FaceTime call and daydreaming about how great LFW would have been. Oh well this Teavana Passion Tango Tea is A-1 and making me feel better already.

I might pop up on @fallfornique too lol Speaking of Pretty Nique part 2 of our girls night is coming soon. I had so much fun with her!

"See you,"

to make it short and sweet, i’m taking a break. this not a goodbye- but rather, a see you again.

perhaps if you’ve read 落花有意、流水无情 (I Wait) you would’ve seen this coming. sudden? yes. i know. i’m sorry for the short notice, i still have a ton of things i wanna blog about, but unfortunately, academics and Life calls.

i won’t be tagging anybody, because i refuse to make any of you here sad. i love you all too much that my heart wants to burst sometimes. thank you for always thinking the best of me even when i’m not, for always thinking highly of my fics and calling me your banjo and your conchinha and tagging my writing as moondust; it means so much for a person like me, but i’m just not that good at socialising like most of you are, or eloquent enough to keep up with conversations. i get envious, i get too excited, i’m boring, i know. you guys tell me you love me and i say okay, thank you!! but sometimes i do wonder, why would you even love someone like me? if i could turn back time, i would be the best girl for you.

the thing i really like about me sending occasional love attacks to my mutuals’ inboxes is because one, i get to see your flustered expression(which i am so enamoured by) and two, i don’t have to be at a loss of what to say if you were the one sending it to me;;; i’m terrible, i know. perhaps you’ll read this. in a week? a month? never? i don’t know. maybe when you see the words ‘i love you’, you’ll remember me. if i’m blessed enough, the red strings of fate will lead us back together.

to the mutuals i adore so much and make me blush all the time: i love you more than my words can say. to those who dislike me, block me, hate me: i still love you.

i’ll really miss all the cute and thirsty tags i laugh about all the time, all the sweetness and love that y'all have sent me when this tiny blog started on the 1st jan this year. (please feel free to unfollow if you deem fit!! i totally understand haha.) it’s funny how i managed to write my last fic in two nights; i think i foreshadowed my own departure lol like really??? war??? i’ve been fighting with myself and the fact that there were so many ‘see you’s until a final goodbye… ahhhhh

tl;dr i’ll see you again, but i just don’t know when. perhaps in september when the album comes. perhaps next year. i don’t know. i’ll be waiting for you by the pavilion, the bridge above the lake of koi; the lilies will be in full bloom.

i love you.
-jo, 170829

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I feel bad about my skin colour bc of those morons sometimes. I am brown and I feel like if I wasnt an aesthetic blog everyone would avoid me bc theyd think i was one of those people. My mom, half-sister and stepdad are white and they love me more than I love myself. It breaks my heart when people are talking about wanting to kill white people. I posted a rant about this shit like last night, and Im surprised I havent gotten any shit for it yet lol. Also, you are an amazing person. Keep doing u!

Don’t ever let these kinds of people make you feel bad. Every person is an individual and you are a great one. 💕 I’m glad you have such a loving family, it’s obviously more than these people can ever hope to be with such hate in their hearts. Even if you do get hate, just give it a big eye roll and remember that these people are truly pathetic and sad. 😋😋


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“About last night…”

Last night @armonlife came to see me, my lil head ache most of the time lol. I was so happy to see him, but.. last night it was so late me and him just crashed. Today i promised to take him out and see all the sites, and maybe a few other places. So were ready to get today started. (WE ARE NOT DATING) p.s @armonlife i took your bandanna its mine now. 👀

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(( HANNAH!!! I love your blog so much!! You are THE best tumblr blogger out there!❤️❤️ literally the only reason I use tumblr is you. Plus, about 99% of the time, I'm too shy to use my username for asks so I use anon... is it okay if I start doing my actual name? Also, I'm probably responsible for a good 50 of your asks. ))

((OOC: Sorry, would have replied to this last night but my stupid daily post limit messed with my plans lol.  

Thank you so much, that’s really sweet.  You don’t have to be shy, send as many asks as you want.  I don’t mind if it’s on anon or your username   😊))

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30. favorite song right now: tin man - america 

if you read this entire thing, I love you. 

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Name: Denise
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Lucky number: i don’t believe in lucky numbers lmao
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tbh I just listen to random songs but I guess I’ll just put my 10 most listened to

1. Disco Weapen - Moti
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5. You & Me (Flume Remix) - disclosure
6. Get On Up (Candyland Remix) - Jauz
7. I Just Know (New Immunity Remix) - Jacob Lee
8. Reggaetón Lento (ft. Little Mix) - CNCO
9. Running Through the Garden - Fleetwood Mac
10. Sunny Days - Armin van Buuren

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jfc dana can you not be a bitch for this one moment

homesicksims replied to your photoset


LOL no of course not, it’s Dana we are talking about. Her brain is not wired for compassion.

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I just read through this whole story and it ended here GIVE ME MORE I don’t want their little bubble of happiness to end :(

Awwwww thanks for reading this little shit show!! And I’m sorry to burst this bubble :(

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OH NOOOO…..sigh…..should have expected their happiness was not meant to last …..

Nope. Of course not. You all should know by now, happy things never last long around here.

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NOoOoOoOoO ��

homesicksims replied to your photoset

That’s the sound of my heart breaking

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SHE’s gotta be immune right

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NoooOoO00oo! You brought it back for this I'mma cry big salty tears.

Mhuauauau yes I brought it back to break all your hearts. That’s a very me thing to do.

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OMG please next chapter !

rainydaysim replied to your photoset

I didn’t realize how much I missed this story!

Awww thanks guys!! Will be posting more stuff soon. Things are about to get exciting!!

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i read that thing from a while back but I forgot to send anything then, so here's a message as I'm late night blogging lol. I'm a fellow bi Nj stan (can't believe there's so many 😃) in the south and I totally feel you about people being homophobic. It's gotten a bit better over the last decade or so where i am, but still I feel it, esp from men & older generations. I can't wait to get out of the south when I graduate 😖. Anyways hang in there, I just wanted you to know you aren't alone 💖

gosh this is so sweet baby doll 💕💕 things are gonna get better!!! I’m here for u if u wanna talk about it ever since we get each other :’)

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i followed u recently and i enjoy reading ur blog a lot ! do u think Azori Ahai might be the night king ?

Hey! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! That’s a really interesting theory-I’ve heard a lot of theories about the Night King recently, especially since the last episode came out. Personally I don’t know that he’s Azor Ahai (mostly because I want Jon and Dany to be the saviors lol) but he could certainly be a greenseer. My dad was telling me about this theory that the Night King might be Bran-I don’t know if there’s any credence to that, but it’s certainly an interesting theory. 

By the way, I love your icon lol 

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Favorite Colors: Purple, blue, black
Lucky Number: 1, 10, 11, 13
Average Hours Of Sleep: Around 8
Instruments: I love piano and guitar
What Am I Wearing: Shorts with disney princesses and pusheen shirt
How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1
Dream Job: Don’t know anymore, scientist I guess?
Dream Trip: I’d like to see the whole world but currently Japan the most
Favorite Food: Pasta with mostly anything
Nationality: Czech
Favorite Song Right Now: Daughter - Burn It Down

I tag @ximajs, @definition-of-awkward, @justcoffeefairy, @alltaer, @bandainenzai and @doctorsherlokpotter