lol i am such a creeper

Wow everyone...

I am so impressed by the amount of Duggar-/Bateses-/Fundie-tumblr-blogs appearing in the last few months/weeks!! This makes me happy because there are so many more blogs to follow (and I don´t have to feel so weird about my obsession) and so many more opinions and discussions on all the fundies!

Here is a list of all involved Fundie blogs, please let me know, if you have a blog, so I can add it to the list! Can´t promise that all the blogs are active, these are just the ones, I personally follow and where I get my reblogs from! No particular oder!! Also I am deeply sorry if I overlooked someone on my quite crowded list of blogs I follow :) (Annie)

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Random Sunday Things

Chococolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream is the worst. And by the worst I mean, I almost just ate an entire carton of it because I forgot how much I liked it. And also remembered around the same moment why I dont buy ice cream anymore. My self control just flies right out the window. Damn.

Alot of people have been complimenting my hair and you guys are the cutest, I love you. It took YEARS for me to stop wishing for easy to manage, straight, “white girl hair” (you know what kind of hair Im talking about) and learn to love my curls.

Have you guys watched “Sing”? Its such a cute movie with adorable characters and awesome music.

If we get 200 likes/reblogs on Chapter Nine of BTW I will go ahead and post Chapter Ten, because its a good one! I love how much you guys love this fic, every single message and ask makes my day I swear to god.

After so many of you responded to my “pretty boys who wear eyeliner” comment, I totally wanted pics of pretty boys wearing eyeliner but realized that asking for pics makes me sound hella creeper and nobody wants that lol all Im saying is.. if you want to share, tage me lol

I am going to Scottsdale this weekend and I am so excited oh my god. I belong in a bikini under palm trees guys. Its just meant to be.

We are almost at 2000 followers and I cant even believe it! I love my readers!

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Shanna Shanna Shanna Shanna Shanna Shanna Shanna Shanna Shanna SHANNA NOOOOO! YOU JUST CANNOT WRITE MASTERPIECES WITHOUT WARNING! I WAS HAVING BREAKFAST AND SCROLLING THROUGH YOUR TUMBLR (yas i am a creeper) AND SAW YOU UPDATED BLACKJACK AND I HAD A HEART ATTACK! My father was next to me and asked (really scared obv) "what happened? what did you just see?". I was like "ohh, nothing, Shanna just lit up my day *coughs* what? i mean... I forgot something, yeah... Anyway, rest, eat and sleep lots♡♡♡

I did give warning!! I announced yesterday and then again today! LOL but also WOOO, I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE EXCITED! Hahaha this story made me laugh , I’m so happy to be of service. LOL THANK YOU AGAIN, FOR READING! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED!

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Someone sent in an ask on the official IT tumblr said they were 20 and had a crush on Jaeden. I love your imagines (14) and I am so glad you write for the losers club but does it ever bother you that some people may be reading it as a creeper? This isn't me trying to get you to stop writing because I LOVE your imagines but just a question

I actually never really thought about it lol I feel so clueless, damn idk what to say I’m at loss for words😂🤔

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lol okay, how about fluffy xiuhan? or top!lu? what do ya got? xD


When Chen jokingly puts Xiumin’s virginity up for sale on the internet, neither of them expect some guy in another country to pay thrice the asking price for it.

Spin-off to Extra Bucks. Minseok’s week together with Lu Han.

  • Starstruck (Am I being a creeper of Flavia already?)

Minseok is Luhan’s fan. Luhan is Minseok’s fan. Luhan is a celebrity. Minseok is not.

Lu Han and Yifan are college students who are perishing from too much stress, so they do what anyone would do and go to a gay strip club.

Luhan rents a phone when he travels to korea. Minseok keeps calling a friend’s number and leaving voice mails. The voice mails end up on Luhan’s phone somehow and Luhan falls a little for the voice on the other end.

Luhan agrees to help a friend run one of the kissing booths at a carnival for charity. After kissing countless teenage girls’ and sweet old ladies’ cheeks, he’s surprised when the last person in line is a cute guy his age. 

Lately, the personal ads section of the newspaper where they work hasn’t been filling up so occasionally, Dongwoo makes his own up to fill the space. One day, he thinks it’d be funny to write one based on his friend Minseok.

Minseok wants the ground to swallow him up when people realize that the Chicken Guy is serenading the Burger Guy and he wants to scream, “No! Can’t you see that it’s a promotion technique?”.

READ THAT ALL FIRST THEN GO BACK TO ME FOR SOME TOP!LU kekeke~ Enjoy reading! They are all super nice and well-written and also my favorite Xiuhan fics! I promise, you will never regret reading them and will crave for more!