lol i am not a model

Random Twitter bios

{name of idol} is my aesthetic

I’m the drug in your veins, just fight through the pain

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece

Lol no I don’t do “love”

No one dies a virgin, {name of idol} fucks us all

But I’m lost in you

Everything is grey

Not all beautiful things are real

S/he wanted tea, I was coffee

Love doesn’t hurt, expectations do

Bring your love baby, I can bring my shame

Sometimes quiet is violent

Peace will and win fear will lose

Crying out to ears that never listen

A black glass heart filled with sorrow

A black year and a black heart

It fills with hatred and leaks with blood

Inhale the love exhale the fire

Those who are heartless, once cared too much.

I’m lost. Show me to your heart

I’m lost

Silence is better than bullshit

Are we awake

What if

Bring the drugs, I’ll bring my pain

No miracles here

More lost than the lost boy from never land

take my hand and I’ll throw you back into hell

You are my sunshine

Sing me to sleep

I cried tears you’ll never see

Love is perfectly destructive

It’s too mainstream to have a life

I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up

my mind chooses the worst moment to reminisce

and I am just a fallen star trying to put myself back in the sky

and if you fall, I’ll make sure that you fall hard

lol no

and your blood stains my heart

love is bs. Stick to food

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James. 22. Physics-major-turned-zookeeper. I’m starting T tomorrow and if an astrological phenomenon unseen in nearly 100 years isn’t a sign from the universe then I don’t know what is. I am H Y P E y'all~

Hmu for animal pictures (I’m the new primary emu keeper!!), discourse about the fragility of the standard model of particle physics, or anything else lol. Always looking for more trans friends ✌🏽


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god ive wanted to read this for ages and im terrible at writing BUT jsjsbsjs could you maybe write a florist au! with hyungwon snjsns it's so silly im sorry but i love your writing and you could really do it justice

sure, no problem!! someone else asked me for a soft hyungwon au so~

  • owns a flowershop that specializes in flowers for runway shows and weddings,,,,big events and stuff
  • even though when you walk into it,,,,,it kind of seems like a gem in the rut???? like the outside looks a bit,,,,shabby and when you come inside the place is so cramped and tight 
  • but it’s ,,,, beautiful nonetheless??? because the flowers are all well taken care of and bright and the ceiling has hanging pots with long leaves that tickle your shoulder when you walk by 
  • and ?? hyungwon seems to have this slight fascination with keeping the counter which he works at in the back lit up with candles ???
  • which you’d think is weird for a flowershop,,,,but he claims that the nice smell mixed in with the smell of flowers helps keep him awake on the job
  • since it’s kind of lonely because no one walks in just to buy flowers - most people order his services online and someone else delivers them
  • is so used to falling asleep at work that he keeps a rollout mat in storage along with blankets in case he doesnt feel like going home after a long night LOL
  • brings his dog to work because again,,,most people don’t come into the shop so it doesn’t matter
  • the dogs cute he’s a chowchow and his names tiger lily which is sometimes too long for hyungwon to say so he’s like “tiger,,,,don’t sit on the new shipment of roses ,,,,,,im begging you”
  • friend changkyun helps hyungwon with the online orders and managing the website because hyungwon cant type more than 10 words without accidentally deleting the entire post apparently
  • you’re one of the stage managers at a fashion show for a big brand and since the theme is summer they’d ordered some flower arrangements and whatnot
  • and someone tells you they’re here but when you run out to greet the person all you see is this tall, handsome man
  • and you’re like ‘excuse me, models have to be in the back getting dressed? what are you doing out here?’
  • and the man points to himself and is like ‘me?’
  • and ur like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes you you’re obviously a model go get changed!
  • and you motion with your clipboard but the guy just blinks slowly and is like ‘nope, im not a model. im here with my flower arrangements. where do you want them?’
  • and you’re taken back like,,,,,wait what he’s not a model???? but he’s over 180cm,,,,,his features are striking and pretty,,,,,,plus he has that half dazed look going on that’s so in these days???
  • but he just stares at you and you feel your face go pink and your like,,o,,,oh im sorry right the flowers i need them over here follow me
  • and hyungwon waves for helpers to unload the big arrangements and he follows after you,,,slouching and yawning
  • and you get everything set up and hyungwon is fixing some vines here and there and you’re still,,,,shocked looking at him because is he really just a normal florist???? looking like that????
  • you suddenly catch his eyes though and you get shy and pretend to write something down instead
  • until you hear him coming over and he’s like “im all done” and you’re like th-thank you
  • and he doesn’t leave,,,,,sleepy brown eyes looking at you and you’re like “i-is there anything else?”
  • and he’s like “do  you really think ,,,,,,,,, i look like a model?” and you’re like,,,,,well,,,,,,,yes i mean,,,,,,you’re tall and good looking-
  • “good looking?”
  • you bite back your lip and you’re like objectively,,,y,,,yes you have attractive features-
  • hyungwon seems to grin,,,,the first sign of something that isn’t tiredness on his face and he leans closer 
  • tilting his head he’s like “you’re attractive too,,,,,,here you go.”
  • and suddenly he pulls a flower from behind his back and you’re like ????? and he’s like “in flower language that daisy means would you like to have coffee with me.”
  • and you’re like dfkhss who knew he was sauve too
  • and you’re like “r-really?” and hyungwon is like lol no actually i don’t know anything about flower language but i am asking you to get coffee with me
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,cheesy,,,,,,,but you’re holding the daisy and you’re like “that,,,,,sounds nice, id love to-oh mY GOd THE shOW IS StarTING IN tEN MInutes i NEED to gO-”
  • hyungwon watches you dash off, daisy and clipboard pressed to your chest and he just smiles to himself because,,,,,,you’re cute
  • but also a model? he never considered,,,,,maybe he should,,,,,,but nah he’s good being a florist for now~

Hunting down the last mermaids.

A painting study that took a very elaborate turn. It’s my first time fitting so many characters in a single composition. The second image you see is how the model posed, versus what I managed to finish painting during the class. I worked on the background between yesterday and today. I still need to work on my textures a little bit but I am overall satisfied with the result.

The process gif skips soooo many steps though lol. I swear I reworked each mermaid like three times, I just couldn’t get their faces to look right no matter how much I tried!

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You shouldn't have to change the way you are just because people are stupid. Cunt punch and run man.


But a lot of people from my audience are literally children, and their sarcasm-meter is nonexistant.

Fair enough. I’ll tone down a bit the jerk-ish answers I give. And make it clear when is sarcasm lol.

I know os not my fault that they’ don’t get sarcasm and is not my fault they’re so young. But I guess, that to be fair, I’m the one that has to look after that and avoid any issues.

A lot of people look up to me and want me to be the perfect role model they think I am.

I’m anything but perfect. I don’t plan to be.

Last year I was just some random gurl making silly videos on youtube and all of sudden I gotta take care of a fandom (that’s almost half a million holy crap) I’ve never had that many eyes onto what I do and say. Guess it also goes on your tolerance with me and how I am.

A lot of people see youtubers not as persons but as idols, which is wrong. You gotta understand a lot of us are normal human beings trying to make content for your entertainment. We have our faults and I’m not gonna be the kind of ass that hides them. I’m stubborn af sometimes. I’m also not gonna be the kind of jerk that blocks everyone who criticizes me for what I say or do. I’m all ears to criticism.

But as I’m trying to change for good here, I guess you guys could also put a little more of effort from your part and be patient and comprehensive with me. In June I’ll have my first anniversary as a youtuber, I’m pretty new to this stuff.

So yeah.

Mah name’s Jeff.

Marichat May Day 22:Rooftop kisses

If you thought I’d make this cute well, you were wrong lol. Why am I like this?

“There is no way in hell that actually works.” Marinette pointed out to her computer screen where two models were making out on a Parisian rooftop in what seemed a really uncomfortable position.

“You can’t know that.” Chat argued.

“Look, that position looks uncomfortable as fuck, there is no way a hot make-out session could happen in those circumstances. That’s why these pretentious perfume commercials suck. They are impractical.”

Chat crossed his arms and huffed, his inner model turning defensive about the pretentiousness of perfume commercials. “You never tried it so you can’t know.”

Marinette stopped dead in her tracks. Chat gulped. She got that look that he knew meant she was up for a challenge.

“Move your leather clad sexy ass on the balcony. Now.”

Chat gulped and did as ordered while trying to not make a dance of joy because of the fact that Marinette just admitted she thought his ass was sexy. Once they were on the balcony, Marinette moved some of her plants to allow for space. She climbed next to one of the chimneys. She laid herself o her back, letting her body from the waist down hang parallel to the wall, similar to the girl in the commercial. Chat came next to her.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Make out with me!” she ordered and Chat did. To prove that there could be a hot make out session while in pretentious perfume commercial type of poses. And not because he liked Marinette and wanted to make out with her for a while now.

He had to admit, it was a little bit hard. Their noses were colliding weirdly and it was a little hard to align their lip. And while he knew he wasn’t the most experimented kisser out there, he liked to think he wasn’t that bad that it made Marinette push his face away just moments after he tried to use some tongue in the kiss. Now he just wished they had a normal make out session, on the chaise instead of this. At least he could read Marinette’s expression properly then.

“Was it that bad?” his ears dropped.

Marinette raised (lowered? she was upside down after all) an eyebrow. “Chat, you almost stuck your tongue in my nose.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Okay, you were right, it is impractical.”


“No, I mean, I’m not a model; I’m a wizard and a chef. I don’t know what I’m being asked to do here!

tadaaa!! everyone’s favorite sassy idiot wizard 彡゚◉ω◉ )つー☆*
there were like a million of ways i could have drawn him but boiiiiii am i bad at character design lol

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i see that you like bokuakakurotsuki, have any fic recs for me? i like the ship but not sure where to start on the ao3 tag! thank you!!

Oh, wow, I didn’t actually expect to be asked for fic recs lol, since I’m fairly new to Haukyuu!! and all. BUT! In the last month I’ve been in the fandom, I’ve read quite a few bokuakakurotsuki fics, and here are some of them:

1. Mannequin Men (M) - Model AU, and I am a sucker for model AUs because I love the fashion industry.

2. Impudicity (M) - Dance AU. The writing is the way I like it, a tad postmodern (oops, my lit brain has turned its gears), but it’s lovely, and gives a lot of depth to the relationship.


4. Smutty 3rd Gym One-shots (E) - Filth. Absolute filth. Some feelings in the first installment, but other than that, complete filth.

5. Absurdly Happy (E) - Future fic. Well I am not absurdly happy when I read this, I damn near cried. But it’s very well-written, and I’m desperately waiting for the next (last) chapter (if the OP will finish it huhu).

6. Metanoia (E) - Omegaverse AU. Only establishing chapters so far, but the writing got me hooked, and I vowed to be patient.

7. Times Four (M) - Future fic. Kind of like Absurdly Happy. But, being me, I didn’t mind. As long as I get my well-written ship, I am a-okay.

8. @zanimez - Look through her tag list for the OT4 fics and I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Most of these fics are written by the same person, mostly because I love their writing so much like omfgit’ssofrickinggood. 

I hope this is enough for you to start exploring, Anon! There are a lot more around, plus some doujinshi that I love to hell and back. If you want me to rattle off the couple I really like, feel free to hmu.

Happy shipping!

BBS Squad in Crop Tops
  • (Well since Mini wore one, why not the rest X3)
  • The ones who will strut like models: Marcel, Mini, Scotty (after a nudge from Marcel helps him), Brian, Kryoz, Cartoonz, and Bryce.
  • The ones who will stand there a bit self-conscious but will warm up after some compliments: Delirious, Wildcat, Nogla, Ohm, Anthony, Smii7y, Vanoss, Moo, and Lui.
  • The ones who look fabulous in a crop top: All of them ;3

one subtle, yet also stark difference between gmw and andi mack is… the kids are dressed like KIDS! take andi’s chill overall shorts and sneakers outfit, for example! riley and maya were legit wearing 6 inch chunky heels to school!!! they had the funkiest clothes and perfectly styled hair, etc. granted, lizzie mcguire had cool outfits and wacky hairstyles, but it still felt “young.” i’m 23 and I’d watch gmw and look at their outfits and think “oh wow… is this how middle schoolers are dressing these days?! am i THAT out of touch? because this doesn’t seem normal/relatable…” I think Disney got amber’s look on point though. it’s very basic 2k17 instagram-obsessed freshman in comparison to andi and her friends, lol.

Just gonna reupload her alone to my pony blog for discussion sake.

THIS IS BLUE MOON, she is very pretty. She has a mom bat pony and a dad unicorn? My vague idea for her parents. I think she probably has a twin brother or even older sibling - undecided.

I was really just super craving one of those old school ponies that had the beautiful sleeve like cutie marks/patterns on their back legs and bodies. So I decided to try designing one myself! She came out darker than I intended but I love it too much to change her now.

I’m still not set in stone over exactly who she is. I typically do need more celebrity ponies so I’m guessing maybe I’ll have her be a model? I am tempted to make her a popstar for Poppy and Tang to fawn over though. lol Maybe she has her own private villa in Cloverly? I’m not entirely sure yet. I know I just don’t want to go the too-easy gardening route with her. I think I def want to work on her talent being gorgeous and helping bring out that inner beauty in other ponies she works with as well. Hm hm.

One of my favorite things about Maggie Stiefvater is that she won’t be bullied into writing something just because her fans want her to.

One of my least favorite things about Maggie Stiefvater is that she won’t be bullied into writing something just because her fans want her to.

Seriously though, too many times authors write sequels, prequels, whatever to books that don’t need a sequel, prequel, whatever just because fans bully them into it. And then it sucks. Because it wasn’t originally the authors intentions and they are forcing it.

I feel like Maggie writes what she wants no matter what. And I am glad about that. But sometimes it scares me lol.

For example, I am super pumped for the Dreamer Trilogy (Ronan Cycle). But I am also very nervous about it.

I want nothing but sunshine for Ronan (and Adam). And I know she has promised no relationship drama or breakups between these two boys. But that doesn’t mean they are safe from everything else. And we keep getting clues like it’s dream thieves on steroids and nothing in this series is role model behavior. And that simultaneously makes me excited and nervous.

This is my new job, and my new desk, where I make better money and no longer have to get yelled at and cursed out and reminded of my past (like I did at my previous job). (I also like what I do!! And I’m basically my own boss!)

Everything is falling into place. I am so grateful. I reblogged that job thing and that money thing and it worked btw lol

I’m working, thriving, about to move into a house with my boo daddy, adopt a dog and shit. I’m getting paid to perform poetry. I’m getting paid to model. I’m getting two weeks paid vacation during Christmas time and can visit my family for longer than two days for Christmas for the first time in almost three years. I did NOT see my life being like this a few months back. I’m. fucking. hype.

I need to take my ass to church and thank God like asap