lol i am not a model


• The moment Gladio wants to play #FFXV but there’s Nocto’s mess everywhere! 😆

I heard you wanted more videos so here I am to make you happy! ❤️

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Lifting has changed my body so much.
Left pic–I was 21 years old, 2012–never lifted a weight (I thought I’d get bulky, like the magazines told you and I drank a lot of alcohol and ate a lot of pizza rolls)
2015 (now), I’m 25, my body feels and runs better than ever, and I learned so much self love along the way. And I love how “bulky and manly” I am now from the weights, lol.

If anything, I just really wish I had a role model when I was 18 to get my life into fitness sooner, because I didn’t have a good lifestyle then, or self-love. I could’ve found myself a lot earlier.

So that’s my goal here folks–I show you my journey, so maybe it’ll inspire someone else to find their own hobbies, learn to love themselves, create their own destiny, feel good inside and out.

Don’t give up, if you want something–go for it!!–
Even if it takes 3+ years–not everything is a quick fix!! But things that are worth it take time, be patient.

Today was our staff picture day. All the staff attorneys got dressed up for our head shots for the website. I feel particularly happy because as a new hire, it’s a big deal to have my name and my picture up. I got dressed up and put makeup on for the first time since this…season of feeling low. And it felt good to get pretty and smile for the cameras. My co workers were making fun of me because all my pictures were coming out nice and they said I was like a model the way I was hitting my poses lol. But I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to smile. I wanted to feel good and feel joy and laugh with my peers and silly things…and…it just felt good. I feel good. I look good. I am good.


the most important scene in the episode lol jk it’s the most important scene in the entire show sweet mother of god we are not worthy i feel so blessed and so attacked at the same time he did the damn thing jesus christ it’s like he’s auditioning for America’s next Top Model and he gonna win that shit i ship enzo and the door frame god bless you malarkey’s parents good job you guys oh my god look at him more of this please i am aroused


Hi Everyone !!!! idk if you guys remember but its me mercy Merccccc lol. Im back and here to stay. I Had to go on hiatus for a couple of reasons …. First off Those of you who don’t know me im Mercedes but people call me Merc or Mercy. Im 22 Years of Age…. im a scorpio >;) i usually am a fun and cool person to be around. Im a certified makeup artist. I also model. I am half french , and was born in Paris but currently Live in New York City. The reason i have been MIA is because i am now a mother yes a SINGLE momma bear hehe. I have a son and his name is Blaze Tristian Portman. The best thing that could ever happen to me actually. But im not gonna chat you guys up ! follow me to get updates from me about fashion, makeup, being a single parent, and more cool stuff okay byeeee 

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What's the picture that got recognized? (Were your eyes open? Lol) Also, what company was it, if you want to say? Are the clothes you're wearing in the picture BY that company?

i am confused abt u asking if my eyes were open and if that was a rude comment and usually i am good at telling if comments are rude omg

but i feel the need to reveal….that i was joking abt the instagram post….i feel bad…very bad….i am not a model… was mocking the common spam post on there….‘hey! cool post! would u be interested in being a rep for our clothing brand? shoot us a dm at dream___apparel3939!’…..flattering but ultimately a robot

HEADCANON: I imagine one day Adrien doesn’t feel to well and has to go out and about without even brushing his hair or preparing for the day. And like anyone who goes to Wal Mart in their pajamas, he runs into everyone he knows. Marinette wouldn’t even recognize the poor model when he isn’t on his A game. Poor Marinette is convinced she ran into Chat Noir and discovered his secret identity.

I have two very close friends who let me borrow their tablet! So, naturally my first project would be Miraculous Ladybug! I have no clue what I’m doing but I am having so much fun!

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For the get to know me asks: 9, 66, 96

9-How tall are you?

A miserable 5'3. Though my doctor would have you believe I’m 5'2 ½…but he’s just got a medical degree so what does he know, am I right?

66-Do you like long or short hair?

Short! God I’m a sucker for it. 

96-How did you get your name?

I’m named after my dad’s favorite model/actress Jaclyn Smith. She was one of the original Charlie’s angels lol He spelled the name wrong though….

Got a little time to myself and thought I’d design something that I could model and possibly rig later for practice. I figure it’s time to come clean. I’m making a game (No surprise there, really). Just a small fan game to put in my bucket o’ things to flaunt when I graduate, It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be headache-inducing, and it’s going to be ugly until it’s not anymore. And I am doing this 100% ALONE, so it’s not going to be a fast project either. But luckily I have a year until I get my degree to get this right. 

Today, Warhammer Community posted 40k rules for Tartaros terminators and their Facebook followers lost their entire shit

their arguments, which are valid, are: “why can’t blood angels/space wolves/dark angels/chaos marines take this unit? why are you giving 40k space marines access to kit that was exclusively chaos (reaper autocannon) or heresy-era (volkite weapons on marines)?”

and I’m looking at them thinking like

dang! another assault unit with grenades that doesn’t have to strike at I1 if the enemy is crouching behind a bush. must be nice. must be real fuckin nice to play an imperial army. [edit: I goofed the math on point costs. I compared these guys to Incubi but they’re 15 points per model more expensive than Incubi. Xenos assault units still blow dick in 7th though, lol]

so like, I grieve for you, space wolves players. I truly am sorry you don’t get the newest thing that’s slightly different from a thing you already have. meanwhile my army’s been a watery turd for the last five years