lol i am never on tumblr anymore

i promised everyone to catch up with their stories once i come back and guess what, i didn’t. and the more behind i am, the harder it gets to catch up so i’m like… yeh, c u never

edit: and i feel like i drank bleach askjakl i just ate salad that tasted like chloride, please pray for me thanks xo

when someone talks shit about you
  • 7th grade: omg they said what! that's not even true, like what the frickle frackle! i trusted them with my life and my deepest secrets! there is no going back! i am so hurt and never recovering! they cant just say that! i am such a nice person! what made them think they could do this! i cant even be in a room with them anymore! !!!!!!!!
  • now: lol yea im a lil hoe