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ok i found a summarized transcript of kairi’s part in the orchestra and its everything i wanted and more

  • lea keeps apologizing to kairi to the point where she says its not necessary
  • sometimes he looks at her with sad eyes and tho they said it was him remembering roxas i think its actually him remembering xion?? cuz that fits more
  • also how she wants to help sora and riku in battle
  • and closes by saying for sora to keep smiling, bc he saved countless people with that smile

anyways im dead its like nomura looked at all my hcs and made them canon lol

Sneak peak of my Romana/Leela fanfiction I am working on -

But it won’t be the same. It will be like how you Time-Lord’s shed your skin like snakes and have new faces. I have mourned for K9 and as you said, Braxiatel is not here. Not with what he had to go through for us, for you.” Leela reminded her.

“So many people have made sacrifices for my cause, so many people…” Romana became silent for a moment. “I can’t even bare to look myself in the mirror.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m afraid what I might find there. Because I’m afraid what might stare back at me and that they have won.”



ok so i made sprite edits for the @haventale AU by @deoxyrebornicleic! i got a little carried away and made so many that i had to put all of the ghost cousins in one pic so i could post all of these lol. if u want their separate pics here they are:

i hope u guys enjoyed this i had fun making them

also bonus hawaiian gaster

i have given up.jpg

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What's your opinion on the chapter and what Levi did? Some people claim he was thinking about the kids but to me both him and Hans looked so done it's not even funny 😂 And Levi said already he didn't want to make Erwin a demon so what are people even saying lol

I normally try to stay away from the snk discourse on tumblr and mostly care about the jpn fandom that is actually respectable and reasonable, but might as well answer this…

Personally I think it’s pointless to get upset and mad over people who lack basic reading skills. If Isayama says, that Erwin is a person who would never put his personal goals over humanity but is always able to make the right decision and people still pretend they didn’t see that, then it’s their problem not yours or mine. If they don’t believe Isayama when he says Kenny and Uri had a close bond and Levi never doubted Erwin but still claim Kenny never felt positive emotions and Levi secretly hated Erwin then what can you do lol. The book is also sympathetic towards the warriors yet people here act like they are spawn of devil.

1. Levi already talked about in the last chapter that he wants to let Erwin rest and not turn him into a demon, like you said. He talks how people wished Erwin to become a demon for them. His horrified face when Flocke said Erwin needs to suffer some more is also a clear indication what made him change his mind. And like Isayama said, Levi doesn’t doubt Erwin.

2. Isayama dedicated so many pages in the new guidebook to their relationship and how important and special it is to Levi. If you ignore that then fine.

3. As @gutenmorgenbiatch  who is actually japanese, noted that when Levi talks to Armin, his speech has a nuance like “don’t get full of yourself/don’t flatter yourself, you are incapable of being erwin’s replacement” his words couldn’t be clearer, I saw it too and it really has the “looking down on someone” nuance into it. The fact that Levi gives crap to someone WHO HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG UNLIKE EM, HE WAS UNCONSCIOUS DURING ALL OF THIS shows clearly how he has no chill when it comes to all of this.

4. The place where Erwin was put to rest. Levi talks about how it was “his personal feelings” while they show a clean room, Erwin on the bed and fresh flowers next to him! Levi did all that, which makes me sad but it’s also fitting.

5. Levi’s acwnr speech, was basically “you created this mess, now you have to deal with it”. He is clearly suffering with his own choices, because you could see in the previous chapters how horrifying the thought of losing Erwin was to him. Before this whenever someone was possibly dead, Levi looked upset put could still work just fine. When Erwin was possibly dead, Levi turned into a disaster lol. He was thinking about saving Erwin as a person, with his soft smile in his head, and he lost Zeke. That page was hard for me to see because I felt bad for him for losing Zeke over his own mistake. Then he yelled “I promised him” with a desperate look on his face that we have never seen before. When he had to hand over the serum his expression was immense sadness and pain and he hesitated. Even E noted “my feelings?? why didn’t you hand the serum over?” even he noticed it lol. If a character with intelligence officially rated 3/10 notices something then we have no excuses. So while Levi is content with letting Erwin rest, he is in pain over his own emotions of wanting Erwin to live. His expressions in this chapter show clearly how done he is. He is exactly like Kenny when Rod told him  his dream of uniting with Uri through his memories was impossible. He also ignored Hans and does what he wants. He is starting to act reckless and it ain’t looking good (again, just like Kenny).

6. As someone made a post with the sound effects and Levi’s behavior, he wasn’t ruffling EM’s heads in the slightest. He was forcefully and passive-aggressively grasping them. You can see how scared EM are, E even jumped at it. Yams made a clear difference between head ruffle and head grasp, and the sound effects are the final nail to the coffin. There was nothing positive in that gesture, honestly.

7. Hans’ reaction amuses me the most, because you can clearly see the massive “I’m done”in it. Even lowkey throwing shade at Levi. Hans is like Levi, not having any sympathy for Armin, but clearly saying to his face that Erwin was the correct choice but there is nothing we can do about it anymore since Levi injected you and it’s not like anyone here cares what I say anyway. So you better try to contribute more.

It’s funny how some parts of the fandom seem to act like EM broke a vase or something and totally did not commit a treason and tried to murder people… like snk is a slap-stick comedy or something. Not that it surprises me but eh still.

Both Hans&Levi clearly say Erwin can’t be replaced. So yeah it’s obvious that Levi admitted it was his personal feelings, not what was best for humanity. Like come on he keeps repeating Erwin’s name “his intuition wouldn’t be wrong” in this chapter. Hans is mad and done because of all that happened. Armin… was basically thrown under the bus and gets zero sympathy from anyone, not even his friends who weren’t even able to tell him what they did. Flocke keeps to himself because he is also done, I mean all his friends are dead and he dragged Erwin’s body there for nothing. EM aren’t ashamed of what they did to Erwin and Levi, but the fact they burdened Armin, and are afraid of his possible future reactions.

So yeah sucks for Armin. And Hans… Levi doesn’t seem good either. Remember when Ymir saved Erwin’s ass randomly? And she knows shit is about to go down. I have a really bad feeling about this.


What I don’t understand is why is Riley a bad friend to Maya ? I love the girl and I still don’t like overrating characters but this just needs to be said by someone. Riley and Maya have been friends way before we ever got introduced to their characters, Riley gave Maya, a stranger who walked through her window, a safe place, a second home, she welcomed her, she shared her family with her when she needed it and than she made her a part of that family because she knew she needed one, how many people would do that ? even in a tv show, ok lol a lot, but I guess you get the point. Think about it for a second, If Riley didn’t sing that day, Maya wouldn’t have heard her and maybe Riley and Maya would’ve never met and what are the ods that katy would work at Topanga’s, that she would get to meet her boss’s husband’s best friend who already knew Maya and than get to fall in love with him and marry him if Riley and Maya weren’t friends ? Riley saved Maya without even knowing it. I already said I don’t like overrating characters but this is true. Why wasn’t Maya a bad friend when she made Riley believe her and Lucas were brother and sister, Riley never considered the idea until Maya mentioned it so why wasn’t she a bad friend when she assumed Riley’s feelings but when Riley assumed that Maya was becoming like her she became a bad friend ? Why wasn’t Maya a bad friend for not noticing Riley’s feelings after she assumed her brother and sister relationship with Lucas but Riley was for not noticing Maya’s feelings for Lucas which clearly weren’t even there to notice ? Why oh why wasn’t Maya a bad friend for liking her best friend’s first and still ongoing crush ? I’ve seen so many Riley haters bring up girl code for their other ships but I guess if it isn’t convenient it doesn’t apply right ? Why wasn’t Riley a good friend when she acted like she didn’t like Lucas and even went on to dating someone else to prove she was over Lucas the moment she realized Maya liked Lucas but Maya became such an amazing friend when Riley only thought she backed up for her or when she brought back Maya to actually being Maya, don’t you think Riley liked having a best friend with the same taste in clothes and bla blaa bla… She brought her back because she cared and because she knew who Maya really was and liked her the way she was, she didn’t want her back for herself, she knew the real Maya would never want to lose herself on the way of growing up, she brought Maya back for Maya. But I guess she didn’t because she’s selfish and only did it for Lucas right ? Btw why is Maya applauded for being herself while Riley is hated for it, so many of you say people should be themselves but at the same time you say Riley is annoying and immature, is it because she believes and puts her trust in people she doesn’t know because she sees the good in them, isn’t that what she did for Maya, if it wasn’t for Riley’s personality would Maya even be in the storyline ? Or maybe is it because you simply see her in between of your ship ? If it is, grow up. About that too, you all say that you like weird and different and accept people but once there is one who actually is different and not relatble to your salty soul you put them in a corner, don’t just say it, actually do it. I guess that once the tables are turned Maya looks as much of a bad friend as you all say Riley is, it’s all about perspective so stop hating depending on your preferences. And tbh I still don’t understand why them calling eachother names is bad, that literally shows how close and comfortable they are with eachother since they don’t get as offended as you do ??? Anyways, this may be too long for you but a little post about some Riley love is nothing compared to all the Riley hate or Maya love out there, Riley is underrated. It also may seem like I’m hating on Maya but I’m not, I’ve some how managed to still like her character even though her petty stans exist, I’m not hating on her, just showing you things from a different point of view. PS: I’m not pointing fingers at anyone if you feel offended that’s your buisness, you not reading the entire thing is not a valid insult towards me so don’t mention it, I use the tags I feel like using, they are not yours and neither is tumblr so I do what I feel like doing on my own post, I will be available for anyone who wants to fight me starting tomorrow morning so in about 10 hours :)

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What is baseball to you, Coach Okamoto?
FIRE. The coach’s and the players’ clash aggressively, and sparks fly! That’s what starts it all. No matter how good you become technically, or how good your practice environment is, if the player on the field are empty, there’s no chance you can win! What controls your techniques and body? The heart! It is my role as the coach to build the fire within the players!

2016 is my year. Literally everyone says that every year but the vibrations are different and I’m too focused to be distracted by anything unrelated to the goals I’ve set for myself this following year. I feel like as regards to my social media because I constantly post so many photos, you guys forget that my true passion is music. I don’t want to do anything else. I’ve never made a plan to do anything else and I certainly am not going to create one now. 2015 was definitely preparation mode for the things that are going to be happening in 2016 and I’m actually very grateful for that. It was quite stressful I’m not even going to lie, (lol I feel like it was for a lot of people) but I learned and absorbed so much that I feel obligated to be appreciative for it. Stress makes you grow & growth is how you find yourself. There’s sooo many amazing things that are already in the works that I can’t wait to share with you guys, but patience is always key. For the longest of time you guys have only seen a portion of me, so I’m really excited to allow you guys to get to know a whole knew side to me; The artist. My music, my mind, my heart, how I write, how I think, how I perform, my spirit, my soul. It’ll be a journey, but if you guys are willing I’d love for you all to join me on it. I’ve done a lot of being still these past few months leading up to the new year. Just writing down what I want for myself, envisioning how I see my life and it’s opened my eyes to a lot of things. Time is a privilege so why waste it? Needless to say, I’m excited for you guys to get to know the petals of a sunflower.

Love, Hanna. 🌻

I just want to take a moment to say...

I watched E3 2009 where Square Enix showed a teaser for a brand new IP called NIER and was super intrigued and surprised as I was already a Drakengard/Cavia fan. I followed it religiously, got it opening day, and was absolutely humbled and blow away after I beat it. It changed my life.

A month later, in 2010, I made fuckyeahnier here on tumblr. It started with like 3 followers including my personal blog (lol). As I met more people I introduced it to them, and they to more people and so on and the fandom grew from being able to count on one hand how many people I could share my passion about NIER with to now all these people from across the reaches of the internet and tumblr that I may never meet. I am lucky that I shared all the experiences of listening to the CD Drama, releasing of the arrange albums, the whole umbrella of crap that came with Drakengard 3, and getting info and stories as it was translated from Grimoire NieR with other people that have joined me; something I never thought would happen because I was so alone when it started.

Now SotA is almost at 1000 followers and it fills me with this really special and heartwarming feeling. People are passionate about NIER and Drakengard and I feel I’ve had a hand in that. That being said I’m honored to run this blog and to continue to introduce NIER and to support this very unique game, and to help others into an equally unique and fun as hell fanbase, in which I feel (NIER) is more an experience and a commitment than you know, “just another game I’m really into”. NIER was special and impactful because of the fans and their dedication to wanting to dive deeper, to figure out the story and piece things together and flesh out the world themselves. And look at us now, we’re getting a sequel!! They’ve heard us. 

In short, NIER is very dear to me and I’m glad with NIER 2 I’m not gonna be alone on this one. Because I was, I was very alone. I’m grateful for every single of you.

I’m gonna dust this blog off, make it all nice and shiny again. I’m really thrilled for this and for whats to come. Thank you so much for your passion and support, it makes mama nier happy :-)