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٩(●˙꒳˙●)۶ HAPPY ✿ BIRTHDAY 〜プレシャスゴミアイドル〜

☆Kou Mukami ( コウ無神) || [28/01] ☆


“…Still hoping I wasn’t wrong loving you first.” - verisimilitvde


himari: we’ll always be together, kan-chan. i love you. i finally realized that i
            don’t have to be afraid anymore. you taught me that. thank you. so…
            you’ve done enough. i’m sorry for everything. it must have been tough.
kanba: i’ve chosen this path on my own.
himari: no… i’ve been turning a blind eye to the fact that you sacrificed
             everything for me, even putting your life on the line.
kanba: i will definitely save you.
himari: don’t! don’t… kan-chan. don’t do anything terrible. i don’t mind if i die.
kanba: no. i won’t forgive this world if you die. i will burn this world to ash!
            i’m off. himari, you are the world to me.