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Can I get a gold ⭐️ star?

I survived work today by skin of my chinny chin chin.

I need a new job. A work at home job. With insurance. I don’t even care how much I make. I work 3x as fast as most people with very few mistakes (unless you count spelling, because, dyslexic) so a work at home position where I don’t see how long it takes someone else to do something would be ideal.

I better get into the neurologist BEFORE I get canned lol. So. Much. Bullshit.


Victor Nikiforov // History Maker ❉ 

PSA: Magic and Your Pets

I know I make post after post about taking care of your self in the physical world before or along side of using magic, but I thought it would go without saying the same applies to your pets. 

Your pets do not have a voice of their own. They don’t control their lives, their diet, their living situations, anything. You do. If your pet is exhibiting unusual behaviors, instead of going “Lol how can I just ~magic~ this away” you need to find out why your pet is acting that way and then if needed get them help. 

Sure, do a spell, meditate, what have you, in addition. But do not ever put your pets at risk because you couldn’t be bothered to look into the issue at hand and thought you could just magic it away so it’s not an inconvenience anymore. 

When you choose to use magic instead of professional help for your self, that’s your choice. You are inclined to make what ever choice about your own body and well being you would like. 

But your pets? They don’t have a choice but to accept the care you provide them with. So you better damn well give them the care they deserve.

  • me: wow it's late and I'm super sleepy
  • ADHD:
  • me:
  • ADHD:
  • me: no? nothing? alright well I'll just
  • ADHD: you need to write a whole book right now
  • me:
  • ADHD: also see if that store has cool sweaters
  • me: listen
  • ADHD: also you need to reread harry potter immediately all of them
  • me:
  • ADHD: and do your eyebrows also maybe masturbate ? except you have a headache
  • me:
  • ADHD: let's talk about aliens tho
  • me:
  • ADHD: also you need to reconsider your entire future and everything you've had roughly plotted out since you were fourteen
  • me: simultaneously?
  • ADHD: well you'll forget all this within the next ten minutes so
  • me:
  • ADHD:
  • me:
  • ADHD: so yeah
  • me:
  • ADHD: chop chop motherfucker

i’m thinking of publishing an e-book or pdf or whatver of the witchy book i wrote a little while ago. yes im still working on hard copies but handbinding is a bitch it turns out so

it was called “of witchcraft and whimsy” and it’s a witchcraft 101 type book with spells and some illustrations

anyone interested / have advice on how to do this lol?

thantophobia; Jungkook

Word Count : 1816

Genre : angst; fluff

Summary : Falling in love with your best friend wasn’t easy, it was even less when you had to help him pleasing his girlfriend, but the most difficult was to see him heartbroken [I suck at summaries can you tell lol]

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥


(n.) the fear of losing someone you love.

“I look at you, and I just love you and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you. I waste my time thinking about you and my mind is full of unsaid things you don’t only deserve a vulgar speech on the phone, you deserve a thousand books about how amazing you are so please stop sounding so fucking sad ! I know very well that you’re just another wish of mine that will never come true, and I know that watching someone you love, loving someone else is freaking hard but you know what ? The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.”

“I don’t know what to say-” he responded on the phone, probably dumbfounded by the sudden confession.

“It’s okay,” you quickly continued “I know what we are, and I know what we’re not.”

And that’s how this phone call ended, the last one before a long time…

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Evolution of a witch

me 3 years ago:
Don’t mess around with spirits unless you 100% know what you’re doing! You don’t know how powerful they are! Never even use a ouija board! You could accidentally summon something terrible and ruin your life! Leave this to the experts I don’t want to get hurt!

me now:
lol guys I’ll bet you $10 I can communicate with a ghost using only what I can find in that dumpster

Random thoughts on Hwarang

~SaeRo’s kissy moments in the open field had me grinning like an idiot as I went “Take that, you SaeRo haters!!!!” “That’s how you do a proper kiss!”: make sure it’s consensual–and by consensual I mean feelings are being reciprocated for the kiss to be welcome even if it’s unexpected.) Anyway, Ah Ro violated his lips first with her flimsy attempt at mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Lol! Her lips touched his not once but twice before the final lip lock, FYI!

~Dog-Bird being a “sacred bone” or “seonggol“  does complicate the #SaeRo ship. But does his family being erased from the Royal Registries make him at least at Ah Ro’s level? *wishful thinking* (#SaeRo shipper here!!) :)))

~I am mentally preparing myself for whatever twist Moo Myung’s fainting spells will bring to our story. If he doesn’t live long enough to make at least a dozen babies with Ah-Ro—my heart will break into a million pieces and I’ve only begun putting it back together after SH:R dammit. :((( *can we offer up Han Sung as sacrifice instead, lol!!!*  *or maybe Yeo Wool!*

~Sam Maek Jong King Jinhueng is beautiful, but I will never ship him with Ah-Ro even if she happened to love him back because she will never be happy with him in the long run. I have learned my lesson in SH:R. Ah Ro’s station as a “half-breed” will bring her as far up as head concubine but never Queen. I doubt her personality can bear that.

~Princess Sook Myung is pretty much the most badass princess in Seorabeol. Moo Myung can be a passing fancy for her, never long-term as I don’t see anything of value that Moo Myung can offer her (except his body lol). He doesn’t even need to protect her as she is the better sword-fighter.

~Soo Yeon is perfect for Ban Ryu in every way. She’s the peanut butter to his jelly, she’s the smoke to his high….lalala! I can picture them already as a married couple taking on the world—she does all the talking, Ban Ryu, the glaring. :)))

~Soo Ho falling for the Queen is his karma for dating all his sister’s friends. Lol. And if the Queen later on accepts him as her lover–and as the rebound guy to being rejected time and again by our Master Ahn-Ji–that’s fine with me. I’m sure Soo Ho won’t complain either. :)

~Dan Se, Han Sung’s big brother, deserves his own ship.

~We need a Pa Oh Appreciation Day! :))) The Forever 22. :)

~Yeo Wool’s character development: he learns to stop fights now instead of just watching all hell break loose. Lol!

How Hogwarts sees the marauders vs how they see themselves: 

James Potter.

  • James Potter could be defined as a walking catastrophe. 
  • All long-limbs and noisy remarks, he smiles widely and talks loudly and runs a hand through hair that is never ever neat.
  • And yet, that’s part of his charm.
  • The boy doesn’t tie his shoes, the frayed edges of the shoelace tripping him up at almost every corner, and of course his mother taught him the spell to keep them double-knotted but does he remember that?
  • On top of whichever catastrophe Peter’s told him about, the plan for fifth period that Sirius is swearing will be the best yet, the silences Remus is leaving in his wake that he’s trying to decipher, and the homework that was due in for… yesterday? No. 
  • James is quick, a ‘flash in the pan’ according to some, and maybe he doesn’t know how to pace himself, wheeling around corridors and skidding to a stop only when he’s about to collide with someone he should not be colliding with - namely Minerva McGonagall - but you have to hand it to him.
  • That boy can run.
  • And that’s the way everyone else sees him: ruffled hair, windswept and messy, glasses balancing on the bridge of a thin nose, constantly being pushed higher, an untucked shirt and golden eyes and lateness
  • Because he absolutely, positively, cannot tell the time: he’s a little slap-dash, that James Potter. 
  • He liked the look of the watch that was hanging in the window, dragging Sirius along to Diagon Alley for his expertise and for the fact that if Sirius hated something, he’d tell him
  • “How about this shirt, Padfoot?” Pulling a paisly design from a rack, thinking that if anyone could pull it off, it’d be him.
  • “That’s fucking grim. What’s wrong with you? Put that back.”
  • But Sirius liked that watch, appreciating the way it hung on James’s wrist, and then shoving it away, asking him why he dragged him all this way for a watch
  • It worked and it looked good and most importantly it made James look like he knew what was going on. 
  • Because most of the time, James Potter has absolutely no idea what’s going on.
  • He can fill silences. He can laugh at whichever joke is being told. He can notice the temperature of a room, pull Peter in if he thinks he’s being left out, shove Sirius to his feet when he’s being lazy, share split-second eye contact with Remus that conveys all the words he wants to say to him
  • But what James wants to say?
  • He’s not really sure
  • But to the rest of Hogwarts, he’s the man with the answers. 
  • The one who turned Professor Binns’ toupee into a live ferret and lived to tell the tale. The one who can make an exploding ink quill look good, shoving his darkened hands into faces of First and Second Years:
  • “This is what happens when you write too many essays, children. Severe Essayus Decayus. The doctors at St Mungos say I have two days to live.” His eyes wide, forcing a cough, keeling over at them
  • “Really?” They’d sneer, and yet James could see the fear in their eyes, the sharp of raised eyebrows and not-so-sharp words
  • “Really really.” He’d grin, waving his hands in their face and laughing as he chased them.
  • “Watch out! I’m contagious!”
  • And when he’s sat in detention, writing lines to be sent to Madame Pomfrey on how illness is not a punchine, he’d still be humming to himself, feet tapping a rhythm dancing inside of him.
  • And when those kids passed by him, he’d wave at them, cheery, showing off brown, unblemished skin and appreciating the fact that they’d smile, a little self-conscious, before they’d turn away.
  • If anyone lived for others, it was James Potter
  • And that was why it was difficult to place the real him: the jokester, the leader, the boy who spoke in his sleep, and chased after the quaffle with his teeth bared, who loved puns and who couldn’t bear to have anyone angry at him…
  • He didn’t understand seriousness. But when it punched him in the face, when his friends told stories about who they were and what they hid, he found he really, really did
  • It just didn’t understand him
  • Because he’d be chasing after Lupin asking about the phases of the moon and whether he knew that Wyrd Sisters song with that very line in it,
  • “It goes like this!” And he’d be singing, off-key, voice hoarse and husky and just so loud
  • “I don’t know it James! Shut up!”
  • “C’mon, Remus!” He’d run after him, placing two hands on his shoulders. “It’ll make you feel better! Sing with me!”
  • “I don’t know the words!” Remus, shrugging him away, trying to make it to the library, “Now, shhh!”
  • “Well,” He’d roll his eyes. “Shush yourself.” 
  • And then he’d be off again, leaving Remus to the library, humming loudly, fingers trailing on the cold of the stones that made up Hogwarts
  • And Remus, watching him go, seeing him go for a high-five with a teacher, miss, and still yell ‘nailed it!’ chuckling to himself
  • And James, knowing that that laugh would come, even if he wasn’t around to see it, would be quite happy to bother someone else for a little while
  • Only it was never ‘bothering’ to him: it was intuition.
  • It was seeing what someone wanted and working out a way to give it to them
  • It was standing at the edge of a fight that didn’t involve him and knowing that it could. If the other person needed him. If someone said something that just didn’t sit right.
  • It was rousing the Quidditch team in a pre-game chant because it was raining and wasn’t it better to be sodden and happy than sodden and miserable?
  • It was ignoring the way Lily Evans glared at his shaking leg, disrupting the table she was trying to write on, and laughing when he was in a full-body hex, trying to mouth how much he loved her technique
  • James didn’t know much. But he tried to learn, tried to pronounce the question of who he was whilst filling in the answers for everybody else
  • And somehow, that helped. It always felt like the right thing to.
  • James Potter, a walking catastrophe to everyone who didn’t know him.
  • A running joke to everyone who didn’t like him.
  • And the greatest friend to everyone who did. 

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i`ve been thinking about this but S gives D the cure right. But when he gives him the cure, S is under the impression that E won`t wake up until B dies. With giving D the cure, D would probably die (old) like a couple of years after E wakes up ,. Do you get what I mean... like Stefan couldn`t have known that Bonnie was suddenly going to figure out how to break the spell. And if D really wanted to be human, he could have just taken the cure from Elena bc she wouldn`t have aged dramatically. idgi

LOL that’s actually just a plothole not Stefan being stupid.

anonymous asked:

my boyfriend doesnt know anything about witchy stuff but he supports me so much, everything i show him he gets excited for me and i'm so glad about it, i feel like i need this kind of stuff to keep going, ya know? do you have any jar/spell/thing for me to thank him? like a simple "thank you" thing where the other person feels good. i dont really know how to explain my idea lol

This is really sweet!! Maybe you could do the Happy AF jar with him? Like include him in it if he wants to? But I would suggest something that he needs or wants! The Happy AF jar is never a bad idea, but if there is something else he could use, that could be a great option too! (the protection jar could also be nice!)

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How autistic are you, may I ask? I mean, which aspects are ‘obvious' on you? Hope this doesn't bother you, I'm just curious.

im considered “high functioning” but i always found labels like that awful because all of us autistic people are good at doing what we can, even if some of us are considered “”“low functioning”“” just because they cant speak or never figured out how to brush their teeth. theyre amazing at things we consider minor, like piecing together puzzles in under a few minutes or organizing stuffed animals by color and size. high functioning and low functioning autism are just labels that neuraltypicals (FCUK spelling lol) try to put on us. in reality we are all different from each other and all on different places on the spectrum that its dumb to just label us as high functioning or low functioning.

(now that my rant is over ill cover some basics)

for the most part i can past as allustic (non-autistic) but i have a hard time discerning facial expressions or people using sarcasm that doesnt have the same town as sarcasm. i also stim when i feel uncomfortable like crossing or bouncing my legs, flapping my hands, cracking my knucles, picking at my eyebrows or arm hair, or even biting the skin of my fingers.

i have one of those spinning rings that i keep in my pocket bc its too big for my thin ass fingers and that does help me not hurt myself when im stimming harmfully (aka me voring my fingers) and a tangle that i can mess around with. when im in my home or places i feel more comfortable (like my friends house, going on a walk in the forest by my house, or my math class) i stim more freely and openly because i feel safer. if i could i would stim everywhere

i struggle to make eye contact with strangers but after ive warmed up to someone i tend to meet their eyes more because eyes are just, so pretty. especially brown ones, fuck yes. but when i dont know someone i look at the corners of their eyes or eyebrows and no one can tell the difference

physical touch is a bit more tricky. if i go for a hug on say, my friend, ill welcome the touch because im controlling it. kinda like piling a lot of books on my chest and legs. but if someone hugs me without warning i freeze up a lil before stiffly hugging them back and then i feel kinda bad and give them a real hug later lol

asdfghhjkk im ranting so, to wrap this up i have high functioning autism (a label that was given to me by neurotypicals), i stim, and i like physical touch when i have a sense of control.

and i dont mind ppl asking me about autism!! i try my best to answer and its good for neurotypicals to learn as much as they can from us that isnt from autism speaks lol (that hell organization)

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I know this has nothing to do with anything but I just want to talk to someone my grandma is so cute she randomly send me a nail polish and 5 dollars like for no reason and I feel so loved right now

Awww that’s so cute my grandma doesn’t know how to spell my name lol


Hello fellow daoists!

The weird greeting aside, I’m Jay, the admin of this blog. Due to personal difficulties I have decided to not delay any more this.

I am shutting down this blog, as well as all it’s sideblogs on an indefinite hiatus.

Do not worry! This hiatus was planned long ago and I know very well of how it will impact me.

The second and third part of the updates will eventually surface through during the hiatus when I am able to complete them. Great thanks to my friend @ask-drink-pocari who agreed to help me draw them quicker, and although I still am not able to update, eventually they will appear.

If anyone needs to find me, I will be on the other main blog I currently control, @ask-the-victorious-brit . If you wish to message me there do not hesitate! I don’t mind messages at all!

Please do not worry about me, and although I will NOT respond to any messages send to this blog, I am ready to welcome them at the brit.

Thank you all for following the development of Arc 1.

See you soon!

P.S.: When the last 2 parts of this… Giant thing surface through, you will understand what I mean by Arc 1. Byebye!

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do you have a favorite banishing spell? (in general or for spirits?)

Asking my boyfriend to help clean the house works pretty effectively as a banishing spell for a few hours, thats my favorite! ;) LOL

Joking aside, it really depends on the situation at hand and how forceful or gentle I need to be. I actually haven’t had to do a banishing spell in awhile for anything because I haven’t needed to.