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How to assert dominance with your teammates and fail by Faker, Lee Sang Hyeok

Bonus gifs of Peanut trolling and that sweet jungler interaction that I thought was cute


The Harvey Specter way. (Mike’s way)


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,033

A/N: This one was a request from an anon ; “Please write one with Shawn’s live album release you guys decide to celebrate”. Hope you like it! X

P.S. it got real smutty at the end lol beware


Shawn runs his fingers through his hair for the fifth time in two minutes. He’s madly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and anything else that he can get his hands on. He’s been like this for about two hours now. He was so clearly excited and nervous for his “Live at Madison Square Garden” album to come out. “What if they don’t like it though, Y/N?” Shawn turns to me, his phone shaking slightly in his hands. I move to straddle him as I place my arms around the back of his neck and rest my forehead on his. “How could anyone not like you’re angelic voice entering their ears? This album honestly almost gets me as much as you moaning does.” I say quietly, trying to calm Shawn’s nerves. He places his phone beside his leg, freeing both hands to be able to touch me. “If this all goes well, you have no idea what I want to do with you when it’s all done.” We’re interrupted by Shawn’s publicist calling. “It’s go time” I hear from the other end of the phone. I look at Shawn directly in the eyes, giving him an encouraging smile as he stares at me with fear in his eyes. Shawn finalises his tweet and smacks his phone beside him as soon as it’s posted. His phone begins vibrating and dinging like crazy. I pick up Shawn’s phone to see the response he’s getting from the album. “Y/N, stop, why are you grinning like that, is everything okay? Do they like it?” Shawn asks, a sense of urgency in his voice. Instead of answering, I pass Shawn his phone, allowing him to see the outpour of love he’s receiving for the album. “I’m so proud of you, baby.” I smile at him. He looks up at me, his eyes twinkling. Seeing him so happy because of his music is one of the best things I can ever experience. He has a soul filled with passion. Letting out a huge sigh, he looks back at his phone, his beautiful smile showing.

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some jimins from twitterrrr~~ [my original tweets] first one was for the bts_69min today with the theme being sweater paws! and lol the other 2 were dumb sketches done at like 3am, chibi jimin telling u to check urself, before u wreck urself. and then the last one was INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS…. sighhh when kookie put his finger on jimin’s chin… all i could hear was.. ‘boop.’


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