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How to assert dominance with your teammates and fail by Faker, Lee Sang Hyeok

Bonus gifs of Peanut trolling and that sweet jungler interaction that I thought was cute


Mark is that a finger ❤️️?

Throwing my hat into the “headcanons about Reyes Vidal’s pre-Initiative life” ring because I love hearing all these theories:

Commercial cargo pilot. No, really. Flew transport for private companies, specialising in extremely valuable cargo: luxury goods, high-grade weapons, barely-legal tech. The sort of stuff that makes one cargo ship about as valuable as the total GDP of a small country - and a hell of a target for every pirate, gang and raider in the system, hence the need for a man who is as handy with a gun as he is with the controls. Of course, this is Reyes we’re talking about, so he’s not above skimming a little off the top for himself. Consider it danger pay. All the pilots do it. 

However, when skimming becomes more like gouging, well, those companies and all their paid goons are only going to turn a blind eye for some long. Reyes gets a little too greedy (or perhaps just careless), he starts making contacts with those people he’s supposed to be guarding against, maybe a few too many boxes fall off the back of the space-lorry, and things start getting a little too hot for his liking in the Milky Way - the people he’s pissed off don’t have friends in high places, they are the friends in high places. So he takes the first hard exit he can find and joins the Initiative, and hopes this mess doesn’t follow him 600 years across the universe.

The whole Anubis call sign thing? Utterly inconsequential. The Initiative assigned different pantheons to different squadrons, to make things easier: Reyes’ squad happened to get Ancient Egyptian (human), and he pulled Anubis. He thinks its mad corny.


some jimins from twitterrrr~~ [my original tweets] first one was for the bts_69min today with the theme being sweater paws! and lol the other 2 were dumb sketches done at like 3am, chibi jimin telling u to check urself, before u wreck urself. and then the last one was INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS…. sighhh when kookie put his finger on jimin’s chin… all i could hear was.. ‘boop.’

RoyAi - Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye - quickie. Guys. *dodges flying chair cause I haven’t posted art in almost a month* I realised that I have never drawn my OTP from my favourite anime ever. I don’t know how either. But I literally declined to study for a test due for tomorrow I haven’t studied a thing for (it was a good life) to make this. But tbh I regret nothing cause I really love how it turned out. I’m veeeeery proud of it^^

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