lol his face expression i cant

little things to love about seokmin
  • smiley sunshine!!!
  • cutest lil sunflower!!!
  • the dorkiest boy 
  • powerful vocals 
  • part of the great gag trio
  • seokhorse!
  • always coming up with play-on-words and puns 
  • moves around a lot 
  • a very wiggly person LOL 
  • “twoteen!” 
  • always screaming for some reason. same tho 
  • radiant charisma
  • naruto fan
  • always doing naruto runs or pretends to summon justus
  • has very pretty hands!
  • same birthday as vernon
  • grandpa!seokmin along with grandma!hoshi
  • loves karaoke 
  • super lively, but is also sensitive
  • makes a lot of funny faces 
  • can go from “bright sunny dk” to “mr. steal yo girl dk” in .5 seconds i cant believe
  • “My name is Lee Seokmin, my favorite food is Wenchang chicken” 
  • quite good at cooking! 
  • one of his specialties is losing stuff
  • also singing loudly is another one 
  • remember when he packed a humidifier for ‘one fine day’
  • “I want to bite myself” hAHA OMG
  • yo he has very nice eyebrows like when will i ever
  • predebut seokmin omfg
  • he stil thinks he needs to improve on his singing, he works hard to become better 
  • such a humble human ;; 
  • i hope our lil ray of sunshine has a great day 

luekskywlker  asked:

can you give me any tips on writing credence's character (both his character as a whole and his pov)? im attempting to write a sort of set of drabble things about him travelling with newt and learning to heal, so help would be appreciated. also if you have any tips for writing angst because im nothing if not one to hurt my favourite characters (seriously though i have half a plan for angst that will (ambiguously) get better but i need to actually create the angst for the healing to be effective)

2/2 thanks (i ran out of room on the other on but yeah thanks)

I heard an excuse to write up my Credence analysis. Gonna put it it in the context of Crewt for this but that still uses my general Credence thoughts. (Watch all of this get friggin jossed in the next movies)

So I’m still kinda working out my Credence as I write him, and I have kinda two categories of Credence. Current Credence and the future, more stable Credence who is called Better Credence just cause he’s like…gotten to feeling a little better.

What I’ve kinda worked out for him is that Credence is a contradictory complex character, which we only get to see glimpses of in the movie, but the glimpses do show a lot when they come together. So we start by the basics of what we see of Credence in the movie. (under cut bc i cant keep my chill about this son of mine)

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seventeen in melbourne hi touch fanaccount

let me tell you about seventeen

they are all smiles and joy and meeting them was so heartwarming! they must have been exhausted after performing and playing around with us for 3 hours but they still seemed so happy and excited to be there.

it went by so quick that its all still a bit of a blur and i sadly only clearly remember my interactions with like 6 of them and i dont 100% remember the order the members were in, but i know for certain joshua was first!

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I can't draw paps face for the life of me, how do u do it?! ;_;

Oh god, I know the struggle. Papyrus’s face, especially the jaw has some challenge indeed. However there are some artists (like myself) who prefer simplifying this part, so we can show his expressions a bit better (okay Im sure there are ways to make him expressive with detailed jaw, but I just cant do it lol)

To show my method I made a tiny quick tutorial. This was my first time so sorry if it still sound shady >w<

INTP Confession #670
INTP personality random rant

I’m a 20 year old male and I just found out that I have an INTP personality. I have always felt kind of weird and different from everyone else my entire life. I have a high IQ and I’ve always been very intelligent and excelled in english, history and science, but struggled to actually get good grades in school because I just hated doing work and being there. I actually failed most of my classes senior year, i would stay up all night making beats or just looking things up online and then drive my car somewhere random when i was supposed to be in school and just sleep (yeah i was pretty fucked up) I was popular in high school and had tons of superficial friends and a few good ones that are still my friends to this day. sometimes i dont even like them that much anymore though because i notice alot of stupid things about them that i dont like hahah i went to all the parties and did all the “cool kids” bullshit even though i’m extremely introverted and could be painfully shy and awkward. I’ve always been told how good looking I am and have had tons of really great looking girls like me, but I’ve never had a been in a relationship for more than a month and have never even had sex because I’m just so fucking weird and i feel like nobody is on the same page as me. I honestly think i could end up being forever alone lol. I actually feel like the only time i can be the super outgoing person I wish I could be is when im drunk. It’s as if all I feel comfortable doing now is being alone thinking about theories, ideas about the world, analyzing people, researching things that interest me, playing video games and actually just analyzing myself constantly and trying to figure out exactly why am the way i am. I also think out loud to myself when im alone, its almost as if my out loud voice is my conscience and its like speaking to my brain. its like im teaching myself and figuring things out with myself. that probably sounds crazy but its really not I actually believe its one of the reasons i have such a clear understanding of myself and other peoples thoughts and emotions. whenever I’m in social situations or basically whenever a person is in my line of site or hearing, I constantly analyze them to every little detail and try to figure out what’s going on in their head and what kind of person they really are and what they are trying to hide. pretty much every time i meet a person i get an analysis of them in my head very quickly. i cant help it, this ends up making me not able to become good friends with most people because I just end up thinking that their either stupid, crazy, backstabbing, immature, etc. on top of that it’s really hard for me to get a job and keep one because people always seem to think im mad all the time because of the expression on my face… its really hard for me to do that super happy “hi how are you guys today!” enthusiastic smiley face look to random people i don’t know. lol damn im done i have way to much in my head i want to just type here and yeah i know that the grammar and punctuation is messed up, but if you’re INTP than you should be smart enough to be able to read it and understand what im saying haha and i know this is pretty much just a bunch of random things about me but i’ve been up all night and dont care. I just felt like sharing this, maybe someone else with this personality type will relate to something in here idk ,peace out