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“Sybil Reisz, life of the party. She was bad news from the first.”

cries because i just barely finished this in time to post it before midnight

Tyler: “Are you my -”

Caleb: “If you are standing there with a gas mask on, I swear to whoever is reading this right now, I’m going to strangle you.”

Miracle: “Are you my mummy?”

Caleb: “You did not actually convince my daughter to join you in this nonsense.”

Tyler: “Who says I had to convince her?”

Caleb: “You’re both grounded for the rest of your life.”

Tyler: “But -”

Caleb: “Grounded. And take that thing off.”

now to the serious question: why haven’t i thought of this before? anyways, happy halloween to all of you who celebrate!

i’m actually terrified of gas masks so bye

x-i-l-verify  asked:

Ford and Dipper #19, Pidge and Hunk #18, Steven and Lapis #21, Percy and Keyleth #15, Law (+ Cheza, if you want) and Bepo #9 (I know this is a lot, just pick your favorite one[s] and go with it, I was... kind of inspired with prompts. ^^;)

I picked 2!

Send me 2+ characters and a number, and I’ll draw them…

#9: In bed/non-sexually sleeping together (Law, Bepo, Cheza)

This guy looks very tired all the time to me, let him rest with his giant bear friends…it ended up kinda chibi-ish, sorry ^^;;; what even are Law’s tattoos

#18: Dancing (Pidge and Hunk)

I was going to draw them doing the Robot Dance together but no no I could make it SO MUCH CUTER THO—their colors and elements together make me think of Springtime :’D casually recycles their dance outfits form an earlier piece

if water is wet, then klance is canon
@dreamworks i need that one beach episode pls


Hi !! I’m in desperate need of cash for quite few things so I’m opening commissions again!~ 
Prices are as follows: 

Simple 800x800 bust icons
$7.50 USD
~ 10 USD
~ Flat Colored: 15USD
~ Shaded: 20USD
~ Shaded + Simple BG: 25 USD

No full frontal NSFW, will draw suggestive. 
I reserve the right to refuse any concept I do not agree with ~ <3 
RB’s greatly appreciated!!

Burn and Bloom: Chapter 1

TW: kidnapping?? also abuse of a child via rocks

Word Count: 2.9k

masterlist and next chapter 

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