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(theres like 200+ on here lol. got it from another tumbler, credz to them 💜)

1: My name?
2: Do I have any nicknames?
3: Zodiac sign?
4: Video game I play to chill, not to win?
5: Book/series I reread?
6: Aliens or ghosts?
7: Writer I trust enough to read whatever they write?
8: Favourite radio station?
9: Favourite flavour of anything?
10: The word that I use all the time to describe something great?
11: Favourite song?
12: The question you ask new friends to get to know them better?
13: Favourite word?
14: The last person who hurt me, did I forgive them?
15: Last song I listened to?
16: TV show I always recommend?
17: Pirates or ninjas?
18: Movie I watch when I’m feeling down?
19: Song that I always start my shuffle with/wake-up song/always-on-a-loop song?
20: Favourite video games?
21: What am I most afraid of?
22: A good quality of mine?
23: A bad quality of mine?
24: Cats or dogs?
25: Actor/actress you trust enough to watch whatever they’re in?
26: Favourite season?
27: Am I in a relationship?
28: Something I miss?
29: My best friend?
30: Eye colour?
31: Hair colour?
32: Someone I love?
33: Someone I trust?
34: Someone I always think about?
35: Am I excited about anything?
36: My current obsession?
37: Favourite TV shows as a child?
38: Do I have someone of the opposite sex that I can tell everything to?
39: Am I superstitious?
40: What do I think about most?
41: Do I have any strange phobias?
42: Do I prefer to be in front of the camera or behind it?
43: Favourite hobbies?
44: Last book I read?
45: Last film I watched?
46: Do I play any instruments?
47: Favourite animal?
48: Top 5 blog on Tumblr that I follow?
49: Superpower I wish I could have?
50: How do I destress?
51: Do I like confrontation?
52: When do I feel most at peace?
53: What makes me smile?
54: Do I sleep with the lights on or off?
55: Play any sports?
56: What is my song of the week?
57: Favourite drink?
58: When did I last send a handwritten letter to somebody?
59: Afraid of heights?
60: Pet peeve?
61: What was the last concert I went to see?
62: Am I vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian?
63: What occupation did I want to do when I was younger?
64: Have I ever had a friend turn enemy?
65: What fictional universe would I like to be a part of?
66: Something I worry about?
67: Scared of the dark?
68: Who are my best friends?
69: What do I admire most about others?
70: Can I sing?
71: Something I wish I could do?
72: If I won the lottery, what would I do?
73: Have I ever skipped school?
74: Favourite place on the planet?
75: Where do I want to live?
76: Do I have any pets?
77: What is my current desktop picture?
78: Early bird or night owl?
79: Sunsets or sunrise?
80: Can I drive?
81: Story behind my last kiss?
82: Earphones or headphones?
83: Have I ever had braces?
84: Story behind one of my scars?
85: Favourite genre of music?
86: Who is my hero?
87: Favourite comic book character?
88: What makes me really angry?
89: Kindle or real book?
90: Favourite sporty activity?
91: What is one thing that isn’t tight in schools that should be?
92: What was my favourite subject at school?
93: Siblings?
94: What was the last thing I bought?
95: How tall am I?
96: Can I cook?
97: Can I bake?
98: 3 things I love?
99: 3 things I hate?
100: Do I have more girl friends or boy friends?
101: Who do I get on with better, girls or boys?
102: Where was I born?
103: Sexual orientation?
104: Where do I currently live?
105: Last person I texted?
106: Last time I cried?
107: Guilty pleasure?
108: Favourite Youtuber?
109: A photo of myself.
110: Do I like selfies?
111: Favourite game app?
112: My relationship with my parents?
113: Favourite accents?
114: A place I have not been but wish to visit?
115: Favourite number?
116: Can I juggle?
117: Am I religious?
118: Do I like space?
119: Do I like the deep ocean?
120: Am I much of a daredevil?
121: Am I allergic to anything?
122: Can I curl my tongue?
123: Can I wiggle my ears?
124: Do I like clowns?
125: The Beatles or Elvis?
126: My current project?
127: Am I a bad loser?
128: Do I admit when I wrong?
129: Forest or beach?
130: Favourite piece of advice?
131: Am I a good liar?
132: Hogwarts house / Divergent faction / Hunger Games district?
133: Do I talk to myself?
134: Am I very social?
135: Do I like gossip?
136: Do I keep a journal/diary?
137: Have I ever hopelessly failed a test?
138: Do I believe in second chances?
139: If I found a wallet full of cash on the ground, what would I do?
140: Do I believe people are capable of change?
141: Have I ever been underweight?
142: Am I ticklish?
143: Have I ever been in a submarine?
144: Have I ever been on a plane?
145: In a film about my life, who would I cast as myself, friends and family?
146: Have I ever been overweight?
147: Do I have any piercings?
148: Which fictional character do I wish was real?
149: Do I have any tattoos?
150: What is the best decision I have made in life so far?
151: Do I believe in Karma?
152: Do I wear glasses or contacts?
153: What was my first car?
154: Do I want children?
155: Who is the most intelligent person I know?
156: My most embarrassing memory?
157: What makes me nostalgic?
158: Have I ever pulled an all-nighter?
159: Which do I value more in others, brains or beauty?
160: What colour mostly dominates my wardrobe?
161: Have I ever had a paranormal experience?
162: What do I hate most about myself?
163: What do I love most about myself?
164: Do I like adventure?
165: Do I believe in fate?
166: Favourite animal?
167: Have I ever been on radio?
168: Have I ever been on TV?
169: How old am I?
170: One of my favourite quotes?
171: Do I hold grudges?
172: Do I trust easily?
173: Have I learnt from my mistakes?
174: Best gift I’ve ever received?
175: Do I dream?
176: Have I ever had a night terror?
177: Do I remember my dreams, and what is one that comes to mind?
178: An experience that has made me stronger?
179: If I were immortal, what would I do?
180: Do I like shopping?
181: If I could get away with a crime, what would I choose to do?
182: What does “family” mean to me?
183: What is my spirit animal?
184: How do I want to be remembered?
185: If I could master one skill, what would I choose?
186: What is my greatest failure?
187: What is my greatest achievement?
188: Love or money?
189: Love or career?
190: If I could time travel, where and when would I want to go?
191: What makes me the happiest?
192: What is “home” to me?
193: What motivates me?
194: If I could choose my last words, what would they be?
195: Would I ever want to encounter aliens?
196: A movie that scared me as a child?
197: Something I hated as a child that I like now?
198: Zombies or vampires?
199: Live in the city or suburbs?
200: Dragons or wizards?
201: A nightmare that has stayed with me?
202: How do I define love?
203: Do I judge a book by its cover?
204: Have I ever had my heart broken?
205: Do I like my handwriting?
206: Sweet or savoury?
207: Worst job I’ve had?
208: Do I collect anything?
209: Item of clothing or jewellery you’ll never see me without?
210: What is on my bucket list?
211: How do I handle anger?
212: Was I named after anyone?
213: Do I use sarcasm a lot?
214: What TV character am I most like?
215: What is the weirdest talent I have?
216: Favourite fictional character?

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 4 A/B/O

A/N: WOOHOO! Part 4 is here! I will be posting part 5 in a couple hours when I get off of school today! This chapter was supposed to be part 4 and 5 together, but I had to cut in in half cuz Tumblr was like “lol nope!” 😭☹️ I hope y'all like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️ 

Warnings: Sex. Swearing. Fem/Fem. NSFW. 

Series Masterlist 

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First off the legendary, iconic Sasha Pieterse aka Alison DiLaurentis who was running this show at only 14 years old. Even though most the series she was either dead or kind of out of the inner circle, she constantly found ways to steal the moment. Even when Alison could’ve been a total bitch, you found yourself rooting for her (well if not her then Sasha because damn girl you can act lol)

Heres my list of dramatic Ali faves (it is in order from least to most):

1. Episode 3x17 (I still have no clue who Beach Hottie is for sure)

2. Episode 3x23 (Which is one of my favorite episodes in the series. I just always loved this moment.)

3. Episode 7x02 (This was so hard to watch, I felt bad seeing my baby like this)

4. Episode 5x24 (YALL… When I tell yall I was in TEARS!!! I thought they were really really going to jail. I was really telling people ‘free my girls’ that’s how invested I was)

And my very favorite emotional, scene stealing performance by Sasha was THIS….

5. Episode 4x24 (I FELT this entire scene. I didn’t see Sasha in this scene I saw Ali. I was crying. I felt for her so much. I lost it at ‘Can’t you see me breathing?’)

Tell me some of your favorite dramatic Sasha/Ali scenes that didn’t make the cut!!!! 

Sunday (M)

Summary: you were a busy person! Sundays were usually your day off but when your friend asked you out for coffee you were sure you knew exactly why. Sex. You had your regular boys throughout the week, kind of making a schedule for each boy, let’s see if Sunday boy can keep up. 

Words: 7,419 

Genre: Smut 

Warnings: uggghhh thigh riding, fem dom, switch play, orgasm denial, dirty talk lol alla dat n more probably

 A/n: So here it is! The start of my new series fic where the reader respectfully hoes around with a new bangtan member each day! I’ll try uploading each one a week apart from each other on the members coordinating day but I might mess that up bc I can’t control when inspo comes and goes😓 anyway, please enjoy Sunday boy- jungkook💖((( also ps. I changed up the formatting pls let me know if you like this style better😣💖))

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request: “Could you write a Cisco imagine where the reader is a banshee (it’s irish mythology, one of the characters in Teen Wolf is a banshee I believe?) but was a singer before the particle accelerator exploded. She can’t sing with knocking people out so she goes to S.T.A.R. Labs for help. Cisco is an insanely huge fan of the reader and is completely star struck when he sees her. Thanks so much! Sorry that request was so long, you can probably tell how much I’ve thought about this lmao.” — by anon

a/n: i am very familiar with the banshee bc i used to watch teen wolf ((but stopped at like s3 bc i started watching another tv series lol)) so i think i got this right ahaha. also, i don’t mind if requests are so long bc it actually helps me write since you’re giving out full details, so thank you and i hope you like this! p.s. i know this took so long i’m so sorry omg.

Masterlist + Request here!

You lay there alone in your room, listening to the radio with your eyes closed. The radio host was discussing different topics about music that involved various artists, and you couldn’t help but suddenly open your eyes when you heard your name being mentioned.

“Well, folks, we all know that the amazing Y/N Y/L/N is no longer in the music industry since she was hit by the dark matter from the particle accelerator explosion in Central City.”

“What a shame. I’m a huge fan of her music!”

“Who isn’t? Honestly, I think she should continue doing her thing despite what happened.”

“James, are you stupid? Your ears will literally bleed if she does that, and not because of her singing.” the other radio host laughed.

In annoyance, you abruptly shut the radio down and continued to lay there motionless, just thinking about what your life had been before it became messed up because of what happened to you nine months ago.

You used to be one of the most successful singers out there, but especially in Central City. It was the place where your talent first bloomed and was recognized, and so as thanks, you never decided to leave it no matter how many concerts or tours you had around the world. But when the particle accelerator explosion happened, you suddenly wished that you have never resided in Central City in the first place.

Because of what you heard on the radio, you abruptly grabbed the calling card inside your pocket that you always kept in case you finally got the guts to do it. The name of Caitlin Snow glowed in the dark room, making you purse your lips at the thought of suddenly changing your mind again. With a shake of your head, you grabbed your phone from the bedside table and called.

Dr. Caitlin Snow was more than delighted when she heard your recognizable voice from the other line, even stuttering because of how much she idolized you that the thought of even talking to you still wasn’t processing clearly inside her head, not more than helping you with your condition.

As of the moment, you just got out of the elevator, leading to the cortex of S.T.A.R. Labs. A very cute boy greeted you with an enthusiastic grin, causing you to awkwardly wave.

“Uh, hi, you must be Cisco Ramon.” you extended a hand.

Cisco now had his mouth hanging open. He quickly composed himself when you looked down at your still outstretched hand.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that — you know me?” he chuckled. “The Y/N Y/L/N knows me. Just ordinary me. Your ordinary science nerd. You know me.” he repeated.

You snorted. “Yeah, well you’re one of the science nerds that are going to help me so don’t think too low about yourself.” you felt his warm hand against yours.

The sound of heels clicking caused the both of you to look sideways to see who it was, seeing Caitlin Snow approach the two of you.

“Ms. Y/N Y/L/N, it is an honor to see you up close. I’m a huge fan and honestly,  I think I’ve actually listened to all of your albums nonstop.”

“Actually,” Cisco cut in, “I’m the one who introduced you to Caitlin so …”

You laughed lightly at his adorableness. “Either way, thank you to the both of you, and for also considering to take me in.”

They started walking, you following close beside them.

“Oh, it’s no problem. It’s always a good thing to help someone.”

“Especially if it’s you.” Cisco smiled.

“Thanks, Cisco. That’s very nice of you.” you returned the gesture.

Cisco widened his eyes and nudged Caitlin, “She just thanked and complimented me. This is the best day of my life.” he whispered, not knowing that you heard it all.

Caitlin rolled her eyes, “So, Ms. Y/L/N —”

“Please, just call me Y/N.” you insisted.

“Y/N,” Caitlin grinned. “We’re just gonna run a few tests on you, but before we can do that, we would like to know if the rumors were true.”

“Not that if they were, we would kick you out.” Cisco clarified.

You nodded. “Sure, why don’t we go outside?”

The two scientists led you somewhere outside again, and while the three of you were inside the elevator, you can’t help but notice Cisco stealing a lot of glances towards yours way. If he wasn’t so cute, you would have thought it was weird and a tad bit disturbing. But nonetheless, you were used with the gawking.

Caitlin seem to notice the staring as well, causing her to hardly nudge Cisco on the ribs.

“If you don’t stop, she’ll run away.” she quietly murmured to her friend but was heard by you.

You rose your eyebrows, “Oh, I don’t mind.” you suddenly spoke which caused them to turn around and look at you.

Cisco smirked, “See, she doesn’t mind.” he told Caitlin before turning back to you, wearing his famous boyish grin.

Tony’s top three kinks would include:

pairing: tony x reader

requested: yes

warnings: literally just filth also i got carried away w it bc my tony feels are over the roof today lol enjoy

top three kinks series: bucky / steve / pietro / t’challa / peggy

a/n: request things here and let me know what you think

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Hinata looks over his shoulder at Tobio on his bike. He looks amazing, hair almost matching the sky behind him. Tobio is thinking about something to say when a rumbly little truck putters around the bend in the road. Tobio scoots his bike close to Hinata in the shoulder, tall grass tickling his legs. They wave at the driver, who beep-beeps at them before disappearing down the road where they’re headed next.

Tobio pulls his leg up to tap his bike pedal forward, but then Hinata’s fingers are resting on his forearm. Tobio smiles a little, leaning down and kissing him.

“Okay, now let’s go,” Hinata says after a moment. “Just had to do that first. Wanted to do it for a while. Every time I come up here I think about it.”

*cracks back* this took forever but it’s finally done!!!! I skipped the part with the truck driver tho haha…

This is a scene from @byesweetheart‘s Countdown series’ 13th installment, Happy! Please give it a read if you like Kagehina fluff and a kind of slowburn. It’s so good guys…….you won’t regret it (unless it ruins your life with sweetness)

For full resolution, you have to open it in another tab lol


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NCT Boyfriend!Series [Boyfriend!Doyoung]

Time for my favourite member, my world, bunny boy!

*lowercase and under cut x*

boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • another good boyfie right here
  • doyoung would always text u in the morning..nothing too big just a “hey i had a dream that u got turned into a snail lol”
  • and when u reply later (bc hes waking up at 4/5am for work) he replied with “when did i say that wtf i dont remember”
  • honestly he’s such a sweetheart 
  • probably a lot of nighttime dates after practice 
  • but you nag him about always meeting you at night and how he misses sleep so you compromise
  • so you’d obviously have to go over to the dorms since it’s risky for him to come to you
  • anyway, once you get there it’s practically past midnight and all the members are sleeping
  • he lets you in with a sleepy smile on his face

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anonymous asked:

So does fandom still think there is a 4th ep? I've been feeling pretty down about it today :( just seeing how busy BC is gonna be coming up and knowing Martin is busy too and knowing how shitty they left us it's like someone died. Or up and walked of of your life never to return. I'm trying to be hopeful but it feels odd like they all of them are quietly moving on from this mess. The sheer silence from the Sherlock camp/actors isn't helping either. I'm just so bummed again. Help me believe lol

Hi Nonny!

I actually answered a similar post here the other day. In a nutshell, yes, I am still holding out hope until March 8 at the very least for some sort of news, but for me, everyone’s complete silence about the series is WHY I am suspicious about there possibly being another episode. Plus the COMPLETE 180˚ in TFP from the 12-episode narrative that was being told just doesn’t make any sense to me AT ALL. And there’s all the IN-CANON hints given in S4 and TAB, during setlock (with the Back to Back pics and the Mary and Molly in different wigs AND scenes filmed that we haven’t seen), AND MOFFAT actually being the one to START THE RUMOUR, NOT US. Also some other interesting coincidences have popped up (for instance, Benjamin Caron, director for TFP, once directed a special for illusionist Derren Brown, who is a very close friend of Gatiss… Some speculate that Brown is actually WAY more involved in the series than we intially thought, possibly helping Mark come up with a long game plan. I’ve seen speculation that his appearance in TEH may be a clue to this). 

If there is a secret episode, it is already done, so don’t worry about Ben and Martin not being able to “film” it. We believe that the Secret Episode contains alternate versions of scenes from S4 and from previous seasons’ filming, since we know for a fact that S3 ALONE has at least 3 hours’ extra film. And, as I mentioned above, there were many scenes that were filmed during setlock and we never actually saw in any of the three episodes. So there’s that taken care of.

Personally, everyone’s silence about everything is why I’m really suspicious; it’s fortunate both Martin and Ben had other engagements immediately after S4 aired, so it explains why they’re generally silent about it all. But Mofftiss are really… blasé about S4, almost acting like it WASN’T critically panned or not talking about it at all. This is why many think it was a purposeful thing, and why people think that they’re trying to recreate the outrage of ACD’s time when he killed off his Holmes in The Final Problem – essentially, Mofftiss killed off their “Sherlock” with the Final Problem, and it generated outrage and demands to fix it. Piss poor planning, if this is the case in my opinion, since I don’t think they were thinking about how much it would hurt their fans, but I digress.

ALL that said, Nonny, do not – DO NOT – feel obligated to HAVE to feel good about how it was left off. You have every right to be upset and bummed. There’s a ridiculously good chance that there IS NO secret episode… it’s not officially confirmed and its very existence is all based on speculation and rumour. If you aren’t able to have your heart broken again, THAT’S OKAY. IT IS OKAY TO BE SKEPTICAL ABOUT IT. In fact, we ALL should have a healthy skepticism; part of proving a theory is to be skeptical about its existence so you can openly find proof without bias. I would hate for you to be bummed again if it turns out that the special isn’t real. You are more important than this show. <3 But I do hope that I have made you feel a little bit better.

[TRANS] 170528 Lee Youjin V Live Broadcast (PD101S2)

Lee Youjin, one of the eliminated trainees from Produce 101, held a live broadcast on Namoo Actors V App channel last night! He answered fan questions and talked about his time in Produce 101 so here are some highlights about what he said about the other trainees.

Fan Questions:

  • The trainees he was closest to were his roommates at the start of the program! He roomed with Yoon Jisung, Kim Sihyun, Lee Hoorim, Kim Hyunwoo from YG K+. He couldn’t give Jisung a call bc he was probably busy (the only one left on the show).
  • He talked about how he was the leader twice during (for Be Mine team 2 and Rhythm Ta). He thought being leader would be easy bc he only needed to guide and lead the other members but it was a lot more difficult than he thought.
  • For Be Mine, he couldn’t really help the other members with learning the dance so he felt sorry towards them. Maybe if he had chosen an easier song they wouldn’t have had such a hard time. “Truthfully i couldn’t be of any help to the others, but through our struggles we got closer and did well.“
  • He really likes Park Jaebum’s (Jay Park) style so that’s the reason why he chose some of the concepts that he did on PD101! He wanted to be sexy like him (t/n: I think he’s talking about his performance evaluation)
  • The staff played Pick Me in the background but since he was caught off guard, he was able to dance only part of it. He said the trainees practiced it so much he could do the dance in his sleep.
  • He promised to try and call Taewoo later! He’s in a group chat with Taewoo and Taemin so they talk a lot. They’re really fun and interesting.
  • A fan commented “add me to the chat too~” so he said “send us your ID (t/n: kakaotalk ID)” lol
  • A fan asked “Who is the most handsome in PD101″ and he said “Everyone is handsome!”
  • He showed off the headphones he got for completing the first stage of maboy.

Youjin’s Pick Corner! 

  • The staff set up a bracket board to see who Youjin’s pick was among his fellow contestants on PD101. When he saw the board he said, “Wow, this is like picking for the World Cup.”
  • First Round:
    • Lee Woojin vs. Kim Yongguk vs. Jung Sewoon (he said Woojin is cute but Sewoon really helped him with the hardships of being a leader. Even though they weren’t close, they talked and texted so he was really touched. That’s why he picked Sewoon)
    • Lee Insoo vs. Hong Eunki vs. Kang Daniel (he chose Daniel bc he was the leader for 열어줘 and taught them a lot. Youjin said everyone in the group was already good so he had to match them well)
    • Kim Donghyun vs. Im Youngmin vs. Joo Jinwoo (he depended on Youngmin a lot during Be Mine and is very thankful towards him)
    • Kang Dongho vs. Takada Kenta vs. Kim Taewoo (he picked Taewoo bc he’s funny, sings well, and is bright. He got really close to him during the show)
    • Lee Kiwon vs. Yoon Heeseok vs. Kim Seonglee (he picked Seonglee and said he had enough skills to compete in any program. During practice he would lift the mood and make the trainees happy but it wasn’t broadcasted)
    • Lee Gwanghyun vs. Park Sungwoo (he picked Sungwoo and pet the sticker with his face on it lolol. Although Sungwoo endured a lot, he was always by Youjin’s side. They were together for Be Mine and also for 열어줘 before being eliminated. Even though Youjin was having a hard time too, he felt sorry for not being able to help him)
  • Second Round:
    • Jung Sewoon vs. Kang Daniel
    • Im Youngmin vs. Kim Taewoo (he chose Taewoo bc they both fell down the ranks together(?) lol)
    • Kim Seonglee vs. Park Sungwoo (he chose Sungwoo bc he went through a lot of hardships)
  • Third Round:
    • Kang Daniel vs. Kim Taewoo
    • Park Sungwoo (automatic win)
  • FInal Round:
    • Kim Taewoo vs. Park Sungwoo (when he chose Taewoo, he put his sticker on the #1 spot and pat it several times; “It’s a pity that it’s not broadcasted but he’s really funny. We practiced a lot together.”)
  • Note: I’ll be subbing this segment and posting it on YouTube soon! I’ll link it here when it’s done and uploaded.

Update: here is the subbed segment!

More unrelated PD101 things are under the cut!
Translation by @softsnuper (may not be 100% accurate)

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anonymous asked:

I read a spoiler about 6x11 that Emma, Regina, and Wish!Robin will be returning to Storybrooke together, through what else but a magic wardrobe rebuilt by August...Any thoughts about the symbolism there? My mind immediately went to "closeted gays" lol

Oh, you did not just ask that, Anon!? I don’t have time to write all these volumes! …but okay, if you insist. Don’t twist my arm. (Please, twist it! 😏 )

I have a few answers here. Let’s start with… 

The Queer

You know how Pilots subtly introduce the themes for an entire series? There were a million ways for them to show us Emma’s job as a bail bonds person. They chose to have her on a  fake date with a man. He thinks it’s the real thing. She has another agenda. Is Killian simply Ryan - the very, very extended version?

After that, we saw her come home, showing us once more that she was really only playing a part. She wasn’t comfortable in those shoes. I’m sure most women kick off their shoes and sigh in relief after… but you have to take into account that this is television. Everything you are shown is significant. They even zoom in specifically to draw attention to her body language. 

If it wasn’t supposed to be part of the introduction of their main original character, then it wouldn’t have been included. You can explain queer coding away easily, since it was developed to fly under the radar. It’s the sum total of all the different instances that makes it impossible to deny in the case of Emma Swan and Once Upon a Time.

A little after, Emma and Regina meet. Emma looks completely captivated at first. Her body language, her stance, the licking of the lips, the way she looks a little annoyed by the existence of Graham.

Just look at her look at her.

Here is the moment that changes everything. Emma meets Mary Margaret. She meets her fairy tale mother and only after that moment we see her being put in the wardrobe. It’s symbolic. Emma doesn’t want to lose her family, she doesn’t want to do anything that rocks the boat too much. So she hides who she really is.

So yes, I absolutely think this moment was linked to Emma being closeted and that an episode where Emma comes out of the closet… means something. In fact I think it means exactly what it should mean.

The evolution is not happening in a vacuum here. Last episode gave them so many romantic fairy tale scenes. Wishes. Princesses. Singing. Saving. They were getting ready to leave while holding hands. They even marked the two obstacles they have to face before they can be together by having both shoot arrows at them.

Isn’t it interesting that the first issue was Snow White? You know, the mother who made the decision to put Emma in the closet?

…and that the second issue was Robin Hood? The man Regina thinks she should be with? In both of these moments something good was about to happen. Regina almost had Emma convinced when the Charmings showed up and without Robin’s intervention, they would have had an easy time getting back.

Emma said she remembers who she is - and I think she meant the Emma we met in Season 1. Last season we had Ruby’s story and as I’ve mentioned, the wolf is Emma’s guide, so it should have been a precursor to what’s going to happen for Emma later on. I think we’re all ready for later on.

We also started the season with these little gems…

…and they heavily insinuated all of our characters had some Untold Stories - the premise of this season, remember?

So if their entire show was meant to show us how women are socialized - put into a closet of expectation - and told what they can and can’t do - except they used a 28-year-old orphan who hadn’t gone through the process before instead of with an infant - then it makes sense Emma couldn’t come out before we got close to the end of their story.

It does imply that once they come out of the closet in the next episode, it will have to become more and more obvious to everyone how they really feel about each other.

The Narnia

Then there is the extended symbolism, where Emma going through the wardrobe marked the moment when Emma went to her very own Narnia. It was when she became part of the fairy tale world. She went through and became a fairy tale character. It wasn’t when she broke the curse or when magic came to Storybrooke. Things got crazy the second she woke up in that jail cell after the car crash - because that normally doesn’t happen in our world - or it really, really shouldn’t. Hospital’s the way to go. So I think going through the wardrobe also marks the moment when she left our world… and if they’re going back to Storybrooke through the wardrobe, it may be them coming back from their Narnia and we’re on our way to split the two worlds again into our world and the Enchanted Forest.

I was also thinking about Wonderland and how… the wardrobe also had restrictions. It only had enough magic for two to cross to another realm, so if Emma, Regina and Robin go through it, that may be the reason there are negative consequences. If we were supposed to link it to the Wonderland rules, the same applies, because only Emma and Pinocchio went through.

The Hidden

I’ve written about it here, but in short… there lies another story hidden beneath the surface. Pinocchio is the symbol of lying and August W. Booth is a reference to the concept of the unreliable narrator. It would make sense that the biggest secrets of the story are hidden behind those two characters. In fact, it would almost be odd if they didn’t use them to mark some sort of lie or warped reality that wasn’t obvious at first.

I think it’s possible the 7-year-old boy who found Emma as a baby couldn’t be tracked down because the newspaper or the police changed the gender to protect the child’s identity. When we landed in Once Upon a Narnia, the stories of our world were warped and so Regina’s story - in this case - was hidden behind that of Pinocchio. 

I suspect Regina was the little girl who found baby Emma and saved her life. Emma was found outside of the woods of Storybrooke. Their ages match. Even if we leave this Narnia, it would be a beautiful modern fairy tale. Regina saves baby Emma, Emma saves Regina by giving her a son and in the end they end up saving themselves and each other when they meet again.

If this is really the case, then Pinocchio was always Regina. They were both the only ones who went into the wardrobe and now they will both come out together…

Happy Accidents - Part 3

So this took a little longer than I intended it to :) But here it finally is! And I’ve already got the next part planned out! So hopefully that’ll be up within the next week ^_^ The response to this series has been beyond amazing! I can’t believe it lol You guys are amazing and I love you all<3 Enjoy! ^_^

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x plus-sized reader
Rating: PG-13 still
Warnings: Just swearing and a little bit of drinking for now
Word Count: 2.2 k

Part 1 | Part 2 
on ao3

The next Friday you’re coming home from yet another long week of work when you see Sebastian outside tossing a football back and forth with a friend. He notices your car and waves you over as you’re driving by, an excited grin on his face. It’s hot as hell today and your windows are down as you roll to a stop in front of his yard, a timid smile on your lips.

“Hey!” he calls as he runs up to your car window. “Hey doll, you got any plans tonight?” he asks, leaning into the window so he can talk to you face to face.

“Hey,” his friend says, a sly grin on his face, giving a little wave as he leans down to peer into the window.

“Hey,” you reply, waving back. A slight blush blooms on your cheeks at his grin and Sebastian’s use of the pet name. You try to shrug it off and act normal. Not developing a major crush on your cute neighbor-slash-friend at all, nope. “Nope. Was just gonna put on my pjs and relax. Why? What’s up?”

“Me and Anthony – this is Anthony, by the way. Mackie, this is the sweetheart I’ve been telling you about –“ your face is hot as your blush darkens “we just got a bonfire pit. We were gonna have some beers, grill up some steaks, make s’mores later. You want in?” Sebastian’s smile is so genuine it makes your insides all warm and gooey as he tips his head to you, eyes hopeful.

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I couldn’t resist anymore. I’m running another series. 

Only this one is Captain swan in Brooklyn 99 scenes. 

It’ll be random scenes I imagine CS playing out from the show.

I’m not fixing them to any particular characters on the show, so they’ll be changing each time. I’m focussing more on putting them in the situations.

They’ll be ridiculous cos… do you expect anything else from me? lol. I hope some of you enjoy them either way. 

So here’s the first one: 

Rosa and Adrian’s office UST.

“Swan.” Killian approached her work area with a tense determination.

There’d been a noticeable amount of tension building between them ever since Killian came back from a very lengthy and intense undercover operation; a spark of something forming between the two, unspoken yet completely undeniable.

“Jones.” Emma made eye contact with her fellow detective, rising from her seat to stand in front of him, both of them appearing to be in a stand off. “What’s up?”

“What’s up with you? I need you to sign off on this report.” He challenged, holding up a file while refusing to break eye contact.

Emma held his gaze; an unspoken challenge forming between the two as the tension around them thickened by the second.

“Okay. I’ll sign your report.” She finally gritted through her teeth, which somehow managed to arouse him.

His breathing became heavy and his eyes dilated as she attempted to snatch the file from his hands. Killian wasn’t letting the file go, choosing to engage in a subtle tug of war as he raised his eyebrow suggestively, his eyes still piercing into hers, channeling his lust through their visual connection.

Emma gave as good as she got, fire igniting in her green orbs; her passion just as visible as his. She finally freed the file from his grasp, taking the pen he held up for her in his other hand and clicking it with purpose.

She slammed the open file up against his chest, causing him to let out a lustful moan; welcoming her hands on him as she signed the papers held against his body.  

Sergeant Nolan paused on the other side of the bullpen, yogurt forgotten as he took in the obscene interaction before him.

“What the hell?!”

He watched with discomfort and bewilderment as Emma dotted her signature with force causing another lustful moan of pleasure to erupt from Detective Jones.

“Careful,” she informed him with a suggestive tone, handing back the pen and file. “The ink is still wet.”

“Maybe this will help.” He kept eye contact as he brought the paper up close to his lips, blowing a soft, seductive stream of air onto the page.

His actions had the right effect on Emma. Her intense eye contact softened as a slight smirk appeared, joining him in blowing on the page, bringing their bodies closer together.

“Okay, they gotta knock that off.” David announced to himself with a disapproving tone, not appreciating the visible sexual storm brewing between two of his detectives.

“Oh loosen up, Sarge.” Leroy scolded him from his desk nearby, thoroughly enraptured with the display before him.

“Summer of love, baby.” Walter added beside him, equally as engaged with watching the scene unfolding across the bullpen.

“It’s March, guys. Shut up.” David ordered them, not happy about the situation or the persuading of such inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.  

He’d be having words with the two sexually frustrated detectives across the room later on.

Strawberry Wine

Preview: Y/N Singer has been living with her grandpa Bobby on his farm since her mom died when she was 12. She is a country girl through and through. In love with music and horses.

The summer she turns 18 and just before she leaves for Juilliard, Bobby hires a new farm hand. 26 year old Dean Winchester who captures her eye and heart fast.

Is age all that important in love? And what happens when he goes back home and she leaves for college. Will love last?

A/N: It is a 6 part mini series  and will be based on the songs Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter and Another Man’s Gold by Dean Brody (yeah there is a team in names here people - it is accidental lol) and Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried.

Amazing Trailer for the Series made by @mysupernaturalfics

Status: Completed

Part 1: Restless Summer

Part 2: Banks of the River

Part 3: Love Growing Wild 

Part 4: First Taste of Love + My amazing friend Rach singing SW accustic

Part 5: This Man’s Gold 

Part 6: Love On Southern Ground 

Pretty Woman - UNO (Bucky Barnes x OFC AU)

SUMMARY: A very successful, wealthy lawyer, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, hires a beautiful and unlikely prostitute, Gabriella Alvarez, from Sunset Blvd to bring along to various business events for the week. An attraction develops between the two and Bucky finds it harder and harder to let the infectious, kind-hearted Gabriella go.

WARNINGS: mention of murder, drugs, alcohol. prostitution. language.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: hello, all. i am here with another AU series based off a movie that left quite an impact on me when i watched it for the first time a couple of months ago. it is not entirely based on the movie word for word. obviously i will have my own ideas in here. that would be plagiarism if did copied the movie lol. 

i will also have a face for my OFC soon. i’m debating on two at the moment. 

this will not be a long series. max. 15 chapters, minimum 10. i’m really excited for you all to read it and let me know what you think!


“What do you mean you want to leave? The party’s just getting started!” 

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Episode 14: Nott and Arthit
  • Arthit: If I told you, don't laugh at me.
  • Nott: *nod*
  • Arthit: *Tell his story* I have tried not to think about it too much. But relationship between man and a man, there are so many restrictions. There are family, society, and also kids! I think the relationship between me and him will eventually have to end. And if it's going to be like that, shouldn't I just let him go to meet someone else better? Just like N'Praepailin... (I don't like this part lol)
  • Nott: Are you not happy that you are with him?
  • Arthit: That's not it! I'm afraid that he's not happy being with me.
  • Nott: Have you asked him? So you haven't asked him. And are you a psychic? To know what's in his heart? To know what he's going to think before him?
  • Arthit: That's not it (?). I'm just worried about his future, that's all.
  • Nott: You're thinking of the future that you can't see more than the person that's right in front of you? And another thing! Your moody attitude when you see other people with him, it's not jealousy. But the correct is being possessive of that person.
  • Arthit: Hey, Ai'Nott! I am not being possessive!
  • Nott: (I see his small laugher there lol) Fine, it's your problem but if you have got a problem then just tell him.
  • - I really like their talk here. Nott is such a nice best friend. All conversation translation credits to Delightful.

anonymous asked:

Hello my sin friend, can i ask for a svt reaction when he is in a tour And u call him, but in the middle of the call u say another name like "Simon" or something like that, so he is angry And start to think u are cheating, but in the end u only adopted a cat. Thanks, Sorry my awful english, Hope u understand!!

Hello, Evil Empress of Sin here! Don’t worry, I understand! Your English is good! So I chose a Korean name for the cat because Simon the Cat is a YouTube series, so writing the name as Simon made me laugh really hard. I hope that’s okay! Thank you for your request! 

“The acting in this is faker than Jihoon’s hair colour,” Jeonghan sighed, flopping back against the pillow where Seungcheol was already dozing off. The members all collectively tensed, eyes wandering over to where Jihoon was perched in the desk chair looking at his Instagram.

“Do you wanna die tonight?” Jihoon asked softly, not even looking up.

“My feet are killing me so I wouldn’t mind it too much,” Jeonghan answered snippily, popping a jellybean into his mouth without a care in the world.

They continued ‘watching’ the movie, half of them on their phones by this point when a loud buzz vibrated on the bed between Hansol and Chan. Hansol leapt to his feet, careful not to step on Mingyu on the way down. “Excuse me, excuse me,” he rambled as he jumped and tripped his way over the stack of boys on the hotel floor.

“What’s your big hurry?” Soonyoung mumbled through a mouthful of peanuts, looking back at the television.

“Y/N is calling me!” Hansol exclaimed, throwing open the connecting door that led to his and Seungkwan’s room.

“Dude, it can wait! We can’t rewind on this TV!”

“Y/N’s been busy all week and hasn’t called me once, I need to go talk for a little bi- heeey, babe!”

Soonyoung rolled his eyes as Hansol disappeared into the other room. “They’re gonna sext.”

“you’re so gross, Soonyoung,” Wonwoo muttered, scandalised.

Soonyoung shook his head. “Nah, they gonna sext.”

“Hansol!” Y/N exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you much. It’s just been so busy over here.”

Hansol closed the door softly behind him, just in case Seungkwan was in bed. He and Seokmin had been in there earlier, but noticing the silence, he guessed they went off in search of a vending machine.

“Oh, no, it’s totally okay!” he answered sincerely. “I get it. We’ve been promoting a ton too over here, so we’re all sorta just done.”

“I’m sorry, Honey,” Y/N sighed. “I heard you and Jisoo on the radio yesterday. I meant to text, but I was busy.”

Hansol flopped down on his bed, noticing all the Starburst wrappers Seokmin forgot to pick up. “It’s okay, I promise! What’s been keeping you so busy?”

“Oh, just little things. Cleaning up my apartment’s been a hassle the past few days. Also, I’m getting a new couch.”

Hansol frowned. “Why? I like your couch.”

“I know, but it’s just kinda old, I guess.”

Hansol was still frowning, but he nodded. “I guess I understand.” Plucking up a pink Starburst, he continued on more brightly, “So aside from busy stuff, have you done anything fun?”

There was lots of shuffling on the other line. Hansol guessed Y/N was getting into bed or changing into a sweatshirt or something. “Um… no, not anything too special.” More shuffling. “I just ate dinner.”

Hansol smiled. “What did you have? We found a cool sushi place by the hotel. The owner’s daughter knew us so he gave us free ice cream.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet!” Lots of shuffling and a slight grunt. “Just ramen. I didn’t have time to cook much, so we- I! I- I decided to just stay in and watch a movie.”

At that, Hansol perked up a little. “Did your friends come over to watch with you?”

“No, they were busy tonight. I just wanted to be by myself.” There was a small grunt again, sounding something between a laugh and annoyance, and then much more shuffling.

Hansol laughed slightly, more in confusion than anything else. Something was not right in how his partner was talking to him, and it was worrying him a bit. “What are you doing over there? It sounds like you’re doing gymnastics, Babe.”

Y/N laughed easily. “No, I promise I’m not, I’m just kinda-,” The phone was jerked away, and a slight, “No, let g-!” was heard before it was returned. Y/N’s voice came back far too loud, “Sorry, I’m just antsy right now.”

Hansol was sitting up now. “Is someone with you right now? Because if I’m being honest, I’m actually kinda worried right now. Tell me the truth, is something up?”

Just as he said this, the hotel door clicked open. He glanced over to see Seungkwan and Seokmin entering with Cokes and potato chips, but he ignored them when they waved.

“No, Hansol, I promise there isn’t, I just-,” Y/N actually yelped, and Hansol was on his feet in an instant. Seungkwan and Seokmin noticed and stared at him, their expressions obviously questioning him.

“Y/N, what the hell is going on?” he demanded, worry and aggravation written plainly on his face and edging in his voice.

“Hansol, I,” Y/N faltered, sounding ready to spill everything when they exclaimed, “I gotta go.”

“Y/N, wait-,”

“I gotta go.”

The phone was yanked from Y/N’s mouth, and just before hanging up, Hansol heard loud and clear, “Ji-Eun Seongsaengnim, you need to knock it the hell off-,” before the call ended angrily.

Hansol just stood there, feeling like a total idiot, and without saying anything just let the phone fall to the bed.

“Hansol-ah…?” Seungkwan started. He and Seokmin watched him carefully; his back was to them, but they could see the tenseness in his arms and shoulders. “Hansol, what happened?”

Hansol turned around, his brows furrowed so tightly that they looked ready to burst. “I… I don’t know yet,” he mumbled. Seeing their confusion, he said slowly, “Y/N doesn’t sound well. Something was wrong. I think someone was in the apartment, but when I asked, Y/N kept telling me ‘no’. Then right before hanging up, he/she yelled at someone. Do we know a Ji-Eun?”

Seungkwan and Seokmin stared at one another, their brows now knit similarly. “No,” Seungkwan said, immediate accusation flooding his features.

Seokmin coughed. “But Y/N doesn’t lie like that, Hansol,” he said comfortingly, setting his Coke down so he could sit. “You don’t really think there’s cheating or something, do you?”

Hansol was still frozen, brows still knit. “I really don’t know.”

His friends were quiet for awhile. Finally, Seungkwan murmured, “I’m sorry, Hansol.”

“We’ll be going home soon,” Seokmin added kindly. “You can talk about it then, right?”

Hansol smiled, just enough to upturn the corners of his mouth, but his brow didn’t loosen. “Yeah. I hope so.”

Seventeen returned to Seoul the next week just as the sun was setting. The members were all exhausted and Chan had to be carried from the van upstairs by a very disgruntled Seungcheol.

As they all moved their luggage upstairs, Hansol hurried over to Seokmin. “I’m running to Y/N’s place, okay? I already got permission from the manager.”

Seokmin nodded with an encouraging smile. “I hope it goes well, okay?”

Hansol smiled. “Thanks, man.”

Turning the corner from the dorms, Hansol ran all six blocks to the apartment despite how tired he was; he had been worried sick since the day of the phone call, and the worry had only increased with each passing day. He had tried hard not to think about it, he really had, but so many concerns plagued him. Hansol knew it had always been hard on you with him always being gone. Time together was near impossible with his schedule, and even when you could see each other, it had to remain hidden so the public- mostly his fans- would not lash out at either of you. Hansol almost tried to convince himself that cheating would be okay under those circumstances, but he knew that it really was not; if you could not handle the lack of company, he would just hope for you to break up with him. He would understand why you were struggling and not be nearly as sad as if you were actually with somebody else, something he knew his heart could never handle.

All these thoughts swarming around his head with each step, Hansol practically sprinted up the steps to the gate of your apartment. Pressing the buzzer for number 12, your apartment, he stood frantically tapping his hand against the side of his thigh, awaiting your answer. Soon enough, a crackle fizzed through the speaker, and he stood petrified as you spoke, “Hello?”

Hansol almost broke the button as he held down to speak. “Y/N? It’s Hansol- er, yeah, me. I’m home. Can I please come up?”

There was a moment of silence. Then the intercom crackled to life. “I- of course! Yes, that’s fine! Come on up!”

The door unlocked, and Hansol tore through it, pounding up the stairs to the thirds floor since the elevator was too slow. Reaching your door, he pounded down hard with his fist, still bouncing on his heels with nervousness. Then the door clicked open.

You popped your head out, trying to keep your apartment hidden. You smiled brightly quite aware of your flushed cheeks and messy hair. “Hansol! I didn’t expect you tonight!” You stepped out, throwing your arms around his neck in a tight hug. He hugged you back, but you could feel how tense he was, and it put you on edge. You pulled away, slightly confused. “Are you okay? I’ve missed you!”

Scratching the back of his neck uneasily, Hansol smiled. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine, I missed you too. Just- could I come in real quick? I swear I won’t stay long, I just have to talk to you real quick.”

At that, you froze. You motioned feebly at the door as if you’d never seen it before. “In there?”

At that, Hansol looked thoroughly distraught. “Uh… yeah. In your apartment.”

You peeked behind you pathetically, taking a deep sigh before stepping aside to let him in. He stepped inside and took off his shoes, but you could see his eyes carefully scanning everything. He took a few steps in, taking far too long to glance over your kitchen counter.

“Hansol?” You stepped in after him, not sure what to do with yourself. “What’s wrong? You’ve been acting funny since you got here.”

Hansol turned and looked at you, and he looked ready to vomit. “Can we please sit down?”

“Um, sure.” You led him into your small living room, to the new sky blue couch you just moved in. You could see his dark hazel eyes staring at it before sitting down.

“Oh my gosh, could you just please tell me what’s wrong?”

Hansol looked up at you, that weird look still on his face. “I, um… I… ugh.” Pulling you down next to him, he said slowly, carefully, “Something is wrong. Or at least I think so. Last week when you called me, you literally sputtered and couldn’t talk the whole time, and then you kept saying how ‘busy’ you’ve been, but you couldn’t tell me with what, and then you even mentioned someone’s name. A guy’s name, and um, and…” His eyes scanned the living room desperately, falling on the couch you both were sitting on. “And this!” he cried suddenly, causing you to jump. “This couch! You got it because the other one was too old, which is understandable, but… it was the way you said it. And you hung up on me.” Seeing the total alarm in your eyes, he sighed and hung his head. “Look,” he said, “I just need to know if something is wrong, mostly between us, because I feel like for some reason all that stuff you were mumbling about has to do with me. And I get that I’m basically the world’s worst boyfriend, because I’m never here for you, but if you’re unhappy then you have to tell me. I can’t just sit here and guess how you feel. And also, I don’t know who that guy is you were yelling at, but if you’re into having him around then we need to break up right now, because I refuse to be cheated on no matter how bad of a partner I might be, okay?”

At that, you could feel fear, sadness, and laughter building up inside you, and in a shaking voice you said softly, “Um… you’re not wrong, but you’re not right either.”

Seeing the total alarm on his face, you actually laughed slightly. “I wasn’t planning on telling you this early, mostly because he’s not being good these days, but I have a surprise for you. Come with me!”

You stood up quickly, grabbing his hands and ignoring his confusion, and dragged him down your small hallway to your closed bedroom door. Turning the knob excitedly, you threw open the door and tugged him in, watching as his face went from confused to very confused to sudden shock, then total joy. The small gray munchkin cat curled up on your bed looked up from his sleep softly, his round eyes locking with Hansol’s equally round ones immediately.

Hansol looked at you, his eyes watering and mouth wide open, then back at the cat, then back at you at a complete loss at what to do with himself. You just giggled, relief finally washing over you that he was not angry anymore. “Surprise!” you sang in a small voice, waving jazz hands feebly.

Without even waiting for you to say anything else, Hansol practically threw himself onto the bed to pet him. “This is the surprise? Oh my god, where did you get him?”

You sat next to him as he let the cat lick his finger in total awe. “I got him at a pet store,” you said wide-eyed, like it was a big secret. He almost rolled his eyes at you, but was too pleased by the cat to do so. “His name is Ji-Eun, and he belongs to the both of us. I know you miss your cat back home, so I figured Ji-Eun would be nice. And honestly, he’s nice company to me for when you can’t visit. He’s bad though; he shredded up the old couch entirely, so I had to get a new one and get him a scratching post.” You motioned to the corner where you had kept it. Hansol didn’t look though, he now had Ji-Eun buried in his jacket and looked like he was ready to cry. You put a hand on his shoulder, preparing to speak again, when he cut you off with a soft kiss.

He pulled away slowly, watching the blush spread over your cheeks, and he said immediately, “Y/N, I can’t say sorry enough. I accused you of cheating on me when you were trying to hide a gift to me, and I…” His head hung, and you could see him searching for words, something comforting to say, but you just rested your head on his shoulder.

“I can understand why you would think that,” you laughed with embarrassment. “I wasn’t good at hiding it at all. I mean, Ji-Eun clawed my leg when I was on the phone with you and I about screamed.”

Hansol bolted straight up, eying you in shock, like he put something together inside his head. He swallowed. “He did?”

You leaned over to roll up your jeans, revealing the bottom of five long red streaks on your calf. Hansol gulped again.

“I thought, that, um, I thought someone was tou-,”

“No, no, but I can understand! I’m sorry about that. And it’s true, I’m lonely when you’re not here. I needed someone with me. But it would never be another man, and I can swear to God on that.” You lifted his chin to look you in the eyes. “I love you, Hansol. Even if it’s hard, please don’t doubt that, and I promise I’ll never doubt you, okay?”

Hansol smiled softly, his eyes watering slightly in the corners. He started to laugh a little bit, something he always did when he was trying to overcome any sad feelings, to cheer himself up, and he pulled you into a hug. “I feel so silly now… You were having an affair with a tiny cat.”

You laughed at him, hugging him tighter, reaching up to wipe his tears with your fingers, making him laugh in turn.

You both sat there, petting your new family member, and even if Ji-Eun was just a cat, he was a promise between the two of you to not doubt again. 

Seungkwan and Seokmin were sitting in the kitchen, distracted by their worry about Hansol when a Snapchat rolled in. Seungkwan pulled out his phone lazily, opening it. His eyes lit up.



“Hansol is a dad!”

Seokmin dropped his water all down his shirt and he almost slipped running over, the need to vomit, scream, cry, and swear like a sailor mixing together inside his head when Seungkwan shoved the phone in his face. On the screen was Hansol, a tiny gray cat latched to his face by its sharp baby claws and him simultaneously screaming and dabbing with #1 Dad stickers everywhere.

When Hansol returned that night, the other ten were cleaning the dorm, which confused him since they had not been around long enough to make a mess. Nobody told him that when Seungkwan screamed, “Hansol is a dad!” as loud as he could, they all collectively dropped, ripped, crushed, or snapped whatever they were doing. They were even more concerned by the deep red claw marks all over his face as well. It was a night of surprises, indeed.

Astro Reacts | JinJin Meets His Internet Friend IRL

Author’s Note: Gif isn’t mine of course! And here is another series. For those of you who love long things to read, these are for you because i always tend to write so much lol. hope you enjoy. ♥ -assstro

JinJin | MJ | Eunwoo | MoonBin | Rocky | Sanha

  • JinJin has bonded really quickly with you over the few years you’ve been Internet friends
  • He’s never had an Internet friend before, but he decided to talk with you
  • because unlike anyone else, you treated him like a normal person
  • You never put him on a pedestal because of his fame
  • he loved you for your support, and your generally strong, distinct personality
  • And of course, your strange sense of humor
  • You, JinJin and MJ sometimes group call on Skype, and may I say
  • It’s chaotic good, especially when the maknaes are around
  • Though MoonBin and Eunwoo don’t appreciate it at night
  • Anyway
  • Now that he’s grown more of a liking to you…
  • the idea of meeting you in person only made JinJin happier

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