lol her mom noticed

I found this guide at a local gaming store yesterday. I’ve wanted to get some silent hill strategy guides for a while and I couldn’t resist.

anonymous asked:

My mom works in London as a nanny. She likes to walk her boss' dog to the park and stuff, one day, she saw this man with 'handsome and innocent face' and he looks "very familiar' (my mom watched Mamma Mia with me the day before lol) and Colin noticed her looking, smiled and waved. And my mom was like, "You look very familiar" and Colin just continued smiling and said, "Try not to stress yourself remembering, ma'am." And waved goodbye and left with his kid. She remembered him AFTER he left.

This might be the best “How I met Colin Firth” story. Everything about this is perfect: your mom describing his face as innocent (which, yes), she not remembering where she’d seen him, the fact that Colin was out with his kid and that he waved at her because he saw her looking at him. 

“Try not to stress yourself remembering, ma'am.” I love him so much, he’s such a dork.

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