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A Losers Thanksgiving

•Every year the gang gets together and has a sort of celebration on their own. Never on the holiday itself because their families would throw a fit, but usually the day before or so.

•Everyone brings their favorite food and the table once they finally all sit down to eat looks more like the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving than a Home Goods magazine cover.

•Mike brings all the vegetables. He pulls up with potatoes both regular and sweet, corn, peas, and green beans.

•Bill who hosts the entire thing is running around like a chicken without a head, he makes desert. He has a half deflated red velvet cake, a cherry pie he helped make, and a pecan pie he bought.

•Stan is the only other one who seems to care about what they eat, so he brings rolls, and the stuffing, thanks to his mom.

•Ben brings a random assortment of condiments and sauces, gravy and jelly. No one wants to know why he needs that much mayonnaise, but the “salad” he makes tastes good so no one mentioned it.

•Beverly is embarased because she can’t bring much, no one expects her to really, they just want her to show up and have a save place. She still shows up with some kick ass mac and cheese and a football incase anyone wants to play, because she knows she’s the most likely to have one out of all of these boys.

•Eddie wanted to bring a turkey, or a ham, but he didn’t realize how expensive they were! So instead the club has thanksgiving fried chicken. It becomes a tradition, as does the torment he gets every year for bringing chicken.

•Richie is the last to show up and the kid is so unsure of what real holiday food is, so he shows up with three bags of chips, a case of soda, and a pack of cigarettes. But he doesn’t advertise that last part.

•Everyone arrives at 2 and they hang out, laugh, and snack on food until it’s about 6 and then they eat. They attempt to play football, and end up watching a movie, and eating again later.

•When it comes closing time Mike is the first to head out, he has to be up early for the family version of this tomorrow.

•Stan helps clean up and rolls his eyes as Richie draggs Eddie home, where Riichie will stay through the weekend.

•Bill offers to walk Beverly home but she insists that it’s not necessary. He makes her promise to call as soon as she can to let him know she got home safe.

•The losers all have such different lives and holiday traditions. Some are happy, wonderful occasions, some are dreadful fear induced meals, but when they all are together is when they really celebrate.

finally watched Train to Busan the other day! I’d been wanting to see it all year since all my students were obsesssssed with it when it came out, but I wasn’t able to watch it on Korean netflix because of course a Korean movie wouldn’t have English subtitles if you’re watching it from Korea haha. But yeah anyways finally saw it over here and it was SOOOOOO GOOD. I’m not the biggest horror fan, but it helped that this one was really more of a thriller, where the main threat ‘happens’ to be zombies. Felt completely like if Alfred Hitchcock had ever done a zombie movie haha, it was super tightly done, and had a nice macabre sense of humour. Oh and of course it was cool getting to see the train I took so many times, and when they said they were getting off at ‘Daejeon station’ I flipped haha. I didn’t recognize it at all and figured they must have used a set, but apparently it was the real Daejeon station after all! Looked pretty different lol. Anyways, VERY GOOD MOVIE, LIVED UP TO ALL MY EXPECTATIONS AND WAS EXCELLENT

“The moss was just trying to bloom”

… and bloomed

  • steven universe episode 1: steven thinks that eating his favorite ice cream sandwiches is the trick to activating his magical powers
  • steven universe episode 132: after sacrificing himself for his friends, falsely claiming that he's responsible for the war crimes seemingly committed by his dead mother, boarding a space ship with the knowledge that he will likely never return home again, going on trial against two powerful alien dictators who want to murder him, getting chased by death drones, teaming up with a band of social outcasts, and watching his friend die violently in a desperate act of goodwill, steven discovers that his tears are the secret to resurrection and travels back to earth through his no-longer-dead friend's hair to reunite with his family

Victuuri Office/Business au?

Based off of this tweet:


Queen Pony Head of the Pony Head Kingdom.

would pony head wear something like this?? i don’t know and i don’t even like pony head that much but i thought it’d be interesting to age her up since i never saw an aged up pony head

Baby’s breath


Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)