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where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years

Still needing Mars to fix my sink, hopefully in a better apartment maybe even a house. Scarlett sitting in my living room, flipping through the pages of a magazine with my stories published in them and my photographs accompanying them and watching Phoebe, Juliet and Marcus chase an almost six year old around the house. Ava will be there with her beautiful little girl and we will have wine and one of us will end up married to Richard Madden. Constance and Adam will have dinner on Thursdays and we’ll talk constantly but Adam will only have eyes for Constance and I’ll envy her having someone looking at her like he looks at her. Emma and I will just be chilling on some back patio soaking up the sun and talking about the next adventure. Dani won’t be arresting me and we’ll have play dates with our boys. I’ll have seen Morgan and Jake finally get married and hopefully play auntie to their little ones. Asher and I will chat about old times and her little boy will be one of Mason’s best friends. In five years I hope to see myself still living here in Atlanta watching my boy grow up surrounded by these wonderful people maybe and watching their dreams come true… especially for someone who deserves to have them come true….

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I'm in love with a bandmember and it's not funny anymore..

if i’ve learned anything in my many, many, m a n y years involved with bands and musicians and “falling in love” with famous people, i’ve gotta say, you aren’t in love with them. i’m sorry if that sounds harsh and i HATE to police someone’s feelings, especially someone’s feelings of love bc who the hell am i to say what you’re feeling right? i don’t want to sound like a jerk, but here’s my thoughts on it: you don’t know who they really, truly are, you only know the version of them that they want you to know. to be in love with someone you have to know them inside and out. i think you’ve fallen in love with the idea of them, and the idea of being with them. in which case that is totally normal! it happens to damn near everyone lol i’ve fallen head over heels for dylan o’brien and today i had a lil day dream about us going grocery shopping together…. idk if that’s sad to admit or hashtag Relatable lmao but i digress

the point is, loving a band member is a pain only a few can relate to but i am one of them and i am sure tumblr is FULL of people like you, so you definitely aren’t alone honey! and who knows, maybe one day you’ll meet them and they’ll fall in love with you ^_^

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I didn't send that to be mean to the last shipper of 3 yrs. What I truly mean is that we, with however many years we been here, can only assume everything with VZ. We are always being surprised by them when some random pic appears or interviewer ask them about the other or Val FaceTime a little fan randomly. How about Mani post that totally showed Z had something to do with their team name change. She not going nowhere and when she call he answer and says lol in my head 'Yes dear'. VZ are good.

I don’t think you upset anyone or you were being rude. You said the truth and of course everyone can have their opinion but maybe that person needed to be reasured and cheered up that not everything is Lost and valdaya is not going anywhere :)

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head

  • Percy: my goal is not to be the best, but to inspire someone enough to one day surpass me
  • Annabeth: Percy, you can't just say that every time I beat you at connect four