lol he's so dorky

I want Hugo to fight me,,,,,,, gently,,,,, with cuddles,,,,,,

r-clayy  asked:

I love how you added Law to the straw hats for the HP ask 😂❤️

Haha thanks! I really like to do headcanons about Law. He always looks so badass, yet dorky inside lol. I think it’s hilarious every time the straw hats get him 😂


ryu jun yeol as je su ho + smiling

Why you should watch Suho’s [160116] V App Broadcast (to the end !!!):

-he showed us his own memes 

-he danced dorkily, sitting in his chair

-he danced to “Dumb Dumb” by Red Velvet (while singing it)

-he spoke in Satoori (korean dialect)

-he rapped freestyle [lmao]

-he sang his solo track “Beautiful” and forgot the lyrics … completely!

-he sang “Lucky”

-he sang “baby dont cry” and speed it up to get to the end quickly lol

-he kissed us (the camera)

-he tried to cry [the face was there but no tears xDD]

-he danced/sang to a rabbit song for children

-he kissed us/the camera AGAIN

-he imitated sehun’s sleeping position

-he raised up his top [but didn’t show his abs] 

-he did the “i dreamt of a ghost” aegyo and continued to talk cutely in that way

-he showed us that he can reach his nose with his tongue o.O

-he sang Ave Maria when waiting for members to pick up the phone lol

-he did a kissy face when saying goodbye QQ

-oops i forgot this one… he showed us three different winks: the sexy wink, the cute wink and some crazy guy wink who winks at you when entering the bus lmao

“HEy! HEY REG! Look at thIS!”
“It’s hard NOT to look when you’re almost juming INTO MY FACE!”
“..yes, yes I did. Good job. Can we go home now?”

{ Have some teenage Rowe bros! And while Del’s busy with some kick-ass stunts, his lame-o bro has to study for his police career. Probably. Not that he has a chance to focus on it, tho. }