lol he's so dorky

I want Hugo to fight me,,,,,,, gently,,,,, with cuddles,,,,,,


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If it's pronounced Yasker, why is it spelt Jasker?

its a Croatian pronunciation! so like how the name Tanja is pronounced Tanya 

my dad made nicknames for me and my brothers when we were kids like that, so my middle brother is Jobasco (yo bah sko), my oldest brother is Tibasco (tee bah sko), and mine is Jasker! 

Guess what! I finally set up my scanner! Wanted to test it out, so here’s an older doodle of mine haha. It looks so weird, but like in a good way XD

In case you were wondering, yes, it is canon that Indigo owns a hot dog stand and Dorki is his only employee. No, she doesn’t get payed money for it, and yes, she’s sometimes low key salty about that. To be fair though she’s not that good of an employee lol

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Who’s your favorite lord? Mine is Ephraim.

I’d have to say SoV Alm tbh. Does he even count? He’s just so… Dorky lol. I also like how he had some actually reasonable reactions to things. Most lords in fe are pretty stoic you have to admit, so it was also nice that Alm kinda wasn’t. He also had growth and desires that go beyond some lords; I REALLY liked how he wanted a family all his life since he grew up mostly alone. It just felt human of him to have that loneliness and desire for more than just a grandpa. I dunno I just really like Alm out of all the lords