lol he was trying to change the topic but they kept going on and on LOL

Overflowing Jealousy

When Yoongi gets jealous.

Originally posted by btsgotsvt

Word Count: 1.9k
Genre: Slight Angst / Fluff
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Description: No warning for this story, I was planning to write a short drabble but seemed like I got carried away! Haha. Btw, check out my new masterlist here. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :)

You had your bottom lip caught in between your teeth, suppressing the grin that was about to appear on your face, your thumbs were moving fast on your phone screen as you were excitedly typing your message then the moment when you were about to hit a send button, Yoongi snatched your phone away from your grip. He looked at you with his eyebrows knitted together showing the deep lines that appeared on his forehead, which clearly showed his annoyance.

“You dreamt of Namjoon?” He stared at you in disbelief.

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You Had Me At Hello


Description: Phil’s a battered kid with a fucked up worldview who smokes constantly and can’t find it in himself to care. Dan’s a timid boy with a stutter who cares far too much. They’re the perfect complement; two broken teens with a similar taste in music and bleak humor. 

Warnings: Self harm references, smut, existentialism and passive suicidality, smoking (weed and cigarettes), alcohol, cursing, mentions of domestic abuse, deep conversations, definitely triggering content for those who have difficulty finding meaning in life.

Word count: 9.6k (damn)


Dan ran down the street, his feet hitting the asphalt in rapid succession. Not that he could hear that. His head was elsewhere, his ears covered by huge headphones that he had accidentally smashed the month before. But they still worked decently, so he didn’t care enough to get a new pair. He swung open the door to Joey’s, pulling the headphones down to rest around his neck just soon enough to hear the bell jingle. “You’re late!” He heard from the kitchen, and he groaned. 

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Confessions of a recently admitted size queen

I did it again, and god it was good!!

last evening I got a call from a friend the operates a dive bar  I used to work at in a blink ya missed it town. She needed a fill in for the night.

So some extra cash sounded good and i had no reason I absolutely couldn’t help a girl in need, so hey! Off I went.

I hadn’t been there in well over 2 yrs, but it was fun to be back. All the regulars  were there and happy to see me and give me hell just like I never had left! Most of the guys just had to say hi to the twins! Which always gets me very good tips! I made sure to wear a tight cut off T just for the occasion! Though I didn’t put it on till after I got out of the house. Hubby is not fond of many stories from my time there and didn’t want him getting pissy about it.

Like I said, small local bar, the bar, fire station, a bank and 2 gas pumps. That what the towns got! LOL. So it can get to b anything goes sometimes and most know and don’t care.

After the happy hours crowd died down I got to talking and flirting with the few left, an old drunk, a couple, another gay couple(oddly enough) and a few regulars. Of course the topics always seem to get sexual and be a lot of fun and sometimes awfully raunchy! They all know various things about my naughty side so not unlike the past the pool started for getting me to serve with a little less on! I have to admit this is always fun but I never made it a habit when working there but when the owners husband was there and the pool got high enough…  well ya know. I’ve been persuaded on some occasions!

There really was very few there this night. I knew everyone very well anyway so I played along to see where it would go. It didn’t take long before I was astounded and decided to go change out of my jeans! I had to improvise this unplanned circumstance and found an old beaded type thing. Like something from a renaissance fair i guess, idk. I used that even though there was little point as it really didn’t cover anything! What did it really mater anyway? I figured. So feeling a little awkward but turned on at the same time I came back out in my half t and makeshift bead skirt! Of course they all loved me! he he!

After a little while I was having fun with it as these guys were thoroughly enjoying they’re mostly nude bar maid! Eventually the pool talked me out of my top. Before leaving the old men got to cop their feels. I had to let em, I know 2 of em rarely get any and they were extremely respectful and generous! The other, well lets say I’m glad the couple were still there as the husband had to escort him out as he found himself unable to leave without showing me just how happy I was making him! It was kinda funny in a cute “old man” kinda way. Though he may have been wanting more so it started getting  a little creepy! ewww!

I began cleaning up a little getting ready to close while “Bob and Mary” were finishing their drinks and keeping me company. I hadn’t bothered to get dressed, as I had my shirt on anyway and been this way for like over 3 hrs. Besides they contributed to the cause just as much all night! She liked me and I could tell just how much he did too!

The conversation went that direction after a little while so I had to ask her how big he looks… is it really? lol. After a lot of girl talk that I knew was going to far into our agreement about experiences with bigger than average guys I went to wipe down the tables real quick. Just trying to let em know it’s time to go. I then couldn’t help thinking as I was bending over the tables how much i was getting turned on by the idea of her husband just coming up behind me and just slamming his huge hard member in me!

As I finished up the last table Mary asked me,  "Would u like to feel him before we go? I don’t mind.“  I was surprised and don’t know what I did exactly next, but I didn’t turn around I know that. I was trying to figure out what to say and then i felt her come up next to me and she put her hand on my shoulder and kissed me. I didn’t wanna stop her and then she whispered, well?” I just nodded my head. Then he came behind me and put his hand on the back of my neck, gently bent me over the table as she walked away. His body wasn’t even touching me as I felt his hard cock against my already wet, slippery lips. Then, as if he knew, with one strong thrust he slammed his girth inside me as i let out a scream that was both pain and pleasure! He never said a word but did not stop the thrusts as I kept screaming from the mixture of feeling ripped open and filled full of ecstasy inside with an immediate orgasmic pleasure!! I soon reached a uncontrollable climax. Relentlessly, he held me down tighter now and did not let up! No longer was I feeling any pain, only what seemed to be a wave of pleasure from his violent thrusts deep into me insides!

I still had not seen his manhood but was becoming very aware this man may be more than I’ve ever taken as the feel of him stretching my insides full was becoming increasingly more pleasurably sensitive.

He continued to fuck me this way and I couldn’t stop moaning in pleasure as the waves never seemed to cease. Something very new to me! Then my curiosity won over and I lifted myself on the table to turn on my back. I had to witness, at least for a moment.

When I saw him a whole new gush came over me as he pulled my legs apart as far as he could. He had opened me much more than I was aware. Only 2 other men have ever come close to doing this to me. He certainly was long enough, though nothing much more than others well endowed I’ve been with.  My lord the man was thicker than I’ve ever seen a real cock to be! Seeing him sliding his truely massive thickness in and out of my soaking wet and swollen pussy made me have another intense orgasm! As I came I unconsciously was telling him “I fucking love your cock” over and over as I lay back on the table spread eagle letting him pound his cock as deep as possible then pulling all the way out teasing my wide open hole with new sensations. He soon after came as I held my thighs for him. I felt him cum up against the back of my vagina. I felt no pain, only his release and numb. Confirming to myself he is in fact the biggest I’ve been with.

Others have bottomed me out, always too much to handle. This man was by the end for sure and I was fine. Size isn’t everything. It really isn’t guys. But I do prefer a little bigger than average and that night, well…  If the guy really knows how to use it right AND is big also. U hm Every girl should be so lucky!!

anonymous asked:

How would Suga, Oikawa, Bokuto, and Kuroo react to an S/O who uses morbid/self-depricating humour? But like its just their sense of humour? Like they don't actually want to die or think they're that bad at everything, it's just what they joke about? (i.e. "at least if I die I don't have to do exams lol" "lol cause we all know I'm an incapable mess haha" y'know that sorta stuff)

Okay, so I decided not to put in anymore examples of these kinds of jokes other than the ones that you’ve provided, Anon, I only focused on the boy’s reaction to them. Mainly because I know how this kind of joking can get out of hand really fast and the last thing I want is for people to think that these types of comments should always be taken as jokes - they shouldn’t, get to know the person that is saying them.

I hope that makes sense? I primarily don’t want anyone to think that I take comments like these lightly - I don’t and my anxiety won’t let me when I hear others use words like this, but I do find myself saying similar things, especially when it comes to my schoolwork or my workplace in general.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, Anon.

P.s. Please remember to always let me know if I have done anything to offend anyone. It’s the last thing I want to do and am always willing to change it. As someone who is striving to write for my career, I take these things that you guys send me and try to challenge myself to shove my mind into that characters thought process, even in touchy situations. There are certain topics that I am not ready to breach yet - which is why you’ve seen me deny some requests - but I know that there may be a day in my career when I might have to. Until then, I’ll do my best to represent everything as accurately as my knowledge will allow. So, really, never feel bad to let me know when things did not add up well. It just means that I need more time to research as a writer and that I am not prepared to tackle a certain/controversial topic. Sorry, I’m always worried about things I post.

Sugawara Koushi

  • Legit, I feel like he kinda has this sort of humor as well. Like, he makes these kind of comments to Daichi and Asahi all the time (Asahi usually freaks out) and so when they start using them as well, he completely understands. He’d just nod his head and play up the talk with them.
    • But I feel like this is also something he had to check on when he discovered that it was their main source of jokes. Occasionally, he got it, then when it just kept coming, he felt the need to pull them aside and ask them seriously. He just wants to make sure. He loves them and doesn’t seriously want anything bad happening to them.
    • I’m sure he stills checks in every now and then - even with being reassured all the time. It’s just one of those things that’s always edging at the back of his mind and he needs to be told that they love themselves.

Oikawa Tooru

  • Would have idea how to respond the first time one of those lines comes out of their mouth. They’re probably sitting there having a good time and then next thing you know his face completely crumbles and he stares at them with those large brown doe eyes. But he wouldn’t know what to say cause they said it so nonchalantly and yet it’s not something you just say nonchalantly??
  • He’d totally let it go the first time and when it popped up the next time, he’d just give them this look and get all serious. He’d need them to tell him that they didn’t feel that way about themselves and that they believed themselves to be a wonderful person!
    • I feel like Oikawa’s dealt with self-hate before, so this is something he takes very seriously when he hears it from them. He might even have a really hard time with their humor for quite a while even with the constant reassurances that it’s not what they really believe about themselves.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • His instant response would be to start listing everything about them that was beautiful and magnificent. It doesn’t matter that they’re joking, they mean everything to him and he won’t sit back and let them talk bad about themselves in any way, shape, or form.
    • Seriously, I think the first time they say something like that he’d be so close to tears, he wouldn’t know what to do. Those are the last kind of words that he wants coming from them because they are so beautiful. Precious boy might end up weeping with relief when they tell him they don’t really mean it.
  • It would be a constant thing of reassurance every time they make a joke like that. He’d turn to them with panic in his eyes every time and they’d have to quickly reply with ‘joking’ lest they want him to start getting all emotional over all the reasons he loved them again.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • He’d laugh the first time a joke like that came from their lips, just like, yup I’ve felt that way before kind of reaction. But when it happened again he might even call them out right there about easing up on the self-abuse. He’d definitely watch them carefully from there, seeing how they hold themselves and comparing their words with their actions.
    • He’ll notice the way that they don’t really line up? Like, they hold themselves too confidently to really feel the way their speaking, kinda thing? But he’d of course question them just to be certain.
  • The joking would continue and he’d always keep an eye on them and when they’re having a bad day, he won’t let them even say things like that. There’s no reason to be saying those thing - even as joke - when their already feeling bad. He loves them and cares very deeply about their mental health and will be there to protect them even when they don’t think they need it.
initial obs&bh chapter 2 thoughts

somehow i am surprised that i have meta so early, but in retrospect lol who am i kidding. of course i already have thoughts about @kazliin‘s newest chapter. i took down notes and relevant quotations while i was reading it, and here they are in an expanded and hopefully decently-written form:

(and, because i have at least one follower who only recently discovered this fic series: there are spoilers here! you’ve been warned!)

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Leyla Stacked: Hip-Hop Aficionado

Leyla Stacked is not your typical hip-hop fan, she is true expert of the genre. The German-born beauty talks about her early years growing up in Essen, Germany. Express her thoughts on the state of hip-hop and the artists who are truly making an impact in the game. Leyla also talks about her YouTube show, 1-on-1.

Here is my one on one with Leyla Stacked. 


 What was life like growing up in Germany for you?

Growing up in Germany was like growing up in any other country I think…its not about where you grow up,in my opinion,but more about how you grow up…I had a pretty normal childhood,growing up with both parents and 6 elder brothers in a house with a garden. 


What was your original career plan before becoming a hip-hop correspondent?

When I was in elementary school I always wanted to become a veterinary. 

In your bio, it mention that you kept rejecting modeling offers until your friends finally convinced you to try it out. Why the resistance in the first place?

Well, I started working in the industry as a booking agent/tour manager. So, in my opinion back then modeling was kinda like a downgrade. We all know urban modeling brings a certain reputation with it…but one thing I learned along my journey in this industry is, that it is all about how you carry yourself. I have met strippers who act more lady like than some female “Managers”.  

How did Leyla Stacked got her start into the hip-hop scene, and which rap artists you truly admired and respect? 

When i was 15, I started going to a certain club out here. It was the hot spot back then…the promoter always said hi to us personally since we were there every weekend. And one night me and him got caught up in a conversation about hip-hop and the business…he offered me a job in his agency, since I was only 15 and still going to school i started with street promo for his events. Then i started writing the texts for the flyers and the website. As soon as I was 18, i managed my first tour. I grew up listening to B.I.G. & Lil’ Kim,those 2 are my heroes till today!

What do you think about the hip-hop industry today, and how far has it come since the days of the Sugarhill Gang, RUN-DMC, and NWA?

The Hip Hop Industry is f’d up compared to the good old 80’s and 90’s. A lot has changed for the worse..but I am thankful that artists like the WU and Epmd and all these other legends keep doin’ what they do and didn’t change…that’s why I keep paying respect to them and keep interviewing them…I want the youth out there to learn about the history of hip hop and where and who it started. Don’t get me wrong though, i find it great that the Industry got more open for aspiring artists, it got easier for them to get heard,but that’s a gift and a curse-everybody is a “rapper” these days…or producer or CEO. (LOL)

In your own opinion, who do you consider top 3 rappers in the game today?

From the new cats it would be J.Cole, Vado and Stalley.

Tell us about your YouTube show, 1-on-1 with Leyla Stacked. How did the whole concept come to life?

The concept was literally born over night, I wanted a change. I was kinda tired of the stress and drama behind the curtain, and been having the thought of stepping in front of it, and since I am always so close to all these great artists why not use the opportunity and start a show. The next day I shot the first episode with Fredro Starr during a video shoot he had out here and the rest is history.

You interviewed hip-hop legends like Redman and Noriega on your show. Is there a particular artist you haven’t interview yet, but would like to in the near future?

Lil’ Kim, the queen!!! I grew up with her music, I always admired her, I def hope and pray one day to interview her.

So far, what has been the most memorable moments on 1-on-1? 

Well, when you are as passionate about Hip Hop as myself, every moment is memorable, because every artist is different and special in it’s own way. But one moment I will never forget was during my 2nd episode with Ryan Leslie, I asked him about his laptop that got stolen in Germany. A year before I interviewed him, and I was being a little sarcastic about it. He was a little shocked but kept his cool and stayed super nice and professional. I am a fan of him ever since, he is one of the most intelligent artists I have ever met.Later i heard that his manager hated me for that question and said they would never do an interview with me again. (LOL) But oh well, Ryan got a new Manager now so I think I’m good as an artist you should be able to handle situations like that. You put yourself out there, so you supposed to know people are going to talk about everything and I wasn’t being disrespectful. Ryan was intelligent enough to get that, that’s why he continued to do the Interview I think.

There is a hot button topic going around the hip-hop community and major rap artists have spoken against it or wouldn’t even addressed it. What is your take on openly gay rappers, is hip-hop ready embrace gay rappers?

I think since Frank Ocean, Hip-Hop gotten more open to it, but it’s not fully there yet. Even though there is a lot of gay sex going on in this industry, I just hope the Hip-Hop community can get their minds right one day and focus on people’s talents not their sexual orientation. I personally do not have any problem with gay people, I have gay friends.

How would you describe your personality?

I am very passionate, if I have set myself a goal I don’t stop until i’m there. I am very loyal and helpful but moody too at times…other than that I am probably one of the realest individuals you’ll ever meet…I always speak my mind and stay true to my beliefs, probably why my journey takes a little longer - I don’t kiss ass, never did, never will.

When you are not working, what do you like to do on your off time?

I spend time with my family and friends. I listen to music…I am a very chill person, I like to be at home.    

How is the nightlife over in your hometown of Essen? 

It doesn’t exist. (LOL) Essen is a big city with 600k habitants. But the nightlife sucks at least hip-hop wise.

What do you consider to be your strongest attribute?

My will, if i want something I get it, i fight until I have it!And my confidence…I believe in myself and my talents!

What keeps you motivated?

People like you…people who get at me, telling me that my work has reached them and caught their attention.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully hosting my own show on TV. But I just go with the flow, because the show business has so many faces and i just now start discovering them, maybe in 2 years i’ll have a different idea and wanna do something else, but for now I can see myself going further in the hosting game and also urban fashion modeling.

What’s the one thing everybody should know about you? 

My name!!!

Do you have any future plans on coming over to the U.S. (Miami, New York, L.A.)?  

Yes, I have plans of coming to NY this summer…I will keep ya’ll posted.  


External image

What advice would you give to young women that are passionate about hip-hop or any other genre and would like to host a show something similar to what you have going on?

Go for it! If you really believe you have what it takes,go for your dream…but be ready for people trying to disrespect you, people trying to take advantage of you, people running their mouth about you, spreading lies/rumors…and you gotta be willing to invest, not just time and energy but also money…Be prepared to be disappointed by artists you admired ever since your childhood,but also positively surprised by artists you didn’t really have sympathy for.   

Any major projects you are working on at the moment?

I actually do have 1 major project in the makings right now, but I don’t talk about unfinished business, that’s bad luck. Just stay tuned and you will see.

How does someone get in contact with you regarding projects, etc.?  

Bookleylastacked@gmail.comTwitter: @LeylaSTACKEDInstagram: @theonlyleylastackedFacebook:


Interview in Sato Takeru Photo Book X (ten) <7>

*continued from <6>


-You celebrate tenth anniversary of the debut this year, but I decided, without asking, that this milestone is not essential for you and allowed myself to interview you about what you have in mind. So far, I’ve come to understand why a lot of people say, ‘Sato Takeru is clever’, I suppose.

What? Did anyone say such a thing?

-Certainly. I heard it said by many people.

I’m very grateful that some people said so and I don’t feel bad at all, but I never think of myself as such. Well, I think I may be more reflective than others. I don’t evade thinking. A clever person can solve a problem in three minutes. I can’t solve it in three minutes but I keep trying for thirty minutes. I don’t give up until I solve it. It leads me to the answer. It is the case, I think.

-I feel impressed even with that interpretation. Don’t you give up at times?

Seldom. Once I have interest in one thing, it keeps raising questions for quite a while.

-Doesn’t that style make your words unable to keep up with your thought?

I understand what you mean very well. Actually, yesterday, I watched a talk show television where Furutachi Ichiro-san appeared as a guest. Since he is a professional live commentator, pretty words came out along with his thought without getting stuck. Such a person is clever indeed, I think. A genius.

-Live commentators have to put what’s going on into their own words, so they ‘think’ at a terrific speed.

Yes, yes. But in my case, I take relatively long time in thinking without giving up. Perhaps, there are more people who don’t think so much now. … It must be difficult to play the role of a live commentator. I won’t be able to be like Furutachi-san, but I may be able to copy Furutachi-san’s phrase.

-By copying his phrase, you may be able to find something, ‘Aha, I see!’

Exactly. The work we’re doing is that. We copy professionals and make ourselves look like them properly.

-You think of your job as such.

Yes, without doubt. We can never be equal to professionals, can we?

-Then what professional is an actor?

Professional of play. Creating a work by becoming a part of it. Otherwise, it would be better to film a documentary, right?

-Then how will you answer if you’re asked ‘What is a play?’

If you use the word ‘copy’ in that vein, there are two answers: imitation and imagination. To play by imitating what you’ve seen or experienced, and by imagining something totally unknown to you.

-As expected, you can give me a definite response, Takeru-kun.

Well, I’m trying very hard. (lol)

-You’ve done a pretty good job.

That’s why the interview is interesting. Really. As I told you before, I have no chance to talk about myself except for in the interview. I’m thinking day by day because I want to be able to answer a variety of questions I will be asked. What if I had no chance … you know (lol). So I’m having a great time now.

-It reminds me an interesting episode. During the period of ‘Kamen Rider Den-O’, adults waited in a queue to talk about their worries to Takeru-kun, I heard. You were as young as seventeen or eighteen years old, right? You were more than ‘a judge of your friends’, weren’t you?

It seldom happens. It is that kind of thing, so-called, say, ‘an urban legend’. (lol) I don’t remember. It is a good story, though.

-Your manager now was not in charge of you those days, but to hear that, he thought it was possible, he said. It indicates something.

(lol) Probably I’m always looking for the right answer.

-And I think you have personal warmth.

Nah, I don’t think I have warmth. For I think aside from consulters.

-I think you are warm-hearted just because you give a helping hand in a calm manner without being lazy.

Oh, really? If so, I think I’m warm-hearted in that sense. (lol) ‘Talking about worries’ reminds me. Just recently, I read Kawakami (Nobuo)-san’s word in ‘Rikei ni Manabu (Learn from Science and Math)’ written by Kawamura Genki-san. Kawakami-san is the president of DWANGO. He said, ‘We have relationships online, such as via LINE, in the hope of connecting with someone, but if so, the day will come when we communicate with artificial intelligence that will give us the best model answer’. I like a story like that very much, so I thought about it thoroughly, thinking that it might well be possible. And I’ve got curious to know what the artificial intelligence would answer in the future if we talked to it about our problems, say, a problem that is regarded as a taboo in today’s world. Now, what do you expect to happen?

-I didn’t see that one coming.

It’s quite off-topic, though. I now have one more thing to look forward to. (lol)

-As you talked about connection and LINE, I’d like to ask you. What do fans mean to you?

First of all, I can’t easily say that fans are such and such in the lump. Every fan is different.

-It’s nice words.

And I feel really grateful to them. It is not an exaggeration but my true senses. Recently I started official LINE and I read their comments. So I can see their response in a visible manner. I don’t have a fan club, so, to be honest, they are unknown, or I can’t get a full picture of my fans. But I’ve kept working, believing that they are happy with what I have chosen after all, including my choice of works.

-I think now is the time to ask you: Do you recognize that your image has changed now compared with the time of Kamen Rider Den-O?

Well, I’m sometimes told so, but it’s really hard to say. I haven’t changed in that I’m doing what I think is good.

-How should I say … You once gave me a very strong impression of … ‘a cute boy’.

Oh, I think I’m still cute. (lol)

- (lol)

You’re laughing but I’m working on the basis that I’m still cute now. Of course I’m getting older and I may have changed a bit in appearance, but I’ve scarcely changed as a human. Using my cuteness as a weapon …


(lol) In those days, my impression depended largely on the role I played. So some people were surprised. They said, ‘You’re totally different from the character you’re playing’. I remember that.

-You were pretty cute in the photos on the magazines, weren’t you?

I’d be willing to do it now if I’m offered. (lol) … Seriously speaking, not in a bad sense, I didn’t really know what I was doing at that time. I just went with the flow and it resulted in such an image. I did so out of sheer desire to achieve what I was asked for. I may not have considered what my own personality was.

-It seems that some people see you from perspective of ‘changing from Ikemen to a powerful actor’.

I see. That may be so. In that sense, I had no interest in that point because it’s non-essential. I think the essential thing is how I can do my best at the given task, mainly about the play and the character I play. For example, there are some set expressions, you know, such as ‘Because he is an idol’ or ‘Only powerful actor could have done it’ … Even if someone is an idol, a serious one has a tremendous power. There may be non-serious ones among powerful actors. I call it the essence. I don’t care so-called genre or categorized viewpoint. On the other hand, it is not that I hate it. I don’t mind being called ‘Ikemen’, or even being called ‘idol’. I’ve always been thinking like that. Rather, I feel somewhat sad that I’m called ‘idol’ a little less often these days. (lol) What is important is essence.

-I’m looking forward to seeing an actor Sato Takeru with never-changing conviction after the 10th anniversary.

Thank you very much. Anyway, I hope those who see this photo book will travel to Salar de Uyuni!

The End

*Thank you for reading this looooong interview to the end!
I’m happy to share what Takeru has in mind ^^

Imagine 2: Josh Ramsay

Can you please do an imagine with Josh Ramsay? I love him, and it would be nice… I don’t care what it’s about, I just love him… It’s ok if you can’t, it would be nice though!

(I went a little overboard on this one… sorry. @Y/T/N means Your Twitter Name and all the URLs I’m using are all made up, but sorry if they’re actually not and I don’t mean to insult anyone if you have that URL (and I have no idea if Amanda has twitter and I’m not trying to make her sound like a dick, I’m sure she’s a very lovely lady, I just needed someone for the story). xx)

 Y/N’s outfit:

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High school teachers AU

I have alot of feelings about this–

i was talking to @hakunayourmutatas and i just

Please consider mystic messenger high school teachers au, with mc being a student or something– (yes, fucked up, but idk them being a teacher seems odd)

That aside, Zen would totally be a literature teacher, and the teacher in charge of the drama club. He would be so passionate about acting, and when the students ask, he said that it’s impossible to be an actor– probably imposed by his parents, and hes just so passionate and amazing at acting, plus he probably has a fanclub that just constantly screaming at his looks and he’s just so pure…

Yoosung would be the adorable relief teacher, the pure one and when those dirty sinner students call him an ’M’ he probably wouldn’t understand. (The students would 100% bully him–) his students probably tease him to no end though, and this 30 year old man looks like a college student and doesn’t know how to read sarcasm

Jaehee would be the teachers that’s complETELY done with everyone’s shit– she’d be that teacher that’s just sick of work, and wants her (shitty) class to be better. she’d be the sarcastic, strict teacher that doesn’t care if you don’t want to learn, but treats her well performing students with utmost respect. that aside, everyone kinda ships her with Zen, since they always hang out together during break and shes also so passionate about literature and acting, and wants Zen to pursue acting, though he would never do it.

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Episodes 7 & 8 Goblin Review: It couldn’t be helped that this was the beginning of this tragic love story

Firstly, I apologize for the super late ep 7 & 8 review on Sunny and GR’s relationship. I’ve been so busy this week with other responsibilities. I’m not sure how exciting this review will be since tomorrow is the new episode, lol, but I’ll still write it for those who are interested. I’ll be discussing both possibilities of King GR - Queen Sunny and King Sunny - Queen GR theories. 

So we finally get some answers as to who Sunny and GR may really be and it’s for sure they are the reincarnates of the King and Queen of Goryeo whom Shin served; specifically Wang Yeo and Kim Sun respectively. These two episodes really progressed their relationship; especially, how both of their lives have changed since they’ve met each other. The most dramatic change is GR and how Sunny has completely taken over his mind, body, and feelings. 

In episode 7, GR was troubled for not having a business card; therefore, he didn’t call her nor answer her calls because he felt he wasn’t worthy until he fulfilled the needs he lacked. He confronts Deok-hwa on wanting a business card, as well as, the location of Sunny’s building. What’s interesting is that GR immediately goes to see Sunny after knowing where her restaurant is located, but he doesn’t approach her. Instead he watches her from afar and keeps his distance. Particularly this is important to note because GR never approaches Sunny until he fulfills a need (such as when he goes to walk her home in ep 8 because he decided on being an atheist); this shows that GR is still hesitant on initiating their relationship. As for Sunny, an overprotective and jealous GR protects her from the drunk guy she encounters… but poor her… a lot of weird things have been happening around her, lol. 

We also get another cute date between these two and, again, it was Sunny who initiated this date. The hilarious part: GR was the one who interrupted Eun-tak’s date with Tae Hee and then he asked her for date advice, lmao. The topic of “identity” is very important to GR’s character as he’s trying to create “Kim Woo Bin.” But who would have thought that this naive grim reaper would be such a smooth talker (I was swooning along with Sunny lol)! Also, in this same episode, Sunny has mentioned “killing” GR twice: when she talks with Eun-tak on the phone and when she tells GR to stay seated; it’s become an iconic line of Sunny towards GR and I think this line of hers makes her sound like the King instead. Personally, one of the most interesting lines said by GR and Sunny was about how GR’s “ungraceful actions yielded wrong answers.” I find this line quite interesting because it could foreshadow that GR is indeed the reincarnate of the King (the King ungracefully murdered Shin and his family but did it solve anything?) 

Probably one of the most important scenes in ep 7 was when GR cried upon seeing the portrait of Shin’s sister (ugh… his tears were so sad I could feel his pain T.T). This scene doesn’t actually confirm whether GR is the King or Queen, but we get a flashback of the young (to-be) king peeking on the young (to-be) queen as she was practicing proper walking etiquette. The way how the young King is watching the young Queen from afar reminds me of how GR was watching Sunny from a distance earlier in the episode. On the other hand, during this painful experience, GR was grasping his heart and, personally, I can also associate this with him being the Queen because she was shot in the heart. 

HOW THE FUCK did the King change from an adorable-smiling bundle of love to a cold-heartless murderer!!! DAMNIT, THAT EVIL ADVISOR!!!

In episode 8, we actually don’t get much interaction between GR and Sunny; but, we get more of GR’s thoughts as he is troubled over the painting. It is confirmed that the queen is indeed Shin’s sister and Deok-hwa even mentions the possibility that GR might be her reincarnation. During this conversation between Shin, GR, and Deok-hwa, GR mentions that his “heart hurt so much.” Again, this could correlate to GR being the Queen because she was shot in the heart by an arrow upon the command of the King (and the King didn’t look so sad from what we’ve seen so far). But another interesting line of GR was when he said, “All I have are the emotions, but not the memories themselves.” This is very interesting because if all he has are “emotions” and not the “memories” then the pain he is feeling mostly reflects what we’ve seen of the Queen thus far, which explains his tears upon seeing the ring and the portrait to him grasping his heart (I also personally love how he ends up saying “Big Bro” in the mirror, lmao xD). It was hilarious how he kept buying chicken because he wanted to see Sunny and then gave it to Shin (also, may I mention how casually he called Eun-tak’s name)!

And finally our adorable GR visits our lonely Sunny! It may or may not be significant, but the number 50 is a lucky number usually symbolizing “completeness/full,” “salvation/passion,” and “masculinity.” GR showing up as the 50th person may represent how they both complete each other, as well as, how he may actually be the “King.” Another hilarious comment by Sunny that is also important to note was when she said, “So don’t you dare go and prepare another woman this time.” Honestly, when she said this I couldn’t help but question: did the King have multiple wives or not and if Shin’s sister was jealous? xD But GR is just so damn cute (calling her 10 times to tell her that he’s an atheist lmao)! Probably the biggest revelation by Sunny was when she revealed her real name to be “Kim Sun” which is Shin’s deceased sister’s name - she even goes to length of telling the origin of her name and how it sounds like the name of “a pitiful girl with a sad past.” But she doesn’t like her name and prefers “Sunny” because it’s more dazzling which sounds like what a King would prefer and not someone who married into the royal family. Sadly, our GR doesn’t have a name but he suddenly feels pain in his heart while Shin is writing down the name “Wang Yeo” which is the deceased King’s name. This sounds too good to be true (that I almost want to think the writer is trolling us lol) since both GR and Sunny have the exact names of the King and Queen respectively! If so, then this would mean GR is the reincarnate of the King and Sunny of the Queen. My heart was aching for GR as he commands Sunny to forget what happened and turn away… he couldn’t walk her home!! T.T WHY?!?

So in conclusion, my thoughts are honestly just a huge mess right now, lmao. I’m torn between the two theories since I can see either one happening. Having GR and Sunny’s names revealed in this manner just seems way too obvious compared to the tragic revelation of Shin and Eun-tak’s fate - that it makes me think the writer wants to trick us into believing GR as the King and Sunny as the Queen. Going along with the King Sunny - Queen GR theory, if the number 50 is significant, then perhaps them having each other’s name allows them to complete each other for their memories to return instead of their names literally representing who they are reincarnates of. Also, I’m sincerely interested in their past lives love story as much as the present one! As we’ve learned from Samshin grandma, the King and Queen’s love story is tragic (well he kills her which is pretty tragic already). Aside from all of this angst and sadness… GR and Sunny HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY THAT IT’S ALMOST SICKENING xD (They have more chemistry than my organic chemistry text book lmao)! I just love how they flirt so casually with each other and their smiles are so fuckin precious!! THEY NEED TO BE PROTECTED!

I honestly hope to see more progression of their relationship in the next episodes (I need a kiss!!!) and maybe GR will somehow end up touching Sunny by accident (or even on purpose lol) so it might reveal more about Sunny’s past. I also want to see more of Sunny’s thoughts since we were given GR’s thoughts in this episode. Ugh… the new episode comes out in a few hours!!! THE ANGST IS REAL!!!

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

[TRANS] 141011 WINNER on「and GIRL」Magazine

“It’s nice to meet you, we’re WINNER!”

- Congratulations on your Japan debut. Could you please introduce yourselves one by one?

Seungyoon: I’m WINNER’s leader Seungyoon! My charm points would be my smile and my powerful voice!

- Your Japanese is really good!

Seunghoon: Seungyoon is the best at speaking Japanese among the members. He can even do the MC all by himself. Oh, and I’m WINNER’s rapper and choreographer Seunghoon. Usually off stage I tend to space out a lot, but once I get up on stage I change!

Jinwoo: I’m the oldest member who has the cutest face and big eyes Jinwoo. (lol)

Mino: I’m WINNER’s Powerful Rapper Mino!

Jinwoo: Mino is also the funniest among the members!

Seunghoon: We usually tell a lot of jokes together to make the audience laugh. Also Mino is the member who has the darkest skin (he’s the most tanned).

Taehyun: I’m the youngest member in WINNER, Taehyun. I’m known for my eyebrows that look like the character 八. Actually, my eyebrows used to be a complex of mine, but the fans kept telling me that they like my eyebrows, so now I think of them as my charm point.

Seunghoon: Taehyun has a bit of a mysterious aura to him. Despite being the youngest, he’s in charge of the sexiness in the group.

- You were to describe WINNER’s music and what’s unique for WINNER what word would it be?

Seungyoon: If you were to compare us to colors from white to black, you could say that we’re a group that’s aiming to be the color black (at the top, number 1)

Jinwoo: Seungyoon, you sound so smart!

Seungyoon: It doesn’t matter what color you mix with white because it will ultimately change it’s color anyways, and no matter how many colors you mix together eventually it will become black. Which is why I would want us to become like the color black.

- This also applies to your voices in the variety of of how you compliment each other from high to low notes, and also the different types of musical genres included in your album. You’re a very colorful group. Could you share with us your favorite album track?

Seunghoon: I like Empty. It’s a song that remains in your ears and makes you want to put it on repeat.

Seungyoon: I’d like to recommend COLOR RING. It’s one of the songs I made. It’s a song about regret, sadness and heartache. So if you ever have a moment when you experience those kind of emotions, I think you’ll be able to relate a lot to this song if you listen to it.

Jinwoo: For me it’s DON’T FLIRT. There’s a part of the lyrics that go “Please don’t look at anyone else like that”. Because I think that if I were to fall in love, I’d actually tell that to my girlfriend.

Mino: Jinwoo is the type who gets jealous. And I recommend LOVE IS A LIE. It’s the most uptempo song on our album, so I’d really like you to listen to it.

Taehyun: CONFESSION. Because it’s my solo (lol). Okay that’s not why. It’s song where you confess to the person you love that you wish them to always stay by your side. It has a very beautiful melody line, which I think that the Japanese audience will like a lot. If possible I’d like this song to be used as an insert song for a love drama.

- Changing the topic. I’d like to ask you about your impression of Japan?

Seunghoon: All kinds of Japanese food is really delicious! I’d like to try the Castella from Nagasaki. I heard that there’s a really famous story that has been in business for over 100 years. So if we ever get the change to go to Nagasaki I’d like to try it out and compare the taste.

Seungyoon: The Unagi bento I ate in Nagoya was really delicious!

Jinwoo: During Big Bang’s Dome Tour there were apples from Aomori provided as refreshments. And I’ve never eaten such a delicious and juicy apple in my life.

Mino: I love Natto! Also I remember when I went to Kawagoe with Seunghoon during WINNERTV and we danced with the grandmas. It was fun!

Taehyun: I love Sapporo. The scenery in Sapporo is very beautiful, so when I get married I’d like to bring my wife there.

- Finally a message to the readers.

Seungyoon: I’d like to thank all our Japanese fans for waiting for our debut for so long. We’ll work really hard to make up for the time that you had to wait and continue to make music that makes you all feel like you’re winners while listening to it. So please, continue to support us from now on as well.

All: Please support us!

Translated by Isabella @ fy-winner! scans by @5KI2NE8


Boueibu LOVE! Matsuri! Event Report Part 2/2

*I’ll only write what I can remember*

This is a report on the night session.

Noon session can be found HERE.

The event corners go in this order.

Seitokai vs Boueibu (Quiz > Zundar Needle >Love Making ft. Loveko) > Live Reading > Talk by Seitokai > OP Song Live > Announcements > Just Going Now!! Live > Closing Messages

The Seitokai vs Boueibu segment contains 3 parts, and they have to get as many hearts as they can and the team with the highest number of hearts get a “love goods” (but obviously no one is even trying hard pfff).
2 vs 5? No problem! They spun a roulette to pick a person to be sacrificed to the seitokai ww So it became 3 vs 4 instead ww

Quiz: A short VCR will be played, and they are required to guess the line from that scene. (Since it’s pretty difficult, even satisfactory/interesting answers will be able to earn them hearts.)
Zundar Needle: They are required to shoot the hearts on a spinning wheel and if they land on the white parts instead, they will be required to do the “punishments” to try to earn a heart.
Love Making: We all know this. It’s the same as the one from Batonama. Featuring Loveko and Seitokai this time!

As for their outfits, the Boueibu cast were wearing the yukata ones from the photobook. The Seitokai were wearing yukata as well –Jun was wearing one in blue and with camouflage prints. Terashii was wearing completely white with a black obi (lol he looks like he’s ready for taekwondo class)

After the Boueibu cast introduced themselves, they planned to skip the Seitokai’s ww And of course got complained by Terashii/Jun.
Seitokai were wearing the Caerula Adamas ring, and Boueibu with the lovracelet from the latest Parco shop!
When Seitokai got around to introducing themselves, they flashed their rings like that in the game (lol all the single ladies) and then they commented that Boueibu finally upgraded from using strings to an actual wristlet LOL.

The difference between the Seitokai team and Boueibu team were in their furniture. Boueibu has their normal table and chair from the club room, while Seitokai had some fancy chairs and table (accompanied by tea and sweets/snacks).

This will get extremely long so I’ll post it under a cut.

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fuckery. just fuckery. idek.

(…just skip to the italics if you don’t wanna waste your time k bye)





*deep breath* lol

first of all- the rape scene

that scene is pretty self explanatory on how ridiculous that scene was. I feel like I don’t need to talk about this because I’m pretty sure everyone covered it . for me. 

Its not even about the rape though- the bottom line is rape is a sensitive topic, and yes I completely agree that it should not be ignored and can be a topic of discussion, but its just the way they portrayed the assault was disturbing. the fact that they used it as a plot device to advance francis’s plot is absurd

“feminist show” my ass.

 basically laurie was on crack or something when she planned out that episode. I cannot express my feelings enough on how badly I feel that she needs to be fired. 

ever since season 2 the show has been goin downhill. ever since from the beginning the show has been getting bad 

it’s not just the rape scene that ticked me off- in fact like i said the rape scene was the last straw.

so anyway

I haven’t seen a single reign episode since 2x09 until my friends wanted me to watch it with them and jfc I’m so glad I haven’t caught up with it.

Mary’s character development has reached an all time low people omg 

I’m assuming from the gifsets and shit that last episode she let him “be free” although I’m not sure why bc I haven’t actually seen what was going on these past months (so happy I haven’t) 

but anyway 2x14 was the first and last episode I have and will have ever seen since 2x09 because OMG 

what the actual fuck

I don’t get how a woman who has been through something as horrific and disgusting can be so freaking open to this nigga conde who she barely knows and completely shuts off her husband and “true love" 


I haven’t seen her "recovering” episodes but still

the mary that I knew- the mary that was in love with francis- ‘I want you to be free"

and then here comes francis walking in like

talking to the woman that WAS WITH HIS BROTHER AT ONE POINT

francis’s love for mary amazes me


like ok i get it she was raped and by no means am i saying that doesn’t matter ( i am still infuriated by the portrayal of the rape btw) but the fact that she runs off to conde and just last episode she says she loves her husband doesn’t make any sense.

jfc after the episode I have seen, I still can’t believe people are watching it.

I still can’t believe people are watching this after 2x09 TBH HOW

i’m so glad people have stopped putting themselves through watching this shit but It annoys me that it took monde to shut people down.


speaking of monde -why is marry always the object of all the dudes affections in the show i mean really ????

and why is mary always infatuated with someone of francis’s family?? 

and always breaking up with francis???

i don’t remember the last time francis broke it off with mary actually..(maybe in season 1? i think? idk)



claps 4 u laurie AMAZING WRITING 

and then back to monde-AKA MASH 2.0 

i don’t even know.

and the “you will be the death me” thing UHM WHAT 

i thought…mary loved francis????? ??????????????

i didn’t watch the last episode like I said before but from what I heard that’s what she said ??? was she lying??? laurie where are you I need you to explain this because that makes no sense

I guess I understand why people are leaving reign now after this episode but I still don’t get how you stayed in the first place? #sorrynotsorry

But then again frary is hard to let go? but still ?? …idk i just don’t know what to say anymore

then I saw the promo for 2x15 and OH MY GOD 

mary jumping into bed with francis just for the purpose of securing her country lol what

I thought after what she has suffered- and her love for her husband - i mean - I thought-but francis?-oh wait she loves conde

–the mary I knew- that loved francis - is not this at all

and I don’t ever forget all of the times mary fought for francis, but that mary is not this mary right now 

idek what i just said 

*deep breath*

All of that being said (if any of that made any sense lol) I miss reign honestly and truthfully- Yes I miss it not reign right now but the show I fell in love with. I miss mary. The only character that seems to have had me-through the bad and the good - is Francis. It’s not just because I am irrevocably in love with Toby. All biases aside though, Francis has changed as well, but he has never lost that same aura from season 1. The only thing I am afraid of for him is if Laurie will continue to write him off as some helpless husband pining for his wife the entire season, but I probably won’t care anymore because (I hope) after this post I will remove reign season 2 from my life. And I love Mary okay. I do. It just seems that the writers have made Mary too fickle and made her fall too fast and too hard too soon- like her feelings seem meaningless now. For every man that has shown any interest to her she loses herself. Her character development is horrible to say the least. I hope that I can just pretend that reign ended with season one and was a good show. Not because of monde or the random love triangles but because ever since season 2 started  the plot lines got boring, they got recycled from season 1 and a lot of things don’t make sense to me. I kept saying I was done since 2x09, when the writers pulled that painful rape scene, and I REALLY wish I was but from exhausting myself to reading things online and watching promos of the show to see how bad it was doing- I realize I wasn’t done. As a former passionate watcher of the show, I cared about it too much. And even now I realize I care as I write this ( I realize how long this is already lol) but I really hope I can put this behind me. Reign season two doesn’t exist. Laurie ruined my show lol k bye 

yeh .


idek what i said ok I can’t speak english people bye