lol he looks so attractive here tho


So okay guys, I’ve noticed some things seeing the pictures from Magiccon last month in Germany.
As you may know, Dean O'Gorman attended it and I recognized that he had a familiar look to someone,… actually to Aidan Turner. Yup…

I mean look at the beard, they share the same beard!
And look at the man bun!
Kay, and for one moment I even thought that it was Aidan on a picture when it actually was Dean.
Crazy world, I’m not okay.
I don’t know what to think about this…
But what I know is that Aidan wore this look long before Dean.
And as we all know Aidan has slightly more fangirls and is like… the more hunky guy of the two. Okay, tbh, he’s the hot one (you can hate on me tho I’m sure nobody will ever read this except my best friend)

So here comes my theory:
Dean copied Aidan’s look to attract all the crazy and cute fangirl fellows at MagicCon because he knew they would love this more rugged and soft honey bear look.

But Aidan wore it better. Definitely.

I mean look, they could be twins!… In another universe perhaps… But still, I think that the look of the hair and the beard is suspicious… Very suspicious