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So I’d recommend Humans as well.

[Phil talking about Humans in his live show on January 12, 2017]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING @vintagemichelle91 (aka Michelle lol) 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

I hope you have the best weekend!!! And that you enjoy this little compilation of your bae (I had to include some of my personal fave Chilton moments, even the gag reel one hehe)

you really deserve nothing but the best my dear!! It’s been such a pleasure having your friendship these past…SIX YEARS 🙆 we’ve truly come a long way since casually bonding over Jane Eyre and Fassy hehe.

I love you girl!!!! 💕💟💕💟

that dark kermit meme but instead of a kermit in a hood it’s an asshole


“We have to get her inside before she wakes up!”

I’m seriously considering just making myself a digital line art and printing it out so I can use copic markers on it (so I don’t have to be afraid of ruining it if I can print out another) or maybe tracing it onto watercolor paper for painting…just tell my teacher it’s mixed media :P

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He was so misunderstood and we hardly knew anything about him.

He needs to be protected.


isabeaubordeaux  asked:

I can understand that reason usually most people stay away cause she makes the main characters believe they might be siblings yet they love eachother which using incest as a way to sell romance is kind of sick. I read her cause of malec ship

Besides godfrey the cast in the movie weren’t great. The tv show cast awesome. I just hate clary’s mom…..i would tell u why but it would possibly spoil future parts of the show. Now i have an urge to make gofrey gao sirius black headcanons.

Also im jessie by the way i run the hp blog nextstopknockturnalley

Sorry!! I fell asleep lol

Yeah, there’s the incest thing, the plagiarism thing, the fact that, apparently, Alec’s only personality trait in the books is “gay” and he’s sidelined most of the time anyways….. I really just have no desire to read them

I LOVE the TV show cast. They’re one of my favorites for all the live action media I follow. Kat and Em are stunning, Dom, Matt, and Isaiah are utterly charming (well Matt’s ‘udderly’ charming lolololol) and I’ve been a fan of Harry’s since Glee, so it’s really great to see him in a role that isn’t “The Asian”

I did see something yesterday about Jocelyn that might be part of the reason you hate her, but until that actually comes up in the show I’m going to continue loving how beautiful she and Luke are together lmao

Hello Jessie! I am Jules and obviously I run this blog :P (I also run @immutable-queens and @captain-rum-rogers ) Very nice to meet you!!


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