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I know you love Sakuya and especially shipping Sakuya with Mahiru (I mean who doesn't? ^^) But can you draw smth tetsonoish too? They need more love!

I actually have a few drawings in the works for Tetsono already. ^^ So just be patient with me, I work on a lot of things, just bit by bit. also I’m a super distracted person, haha

Cause just like SakuMahi, I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED FOR CONTENT OF THEM, AND IF I DON’T DRAW IT THEN WHO ELSE WILL????????!?!??  It’s so weird how MANY ship Tetsono but for some reason there isn’t much content still….? Huh…. anyways there will be some from me. I’m actually disappointed I couldn’t make something today for Tetsu’s b-day. ;__;



Actually no, hang on. I wanna make something clear. You people can make suggestions without having to bring my fave or one of my fave ships into it. I know you are just politely asking anon, I’m NOT directing this toward you, I’m just saying. Because sometimes it kinda feels like that’s a way of saying, “Hey I know you like this one thing a lot, and its cool sure but can you do something I like?” Like…. just make a suggestion. Don’t try and coax it that way…. Thank you. Please, cause it makes me kinda irked now. 

I was thinking earlier today that it’ll probably be Noora that Sana talks to about Yousef (similar to how Isak talked to Jonas about Even) so those messages probably mean a chat tomorrow morning between them, potentially about Yousef and how he’s not a Muslim but Sana likes him. Especially since it was to Noora that Sana said that foreshadowey line to (Muslims can only marry other Muslims)


a blessed fancam.


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