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Inamura Yuna (Yuzu/Serena’s VA): Thank you for supporting Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V for these 3 years! It’s over, isn’t it. I wish I could have performed as Yuzu and Serena more. I’m glad I met them both! Even though it’s already over, I want to see both of them again!! There are still a lot of thoughts I have, but I’ll think I’ll go and write them on my blog ☆ #yugioh #arcv

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I just love your "if bo had a little bro" art and hc's! So good and so precious, it all fits in so well ♡

Thank you, you precious Anon! I’m glad there are people that like/love/don’t mind my self-indulgent Bo fam art and headcanons. Have a little thing I drew this morning because I love hearing people like this stuff and because I find it funny.

So how many mind-fucks do you think Konoha can handle in any given sitting before he can’t take it anymore and goes to vent somewhere? Shouji would probably piss him off, too. Is Shou a low-key instigator? I think at least with people he knows and are comfortable with. He’s pretty shy and awkward around new people and surroundings. But I think even he has the potential to be a little shit given the opportunity. 

I’m 15 followers away from 100😭. I know that doesn’t seem like much but I’ve only had this blog a month and I didn’t think I’d even get 5 followers. Thank you too all you beautiful people who decided to click that follow button. Please don’t be afraid to talk to me sometime ❤

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Name: Ari

Nicknames: That is my nickname

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′8″ (~173cm)

Ethnicity: Half Taiwanese, quarter Serbian, quarter Norwegian

Favorite Fruit: White peaches/nectarines, tangerines, watermelon

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Book: Maggie Stiefvater owns my soul (The Scorpio Races)

Favorite Flower: Roses? I don’t know much about flowers

Favorite Scent: Citrus scents

Favorite Animal: Foxes and wolves

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate and coffee

Cat or Dog person: D O G S

Dream Trip:  Oh man, I don’t know… I’d love to go back to see more of France and Japan (hopefully with less of a language barrier lol)

Blog Created: Late 2014 I think

Number of Followers: Almost 500 (trying to think up another milestone special to do when I hit it \o/)

What Do I Post About: Miraculous Ladybug primarily ;v; I’m into a lot of anime and manga, and a handful of cartoons too, most of which I plan to list in the About Page that I’m still working on

Do I Get Asks On Regular Basis: No ;~; plz ask me things I love talking

Aesthetic: Cool pastels, art, the occasional meme; a lot of things, really

Favorite Band/Artist: Ingrid Michaelson and Priscilla Ahn right now

Fictional Characters I’d Date: None bc that’s fuckin’ weird lmao

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Tag twenty followers: lol I did like ten I just went through my followers list and tagged some people mostly urls I recognized

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