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I feel like cuddling with bucky would be really nice, like i feel like he always smells kinda like fresh laundry and rain and a little salty no matter what and he’s so warm that you kind of forget you’re supposed to be doing anything and you just have your head resting on his chest and listening to his breathing and it’s just so soothing you don’t even notice you fell asleep until he’s like ‘hey baby you forgot to take your glasses off’ or something and he just is so gentle when he takes them off of you and then you go back to sleep together and yeah i want that

Ok im gonna spill the beans here because I cant help myself and im lowkey excited !!

So basically for one of my AUs Riddler is deaf. And he basically only has one ear because well, an “accident” when he was a child (Ill get into more detail later but this shall be a brief summary). He is also crippled as well due to another event (but this time more like natural and couldnt be prevented, in this case the weather).

His legs would be amputated and would be confined to a wheelchair until his late teens. Where he finally has access to prosthetics.

Basically living with these conditions as a child through his teens and early adulthood he gains the knowledge, the strength, and new goals to make himself at home.

He learns sign language, and since he had nothing to do during his childhood he grew a passion for advanced technology, books, and of course, riddles.

But aside from that he has a story to tell. And I think this could be an amazing idea if I had the time and/or energy.

psst hey to all 3 of my PokemonGO followers keep it up ya’ll we’re at around 1 billion catches for the #GlobalCatchChallenge and if we all really grind hard tonight/today we can unlock silver tier within 24 hours so KEEP CATCHING THINGS and we’ll get double stardust!

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tbh what the fuck do you even listen to?? I only know what you don't like? I'm p sure at one point you said you like Lady Gaga but like what else I'm genuinely curious

uhh theres a lot really. im actually not rly into lady gaga i jst like a few of her songs. 80s music is the largest specific category i can thnk of but i jst listen to a lot of everything

off the top of my head artists i like: gorillaz, purity ring, st vincent, queen, ELO, the mountain goats, mother mother, talking heads, new order, depeche mode, tears for fears, caravan palace, studio killers, nick cave… etc

its more of a song by song basis tho these are just the people that i happen to like a bunch of songs from

Soooo, i sometimes pretend to be a cat. I’ve done this my entire life and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. My mom and baby bro refer to me as cat sometimes or by my cat name, Meowlcolm X. So I told my mom my tummy hurts and she asked if I needed to tell her something to which I responded, something like what. She asked me if I was carrying a litter.

Choose your stylist: Jojo edition

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This was supposed to be for Halloween, but well, better later than never, right? xD

Some Marichat Monster AU, because what else would you expect from me lol