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Yugyeom as a boyfriend 📷💕

• okay so this is gonna be interesting
• Yugyeom would probably be super sweet but also rlly shy??
• and tease u/mess with u a lot lolol
• he, u, and bam always messing with the other members
• whispering something funny to u so u laugh and everyone else is confused, and pretends to be confused with them
• blushes and smiles when u compliment him
• always dancing for u and asking for ur opinion on new choreo
• is just singing nonchalantly and u compliment him and he’s all surprised and a lil flustered
• went pink the first time u held hands lol what a cutie
• tells u BamBam is a bad influence (so that u wont hang out too much lol)
• raps for u sometimes
• when u laugh at his attempts to be sexy he gets all defensive and embarrassed lolol
• does aegyo for u lots but always covers his face after
• makes u do aegyo and takes pics of it
• takes lots of candid photos of u for his phone background
• loves taking selfies with u and his ig is filled with them
• when ppl call u a cute couple he kinda blushes but like smiles all proud
• u always encourage him and he does the same for u
• likes to take u out for ice cream and share sundaes
• makes fun of u if u trip or fall or mispronounce something and laughs at u and then probably kisses ur nose
• tickles u
• impressions of bambam and jinyoung and the other members
• basically does anything to hear ur laugh
• nose kisses, shy cheek kisses, cute lil pecks on the lips
• shoulder kisses, chaste neck kisses, sometimes forehead kisses too
• arm around ur waist
• likes to hook arms and skip sometimes
• was almost too scared to kiss u first and was super blushy
• cried once bc he thought u were serious when u joked about not liking him poor baby
• probably misses u most when he’s away on tour; thinks about u constantly and the other members check on him extra to make sure he’s doing well
• when he’s on tour he calls u, messages/texts u, and video chats with u when he can to make sure ur okay and just to see ur pretty face
• loves when u play with his hair (especially if u try to style it lol)
• went crazy red when he told u he loved u for the first time and boy was he nervous but of course u took it well and just cutee
• lends u his t-shirts bc he thinks u look cuter in them than he does
• makes faces at u
• probably tells embarrassing stories about u but u do the same to him lolol
• one time BamBam told u what Yugyeom said about how much he loves u omg it was so cute
• and Yugyeom found out and killed Bam
• but then came to u all blushy and said he meant every word ((which of course led to u kissing him all over his face and hugging him))
• loves when u kiss his cheek cuz he thinks its such a cute gesture
• likes to hug u around the waist from behind
• likes to cuddle (even tho he’d never admit that)
•ur the cutest thing he’s ever seen
• calls u cute constantly but does not like to be called cute ((even tho he definitely is))
• u make him wear couple clothes and he pretends to hate it (but secretly loves it)
• loves when u compliment him on his dancing, singing, or rapping cuz sometimes he really needs that confidence boost
• he loves when u hug him from behind or hold his hand first or initiate a kiss idk he just loves it and gets all happy it’s super cute
• always sends u snaps thru the day
• buys u cute things on tour
• buys u snacks a lot??? But also eats most of it lol
• u probably make him give u piggyback rides and he whines
• u tried to carry him once and fell over and he laughed and did not let it go lol
• still a child and super playful
• he just loves you so so much and u really mean a lot to him; you’re his everything and he tells u that (even tho he’s shy about it lol aww)
• so like Yugyeom would be a great boyfriend super cute 20/10 would recommend bc what a sweetheart

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top 5 au fics (for any cp pairing)

oh boy

  1. hold it all at bay by psocoptera (jack x bitty)
    1. “The theory of extrapolative synchronization of the mirror neurons was debunked back when he was still in his teens, so Jack is reluctant to mention that he can smell Bitty’s pies baking from across campus.”
    2. (it sounds really sciency from that description i know - but trust me…it’s good)
  2. thin ice also by psocoptera (jack x bitty)
    1. “Bitty wakes up in the Ice Capades. (In which family is difficult, the wrong people are kissed, and the NHL has a secret magic problem.)”
  3. ice crew please! by @petals42​/rosepetals42 (jack x bitty)
    1. “Jack Zimmermann was drafted first by the Providence Falconers when he was eighteen years old. He is good at hockey. Very good. His team won the Cup his second year and now, in his third year, they are looking good. Jack should be on top of the world. And some days, he manages to convince himself he is. He’s not, of course. Enter the Ice Crew.”
  4. operation oz by bicroft (nursey x dex)
    1. “"The name’s Nurse– Derek Nurse.“ Dex wrinkled his nose. "You’re an idiot– a massive idiot."”
  5. find your grace, don’t hide your face by knightlightly (jack x bitty)
    1. “Jack doesn’t consider himself superstitious. (Or, an even more magical explanation for how Jack reached that magical "Oh” moment.)”

I went to Kingly Mask today, thanks to @aishiteruitsumo6!!! And lololol, I cry, I walked into the store, and the first thing I saw was Shoutan’s signature on the wall and my immediate frustration that I couldn’t take a picture. I wandered a couple steps in and a guy came up to me to ask if it was my first time here and I’m like, “…yes it is…”
“Why are you here? Is there something you’re looking for?”
“…ah…um…aoi shouta…the signature…” I pointed back towards where it had been.
“OH! Aoi Shouta-san! Yes, he comes here often!”
Can I just say…I must have been bright red. “ that so…” I stuttered with my hand in front of my face. I was like that the entire time in the store help me.
“Is there anything you’re looking for?”
“Ah…no, just looking around…”

I wandered around to the front of the shop when another worker guy came over to me and was like, “So you like Aoi Shouta-san huh?”
And I immediately feel my face turn red again, “…yes…I like him!”
“You know he wore this kind of shirt-” I cut him off excited.
“AH! That shirt! Yes I know!!”
“Ah, so you know it?”
“Yes…” I whispered.
“He also wore this shirt, for his nico nico event,”
“Ehh?” I whispered…I didnt remember seeing it mostly since I haven’t been very online recently..“is that so…?”
“Yeah,” he said and I nodded,
“Thank you very much” I said looking away…
He gives me a look, “Are you Japanese?” He asks. *SSHISJEHBEE HE FIGURED ME OUT XDDD*
“Um…I came from America…” I whispered…trailing off…the longer he spoke to me the more nervous I was getting help me.
“Your Japanese is good!” He said.
“Thank you very much…but I still need work…” I whispered…
“Nah, you’re good!”
“Thank you very much…”

I spent a good half an hour in that store…I got really flustered and anxious the longer I stayed, help me, I must of looked like I wanted to say something because the second guy came over to me again at one point and asked if I needed help with something and I freaked out and looked away and said “I’m um, fine!!!” And he chuckled and walked away to give me space…SCREAMS HELP ME.

Another shoutan fan came in and started talking to the second guy that I came to kinda like in a way? He was very cool and nice! And I wanted to leave the store because I was feeling really warm and ready to faint/pass out, so I wanted to say thank you for talking to me and leave, but he was talking to this other Shoutan fan now, so I listened to their conversation and he talked about, to the girl, how Shoutan often comes to window shop and stuff, and I’m like lololol, on the inside but still freaking out and needing to leave ^^;
He was showing the other girl the star shirt that Shoutan often wears…I kinda wanted it, but the girl picked it up and looked like she wanted to buy it so I didn’t say anything…

So…what ended up happening in the end was, I saw the shirt that the second worker that talked to me pulled out to show me that Shoutan had wore and I decided to buy it because of how long I had been in the store, lol, help me, and somehow I walked out after saying thank you to both workers, making it out alive…^^;;;;;;
I was also holding the wrappers to my tokiya and ai ice cream bars and the first worker was like, what’s that? And I’m like “um…I went to the shining store before this…for uta no prince sama…”
“Oh, is that so!” He said, and I’m not entirely sure if he knows about utapri or not…I wondered if Shoutan had talked about it before while there……

Anyways, moral of this story, this Kingly Mask knows how to do their marketing LOL. Here, look, Shoutan’s worn this before!
Me: buys the t-shirt.

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So this isn’t exactly an issue with him, I’m just curious as to what other falconers who’ve had experience with red tails have to say.
He’s a super freindly hawk, you can touch him anywhere, boop his beak, kiss him but as soon as you try to feed him larger pieces of food on the fist he’ll go crazy mantling mode.

Like I said, it’s not really an issue as I understand it’s a natural behaviour you can’t really override, but as you can see it’s not like he’ll sit still and mantle. He actually turned himself all the way around on the glove trying to hide the food 😑

I was just wondering how you guys get a freshly trapped RTH to feed on the glove as comfortably as possible. I mean manning is probably the biggest part of it but I wondered if I start with smaller pieces of food and gradually increase the size of the food given do you think that will work?

I plan on getting him trained to take a rabbit lure to hopefully build his confidence, but I haven’t a clue as to how to properly trade off a bird/train them to trade off so if anyone could give me a little summary of it I’d really appriciate it!

Any sort of training advice is appriciated!