lol h8 u

isak and sana are the perfect example of:

“here’s 99 reasons as to why this friendship will not work but here’s 1 as to why it will and this 1 reason will outweigh the other 99 so hard that they’ll become a force to be reckoned with by the time they both realise how good their friendship is to each other’s growth, as individuals and together.”

but also:
“deep down we both care about each other so much but we don’t talk about that bc ~lol no i h8 u i have to save ur ass every single time 👏👏👏 i’m sick of ur shit y can u never agree with me on one answer y r u so difficult i’m just gonna tease u till u go red in the face out of frustration and that’s how we show our mutual fond for each other~”

but also:
“halla excuse me only we have the respective right to tease other HDU upset my BIOLOGY BUDDY 👏👏👏👏 U wanna FIGHT THIS OUT WITH ME HUHHHHH???? R U RACIST??? R U HOMOPHOBE??? R U A DONALD TRUMP STAN???? GTFO MY SIGHT. NO ONE HURTS MY BIOLOGY BUDDY AND GETS AWAY WITH IT.”

jhongg  asked:

List 5 things most people don't know about you and pass this to 5 different people you want to know more about 💛

TY!!!! <3

1. probably the only person in the world who forgot how to ride a bike
2. at one point in my life i genuinely thought bourgeoisie was pronounced bower-gee-oh-see and refused to say it any other way…..
3. still lowkey scared of the dark tbh
4. i’m bilingual
5. i can cook and egg… and thts about all i can cook

tbh on the bright side if Draco had gotten a redemption arc and joined the Order/the Trio, I just have the feeling that JK Hetero Rowling would have been more likely to put him with Hermione than Harry and I rlly don’t have the strength to deal with that in the year of our lord 2016


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Cabinet Meetings
  • Washington: Secretary Jefferson, you have the floor, sir.
  • Jefferson: Lol Hamilton ur parents are dead you immigrant stupid fuck and you used to be poor and alone and you suck lol h8 u bitch :)
  • Washington: Thank you Secretary Jefferson. Secretary Hamilton, your response?
  • Hamilton: ...Jefferson that's not very nice