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Lol so guess who finally found some inspiration/stopped having writers block/finally got too frustrated with my essay to continue?!?! That’s right! This girl! *points to self* (Also, I recently watched ‘The Duff’ and IT IS AMAZING. I OFFICIALLY LOVE THAT MOVIE AND I WOULD BUY THE DVD IF MY PARENTS WEREN’T AGAINST SWEARING AND DIDN’T ASSUME I HAVE THE INNOCENCE OF A 5 YEAR OLD) but anyway, this request was from a long time ago but I suppose I never really knew what to write (tbh, I still don’t XD OOh! and I’m 17 away from 900 (followers) whooooooooo XD) so here it is!



Prompt: Can I request a group KBTBB where the bidders are watching MC in her bedroom on the monitor and they notice huge scars going down her back and legs? And they end up finding out that MC was in a horrible accident when she was younger resulting in her losing her mom dad and sister? And for the following days they keep watching her on the monitor & see that everytime she sees the scars she cries? and the bidders comfort her? Sorry so long!!😺😺

Also, before I start, can I just say that installing cameras in someone’s room is wrong and creepy? (I know that goes without saying but still) and to anyone who may have lost family members or people dear to them, I’m very sorry for your loss. Know that the person (or people) who were cruelly taken away from you will always stay with you and watch over you. ^ ^ I wish you happiness in life not only because you deserve it, but also because I’m sure your deceased loved one would have wanted to see you smile.


It had started just a few days ago. Eisuke was checking CCTV footage when he noticed that there was a camera…in your room. He wasn’t a man of no morals so he knew that he had to have it taken down immediately but just as he was about to send out the orders, you began to change. As you pulled your top off, back towards the camera, he noticed a long, dark scar the stretched down the length of your back. He was speechless. “Oh? What’s this boss? I come here to check on you and I catch you watching the pretty lady get chang-” As Baba came up behind Eisuke’s shocked form, his body tensed up in surprise as he too saw the scar that damaged your skin. It wasn’t ugly, or unsightly but it pierced their hearts with the curiosity of how you could’ve obtained such a painful looking scar.

The next day, they showed the others who each, in turn let their mouths hang open, unsure what to say or do. “What could have happened to Koro…” “The poor kid…” *click* “Whoever did this is going down.” Hastily telling Soryu to put his gun away, Eisuke turned to face the others, a new resolve in mind. “You know what to do right?” Nodding simultaneously, the bidders walked out of the room, each knowing what they need to do.

A few hours later, they met up in the lounge of the penthouse to report back. “Alright. Now that we’re all here, I’ll start things off.” Rising from his seat, Eisuke addressed everybody before he began to share what he had found. “_________ grew up with her mum, dad and little sister. It seemed that they were a very loving family and though they weren’t that financially well off, they were…happy.” “Apparently,” Baba continued, “When she was 5 and her sister was two, the pretty lady’s dad won a competition and was able to take the whole family on a trip.” “The kid and her family were overjoyed or whatever and began packing immediately.” “But on the way there, poor Koro and her family got involved in some kind of car crash. Judging from the reports, it was due to the heavy rain and wet road on the way to the airport.” “Though the other car survived with injuries, _______’s parents and her sister…died.”

As Soryu finished off the story, the end was greeted with silence. A silence that was only broken when you entered the room. “I’m here to clea- huh? What’s with the long faces?” You giggled in amusement at the sullen faces all around, each one reflecting pain and worry as 5 pairs of hurt eyes looked back at you. “G-guys?” Forcing a smile, Baba walked over and flung an arm around you. “I-It’s nothing pretty lady, but how about you and I go out for a date?” Feeling relief rush through your body after his normal advance, you shrugged him off with a laugh and made your way to the first room you needed to clean. “I don’t think so Baba, I gotta clean.” They continued to stay silent as you walked away, laughing quietly to yourself. “I thought she was just another ditz who didn’t understand real pain…” “but she knows too. She knows how hard it is to lose your loved ones at such a young age…” Each of the bidders found a new sense of respect well up inside of them. Hearing about your pain hurt them so much more because each of them knew pain too. They knew how hard it must’ve been…and so, they made plans for the next day.

~The next day~

They had all gathered into the CCTV supervision room yet again and were watching the screen intently. Eisuke had given you the day off so after some grocery shopping, you had gone straight home to get some well deserved rest. “Ok. If we all did our parts then everything should go as planned.” Staring intently at the screen, they watched as you threw yourself on your bed after an exhausting morning, only to be forced off the mattress by a sharp knock at the door minutes later. Holding heir breaths, they watched as you opened the door to see a box at your doorstep and chuckled fondly as you looked around outside your door to see if anyone had put it there by mistake. Gently, you lifted the box and took it into your room, putting it down on the floor with caution, curiosity and excitement filling your eyes.

The sparkle in your eyes was immediately clouded over when you saw what was inside the box. They watched as tears began to fill your eyes, falling steadily as they streaked your cheeks. Silently, you lifted up the items one by one. The first was a picture of your parents and sister, laughing together as they prepared for your 5th birthday, it was a photo that you had never seen before but the love and warmth in their expressions touched your heart. Turning the photo over slowly, you saw, written on the back in your mother’s swirly handwriting were the following words: “Preparing a birthday surprise for our darling _________. The little one made a fuss at first but she immediately lightened up when she realized the surprise was for her sister <3″ “…Mum…” you hugged the photo to your chest as you remembered her warmth. The second item that you held up was a plastic tiara that had been given to you for your fourth birthday. You remembered how that time was a rough place for your family as your little sister had just turned 1 and so the financial situation was…less than desirable…and yet, your parents had worked extra hard to get you a present. On the back was engraved the words, “Our Princess~” Fresh tears filled your eyes as you remembered the dark circles that had decorated your fathers eyes as he set out to work more shifts. He never said a word to complain and when he had presented you with the gift, love and care in his eyes, he had simply shrugged saying: “I would work for a thousand hours in a row if it meant that I could make my princess smile. Now, as you held the child’s accessory in your hand, remembering your fathers image, you stroked the glued on gems, whispering to the memory of him. “Oh Dad…I would throw away all the jewels in the world…if only I could see you again…” The third item was a drawing. By your sister. “My sister,________.” was the label. It was nothing but a child’s scrawl but to you, it was a masterpiece. You could almost see the pride in her eyes and her anxious expression as she gave it to you, desperately willing you to like it. Oh how you missed her. There were so many things you could’ve shown her, so many talks the two of you could’ve shared…Gently, you stroked each line of felt tip with your finger, imagining how intense her look of concentration must have been as she drew it for you. Quietly, you laid the drawing to the side, scared you would ruin the paper with your tears. The fourth was a blanket. It had been carefully knitted by your mum, her love for you poured into every stitch. Muffling your cries, you nuzzled your face into the soft fabric, savouring the faint smell of home that was still woven into the wool. Carefully, you wrapped the small fabric around your shoulders. It was made for a 5 year old version for you and so barely covered your back but as you draped the material over your shoulders, you could almost feel the warmth of your mother’s embrace, wrap around you. Wiping your tears away desperately, you lifted up the last item. A letter. A letter that you never received. Cautiously, you removed the paper from its envelope and began to read.

[______, our dear child,

You’re already five now, growing up to be a big girl. We’re so thankful to have a wonderful daughter like you, and your sister is so lucky to have you prepared to guide her when we can’t. You’ve always been a considerate child, constantly putting others before yourself. You need to do things for yourself sometimes as well. We don’t know how much of your life we can spend with you, but never forget, that no matter what happens, we will always love you and your sister more than anything in the world.

Love, Mama and Papa]

As you read the short but heartfelt note, your shoulders began to tremble as fresh tears welled up in your glistening orbs. Hugging the letter, you let yourself cry out for the first time in years. “Mama! Papa! My dear baby sister…I miss you guys…I miss you, so, so much…” After you had spent a good few minutes, finally letting out the grief and sorrow you had experienced from your loss, you looked up to see there was one last note in the box:

[No matter what, you can come to us. We will be your shoulders to cry on.]

Immediately, you led from your room, knowing exactly where you needed to go. As you disappeared from the screen, the bidders leaned back in their chairs, unsure how to react to the scene they had just witnessed.


Before anyone could say anything, they could hear your distant voice, calling out to them from the penthouse lounge. Exchanging looks, they made their way out and appeared before you. Seeing them, you immediately ran to your boyfriend, burying your face into his chest as you hugged him tightly. “It was you guys…wasn’t it?” “…” You felt the other bidders crowd around you, sharing a group hug, each of them unsure what to do in such a situation. “…thank you. Thank you for bringing me back a piece of my family. They will forever remain in my heart but now, I can see them every day too…”


“We’ll always be here for you __________”


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