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Remember that time that Niall and I think Harry and Liam were interviewed in New Zealand, and the interviewer asked them what they would do if they were suddenly Mayor of Aukland, like clearly expecting immature king for a day type answers, and instead Niall was immediately like, “well, how’s your public transportation? How much are the teachers getting paid?” and so on and so forth just like, completely subverting her expectations and being funny and smart at the same time?  It makes me happy every time i think about it.  Niall is the best. 

Always and Forever - DenNor oneshot

Their coats were weighed down with winters past, their minds stained with battles lost, and their hands bloody from relationships torn. On the worst nights, the ones when their souls felt too heavy for their skin, Denmark and Norway would hike up to the peak of ágæti bjarg and lie in the snow together, telling stories and counting stars until dawn.

Norway examined Denmark, taking in the tight coil of his shoulders and the slight crease between his brows. He was chewing on his lip, staring into the horizon with glazed eyes. The look was startlingly uncharacteristic on the ordinarily jubilant Dane.

“What.” Norway bit out.

His sharp tone snapped Denmark back to focus, and he span round in confusion. “Huh?”

“You keep sighing.”

“Oh. It’s nothing,” Denmark plastered a thin smile on his face. “I’m just thinking.”

“Well, don’t. It’s annoying.”


After a pause, Denmark returned to his melancholy, and the two fell back into silence. Much to his chagrin, Norway felt a tug of guilt in his chest for dismissing his counterpart so coldly when there was clearly something bothering him. The feeling nagged at him until he eventually rolled his eyes in defeat. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Are ya gunna tell me what’s floatin’ about in that thick head a’ yours, or are ya just gunna keep sitting there like lookin’ like someone threw yer axe in the river?”

Denmark offered him a lopsided grin. “Ya know me too well, Norge.” He flopped backwards and stretched out his elbows, resting his head on his hands. His fur cloak pooled around him, the deep red a shocking contrast to the unblemished white of snow. “I just… do you ever get tired of being like us?”

Norway reluctantly lay down beside him. “Like what?”

“Ya know. Nations. Immortal.”

“We’re not immortal, we just live longer than others.”

“We might as well be.” Denmark sighed. “God, Nor, we’ve seen so much. We’ve won battles and we’ve lost ‘em, seen little kids grow old n’ die… I’ve slept in the snow and I’ve slept in a palace and I can’t tell the difference anymore. It’s like the world keeps spinnin’ round n’ round, but we’re caught in the middle, not movin’ at all.”

Norway didn’t respond. They lay in silence for a short while, minds buzzing, until Norway leaned over and flicked Denmark in the ear.

He yelped. “Wha’ was that for?”

“Bein’ stupid.”

“You told me to tell ya what I was thinking.”

“I didn’t think you were gunna talk nonsense.”

Denmark propped himself up on his elbows, a flicker of irritation brushing his features. “It’s not nonsense. Don’t try ‘n tell me you’ve never had the same thoughts. We’re older than the rocks we walk on.”

Norway scoffed. “This is funny, comin’ from the fool who behaves like an overgrown infant.”

“Better that than actin’ like a tired old man.”

“Is it?”

“ ‘course. If we let our years weigh us down, we’ll be too heavy to get up in the mornin’. Best to just close our eyes and pretend we don’t feel ‘em passing.”

“Then how’re we ever supposed to become adults?”

“Don’t ya get it, Norge? We don’t. No-one ever does. Adulthood is just the word we use for when our free pass for screwin’ up wears out. We’re all still just kids, ‘cept now we have responsibilities, and pressures, and people judge us for bein’ curious.”

Norway paused, slightly taken aback by the weight of Denmark’s words.
“… If that’s how ya feel, then what’s with all your talk ‘bout bein’ older than the rocks?”

Denmark looked up, gaze locking with the Norwegian’s. His eyes were soaked in shadow. “Memories, Nor. I got so many they’re startin’ to blend together. Sometimes I just wanna slow down - or speed up, maybe, so that I can be spinnin’ round with everyone else. I wanna be human.”

His words cracked slightly at the end, voice tapering away into the coarse northern wind.

“Den…” Norway ventured, softly. He reached out his palm and cupped Denmark’s chin, tilting it up so that they were eye-to-eye. “We are human. Yeah, we live longer, but that doesn’t make us any less real. Humanity isn’t characterized by how many days we pass - it’s about what we do with ‘em. And being tired, feelin’ old, that’s all part of it. If you’re hurtin’, it tells ya you’re alive, which means you got countless days ahead’ya to screw up, and regret, and feel things ya didn’t think were possible. This,” Norway lowered his hand from Denmark’s face and flattened it against his chest, over his heart. “this is what makes you human. Don’t forget that.”

Denmark looked up at him, blue eyes watering. “Nor…”

Norway looked away, embarrassed. “Stop cryin’, ya idiot.”

“ ‘m not cryin.” Denmark swiped at his eyes, hiding a shy smile.

With a snort, Norway lay back into the snow and gazed up at the night. The two lay in companionable silence for a while, hypnotized by the soft fluttering of the aurora.

“… Norge?”

The nation in question sighed. “What now.”

“Promise me you’ll never leave?”


“Promise me.”

“Yer an idiot.”

“Come on, Norge.”

Norway turned his head upon the snow, so that he and Denmark faced each other. ”You’re stupid for havin’ to ask. Always and forever, remember?”

Denmark’s entire face lit up, and he reached out his hand, intertwining their fingers. “Right. Always and forever.” The words tasted like wine on his tongue, thick with the promise of a friendship that would outlast the stars and outshine the moon.

They lay together, hand in hand, until the sun rose.

welp that turned out kinda heavy, haha… tell me what you think! Feedback is always appreciated :D


きたああああ!! I bundled the CDs together so I got both in one package. And I got Louis’ & Leo’s mini scenario bromide <3 (idk if there are others, can anyone confirm? Edit: it looks like the bromide are given randomly i.e. there should be Alan/Alyn, Byron/Xeno, and Giles/Jill too igottheonesiwantedyass)

The CD in yellow is a tokuten/store bonus from ordering both at the animate store~ It contains each of the cast commenting on the recording, answering a question (”イケメン王宮のせかいで王になたらまず何をしますか” / “What will you do first if you become a king in the world of Midnight Cinderella?”), and a message for the listeners. Stellasworth also has a tokuten (scenario booklets) but I much prefer this one (=w=)b Tachibana-san’s ‘evil’ laugh lmao :’D

tumblr callout culture is really wild a lot of the time and they take small ridiculous things to a whole new level & fuck with people bad and it’s a fucked up mentality but you don’t need to defend the bad things someone did in order to defend them like

no you still shouldn’t draw Rose skinny stop with this “people can draw what they want DONT LIKE? DONT LOOK” like you sound like deviantart circa 2009 you can say that the situation that happened was fucked up without defending something that was legitimately wrong because it is WRONG to draw fat characters skinny whether you want to admit it or not

does that justify intense callout posts being spread around that also try to dig back into a persons past and reach for any and all reasons why they’re horrible people who you shouldn’t be friends with? clearly not. both sides of this situation are very ugly and you’re all a disaster