lol grad school what is this

conversation earlier today with my roommate:

him: I’m drunk shopping upstate right now, so I might come back with some cute things for the apartment fyi
me: lol I’m glad you’re drunk at 4pm
him: uh I went to lunch with a farmer and he encouraged me
him: it was for a class!!

actual word-for-word conversation I had with a bunch of my grad school friends yesterday:
  • friend 1: would you ever want to go to space?
  • friend 2: hell no I'd be too scared
  • friend 1: what if they paid you a thousand dollars?
  • friend 3: a rocket is literally just a giant bomb, I'm not strapping myself into that shit
  • people around the table: *various noises of agreement*
  • friend 1: *looks at me* what about you?
  • me: I would leave this planet permanently for six cents and a french fry.

living with a minimum wage job is freaking impossible, man. like, i don’t even have a minimum wage job - the job i just got pays over 40k/year, which makes me think (naively) that i can pay off my 51k student loan debt (lol thx grad school) in like, 3 years.

but after doing all the calculations of taxes, health insurance, retirement plan, and budget (including rent, bills, etc), i only have about $700 left over each month. if every last penny of that went to my loans, i would have them paid off in EIGHT YEARS (bc, interest rates). and that’s not including needing to add to my savings fund or for my wedding.

tldr i make double of what minimum wage is, and if I’m struggling, i can’t even imagine what it’s like to try to pay back loans while working at the minimum wage.

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Hi!!! You're so sweet and great. Your blog makes me v happy :-)- I was just wondering, since you're close to my age, what do you normally tell your parents when they start asking about where you got your nicer things? I have trouble with this all the time, because even though I'm at the right "socially acceptable" age to date, my parents don't expect me to until I'm 30+ (after grad school). How do you deal with this? Lots of love !!! 😚😚😚

Lol okay, so, funny story. When I first started sugaring and was racking up cash I decided to get a debit card in my own name. Figured I could deposit everything cuz it’d be safer than keeping a bunch of cash in my dorm and my parents wouldn’t be able to see the account. A couple months later my mom calls me demanding to know why I have a new account with thousands of dollars in it - apparently the secondary one was visible to them bc it’s attached to the joint account. I lied and denied hardcore but wound up telling them a watered-down version - that an older gentleman I met on tinder had been paying me to go to dinner w him once a week. They were hella suspicious but bought it, so I essentially had to lay low for a bit and recoup but the relationship and my continued SW are both fine.

Now I just keep the cash in a safe because that prevents it from leaving any sort of electronic trail. I also have a smaller account with a ~different~ bank that holds a smaller portion of the earnings, can be helpful to split it up like that. Not sure which option works best for you, but if you live in the US (or another country w similar rules) the tax-free gift cap is 14k. So just be careful of the IRS if you’re not paying taxes on your savings.

As for keeping a low profile you’ve honestly just gotta stay humble af. Don’t talk about having money, don’t suddenly strut around in luxury pieces (assuming you hadn’t been doing that beforehand), or uncharacteristically act like money’s nbd just bc you have more of it now. I was bad at this when I first started and was all “omg look at these Louboutins” and fam was like wut. The quieter your hustle the less drama you’ll have to deal with, that’s the main piece of advice amidst this onslaught of words.

I’ve seen lots of peeps recommend using a “generous boyfriend” as the benefactor of new gifts and whatnot but if that’s not an option for you then you can say you got a new well-paying job (possibly nannying, if that’s believable, cuz it can pay well and is often done in cash). Keep to yourself (financially), always have a cover, and deny when necessary. Can take some adjusting but once you learn how to manage everything it’s not bad at all (in my experience). Good luck babe and thanks for the love <333. 

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Hi, I just caught up on March of Progress and it's as good as ever! I would love to know, if you don't mind, what are your own favorite Korrasami fics or writers? (Perhaps on the fluffier side, seeing how they're faring in your fic lol)

Oh hey gosh! Glad you’re enjoying, Anon! And I don’t mind at all, though I regret to say with grad school I haven’t read much lately, so I’ll have to dig into the old memory banks.

The #1 recommendation, probably on everyone’s list, is SimplyKorra’s Seeking Balance trilogy. I certainly wouldn’t call it fluffy, but it explores both characters so well and in such a heartfelt way that I just adore it. Plus, it even manages to take one of the most notorious Korrasami fic cliches and legitimately pull it off, probably the only time I’ve seen it done well. Highly recommended. I would @ them, but I don’t know their tumblr handle if they have one and they sadly seem to have moved from the fandom, alas.

I haven’t worked through all of @ficsandmusings  portions of the now-merged collaborative effort (with @progmanx) Spin the Rails, but of all the fic I’ve read, it’s the closest fic to what I wanted to read, if that makes sense. Very detail and character oriented, broadens and expands the world. Plus, a ton of Asami focus, which is wonderful! It does a much more thorough and complete job of filling in holes in canon than mine did, for the pre-finale portions, and we’ll have to wait and see how my canon-continuation stacks up to the epic Repairs, Refits, and Upgrades. I still think of the finale when I hear a certain song on the radio, though, so that’s a plus.

I’ve gotten a good way into @sniperct’s Absence of Light before, as mentioned, Grad School. I very much wish to pick that one back up as it’s another epic plot-first story. That I haven’t finished it is no fault of the writer or story itself–blame my accursed schedule.

@darling-gypsum‘s Parts to Play starts as an alternate-timeline, then segues nicely back into near-canon and covers a lot of hidden moments during the series–of which there are a ton. I remember it being very cute and endearing.

There’s not really a lot of AUs on my list, I have a weird mental block with them where they don’t make sense to me once you remove the characters from their setting. I’ve nothing but faith, though, in all the great things I’ve heard about @thejennawynn ‘s Fieldwork. Really neat premise, I know she put a ton of work into detail, and also a lovely person.

There’s tons of other shorter pieces I liked that have all kinda blended together at this point, unfortunately. Skimming my history, Poetoaster’s “Sorry, were you sleeping?” covers Asami’s letters to Korra, and really leveled me with one brief line. Again, not fluff… hah, guess I don’t read a lot of fluff-centric stories!

There’s a few longer ones that I was turned off by for various reasons, but I don’t like to badmouth or discourage people on a public forum, that’s bad form. Chat with me directly, I could explain why, but when it comes down to it, anybody helping keep the fandom alive and improving their art by writing is A+ in my book, even if I don’t care for their story. (Though plagiarism DOES drive me up the wall!)

I keep meaning to check out Instincts of a Fearful Body based on premise and reputation, but have not yet found the time. But it’s certainly on my radar and has a lot of potential! It’s got a really good kudos to hit ratio, if you’re into math and stuff.

There are many many many other wonderful writers, both past and present, whose shorter works have brought me smiles–these tend to be the fluffier ones you asked for, that I’m having a hard time naming, haha). And tons of absolutely wonderful korrasami people still about on tumblr. I’m not sure if I warrant a mention in most of those circles, but perhaps one day, eh?

Thanks for the ask! :D

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what kind of classes did you take during your psychology major?? and how was it?? i'm very interested in becoming a clinical psychologist but i'm not 100% what classes to take or how to achieve that lol. xo

i liked it of course, as i’m in grad school now for it. it’s a lot of work. but if you’re passionate about it, it’ll be fun.

intro to psych, child psych, child and adolescent psychopathology, and clinical psych are a few of the classes i took!

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Ummmm. Nice story about the guy you're going to marry but what happened next!!!!

i thanked him and he was telling me about his grad school apps and we were laughing about how funny it was that i was wearing a shimmery rose gold/pink long sleeve and white overalls with a white and pink sticker on my laptop that matched my light pink laptop sleeve and he had on all black with a black sticker on his laptop and a black laptop sleeve 😂 he told me his name but i hella forgot it lol i know it started with a J though and it was a really cool name then i had to go talk to my professor so i couldn’t walk out with him but he waved and smiled before he left and told me to have a great day :) and that was it lmao

I’m probably not going to post this on my facebook page for a few days, but I’ll talk about it here, because, well, it needs to be said.

I got kicked out of grad school. This has been a long time coming, and it was really only a matter of time. I mean, I’m sad. And I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. And I also lost my job, because, yanno, fucking academia and shit. But it’ll be fine. I guess. I’m going to take the rest of the quarter off (lol as if I have a choice) and I’ll figure out what I wanna do at a later date.

And that’s the update.

ELEVEN things I've learned in my first year of being an OT

I haven’t done one of these in a while but my one year of working and being an adult anniversary is coming up this month… so I thought I would celebrate with a list of things I’ve legitimately learned over the last year.

1. Fashion counts. Ok, maybe not fashion exactly, but there’s something to be said about feeling comfortable in your clothes and acknowledging that your clothes say something about you. I wore sweatpants to grad school (and I blame the physio students for lowering the standards on the normative grad school appearance in the building lol). I invested in a lot of stiff dress pants and shirts for placements but they’re so uncomfortable I rarely wear them. So. The first half of my career was a lot of “are you a student?”, “sure, you’re this persons case worker. …”, “nice shorts.” It took me this entire year to figure how to dress in a way that is comfortable, reflects my personal style, and subtly states professionalism in a “I know what I’m doing, I swear” way. I’m still not sure about how to dress in the summer… But I started a work look Pinterest too lol:

2. Schedule time to document. It was easy to learn to schedule client visits and travel time…but documenting was always an after thought. I literally didn’t chart on one of my clients for a MONTH one time. And I had to work one night (at home, thank goodness we have laptops) until 11 catching up. It was just like grad school…but seriously: prioritize documenting time even when it feels like it’s not that important compared to actually working with clients

3. Old habits die hard. It takes approximately 21 days to build a new one. Also, you have to be organized to be an OT but it’s ok if you’re not- it’s a skill you can learn. I think I’ve mentioned it before that a lot of the bad habits I had in school (doing things last minute, double booking myself, not flossing regularly… Etc) would end when I got a job and joined the real world. I’m not naturally an organized person. I’m like really quite disorganized tbh (my coworker has called me the most functionally disorganized case manager she has ever met — a joke that also nods to my OT tendency to ignore problems if they don’t technically get in the way of function). I have always been like this and for some reason assumed getting a paycheque would change that? I never successfully used an agenda at school…but I’m great at it now. And I haven’t fallen a month behind on charts ever since that one time. I have a much better system; although it is something I’m still working on.

4. Healthy self care is key. Other good habits I’m trying to build are personal coping strategies. Over the last month I’ve allowed yoga to replace some other bad habits in my life (I’m talking in the realm of smoking and drinking, but not exactly those things necessarily). Caring for others for a living is a privilege; it can also be draining if you’re not careful with your own health. In school we talked about making crisis plans which sounded dumb at the time -it was just us writing down things we enjoy but honestly, when you’re feeling shit, it’s nice to be able to look at a list to remind you of the things you like.

5. How to be “myself” at work and acknowledging the importance of work culture I think it just took this whole year for me to settle in to myself at work. People at work are starting to find out I love to bake, and it’s been pointed out that baking is my new thing. But it’s not new. I baked all the time when I was in school. I just haven’t baked for like 8 months because I was so stressed over work (see: number 4 for more about bad self care habits) and maybe I lost part of myself trying to be the professional OT I thought I had to be at work. It is a bit of a delicate balance- your personality isn’t going to work with every work culture. I’m lucky to be at a place that seems to be ok with me the way I am.

6. I have biases, prejudgements, and stigmatizing thoughts sometimes. But I’m working on recognizing them, acknowledging them, and changing them. For example, sometimes I get frustrated with clients who experience anxiety around trying things that will probably help them. Which is the WORST thing as a mental health worker, I know that!! I can’t help being frustrated - it’s my internal reaction - - but I need to acknowledge that I am, think about why, and think about how to make it productive in my work with the client so that my external response is not frustration. I’m working on changing my internals too though because I know clients can tell when we are frustrated, even though we try not to show it.

7. say thank you. I spend a lot of time talking to other community workers at other community agencies, hospitals, welfare offices etc That saying about catching more flies with honey is true. I’m buds with a few pharmacists in the communuty, some social workers and therapists at other organizations, and I always feel if we scratch each others backs, the system can be a better place. We’re all here trying to help our clients and I see it truly as teamwork, with client as the team captain. I never understand workers that don’t want to play on the same team but I try to be nice to them anyway

8. make work friends; they’re important. Work friends are important for several reasons. One, we spend 40 hours at work - it would suck to not have someone to kill some of that time talking about your favorite bands (or sports, if that’s your thing). Two, networking. You never know what opportunities will come out of that new work friend. Three, friends make you happier and is probably 75% of my current job satisfaction.

9. Make a stupid budget . If you’re anything like me, this will be your first steady pay cheque and even if its not a lot, knowing that same amount is rolling in every other week will do something to your psyche and you will just buy all sorts of things you don’t need. Learn about budgets and investments and all that boring stuff. one day I’m sure I will be glad I did.

10. Always have hope for your clients. if you don’t see it, they might not either.

11. KEEP LEARNING. YOU WILL NEVER BE DONE WITH LEARNING. take advantage of trainings offered to you, seek out training and mentoring opportunities, and just acknowledge that you will never know everything you need to know to do your job. Plus this is the OT student blog—- I’m all about life long learning (just not at school anymore)

How to organize your journal articles

Do you save alot of journal articles in your computer? If so, how do you organize them? Or perhaps the question is, do you organize them? I find it really easy to just leave them all in the downloads folder with their vague filenames such as 228.full.pdf. I mean what the heck does that even mean? Because of this, it would take me forever to find an article. Fortunately, I recently discovered this FREE program that organizes ALL your journal articles for you! All you need to do is drag and drop. I was really excited about this and I just wanted to share it to you guys! 

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I did a graduate tour at SAIC today, and it was pretty good! I wasn’t really sure if I was into the idea of doing a graduate program, but this was definitely an encouraging visit.

It also kind of helped me get a feel for what I could expect from a grad school program. I still have three I’d like to visit (maybe more?) so we’ll seeeeee.

Also I’m super behind on my 100 days project because I’ve been super busy OOPS LOL

i remember the summer before my freshman year of university i saw a video some students made of themselves interviewing people around campus about grade deflation and everyone was saying how difficult it is to do well here and that it can ruin your chances at grad school and i had such a massive break down over it lol i was literally sobbing to my mom about how i would never make it and i was gonna fuck up the rest of my life but four years later i am so much more confident and comfortable with myself and what I’m capable of and i made it thru without any major fuck ups and i feel like i can be genuinely proud of my work @ this godforsaken school… she did That! 

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ok so i absolutely love your drawing style! how do you do it? did you come up with the design of the characters on your own or did you take certain aspects (and ways of drawing certain features, that sort of thing) from other artists and just morph it into your own over time? if that makes sense. basically how did you get to this point?

Thank you very much anon! First of all, I did come up with the designs of the Les Mis boys on my own, based on the film cast and my own style. But let’s wind back a bit. Or a lot. (Under the cut is a long style history and also my first never-before-seen exr drawing. This header here is from a comic I did last year called Gay Mis about the boys in San Francisco and I’m sorry to tell you it got scrapped.)

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