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So, there’s this relatively new member of our team who’s a gossip fanatic, she’s always around chatting everyone up and then reporting the juicest news and hot details she’s given, which is a demeanour our main client is pretty bothered by, therefore she always makes sure to shut up and behave around them.

Two coworkers of mine, me, the Big Boss and our client were arranging and planning a few things, when she burst into the room, not noticing the BB and the Client, who were at that moment having coffe behind the door and she went “ooooh, you know what they say about Louis Tomlinson not actually being the father of his child? Looks like it’s true after all, even though it’s been ages!”

We didn’t have time to gesture to her, that my client appeared from behind the door all frowny and straight faced “yeah, the same ages it took you to dig this oh-so-shocking information up, with that quick, sharp rate of yours you’ll have to start working on the next campaign tomorrow morning if I want it out before 2036″.

Wedding 10
  • Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo, protagonists of SPORT & STYLE this week
  • The most high-profile wedding of the year will have 250 guests

It is, without a doubt, the wedding of the year. And not only in Argentina. The whole planet is aware of the event that will turn Leo Messi’s hometown in the epicenter of the world. 250 guests are expected to get together at the cathedral of Rosario and later at the hotel-casino City Center for the party. The bride and groom decided a few weeks ago that they preferred a more intimate celebration and reduced the attendee list by more than half.

The parade of world football figures, led by Leo’s trident companions, will be one for the ages. Neymar, recently separated from Bruna Marquezine, will attend alone while Luis Suárez will do it with his wife and intimate friend of Antonela Rocuzzo, Sofia Balbi. Both will match with designs by Rosa Clará and Ricky Sarkany shoes, their business partner who just opened a store in Barcelona. 

The future wife of Leo Messi did not hesitate for a second to choose the Catalan designer and she has made two spectacular gowns for the Argentine. Rosa Clarà will send members of her team to assist the bride until the last moment. The mother and sisters of Antonela, Carla and Paula, will also wear custom dresses. They will not be the only ones. Romarey Ventura (girlfriend of Jordi Alba), Christel Castaño (wife of Pablo Zabaleta) and Florencia Parisi, Antonela’s sister-in-law and wife of Rodrigo Messi, have also relied on Rosa Clará for the event. 

Dante Palaveccino, Antonela’s trusted hairdresser in Rosario, will be responsible for her hairstyle and makeup, although all guests will have an army of stylists available at the hotel. A personal trainer, with which Rocuzzo exercises almost daily, a diet supervised by nutritionists and diverse beauty treatments have left her ready for the wedding day. 

Messi, meanwhile, seems to have opted for Armani and It is very likely that he will also wear Sarkany designed shoes for the occasion. The Argentine has decided on the Italian firm for important galas lately and everything indicates that it will be the chosen one, although at some point the possibility of picking an Argentine designer was considered. The wedding planners and the photographer are all rosarinos. They are the Farina-Pavia duo, event producers, and André Preumayr. Hermetism, confidentiality contracts and extreme security measures surround the wedding of the best football player in the world.

by Carme Barcelo and Vero Brunatti


CB + underappreciated scenes | 3/?

This is the episode right after Chuck discovers the crushing revelation that Blair is pregnant with Louis’ child. It’s this discovery that finally awakens him from the bubble of self-destructive lack of emotion that he put himself into in order to cope with the pain of his breakup with Blair and everything that followed. Still, when Chuck and Blair run into each other on the street the next day, they fall back into talking like they always do. Chuck literally stops her in the street to seriously ask if she’s okay. Even though he was shaken by the news, he’s more concerned about Blair’s well-being. How she is and whether she’s okay is always what’s most important to him. I think that’s a big theme for them throughout the series. Even when they’re not together or they’re at their lows, they’re always there for each other and concerned about one another. There’s also an ease to their relationship that shows how comfortable they are with each other. I love this little scene because it demonstrates the support and comfort they always find in each other, whether they’re together or not. 


My Top 25 Chuck & Blair Scenes: #23 → S04E09 “I heard what you said. What conversation are you referring to exactly? Three one syllable words that, under the circumstances, you may or may not have meant. Do you want me to have meant them? If they were true, I would want to know.”

To recap, the info/rumors so far are these:

  • Leo and Antonela are getting married next Friday, June 30th in Rosario, Argentina.
  • The religious ceremony will take place in the Cathedral of Rosario and the reception will be at the City Center.
  • Guests include Leo’s teammates as well as his childhood friends.
  • The wedding planners (Lorena Farina & Adrián Pavia), photographer (Andrés Preumayr) and even Antonela’s hairdresser (Dante/Paula Palavecino) are all 100% from Rosario.
  • The menu will include traditional Argie dishes such as empanadas, locro, guiso and asado.
  • The musical guests are the Uruguayan cumbia pop group Rombai and La Princesita Karina, Argie singer who’s also Kun Aguero’s girlfriend.

This is your chance at happiness. You think you shouldn’t want it because you’ve never had it, and it scares you. But you deserve your fairy tale. We make our own fairy tales. Only when we have to. You don’t. How do you feel about tonight? Awful. Just Terrible. In fact, I’ve never felt like this before. Guilt. I feel it, too. Maybe I’m actually growing up after all. I didn’t wanna let you go just yet.

Chuck and Blair scenes [21/]


CB + underappreciated scenes | 2/?

Gossip Girl has just announced that Nate’s been spotted with another girl and everyone is quick to call him a cheater until Blair finally admits that they broke up. She’s completely crushed and embarrassed. All along, Chuck was worried about his own butterflies and about being with Blair but it’s at this moment that he truly sees how upset and hurt she is. I love this scene because you can see the look of realization on his face as he notices how much pain she’s in and as he decides to actively do something to help her. He then brings her the necklace she wanted not as a way to promote a relationship with her but as a way to show her that she’s beautiful and worthy even if other people may not appreciate that. He doesn’t make a move on her because his focus is on her and her feelings at that moment. In the end, it’s Blair who chooses to initiate things after seeing what Chuck’s done for her.

This scene and the hug from 2x13 show that their relationship is about so much more than just physical attraction. There’s a depth to their relationship that stems from how much they genuinely care about each other as people and how much they’re willing to be there for each other. 


Ya se revelaron los detalles de la boda de Lionel Messi y Antonella Roccuzzo | La Hora ¡HOLA!

El futbolista Leo Messi y su novia Antonella Roccuzzo se casarán en la Catedral de Rosario, Argentina el próximo 30 de junio. El Hotel Pullman es el lugar de la recepción de la boda, en la cual, todos los jugadores del Barcelona están invitados, junto con los fisioterapistas, masajistas, utileros y médicos de la organización. La princesita Karina y el uruguayo Rombai parecen ser los encargados de musicalizar la noche y la reconocida Wedding Planner Farina Pavia es la persona que ha sido la organizadora de la ceremonia del futbolista y su futura esposa.