lol girl you are crazy


Mina, the funny girl, lol.

This little girl is full of energy and she loves to play with her mice especially the orange one, lol, I never saw a cat so excited and most of the time, when I show her the mouse, her eyes gets big and she gets excited, lol.

Tonight, we ate the dessert in the media room and thought we gonna have a quiet evening watching TV, yep, you can’t when you have a crazy little girl like Mina, lol. She thought it’s playing time. Not even 5 minutes in the media room, there she was running to us with the mouse in her mouth, she dropped it near my hubby’s foot, she meowed and waited that he throw the mouse, after he did, she ran to pick it up, we thought now we can eat, lol, no way, she came back few times with the mouse and her speciality it’s to put the mouse under the sofa, lol. When she does that, she looks at us and wait for me to bend down and pick up the mouse, usually I use the flyswatter and when she sees me grabbing the flyswatter, she gets nuts, she knows where I go with it, she runs in the media room and wait near the sofa and she looks under the sofa and then looks at me and wait that I get her mouse, lol. Clever girl, she is hilarious.

i was just thinking bout that scene where MC almost tells Zig about being James fiance & like I realized that since my MC (Rikka) is dating Zig they’d have to have this convo one day and like I made Rikka date everyone T_T

anyways i wrote the conversation below because i thought it would be funny

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Lol girl don't get too crazy calling other ppl ugly when you over draw your eyebrows like that.... like yikes I think you're projecting a little bit lol

Lol me who is a professional actor and model, who works with pro make up artists all the time and is complimented on my brows 24/7.

Get real, sweaty, if you’re a terf, you ugly. Not my fault that’s just how it is.

Sorry that you’re so ugly, boring and cowardly you’re stepping up to defend a terf anonymously.

Terfs are so silly. Yawn.