lol gi


I wanted to doodle outfits in theme of some of the places they traveled;;


  • His name has been set to “MUTO yugi” and Kaiba only calls him “Yugi”, not “Pharaoh” or “Atem” in the original dub of this duel.
  • His age has been set to 18, even though he’s supposed to be physically 16/had died at age 16. (It’s probably because of the animation/art style of the movie, but he does look a bit older, too)
  • He’s not wearing the Millennium Puzzle.
  • He wears those golden armbands that Egyptian characters in ygo would typically wear. I don’t think Yugi has those or would be the type to wear those, tbh.
  • Kaiba says at the beginning of the duel that he finally “found” Atem after he left Yugi and just kind of “vanished”.
  • Everything about this duel is based on Kaiba’s thoughts and takes place during the time of the excavation for the puzzle and the space station has already been built.

I didn’t think that this is Kaiba practicing his duel with Atem after he completes the puzzle. I just thought that maybe this is the life Kaiba would’ve wanted for Atem?? Like, he’s not stuck or attached to the puzzle. There’s none of this magic, pharaoh or destiny bs, he’s just some guy from Egypt who breathes, lives and ages just like a real person would. Kaiba even ignores the fact that he’s started an excavation for the puzzle that could resurrect Atem. He just pretends in this reality that Atem just vanished and went to hiding and not stuck inside an ancient golden pendant or simply dead. He probably set his name as “Yugi Muto” because that’s the name that the public would recognize as “Seto Kaiba’s rival”, I dunno. It’s still sad especially looking at how Kaiba adjusted the age to 18, as if he’s still alive. :(