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hear my heart and there’s an answered prayer
     feel the magic in the midnight air
          breathe it in, I want to pass it on
               the strength of finding somewhere you belong

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I'm sorry, but Jonghyun's face is getting fuller too fast, this isn't just eating better or resting, this is a side effect of cortisone or another medicine. He is naturally thin and a fast metabolism doesn't slow down suddenly. And LOL to Jong is happier because he is gaining weight and smiles. The world is full of depressed and overweight people and comedians who commit suicide. And the lack of love of the public and fans with the poor results as a soloist don't surely help his mental health!

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Allura: the Last Airbender

Book 1: Water

Chapter 1: The Girl in the Iceberg

Read on ao3

Lance sat as still as he could in his canoe, eyes tracking the water. A flash of silver met his grin as he poised his spear. “You’re not getting away from me this time.” Aim, pull back, thrust… miss. By a lot. Lance ran a hand down as his face with a groan. “You have got to be kidding me.” 

Fishing was… not Lance’s strong suit. Unfortunately it was one of the only places he could get a moment to himself.

A moment to himself…

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my mom helped me get this pretty baby since the listing would have ended tomorrow and i don’t get my money until the first :) she’ll just be able to take the money i owe her out of my account on monday.
but yeah this pretty baby will be called cocoa caramel and their gorgeous neon green eyes will guide me through my troubles…….

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So is it confirmed that nao likes ritsu? Isnt there a chance that he said he likes him to piss off takano? I mean, im totally ok with nao liking ritsu in a romantic way. In fact, i was looking forward to that. But is also kind of weird that he just found ritsu again and after all that time without contacting him he just pops up and says he likes him. It would have been more natural if nakamura would have giving us more hints of that not like just said it out of the blue. Sorry for my english

It’s okay, your English is fine!

I can’t say anything for sure, but the spoiler pages and summary do seem to point to Nao liking Ritsu. While I would hope it would mostly be testing Takano and seeing how serious he is/his resolve, it doesn’t seem to likely. Nakamura is a sucker for love rivals, and this would make a love square in Ritsu’s story! Drama all over the place allows for Nakamura to continue writing as she has been for a long time. It’s mostly down to a formula at this point with how repetitive things can be at times.

I agree with you that it would’ve been better for things to be more gradual, but the chapter we’re seeing now takes place almost 2 weeks after the last one, and an even longer time after the chapter in which me met Nao for the first time. I feel like we’re being left to assume there are things going on behind the scenes. It’d be natural for Nao and RItsu to be spending time together as we’re seeing in Chapter 26 after being apart for so long. If these feelings are real, I wouldn’t say it’d be too weird for them to be rekindled after meeting Ritsu again after such a long time.

The frustrating thing about it all is that- in my opinion at least - we were being led to assume that Nao was just going to be a close friend who wanted the best for RItsu. While I believe he’ll eventually be like An in that he’ll most likely fade into the background as a supporting character that simply wants Ritsu to be happy, for now we have to deal with what’s going on. As things get closer to the end of the countdown, I can only see things getting increasingly chaotic until there’s a sort of calm after it’s finally all “over”. There’s still Haitani and Ritsu’s whole family situation to deal with as well, so there is some wiggle room in what will be handled next. Even then, it’s most likely we’re getting an Erotica chapter in August because of how long it’s been since they’ve gotten anything new. So we still have a few years left at least in this series.