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sometimes i feel there’s a tendency to forget that Christianity is a religion that was born in the Middle East…not a religion founded by Europe. Many people in the MENA were Christian when Europe was still worshipping its pagan gods and polytheistic pantheons. yes, it is important to wrestle with how Europeans, after they converted to Christianity due to Roman imperialism, used it themselves as a tool for their own imperialism. but conflating the history of Christianity with whiteness comes off to me as actually a reproduction of white supremacy itself. like we’re attributing things to Europeans/whiteness again, and forgetting its Middle-Eastern roots. Eurocentric history, no?

this is actively harmful when it leads to the notion that Christians everywhere = privileged. they are not- MENA Christians are facing genocidal violence at the hands of ISIS right now, for instance. these people are not white or Westerners who can escape from this via Western privilege. If we go further back in time, the Ottoman Empire’s genocide was targeted at Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks, who were Christian minorities in what’s now modern Turkey. 


So I wrote this a while ago, and I’ve been singing it to myself for a while but I finally decided to get off my butt and record it. Gazillion-take Geeky held true.

Anyways, I saw Stronger Than Yous for Chara and they were all “bleeeh, I’m gonna kil you, determinattiiionnn, bOO MELTY FACE”. So this one is basically Chara being dragged through the Underground by Frisk and watching as they kill everyone they loved. What? I’m not dark.

Lyrics under the cut. You can remix or do covers or whatever (I’m new to this I’m sorry) just please credit me! :)

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Why are you only bringing shia genocide on topic? Sunnis are being killed too?

Genocide is not a trophy or anything. Highlighting Shia genocide doesn’t mean Sunni victims are less significant. It’s important to know that those victims aren’t targetted for their religious beliefs, they aren’t targetted for being Sunni. The fact that after all these deaths, we still hear that Shia genocide doesn’t exist really hurts me


Remember Kekistan

I don’t know why this video made me laugh so freaking hard, it’s so well made

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i've always thought sasuke was the one that hurt naruto more in their relationship. what's ur take on it?

i think in a lot of ways it comes off as sasuke being the primary antagonizer in their relationship with naruto acting as the victim, but thats largely due to the way the narrative frames sasuke as being completely irrational and against the greater good.

like sasuke has only gone out of his way to kill naruto once (and manipulated into doing that too!!) and he wasnt even able to finish the job. every fight between the two after that hasnt been sasuke antagonizing naruto but instead agreed upon battles between them. in everyone of those fights sasuke wasnt able to kill naruto and i really dont think he was trying to. either way theyre like. ninjas. it happens. smtimes u try to kill ppl its chill. 

but w naruto i think he genuinely means well for the majority of the series, but he is still very controlling of sasukes body. a lot of this is out of a genuine urge to protect sasuke (like orochimaru was going to steal sasukes body and sasuke said he didnt care ofc nart was trying to make him come back to the village) but either way sasuke is still not obligated to return to the village just bc his friend wants him too. instead naruto repeatedly tries to force him to return at threat of physical violence (and again theyre ninjas but like the fights between him and sasuke are most often antagonized by naruto who wont just leave him alone) 

even when naruto learns why sasuke wants to destroy the village he still tries to make sasuke come home and thats p fucked up since the village like. committed genocide lol. 

like even when sasuke no longer wants to destroy the village and instead wants a revolution or to act as the hokage and initiate change nart still like…. aint w that and its WEIRD. 

but like i think the whole “trying to kill u” vs the “trying to break ur legs and drag u home” is p balanced up until boruto where it turns out sasukes only staying inthe village w a woman he clearly doesnt love and isnt even able to interact w his child bc hes constantly out on some weird mission and is so so so miserable but stays bc of naruto is like

sasuke wins

sasuke got the short end of the stick 


Bringing the Egg back 2k16