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for the people that have the song blocked in their countries!!! 

Huevember Day 1: Oricorio (Pom-Pom)

Hello and welcome to another one of my art challenges! 😆 This month I’ll be doing Huevember, which is a 30 day art challenge where you use one main hue in your drawing per day. The theme I’ll be doing for this challenge is Pokemon gijinkas (since I don’t draw enough of them 😋), and as you can see, the Pokémon I’ve chosen to gijinka-fy today is Oricorio (Pom-Pom). 😊

I decided to draw an energetic cheerleader girl (Oricorios are easy to gijinka-fy lol) and put the “poofy” elements of Oricorio into the girl’s hair, pom-poms, and clothing. I also added the trimmings on Oricorio’s head to the girl’s clothes as well. All in all, I really liked how this turned out in the end~ ☺️

🎭EXO: “The Mask Concept” Part 3🎭

*****Okay so I’m making a new post about this because it is now relevant!*****

In late 2014, when I was taking a break from school and had a lot of time on my hands I compiled a lot of comeback rumors and created two posts, one on @kmexoplanet and one on here about a Phantom of the Opera concept that I thought EXO was going to use for their upcoming comeback. This was when the members were filming their pathcode teasers which is why rumors were flying around so much. part 1 | part 2

Here’s a much more condensed version of both of those posts (this will still be long lol):

Xiumin teased EXO’s “new” choreography in EXO’s first box (2013), something involving throwing a mask on the ground, yet it has never been shown in the comebacks following “Growl.”

Many fans have seen Kai practicing this mask dance (these are from Gayo Daejun 2013 and TLP Beijing)

Sehun was practicing this choreo on 141015 so we thought it was for the new comeback, but it ended up being for the Kolon CF, which looked slightly more like it went along with the mask concept, in my opinion

And I still believe that this choreo could be the 2016 comeback.

Now, as far as the new things go, I realize that this was just one post taken from twitter but

I didn’t think the mask dance would come back! Also the Baekhyun high note wasn’t that much of a surprise but whatever and Sehun’s recent insta/weibo post goes along with the blood stained shirt thing. 

And btw I have no idea what thtones is lmao I won’t even comment on it. I am clinging to the Ventage Frost Demo in the hopes that it will finally be the new song.

A lot of people are talking about the devil (lol) and 666, Michael vs. Lucifer, even One Piece! (theory here) and stuff which wasn’t I had originally thought but hey, it could go anywhere at this point. My imagination was going towards more Phantom of the Opera/Masquerade, especially combined with that demo song, it would be so nice. Also the “Light vs. Dark” concept is an old rumor too, and I thought that since the Kolon cf choero was like a battle that it went along with those rumors as well. Let me know what you guys think! I tried to not make this too long but it is. Lol oh well~

Credits: @fy-sehunoh, @d-hoes-baekon, @c92, @dailyexo, @xingbarachen There are links to many videos/fancams on the old posts even though a couple have been deleted. Most of the gifs are mine.


Hey guys, we have decided to address a few concerning issues regarding posts that discuss Kris’s nullification of his contract with SM. Having seen a number of supposedly ‘believable’ posts circulating the internet, we would like to remind you that:

  • Posts coming from any source, no matter how official they may seem, can still be written from a biased viewpoint. Please read between the lines and do not believe everything you see.

  • Translations may still be translated with bias in mind. Please remember that translators can choose how they translate a post in order to put one party or another in a bad light.

  • Withhold judgement from both parties until you know the full story. Speculating or assuming that events have happened without prior knowledge can be harmful, and spreading rumours is worse. In our opinion, the best thing to do is remain neutral and support both parties: Kris for his future, and EXO for their future.

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