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Ok, so, Not-Freddy is just standin’ around,

mindin’ his own business.

But suddenly, oh noes!

A giant… sarcophagus… robot?

…with a fuchsia triangle on its chest?

…that can’t move its arms, but shoots lasers…

…that move slowly enough for you to duck under?

And then, they all abruptly do… uh… a little operating room skit?

And then, Not-Freddy has a mustache over his mask? Because… surgeons are so well-known for their wild-west-villain facial hair, I guess?

And then, she gets a mustache, too? …even bigger than his? …for even less-explainable reasons?

And then, Colin realized he couldn’t tell whether these were actual events in a cartoon he was watching, or just some bizarre fever dream.

If I wake up from this mysterious unreality, I’ll let you know.

*early in the episode*

*Scooby dashes inside to escape the monster*

*moment of silence*

*Scooby exits again, without a word*

*takes time to wipe his paws off on the mat*

Me: “Whoa! That’s, like… an actual joke, which never happens in the show! That’s worth 1/3rd of a point, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo.”

*much later*

*the whole gang is freaked out by the aforementioned monster*

*they all frantically run inside*

*moment of silence*

*they exit again, and – simultaneously – all wipe their feet off*

Me: “Ok, that’s cheesy and wonderful. 2/3rds of a point.”

*monster immediately scrambles inside after them*

*moment of silence*

Me: “…pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease–”



this made me so dang happy you don’t even know