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Super short drabble based on Mashima’s twitter from yesterday! 

@rboz This was the fluff I was talking about on twitter :3c


To disturb a dragon slayer’s sleep was a dangerous for anyone to attempt, and precious few ever got away with their lives.  

There was only one that Gajeel Redfox would allow to wake him without a grumble, and her way was far more gentle than he deserved, let alone expected. She would poke his cheek gently, prodding the soft flesh as she would hold her breath to keep from giggling. If he was slow to respond, she would poke him again, letting the digit linger on his skin as her other fingers would graze his jaw softly. Usually by then he’d wake, or pretend to wake seeing as her very presence would snatch his awareness. Most of the time she would let him rest before rousing him.  

Their children weren’t as considerate, unfortunately.  

Especially if he made the foolish decision to try and nap on the couch after returning from a hard mission. He’d beg for just a few minutes of sleep before joining in on their games, something that Levy was gracious enough to understand and keep the twins occupied till he was up again.  

However, despite her best efforts to keep both of them distracted, there were sometimes when one twin would sneak past her and creep up to the couch, giggling under their breaths. He’d keep as still as he could as he felt their tiny fingers bush against his cheek, poking him as the giggling intensified. Not subtle at all, he’d muse as the poking turned into jabbing. He’d wait for a bit before jumping up and taking the child by surprise, growling playfully as he swept them up and whirled them around as they screeched loudly. By then, Levy would rush in with the other twin, sighing in mock exasperation as the other twin would join in on the fun, leaving her to shake her head.  

Only a dragon slayer’s family was allowed to disturb his sleep, no matter how they did such a task.  

Since Appmon never have Fresh/In-Training/Baby forms, I thought of making one for my own. I think of them like “Bases” of sorts. Like I hc Appmon are born with a definite base and as they are coded specifically what type of app they’re based from. 

In whatever order: Social (light blue), Navi (green), Tool (purple), System (yellow), Game (orange), Entertainment (red) and Life (pink).

Lastly, some interesting design notes: I had a hard time figuring out some Base Appmon like Entertainment and then I remembered Monimon of Xros Wars and thank god I took the inspiration from it. Game was a little tricky so I had to entirely base its design on a game controller with stubby feet added to make it look like a walking controller lol.

I’m 15 followers away from 100😭. I know that doesn’t seem like much but I’ve only had this blog a month and I didn’t think I’d even get 5 followers. Thank you too all you beautiful people who decided to click that follow button. Please don’t be afraid to talk to me sometime ❤

anyway march 25th is cursed and i have questions

to recap (not like anyone needs it):

  1. March 25th, 2015, Zayn leaves the band
  2. March 25th, 2016, Dax Holt (formerly of TMZ) did a video in which he included the Larry conspiracy, babygate, and had a poll, even, to see what people thought about Larry/the baby. Also, Mind of Mine, Zayn’s debut album, came out.
  3. March 25th, 2017; Liam Payne debuts his first child, Harry breaks his social media silence on IG/Twitter and updates his page on FB by changing his icon/header to white, and adding three blank white photos, and releases a video commercial during the voice that teases his new music.

so my questions;

  1. What exactly did Zayn’s leaving set in motion, as it was just an ordinary/boring day before then? I mean. March 25th wasn’t always “cursed” (haha), though now it seems like something coordinated (at the very least)/contractual (at the very most) always takes place on that day. Which leads me to my next question…..
  2. ….Is said coordination primarily about image? About current 1DHQ losing a shred of power over each of the boys? The band as a whole? And also….
  3. How did/would Zayn’s leaving impact that/the events of march 25th if Zayn’s leaving wasn’t coordinated with band/individual image? (NOTE: I am not implying anything, I’m just typing all the questions that arise as I dive into this hellhole)

I mean obviously I’m no expert and I can only glean what I see but. Like. It’s shady, innit? A band member leaving is sure to set some things in motion, but why does the 25th seem so… explosive?

Drawing some messy fanart for a mobile app game that I’ve been playing for awhile and have been consuming my life. 

Its a choose-your-adventure kind of game with different genre of stories. I recommend playing it if you’re into interactive visual novel. The writing is really good compared to all the other similar game I’ve played. You can find it via Google play under the name: Choices (Stories You Play)

I went with the default hairstyle for my MC that is the same as the book cover cuz I love how she looks already :D (MC has freckles~) Also, her name is Samantha.