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“Quintessence is, as we know, a manifestation of life itself, as seen in various forms… while the most common is life force in its rawest state, a dark matter (assumed to be the fifth alchemical element, or essence, after earth, air, fire, and water) postulated to explain observations of an accelerating universe…”

“The highest levels are found in the heart, primarily due to the function of distributing… life, essentially, to the rest of the body; In fact, some studies have detected larger activity waves… during times of heavy stress or emotion. The most curious finding, however, was the discovery of matching signatures emanating from two separate life forms;”

“The opposing signatures appearing first, of course, directly over the heart.”

Something I’m super self-conscious about is my inability to remember names.

I’ve heard about Autistic people not able to recognize faces (propoagnosia…I think I misspelled it…) but I have a really hard time recalling names of people I’ve met before. I’ve had friends or casual acquaintances where I’ve gone weeks or months without knowing their names, because I get too embarrassed to ask them to tell me! And it’s so frustrating, because obviously I know who they are, but I just can’t remember their name. 

I don’t know why, maybe it’s an association issue. Like the same way I know PLACES, but I can’t remember street signs or names of familiar boulevards/neighborhoods.etc, despite having lived in a place for years. That’s super embarrassing too, because then I think people will think I’m stupid and treat me like I’m a toddler when I’m not, I just cannot remember the name of the person/place I’m trying to describe.

If anyone else out there has this issue, please know you are not alone! I know how frustrating and alienating it can feel, but please know that you are not “stupid” or “infantile” for these issues! 

mangahood ed in high school: that smug kid in the back of the class who doesn’t pay attention but still gets good grades and everyone in the school loves him despite being a snarky asshole because he’s just that person who you sense has this automatic respect for you and wants to see everyone who truly deserves it succeed in life and you see that he’ll have this infectious ambition for the rest of his life

03 ed in high school: that angsty quiet kid stewing in his own little world who always seems to be angry about something but when you talk to him for more than a few seconds you realize he’s secretly really compassionate and all his anger comes from wishing he could fix the world and you just know he’ll go far in life once he gets out of this place and sees what the future holds and what he could do when he’s not tied down

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Can I ask what book you were reading from for the tumblr accent challenge? You have a lovely voice btw 💛

hey! i was reading from ray bradbury’s the illustrated man, more specifically his short story called the veldt. its one of my favourites :) and thank you!! 💚