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Against the black 
I have more fervour 
than you in all the splendour of that place, 
against the blackness 
and the stark grey 
I have more light; 

and the flowers, 
if I should tell you, 
you would turn from your own fit paths 
toward hell, 
turn again and glance back 
and I would sink into a place 
even more terrible than this.


ok so my lowkey theorizing self thought that this bit from schneeple’s second appearance back in december was interesting, in regards to the anti/schneeplestein theories. (although 99% of this is just jack being a silly lol, so these are just ideas rather than actual theory :P)

for starters, this is after halloween, so if the “anti’s been running the channel not jack” theory stands, then anti and schneeple are def separate from each other, at least “normally”

also, going along with the normal “anti’s coming back after jack/channel again” theory and “anti might have infected schneeple/working together” theory, schneeple seemed like a (mostly) good character that wouldn’t have a reason to go after jack. especially since jack thought he was “one of the greatest people he ever met”. 

So, what happened to schneeple to change him from “the good doctor” to “the bad doctor”? did anti happen? maybe anti’s using him and his doctor skills to get closer to jack, making it easier to get rid of him once and for all?

and finally, going with the whole “jack trusting schneeple” thought, AND jack’s tweet hinting at anti and schneep already being in a video together, i wanted to bring up a thing in scheeple’s bio inc vid. 

schneep says, “I have been enlisted to give my services to the great people of the internet. Oh that last guy. He was a sham. He was a travesty. He does not know how to operate.” maybe it was jack who got schneeple to “give his services”, cos again, schneep’s the greatest :D.

but ALSO, what if Anti also enlisted him? and better yet, what if anti’s the other guy schneeple’s referring to, thus confirming jack’s tweet and that anti was actually in the other bio vids? 

plus, since anti DID fail on killing jack on halloween, AND redundantly did two neck scars in the pax video for some odd reason, of course he’d be “a travesty” in the eyes of dr. schneeplestein haha…..

almost nobody interesting lives near me and the only people i enjoy talking to are people online who live like, hundreds of miles away from me sadly

and it’s been like this for years basically? i have friends from high school that i talk to but we don’t necessarily have the same exact interests and we just got along because mutual friends but it just feels



probably going to delete this later just needed to (literally) scribble out a vent drawing during lunch at work 

If y’all are going to learn anything from me: Don’t do credit cards kids!

I just had a moment with a mouse. Here I am in my room, in bed attempting to sleep, when I hear this pitter patter in my room. I turn the light on, and there is a mouse on the ledge near my window. It kept darting back and forth on the ledge, so I grabbed a pair of gloves and trying not to spook it, approached very carefully. This mouse didn’t seem to afraid to be honest, it seemed a bit more curious about me. I held out one of my gloved hands next to it, and he mouse seemed unsure at first so moved away. But I kept still and kept my hand there and in a few seconds it came back and eventually made its way to my hand. We seemed to have a conversation almost. Like it was asking me for help and I responded with “Don’t worry little guy, I’m gonna help ya out.” So with that, it slowly crawled onto my hand, and I slowly and carefully made my way downstairs, opened the back door and let the little guy go outside. We had a connection there for a moment.

And that is my Wednesday night.

Went to Wal-Mart in Indiana with a friend a few days ago and spotted some ammo and decides to spend money there for the first time in, god, over 10 years. I spend 30 minutes trying to find a guy to let me into their ammo case and I’m ready to spend about $100. By the time I find him it’s 10:02 and he tells me they can’t sell ammo after 10 pm. Bitch…if you had watched your post it would have been 9:30.

Optimus dropped their relationship ages ago and megatron is still a sentimental sparkbroken old mech who’s having trouble letting go like in the movies hes all like ‘who would you be without me prime,’ and then prime is like ‘time to find out’ then proceeds to rip his head out like???? Excuse ???you?? too??? and now two movies later megatron is all ‘we were brothers once’ like loooo. oooook sweeeeeetie this behaviour aint good for either of you, you gotta let go babe. Then Op ofc is gotta be like ‘once’ like binch way rub more salt and vinegar into a wound yall i havent even seen the movie but like megs sweetie its time to find someone who will love you for you again