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a/n: so, looking through my drafts i found this drabble (that’s not really a drabble) i wrote in response to this post. i don’t even remember how long it’s been sitting there, oops.

@jonsasnow & @soapieturner i’m not even sure if i managed? but i tried! 

Sansa always gets what she wants; Jon never stands a chance.

It starts like this:

Somewhere along the line, Jon Snow gets encapsulated into a neat, little corner of her mind labelled ‘off limits’. Her brother’s best friend that everyone in the family has come to love dearly; soft-spoken, well-mannered, so bloody chivalrous you’d think he came right out one of those period dramas she so liked – even if he spends most of his time brooding. Such a good influence to Robb, her parents would say—have said.

And they—Sansa and Jon—they’re not exactly friends but neither are they complete strangers. She’s his best friend’s little sister, so Sansa understands his need to keep his distance—so is Arya, she wants to point out sometimes, so is Arya and you don’t keep her at arm’s length. He’s her big brother’s best friends—and Robb’s and Bran’s and Rickon’s and Arya’s brother in all but blood; her parents’ quasi-son—so she might as well just accept the distance.

So, that distance – maybe it is the reason why she’d grown such an all-consuming crush on Jon Snow. She knows him, she does, yet somehow it feels like he remains such a mystery; wants to know him better, wants to be closer. Sansa wants and wants and wants.

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me: playing “Fifteen″ by Taylor Swift on 15th birthday

me: playing “18″ by 5SOS and 1D on 18th birthday

me: playing “21″ by Hunter Hayes on 21st birthday

me: playing “22″ by Taylor Swift on 22nd birthday

also me: playing “Forever Young” on every birthday


Took that old megahood I mentioned the other day (which seems to be an early backup of another one I played… I think this is the one with the resurrected and horribly glitch-faced Willow and Lyla) and finally did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time… this is what it looks like if you smash down half the Pleasantview mountains, and then cram in every family from all of the subhoods. I always forget about the families scattered across the subhoods because they’re not right in front of me! So now there’s not a single playable sim who lives anywhere other than Pleasantview proper (excepting the uni students and the Pleasantview townies). Even the sim-bin sims. Almost all of them even still have their own houses. (Moving everybody out and then back in took like 2 days, literally, tons of frustration over lots not wanting to go places they should and loads of anxiety over the potential to accidentally bin a lot with a gravestone or something and HOURS OF LOADING SCREENS. I’ll be seeing loading screens in my sleep.) 


The unscripted Umbrellas Of Cherbourg kiss @ Worlds 2008