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19 Jagged/Gabriel


This is for the “SIN” prompts I took- *sin being in quotes because anyone who reads my work knows how seriously I take anything LOL* 

#19- Sharing a bed: Jagged Stone/Gabriel Agreste. 

Mwahahahahahaha. Enjoy. 

Gabriel ran his fingers through his hair and for the hundredth time that evening wondered how he had managed to get himself into this situation.

“Gabe,” a whispered voice giggled from behind him.

“Be quiet Jonathan I need to think.” Gabriel said.

“You see that’s your problem, you think too much,” The American laughed flopping down onto the hotel mattress with a loud flop.

“Well someone in the room has to, seeing as right now you have the mental capacity of an inbred toddler,” Gabriel said reverting back to his native tongue.

“Man, you know I can’t really understand French properly when I am drunk,” Jonathan whined, rolling around on the small bed and knocking at least one pillow to the floor.

“I know,” Gabriel replied with a smirk.

“Hey, not cool man!”

“Just sit there and be quiet for a minute,” Gabriel sighed in English again. As much fun as it was to torment his companion, right now he needed him to be compliant.

It was the middle of the night, and this hotel, like every other they had tried before it, was completely sold out save for this room. He was trapped in the tiny single room with his highly intoxicated former classmate and self proclaimed ‘best friend’ in an unfamiliar city.

He knew this trip had been a mistake, potential social connections be damned.

“I already told you,” Jonathan grinned, “the one bed isn’t a problem. In fact I think it might be exactly what the doctor ordered.”

Gabriel felt his stomach drop. “You have got to be kidding me.”

“Come on you have to have thought about it.”

“No I most certainly have not.”

“Two good looking guys like us?”

“Not even if I was held at gunpoint.”

“I mean this might be your big chance. After all when Jagged Stone becomes a household name-”

“I am never going to call you by that ridiculous moniker.”

“-don’t you want to be able to say, ‘hey! I was there first.’”

Gabriel couldn’t resist a soft snort. “I highly doubt I would have that dubious honor.”

“Well, first guy. I mean, of course you wouldn’t be the first, first. That was Kelli Dobbson back in the 9th grade. Did I ever tell you about that? So I go over to her house and her parents aren’t home-”

“Please for the love of God stop talking.”

“Come on Gabe! Have some fun. Show me what you got!”

“I’d rather go outside and freeze.”

“But it would be great! I mean, you’re like, the guy. My main man Gabe. Gabe the Babe. Hey that’s catchy can I call you that?”

“No,” Gabriel snapped wondering if he just get away with just knocking his companion unconscious. Given his level of intoxication there was a high chance he wouldn’t remember in the morning anyways anyways.


“Don’t you dare. I am not in the mood to listen to your strangled wailing.”

“You Knooooowww you waaaaaaaant Meeeeeeeeeeee.”

“Jonathan it is almost two in the morning, no one wants to be subjected to your pathetic attempts at singing.”

“Yooooouuuuuu Knoooooooooooooowwwwww”

Gabriel grabbed the pillow off the floor and flung it in his companion’s face.

“ Hey! I didn’t know you liked it rough! Come On Baaaaaabe! Give it to meeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Oh dear god…”

“I mean if you wanted to get kinky just get me another two shots of burbon and I’m good for whatever. I CAN GO AAAAAAALL NIIIIIIIGHT LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!”

“Ok that’s it.” Gabriel grabbed up his coat storming to the door and flinging it open only to stop short at the sight of a irritated young woman, clearly in her sleep clothes, hand already poised to knock at the door.

“Well that was unexpected,” she said, shaking her head slightly.

“I apologize, may I help you miss…?”

“Gabe who’s the hottie?” Jonathan interrupted, attempting to climb off the bed and instead falling into a giggling tangled heap on the floor.

“Is that the source of the strangled cat noises I have been hearing?” The woman asked, leaning around to look at the man on the floor.

Gabriel sighed. “I’m afraid my companion is well past his alcohol tolerance.”

“I am not past anything, I will drink you under the table! And then I will take you over the table! Hahaha I’m hilarious.”

“He is your lover?” The woman asked with a slight raise of her eyebrow.

“Absolutely not.” Gabriel snapped.

“I see,” the woman asked, with such a sense of certainty that Gabriel actual believed that she had in fact gotten the complete sense of the the situation in the scant few seconds she had been there.  

“I am sorry if you have been disturbed,” Gabriel said pulling on his coat and grabbing up his wallet and sketchbook, “if he continues to cause any trouble feel free to call the front desk and have him removed.”

“Gabe!” Jonathan whined, “where are you going?”

“Sleep it off Jonathan,” Gabriel seethed. He pulled the door shut behind him and headed out towards the lobby.

“Excuse me?”

He turned back to the woman who was looking at him now with the faintest hint of amusement.

“Are you planning on being out all night then? It’s below freezing out you know.”

“I would sooner take my chances out there then get molested by a drunken aspiring musician.”

“You don’t seem very concerned for your friend.”

“Acquaintance. Friend is a rather strong word.” Gabriel said with a smirk.

“Why do I get the feeling that your intoxicated acquaintance is the closest thing you have to an actual companion.

Gabriel said nothing, his eyes narrowing in annoyance at her somewhat invasive, if entirely accurate, assessment.

“Do you have any money?” She asked.

“Pardon?” Gabriel asked completely thrown by the strange segway.

“I said, Do you have any money?”

“Why is that relevant?”

“My room has a two double beds and while perfectly with in my budget was more expensive than I would have liked. Perhaps we could be mutually beneficial to each other.”

Gabriel gave the woman an appreciative once over. “I see. Well in that case, yes I do have some funds. I am very much  obliged to you miss…”

“Sancoeur. Nathalie Sancoeur.”

“Gabriel Agreste. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

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*talks into walkie-talkie* Operation Cheer Seven Up is a go! Did you know that my cat (yes, the one that tried to lick your profile picture when I showed her ur blog) loves being pet so much that it's become a problem? I can't walk rn, so when I am busy doing something on my computer, sleeping, reading, etc. she'll lay on my scooter and dig her claws in so that I can't use it. I have to give her pets and kisses before she'll get off and let me go. So, say, if I really have to use the bathroom...

lolol hopefully she doesn’t turn that into a crappy situation but it sounds like she loves u a lot! ….or loves ur attention a lot lol

thank u for sending this my way ^^


If there is one thing that I like in Toei’s portrayal of Hanvi is how they show Gohan and Videl silently looks at each other in different situations, like they would search for the other’s opinion or they could read the other’s mind just with their eyes. Like a sign of trust and love.

It can be me reading too much, but it’s cute anyways.

The fact that today is Valentine’s day is just a coincidence. lol.


ATY [LWD & SKOP] CHALLENGE ★ D-01 — One Parallel: Then & Now

Rose Calloway on being a mom + having kids

That’s how scared she is. “What frightens you about having kids?” I ask her, skimming her palm with my fingers, tracing the lines while she comes to an answer.

She goes rigid, and I sit all the way up and rub her legs that peek beneath the sheet. “Failure,” she says with a tight voice. “What if they hate me? What if I don’t show them the love they deserve? What if I turn out like my mother and suffocate each one?” She pauses.“I don’t want to ruin a human being, Richard.

Kiss the Sky, chapter 45


“But…” Eliot frowns.

“But what?”

“I can call you when I’m twenty and in college, can’t I?” he asks. “You’ll still be around to teach me how to fold?”

Tears brim, and I nearly shed an actual tear. I skim my finger beneath my eye, avoiding smudged mascara. Having children has been like viewing the Titanic a million times in succession. I could cry at the stupidest, silliest, most inane and nauseatingly adorable moments. I could cry at the sight of any of them, for any reason, for anything.

I take a deep, vital breath that grips my heart. “Whenever you need me, I’ll always be here.”

Some Kind of Perfect, chapter 60

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Why do you guys care so much about yanderedev? I'm not trying to white knight, I'm just new to his whole situation and am genuinely curious. Isn't it just counter-productive to run a blog like this, as it gives him even more attention ?

lol idk if you read the blog but people are coming to us Daily telling us theyve dropped yandev because of us but shrug emoji i guess



I was re-reading the Paradox Space comic that Hussie wrote about Dad taking John shopping and boring him to death to @rosekarkat not long ago and we both talked about how supportive Dave was to John’s first world problems with his guardian when his own situation was so much worse and how he didn’t try to make John feel bad or scolded him but gently hinted that his dad is probably doing it out of love and just wants to spend time with him and look at Dave here how supportive is he still, because he knows how much Dad means to John

Oh man, I seem to really enjoy drawing Danny in various fantasy-style outfits. eue

Anyways, this may seem a little apropos of nothing but OH MY GOSH I HAD ANOTHER DP AU IDEA

Danny Phantom and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle fusion!!! With Danny in a situation similar to Sakura and Dimensional Ghost Clockwork with Mokona!Observers (lol). The Tsubasa influence is going to be very loose though. Direct parallels don’t really work with these two and I never actually finished reading Tsubasa soo… Huehue, I just want an epic adventure across time and space, tons of character development, contemplations of self-identity, and the strength of the bonds of friendship.

Aahhh, there are multiple ways I can develop this. Anyone wanna be my sounding board?

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Outsiders ship? I'm 5'3 with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. I'm Hispanic, with "Really nice legs". I love reading, writing, and watching movies. I LOVE hiking, playing floor hockey and football. I only wear things that make me comfortable so... I laugh really easily, I'm introverted, very awkward in all situations, and also sometimes anti-social. I try to stay positive in every situation, but anxiety ruins that too much. I love photography, and music too. Thank you lol

I ship you with: Darry Curtis. He would love your eyes, hair, and basically everything about you. To him you are the most beautiful person in the world. He would think it’s adorable how you laugh so easily. He’d always try to help you in situations where things may be awkward for you, such as ordering food or something (my best friend does that, bless his lil heart) He’d do his best to make you feel confident and positive and even though he’s always busy he makes sure he always has time for you :)

Your best friend would be: Johnny Cade, you two have the same personality. You guys are always together and you tell each other everything.

Your sibling would be: Two-Bit Mathews. He’s be an insanely protective brother, always telling Darry if he hurt you there would be hell to pay. He was always there for you and he’d make sure no one was ever mean to you.

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stop it!! i just read your blog post and we are in same situation transferring back to CT. I cannot convince myself to waste anymore money on my education in SC when i can accomplish it for so much less back home

OMG. I’m so glad someone else feels this way. I saw your posts about transferring too and I was like omg, we are the same person (also anyone that lives in CT that I follow I feel like we’re the same person lol). I was actually looking at southern too, because it’s so close to my house and so cheap. Are you a sophomore?

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I just read that you have a bf and I so happy for you omg . I just came here to see if you posted any new fics or drabbles but this is so much better! when did this happen ?(I haven't been on this website for forever) lol

okay firstly can i just say that i cannot believe there is even a single human person who comes to my blog specifically to read my fic and that makes me like……. really happy? like wow thank you?

secondly i feel like i got some splainin to do re: the bf situation for peepz so just real quick:

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You know those plush diseases, right? What if, just what if Law's S/O grabs a bunch of them and dumped them on him while he was just sitting there reading a book or something and says, "Look at all these diseases you've got now." Can you write some head cannons about how he's react? Lol. And I'm a little curious about how Kid and Corazon would react to that same situation with their S/O.

tchhh a funny image! :)


  • will abashedly look around him and all the stuff toys
  • the situation is a bit much for his anti-social soul
  • even tho he secretly likes stuffed animals
  • “Uhhhm…(Name)…would you please pick them up again?”
  • And continue to awkwardly read his book and shake his head


  • was probably sleeping
  • “What the hell is this shit?”, he’d ask and kick the toys away
  • Hearing his s/o giggle would make him turn around to them
  • “(Name) what the fuck?”


  • He’s a bit awkward with this but actually finds them pretty cute
  • He would take one in his hands and tell his s/o that he did not have such cute stuffed toys a kid
  • At a 90% chance it’s gonna catch fire