lol folksters

Okay, so. I am conducting an experiment.

New blog, located here.  I thought it would be cool and convenient to have all of our funny pics and gifs of our favorite musicians compiled in one place.  So far it’s Mumford heavy, but I’d like for it to have all of our folkies.  (M&S, NATW, Johnny Flynn, TAB, Bob Dylan, Laura Marling, KC…you get the idea.)

I’m considering opening it up to other music genres, too?  IDK.

Submissions would be very nice…

As The Banjo Turns...

He thinks he’s been successful at hiding his feelings for Ben, but I know.  I know, and it’s slowly killing me.  I watch his trim hips thrust rhythmically as he plays his banjo, and I know that tonight I’ll be comforting him yet again…a poor substitute for the one he truly wants.  Will he ever open his eyes and see what we could have together?  What we could be?  Or will he just slowly destroy what little is left of my heart?  ~ Ted

As The Banjo Turns...(5/14/12)

I can feel him drifting away from me, and I don’t know what to do.  I’ve tried everything.  Curse these smooth, hairless cheeks!  He tries to act like nothing is wrong, but I can tell.  I see the longing in his eyes every time a beard passes by…I see how he stares at Win when he thinks I’m not looking.  There is a desperation in our bedplay that was never there before.  The scratches on my back are a constant reminder of him, and how close I am to losing him.  ~  Marcus

As The Banjo Turns...(5/11/12)

He has grown a mustache and neckbeard for me because he knows how very much I love facial hair on a man.  The slight rasp and tickle adds a special something to our lovemaking.  However, there is a tiny, guilty part of me that wonders what it would be like if he could grow a full manly beard.  The slight tickle of his sparse mustache surely pales in comparison to the forest of facial hair with which Winston tempts me.  At times, I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to resist the siren call of Winnie’s glorious beard.  ~  Ben