lol folksters


I’m back…sorta.  For now, there’ll be sporadic postings of the utterly ridiculous drama “As The Banjo Turns.”  Is there trouble in paradise for Benj and Marcus?  Will Winnie ever confess his secret love?  Does Ted have any yearnings of his own?  Stay tuned…

I’m happy to take submissions, too…writing short paragraphs is easy, but editing photos is still something I just don’t have the time for!  Sorry if you don’t find the new material amusing…I do, and that’s always been the first goal for me.  :)

Also Marcuck likes it.

Okay, so. I am conducting an experiment.

New blog, located here.  I thought it would be cool and convenient to have all of our funny pics and gifs of our favorite musicians compiled in one place.  So far it’s Mumford heavy, but I’d like for it to have all of our folkies.  (M&S, NATW, Johnny Flynn, TAB, Bob Dylan, Laura Marling, KC…you get the idea.)

I’m considering opening it up to other music genres, too?  IDK.

Submissions would be very nice…

Watch on

Marcus Mumford (the thrusty gorilla) and Justin Hayward-Young (in a pedophile mask).  Doing horrible horrible things.  The very thought of this video still gives me nightmares.