lol fake drunk

[Doodle 7-23-16] 賣醉上等: the drinking game.

I am thinking if Ocelot is drug resisted than he should be alcohol resisted as well? So far I knew BB has zero tolerance in drug or food poision due to I died so many time because of eating wrong thing (´;ω;`);well, I think if these 2 start a drinking game then 100% Adamska gonna win it… however, as a cat, maybe he would fake drunk to trick BB… like the nature of a realy cat.

I did do dialogue bubbles but find it really destracting after cleaning up. Whithout the dialogue it’s less Booselot I guess…. 

here is those dialogues I want to put in originally, take it or drop it LOL
(Adam is 100% faking drunk, John is more like 70%… bewared)

A: I totally won the last round
J: No you didn’t
A: I am still walking right? Anyway, you are going to sleep with me.
J: Am I?
A: You just promised.
J: I don’t remember that.
A: ублюдок (you bastard).

I just love this couple, can find small happiness here and there. To me, the only 2 people can make John smile is probably Miller(PW) and Ocelot(V)