lol fake drunk

I hate that ppl apply this pedantic snopes attitude to dumb stuff but not to anything that’s important

people will go ‘lol fake’ at completely plausible drunk stories and literally immediately afterwards they’ll reblog a post that says the guyanese government put babybel in american drinking water to cull the lactose intolerant like #signal boost #did not know this

[Doodle 7-23-16] 賣醉上等: the drinking game.

I am thinking if Ocelot is drug resisted than he should be alcohol resisted as well? So far I knew BB has zero tolerance in drug or food poision due to I died so many time because of eating wrong thing (´;ω;`);well, I think if these 2 start a drinking game then 100% Adamska gonna win it… however, as a cat, maybe he would fake drunk to trick BB… like the nature of a realy cat.

I did do dialogue bubbles but find it really destracting after cleaning up. Whithout the dialogue it’s less Booselot I guess…. 

here is those dialogues I want to put in originally, take it or drop it LOL
(Adam is 100% faking drunk, John is more like 70%… bewared)

A: I totally won the last round
J: No you didn’t
A: I am still walking right? Anyway, you are going to sleep with me.
J: Am I?
A: You just promised.
J: I don’t remember that.
A: ублюдок (you bastard).

I just love this couple, can find small happiness here and there. To me, the only 2 people can make John smile is probably Miller(PW) and Ocelot(V)