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fake dating! zimbits

It was only by a stroke of luck that Jack happened to look at his phone just as he exits the lecture hall. The group chat was blowing up – the group chat was always blowing up these days – but the lack of all-caps or exclamation marks caught his attention right away.

Eric Bittle: Guys, I wouldn’t ask this of y’all if I really didn’t need this, but I have to ask a HUGE favor of one of you.

Shitty Knight: brah are you dying

Justin Oluransi: You can have my kidney, Bits.

Adam Birkholtz: u aren’t gonna save that for me just in CASE, JUSTIN?

Larissa Duan: shit, bitty, r u ok

Eric Bittle: Um, yeah, mostly, I just…..need someone to pretend to be my boyfriend.

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My Puppy

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Pairing: Taehyung X Reader-First Person View

Genre & Warnings: SMUT, fluff, pet play. 

Word Count: 4,406

NOTE: Pure Filth. Turn back now if you don’t want to see. Turning Tae Tae into my Fuck Puppy (Thanks Anon). Soft femdom. Let me tell you, it was an EXPERIENCE writing this, and I am still not perfectly pleased with it. Mostly because I’m never happy with my own smut writing. I had to do so much research, so google probably thinks I’m freaky naughty af. Which I suppose I am considering I wrote this lol. So, for those that are hardcore into this and think I didn’t portray it well enough, I’m sorry, I tried. And I learned quite a bit about myself, like the fact that if I ever get my hands on someone like Tae, I am so going to try this. Now enjoy, and excuse me as I go drench myself in holy water to cleanse myself of sin. 

“You know, I hate the winter. It reminds me of your cold heart.”

My now ex-boyfriend mutters this line, looking into the snowy sky. He sighs loudly and saunters off, without looking back. What a fucking drama queen. I can’t help but snort as I watch him disappear into the light snowfall, and wonder what movie he got that line from.

Cold heart.

I don’t have a cold heart. He was just a damn bore. He never wanted to do anything but watch movies, and freaked out if I suggested anything besides missionary. I’ve been thinking about breaking up with him for weeks now, but was putting it off because I knew he’d cry. This saved me all the hassle.

Note to self: Don’t date actors.

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Baekhyun Birthday Project: EXO’rDIUM in North America!

Hi guys! As many of you are aware, Exo will be coming to North American at the end of April! I am lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend, and I was thinking since it’s so close to Baekhyun’s birthday (May 6th) and many of us cannot attend his party, why don’t we make the tour special? I think it would be cool if we could sing happy birthday to him during the concert! As international fans we are not always given the opportunity to participate with events such as birthdays, so this could be a good chance for us to create a special moment with Baekhyun while celebrating the happy occasion of his birthday! Some information below:

  • We will start singing during the last ment only during Baekhyun’s speaking part. Let’s be respectful to all of Exo and not cut them off while they’re talking! We will start to sing right before he talks.
  • The last ment takes place after “Lucky One.” That is when we will begin to sing!
  • Because of the short notice and lack of funds, it is not possible for me to make banners for us to hold up, but it would be nice if we could all raise our lightsticks or turn on our phone flashlights to create a silver ocean for our Baekhyun!
  • We will be singing the English version of the “Happy Birthday” song (This may be obvious but! just want to clarify lol)
  • This project is aimed to take place at the Newark concert, April 25th. This is simply because that is the only concert I will be attending, and it’s not really possible to create a project for shows I’m not attending. BUT, if it’s a success, I encourage those who are attending the LA or Mexico City shows to carry on the project!
  • Please spread the word! On Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram - wherever you find home in the fandom. The key to this taking off is communication. Also, my friends and I plan on spreading word in the line the day of the concert, feel free to do so as well!

I hope that we can spread word of this project and create a special memory for Baekhyun! As we all know, he adores Aeris and even his birthday is an excuse for him to spend time with them, why not make it so he can celebrate his birthday with ALL of his fans? Even if you are not attending the concert, please reblog & share this so we can spread word!

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! As I said above, I will be attending the April 25th concert in Newark and I will be available at the venue that whole day, don’t be a stranger :)

A Lesson In Courtesy

In honor of the sweet and wonderful @riahchan‘s birthday, I have written a little bit of Starkling fluff.

Jon is in the rookery when word reaches him.

The king has been injured.

He does not wait to hear more from the skinny lad that has been sent to find him, and all but sprints down the tower stairs into the keep proper, roughly jostling past servants and guardsman in his way. 

A coldness grips at his heart, far worse than anything he faced at the Wall.

This is what he has feared since the moment Wyman Manderly had produced Rickon from out of nowhere, hale and whole, after the dust had settled from the siege on the Boltons.

Surely the Gods would not be so cruel as to separate them when they had only just found one another again?

Jon skids to a halt in front of the Lord’s Chamber and throws open the door without knocking. He is not sure what to make of the sight that greets him.

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If You Wonder

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Im Jaebum x Reader

Based off: If You Wonder by Jeff BernatI strongly suggest you listen to it, it’s honestly the sweetest song ever.

Genre: Fluff/a little angsty?? (maybe not? I don’t know lol)

A/N: I don’t usually write since I’m pretty self conscious and critical of my non-existent creative abilities but this is one of my favourite songs and the idea has been rolling around in my head for a while so I figured I’d put pen to paper and see how it goes.

If you wonder why

Why I love to give you flowers on a Wednesday

12 dozen roses at your door

You opened the door to your apartment early in the morning only to be met with an assemblage of roses shoved into your face. The arrangement was so large you could barely see the person behind it, the only aspect giving them away was the peek of their shoes from underneath, “I’m sorry about last night…” you heard a mumble from behind the flowers and suppressed a giggle. You grabbed the bouquet from your boyfriend, almost tumbling backwards since you didn’t realise how heavy it actually was.

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stygitsune  asked:

Hey lovelies, do you have any fics where Derek and Stiles are like an alpha pair together? Or like Stiles is an alpha mate with Derek still being an Alpha obviously lol. Any recs would be perfect thanks!! 😘

Just for you. Alpha!Stiles and Alpha!Derek. - Anastasia

Originally posted by mybrokenemotions

Puppies… ?! by Phantom_Wolf

(1/? I 1,105 I Not Rated)

When Sheriff John Stilinski came home from work at the late hour of 2am, his plan was to drop onto his bed and sleep for 8 hours. Not help his apparent werewolf son give birth on the bathroom floor.

Ready by ashley_ingenious

(1/1 I 3,117 I Explicit)

Derek Hale’s not an idiot, okay. He knew becoming an Alpha wouldn’t prevent him from going into heat. He just thought… he just thought he had more time, because Alpha’s don’t go into heat unless they’re in the presence of their true mate. And that, well, Derek hadn’t been expecting that.

Share More Than Territory by Omni

(1/1 I 5,221 I Mature)

I wish you would write a fic where… Okay! so bottom!Derek is a similar passionate thing of ours, so I was reading Choice (again) and I wondered what difference there may have been is Stiles reacted differently to Lance’s bite? Because Stiles is a badass and I firmly believe the creeper would’ve modivated him to carry a weapon. So… Stiles shows up an Alpha? Maybe?! ^_^

(Stiles is not only a freshly-turned werewolf, but also an alpha. But does that mean he can’t be pack anymore?)

The One with the Kiss Cam by nerdfightingwhovian

(1/1 I 5,225 I Teen)

While at a hockey game, which was totally Stiles’s idea, the cameramen behind the Kiss Cam think Erica and Stiles are together. Derek, right next to Stiles, has to intervene on the behalf of his mate.

Also, there might or might not be a homophobic couple who start screaming at our werewolfy hero. He also might or might not give them the cold Hale stare.

“We were all wondering if we could go see a hockey game. Erica and I really love to watch hockey, and Boyd finds it fascinating, mainly because it makes Erica blood thirsty, and their sex life is really weird. And Danny likes it and so does Kira, and she’s single and ready to mingle after her last boyfriend turned out to be less than ideal. Isaac is pretty much interested in anything that will guarantee him getting laid. And Scott and Allison just want to use the cold rink as an excuse to cuddle. And Lydia will jump at any chance to do more match and basically show off her brain to everyone within hearing distance.”
“What about Jackson.”
“Fuck Jackson.” And yeah, Derek should have expected that.

In this Darkness (It’s You I Hear) by Kedreeva

(1/1 I 9,943 I Mature)

Deucalion bites Stiles on the way out of town, and Derek finds him in an unexpected condition….

The Academy by monroesherlock

(8/8 I 11,384 I Explicit)

Stiles and Derek own an academy where they break the most resistant of Omegas for their Alpha Masters and Mistresses.

I Don’t Belong Here by 4lw4ys_a_fri3nd_n3v3r_a_l0v3r

(13/? I 18,787 I Teen)

Stiles went to sleep in a town he had gotten used to. Now something is deeply wrong because now he has awoken in a town he doesn’t remember anymore. And he can’t figure out why.

Lydia went to sleep last night, knowing Stiles had died five years ago. But something is wrong because now he’s standing in the middle of the street, looking like he just crawled out of a grave.

Something is wrong, because Stiles? Isn’t supposed to be here.

Finger Food by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle

(4/4 I 19,134 I Explicit)

Derek Hale didn’t expect for his mother to give him the alpha power. Especially not before he graduated high school. He also didn’t expect to meet another teenage alpha, Scott McCall. Or his human best friend, Stiles. He didn’t expect himself to be fixated on Stiles long and slender fingers. Or his exceptional skills in the kitchen. Derek didn’t expect a lot of things. Then again, sometimes that unexpected turned out to be a good thing.

The Long Journey Home by Cassiduh

(19/? I 23,313 I Explicit)

What happens when you sacrifice the good of one for the good of the pack? Derek decides the sacrifice is necessary but Stiles is out for blood with or without the pack. Nobody expected Stiles to take it so far, or for him to shun the pack for their lack of action. Underestimated one too many times Stiles decides it’s best to take matters in his own hands now that he has nothing to lose and is determined to succeed.

Why do you care? by jamesm97

(34/34 I 31,609 I Mature)

The Alpha pack go after the weak link to the pack Stiles, Stiles means the world to everyone in the pack especially Derek his boyfriend. After they cause the destruction they leave.

When Stiles is hurt and dumped on the door step of Deaton’s surgery beaten and bitten by the Alphas.

Stiles becomes a powerful Alpha after being trained in the ways of wolf and hunter he is put in charge of his own pack, Can he Cora and the Argent’s, Kill the Alpha pack and save LAURA AND TALIA!!!.

They aren’t dead just captured.

e Stand on Two Legs by Omni

(8/8 I 32,002 I Mature)

Derek pretends to know what he’s doing, and maybe he really does. Maybe he was too young to remember ALL the traditions surrounding the alphas within the Hale pack, but maybe he knows exactly what he’s getting himself into.

Stiles, however, really only cares about how he can use his new status to fix everyone so they stop wallowing in their own guilt and shame and the filth of abandoned train stations.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Gerard Monster and Alpha Pack audit. …That Stiles must, of course, help everyone through.

Glowing eyes by 0809m

(16/? I 37,852 I Teen)

“If you accept it, the bite will take. Someone so loyal like you, with so much will, you’re born to be like this Stiles.” Derek says.

Stiles stays in silence a big amount of time. He really wants this, as much as he would like to think, he can’t protect himself and he can’t count with Scott, not anymore. He wants this.

“Do it.” He says, no trace of doubt in his voice.

The Fox Who Ran With Wolves by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle

(16/16 I 37,954 I Explicit)

Stiles is something of an oddity. Not only is he a fox born to human parents, he’s a fox whose also an alpha. And that just didn’t happen. Foxes were supposed to be omegas. Potential mates for alphas and betas who would bear their children and bring balance to an alpha’s power. Only, much like the rest of Stiles’ life, things never seem to go quite as planned.

Hybrid Learning by GreenasCole

(11/11 I 47,994 I Teen)

Peter had made some offhand remarks about Stiles’s potential. What if when Stiles turned down the bite he snarked off and said just the wrong thing, piquing Peter’s curiosity?

Now Stiles has been turned into some kind of aberrant werecreature with the Full Moon less than a week away. How will Derek manage an unruly Stiles and a love-struck Scott and still have time to actually build a pack of his own? Especially when a rash of bizarre murders puts him back in hot water with the Argents just as a new threat emerges.

And how can he discourage Stiles’s wildly inconvenient crush on him without breaking his heart and possibly getting eaten in the process?

The Art of the Pack by TheRowan

(23/? I 61,573 I Mature)

Derek and Stiles have begun a new chapter of their lives, married, raising their family,creating a pack when old troubles return and force them to make hard choices. It’s a real bitch grocery shopping, getting kids back and forth to school while dealing with a deranged druid and some old nasties. Their children it seems have their dads knack for getting into mischief.

Underneath by groffiction

(38/? I 171,563 I Explicit)

AU, where Stiles gets bitten by a Cyger – a type of rare Weretiger around the same time Scott gets bitten by Peter. Confused and more than a bit freaked out, they both are naturally suspicious when Derek shows up out of the blue. Still, there is something about the moody, aloof werewolf that both intrigues and draws Stiles to Derek like a moth to a flame. But, everyone knows that if you get close enough to touch flames, you get burned. However, with the promise of love, is that burning sacrifice worth it? And how does a Weretiger and a Werewolf even work as mates?

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

Ah yes, the ship that must not be named. Or that I like to call err0ri because it’s like an error in the matrix or idk. I’m not directly answering the ask because I don’t want it to show up in the search and have any brats in my inbox lol.
Alright, sit down, my child because this turned out so long, holy shit X”D

Tbh this ship never made any sense to me, and I was baffled when I joined the fandom and found out that it’s the biggest/most popular ship in the fandom. Like wtf the wrong with y’all?? First of all there is the obvious age gap. Why you gotta turn Levi into a pedo? He just doesn’t strike me as the guy that would fall for a teenager. He might care for them as a father figure and superior because he’s empathetic. But romance? Never. “But it’s only fiction!!!!!!!!!!!” Have you seen how teenager boys act nowadays? How can you look at someone as immature as Eren and think he would be able to take care of a man in his 30s irl? You wouldn’t. And idk what should be so different in the snk verse. Eren is immature and egoistic and definitely not, NOT. AT. ALL. suited to take care of someone like Levi who went through so much shit, grew up underground and lost so many people that were dear to him. They are on totally different levels. But there is more to it than just the age gap. There is a total lack of chemistry. I just don’t see it! But the worst is that the whole ship is built on an act of violence. How can abuse be the base for a ship? When I joined the fandom in 2013 it was totally a thing in err0ri fanart that Levi would beat Eren up before anything romantic or sexual happened. It looked like violence was a foreplay for them and that’s simply disgusting. Abuse was heavily romanticized and played down in this fandom. But it was just a trick to get Eren into the Scouting Legion right? Also it was the plan of Erwin, the evil guy that stands in the way of this ~dream ship~. Let’s just ignore how Levi did not only beat Eren a second but also a third time. The second time was just Levi’s way of bonding with his new squad, right? Lmao this was such a fucked up “meta” post that I read. For the third time they couldn’t even make any excuses. They just simply ignore it. Like basically everything else that happens in canon. This ship is so damn ooc. It’s like they are two completely different characters that just coincidentally look exactly like Eren and Levi. This fandom is an expert in mischaracterizing characters and I’m also talking about third parties, like every other character that could come in the way of the ship is a potential danger, an abuser and rapist. Maybe it’s because most shippers are very young and just see Eren as a self insert. Maybe they haven’t written many fics and that’s why they can’t get the characterization right. Who knows, maybe I would’ve fallen for this ship too when I was 15. (Though I was always into height differences, so who knows?) However, there are also enough people that are not teenagers or even around Levi’s age that ship him with Eren. I honestly can’t come up with any logical reason why you would ship these two. I don’t understand it and I honestly don’t want to. The only reason I can somewhat understand is “they are my favorite and second favorite character so I just want to see them together and fuck canon, I make up my own canon/AU”. Or if someone ships them for the ~aesthetics~. I don’t see these aesthetics, but tastes are different.

I gotta admit that in the beginning I was just unfazed by this ship and felt just indifferent. I didn’t mind if it showed up on my dash, I scrolled past it and sometimes even took a second to appreciate the art itself even if I didn’t like what it portrayed. But the more time passed the more I’ve learned how nasty the shippers are. Istg the shippers made me hate this ship with a burning passion. Now if any err0ri shows up on my dash, I get physically sick. I totally wish I could go back to indifference instead of feeling like puking, but I can’t. I’ve seen too much shit. And I’m totally aware that there are normal shippers, and that other ships have black sheeps in their flock too. But there are just so many err0ri shippers that can’t stay in their damn line. They have to take art of other ships and turn change Levi’s partner into Eren. They have to leave nasty comments under eru/ri art like “I think you meant to draw Eren as Levi’s husband instead of Erwin” or that the artist drew a rape scene under a simple nsfw drawing. And don’t get me started on the shit that goes on in the eru/ri tag on AO3. Why do so many writers have to tag their err0ri fics as eru/ri? Istg no matter when I check the tag, there are always 20-25% err0ri fics. I’m so fucking tired of this shit. I don’t want to see it! NO ONE goes into the eru/ri tag to see this endgame err0ri crap. Especially not if all of them turn Erwin into a monster. Aren’t they tired of reading their own same shit over and over again? Can’t they come up with anything new? Why does it always have to be Erwin who is the bad ex and Eren the knight on a white horse who rescues Levi? Levi is no fucking damsel in distress. He would never let Erwin abuse him and he’s definitely not unable to defend himself. He doesn’t need a third person to get him out of there, especially not someone as unsuited as Eren lol. But I‘m repeating myself and already talked enough about mischaracterization. I just wish they would take a random OC instead or just stop to tag their fics as eru/ri if it’s just a past relationship and not the endgame. And NO, eruri/ren is NOT the solution. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If I already hate err0ri, I definitely don’t want to drag Erwin into this shit as well. Leave him out of it. I know multishippers exist. I don’t understand how you can ship both of them when eru/ri is basically perfect while err0ri is the bad kind of trash, but ok. But I’ve never got along with those kind of multishippers. I talked to some in the past but it never ended well. So I prefer to avoid any people that are shipping err0ri tbh. Oh and one last thing… why do so many of them are such apologists? Whenever they are confronted with the “pedo argument” (yes, I’m aware that pedophilia is the wrong term and it should be actually hebephilia/ephebophilia but most people use pedophilia as a synonym for a minor/adult relationship), they get so defensive and aggressive and try to find stupid excuses why this ship is not problematic. Suddenly Eren is so mature because he’s in the military and that automatically makes him an adult. But once he has to face punishment for insubordination he’s a sweet child that doesn’t know any better. That’s so fucking pathetic and hypocritical. Just admit that you like a problematic ship and that’s it. It’s not that hard isn’t it?

Thanks for your ask, and sorry that this got so long :”D

c-cygnus  asked:

i had to think about it but i'm a sucker for assassin aus so maybe this: ‘My apologies, upon closer inspection it turns out that you are not the person I was hired to kill.’ AU!! and u can let ur creativity flow and choose which one of the boys can be the assassin and all!! take ur time okay!!!! im going to love this already shalkdjflkaj thank u jojo ଘ(੭ु*ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭ु*.°❤

im sorry this took and got so long bc i think i deviated and also i got too carried away 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 but nonetheless i hope u like it bb!!! sorry in advance for any typos etc lmao
jimin’s safety first,
jimin’s safety second,
prince jimin’s image third.

that was the duty of jeon jeongguk, his royal highness’ personal bodyguard. young park jimin, second and final prince to king yoongi, was always carefree, kind hearted. although gullible, too trusting, he grew mildly complacent, given that whatever trouble that he (rarely) got into, jeongguk would fix it.

his brother hoseok was the next in line for the throne, so he had nothing to worry about, except carry himself well, remain the image of a perfect man, a perfect prince charming.

one day he receives a scroll, with a neat cursived font, asking him to meet the sender at a small hut in the isolated forested area- there’s feedback from the villagers down in the rural villages, and they’ve hinted with a tone of desperation in the letter; and so he gets dressed, and departs without telling jeongguk, who’s busy preparing his luncheon.

he goes into the bathroom to freshen up, and spies a whole box of non-prescription coloured contacts. it’s strange, but he doesn’t question it- there are more urgent matters at hand.

jeongguk’s always got that standard suit and tie, slicked back hair, white gloves. he wears that stoic mask for far too long to take it off- it’s now a second nature to him. although sometimes that facade falls, he gets soft, gives in to his young master’s whims.

jimin’s always riling him up, teasing him for his clandestine poker face and emotionless ministrations- be it at cooking, when teaching him how to dance ballroom, dressing him for important occasions. but somehow, prince jimin always gets his way by either whining or pouting or a combination of both. you would’ve though jeongguk would be immune by now, but he’s still awfully soft for this generation’s prince.

jimin’s always stealing his cologne, ordering the servants to get them the same body soap so they smell the same- and jeongguk would usually click his tongue in annoyance, being very sensitive to smell, but jimin… is another entity altogether.

“jeonggukie~” jimin likes to sing, in that adorable lilt of his as he sits at the edge of his bed, kicking his feet in the air.

“yes, young master?” jeongguk will say, padding in with the expensive clack of his heels, only the finest for those the royals have a regard for.

“carry me, i’m small, please~” jimin knows how weak his bodyguard is, the way he averts his eyes and coughs awkwardly into his hand- but the result is always the same, jeongguk piggybacking him around the castle, whipped to the core.

that’s only one of the possible outcomes when jimin whines for jeonggukie~:

the other would be jimin asking for a kiss, flirtatious nature that ran strong in both princes, jimin and hoseok. “please, chu?” jimin would ask coyly, during a meeting, when jeongguk bends to refill his tea, or when they walk side by side when the royals make a public appearance.

jeongguk always waves him off, pulling the most cross face he can, with furrowed brows and eyes slitted. “young master, we’re in public. please stop being a brat and behave,” he will reply, monotonous. but the protective grip around jimin’s waist never leaves.

“nochu!” jimin will whisper-yell, sticking out his tongue as they make their way back into the carriage, a nickname he would rub in jeongguk’s face the rest of the day whenever his wishes were demanded, or at the slip of his tongue.

either way, it was attached with a sort of affectionate fondness, and jeongguk would secretly bask in it.

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Reasons to suspect Aria has been a part of the A shenanigans since way back

*The writers make mention to her one year in Iceland after the BFF’s ‘disappearance’ and never touch on it further.

*Her connection with Alison seem forced a and sometimes non existant.

*She may be a clumsy but we have seen A moments before the girls almost catch them due to hearing a noise from somewhere. We’re just seeing it from a different pov.

*Her weird close connection to Mona the A tech queen 2.0

*Her not so subtle message to Mona in the cinema that sent her crying in the bathroom. It takes a lot for Mona to show vulnerability after all she’s been through.

*The recent references on her handling a knife.

*Her ability to lie really good to her friend’s faces as we can clearly see these last few episodes.

*Her “I’m helping Ezra” or “Ezra Ezra Ezra” excuse to disappear and be shady. This may not be new to her.

*In conversations with the liars, Aria always seems to be either straying the conversation away or setting them up with some bogus distraction.

*She has the least amount of A torture moments in all the liars.

*Secret diary writing.

*Her photography.

*The magic show in ravenswood where she disappears. In these kinds of stuff, the person disappearing is usually involve with the trick. That’s what makes it work.

*Her sudden tech skill after hearing Caleb talk that morning. Lol.

*Some of her outfit choice.

*Her lack of motivation in the solve for A quest the liars have been doing.


*A chose and ppearabtly trusts her enough. Why?

*She got away with a lot that A could have easily used.

There’s more but it’s so much.

Seventeen As Band/Marching Band Members

Seungcheol: Trumpet

-He’s got the confidence *cough cough arrogance* of a trumpet player
-But also the talent and hard work to make up for it
-He would be shameless in his boastfulness and use any excuse to tell people that he made first chair
-If you genuinely compliment his playing he’ll get vry shy and be all bashful and flattered

Jeonghan: Clarinet

-He looks like he’s nice but is probably talking shit about the rest of the band
-Loyal af to those who earn it but will be neutral and non-expressive if you rub him the wrong way
-Probably joined band because his parents made him but decided to stick through it anyway.
-Is good at clarinet without trying and always gets first chair without actually practicing

Joshua: Euphonium/Mellophone

-Tries his best even when other people are slacking off
-Is generally a chill person in band class
-Is the only person who actually listens to the drum major during marching rehearsals

Junhui: Snare

-Acts nonchalant but takes percussion more seriously than he gives the impression of
-But no one complains bc dang boi you looking fine
-Causes people to miss their dot because they were distracted by his beauty or just plain shocked at his lack of clothing
-People think he’s showing off because he twirls his drumstick between his fingers really fluidly and like all of the time but in reality he does it subconsciously and didn’t notice he was doing it until Flutist!Seungkwan slapped it out of his hand one day

Jihoon: Oboe

-Refuses to do marching because he thinks it’s a waste of time and they don’t march oboe(he refuses to switch instruments)
-Takes AP Music Theory as well as band
-Jihoon: “Well at least I’m first chair”
-Jun: “You’re the only oboe in this class”
-Jihoon: “Shouldn’t you be hitting something”
-Thinks highly of his playing AS HE SHOULD because it’s the most beautiful thing
-The rumor is that after he left his audition into the band the band director had to take a break, cry, and come back to continue auditions
-Coincidentally, his next audition was Percussionist!Vernon so the band director ending up crying after that audition for the complete opposite reason

Soonyoung: Colorguard (I’M NOT EVEN SORRY)

-Is the most hype of everyone and  cannot stay still for the life of him
-Was a dancer until he say flyers for guard try outs and was like “guns? Swords? DanCING WITH FLAGS??? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP”
-Is friends with all the marching band kids and knows everyone’s name in the program
-If you don’t march and are only in band classes then you don’t count in his eyes lol (unless you’re Oboe!Jihoon because he may or may have a small {LARGE} crush on u)
-Is the person who cheers and yells encouragement after each run through
-If you are mean or negative to him or someone he loves then he may or may not “accidentally” whack you in the back of the head with a rifle or swoop your legs out from under you with a flagpole

Wonwoo: Sousaphone

-Very chill and content with chit chatting with everyone
-Is probably the only one besides GuardMember!Soonyoung and Piccolo!Seokmin who is genuinely happy to be there
-Low key has resting bitch face but as soon as you start talking to him it’s a 180 flip and he lights up completely
-Has tipped over and fallen during runs several times over the years
-Mellophone!Joshua is always the first person to run and help him up
-Clarinet!Jeonghan is always the first one to start laughing and the last one to stop laughing
-If DrumMajor!Chan happens to notice Wonwoo fall while he’s conducting, he can’t help but stop immediately and bust out laughing

Mingyu: Marimba

-Thought about marching in the battery but was like “naw, it’s heavy and I’ll get all sweaty and ugh too much physical effort” so he stuck with front percussion and is very good at it
-Wears low cut tank tops or no shirt at all when on the practice field because “I am not about to get a farmer’s tan that will never go away”
-Still gets a major sock tan and will  complain about it incessantly
-Mingyu: “But it’s so noticeable!”
-Joshua: “When you think about it, we all have terrible sock tans… Is it like our own friendship mark thing?”  
-Jeonghan: “Shut up Joshua”
-Soonyoung: “BE NICE TO HIM”

Seokmin: Piccolo

-Can’t tell if he’s playing his instrument or just screaming
-Always smiling and making stupid faces back and forth with GuardMember!Soonyoung until DrumMajor!Dino catches them and tells them to knock it off
-They stop for like ten minutes then start again
-Enjoys sneaking up on people and then playing the highest note he possibly can directly into their ear
-He did this once to Oboe!Jihoon and never ran away so fast in his life because you better bet Jihoon ran after his ass
-Jihoon may or may not have put rainbow stickers all over his piccolo as a form of retaliation
-Didn’t work though because Seokmin LOVED THE STICKERS and kept them on until the next competition where DrumMajor!Chan was like “no you cannot march with those on your instrument, it’s not uniform with everyone else”
-So that they could all be uniform with rainbow stickers
-DrumMajor!Chan shot him down immediately, but let Seokmin stick stickers all over him because he felt bad that he ruined Seokmin’s fun

Minghao: Saxophone

-This sassy diva omg of course he’s a saxophone player
-Was forced into marching by his parents but stuck with it because he liked the people who marched and wanted to stay friends with them
-Is naturally really good at playing the saxophone and doesn’t have to try very hard
-Wanted to do winter guard during the off season but was too scared of what the rest of the band would think
-Was almost convinced by Percussionist!Junhui to do indoor percussion but Saxophone!Minghao took one look at the fair share and was like “NOPE”
-Always talks to Percussionist!Jun during stand by
-DrumMajor!Chan doesn’t tell him to stop because he knows he’ll just start talking again
-DrumMajor!Chan has no problems putting Percussionist! Junhui in his place tho lol boy gets told off a lot but Percussionist!Jun always has a clap back, even if it doesn’t really make sense
-Chan: “Jun, for the love of God stop talking, and put on a shirt!”
-Jun: “It’s too hot, why don’t you take off your shirt!”
-Chan: “??? No?”

Seungkwan: Flute

-Likes to gossip with Clarinet!Jeonghan but always accidentally warps information or takes it out of context so it sounds weird
-Seungkwan: “Yeah so then Jun told Chan to take of his shirt”
-Jihoon: “this is why I don’t freaking march”
-Soonyoung: “oh but you should!” *spaces out with a derp face because now he’s picturing Jihoon shirtless under the setting sun with the wind blowing his hair*
-Doesn’t take criticism well
-Chan: “Flutes, play louder next time” -Seungkwan: “Maybe you should conduct better next time”
-Is really supportive of the new kids and tells them fun stories to cheer them up when they feel overwhelmed
-Seungkwan: “Yeah and then Wonwoo just tipped right over and everyone kept going”

Vernon: Bass Drum

-Thought that being a percussionist would make him popular with the ladies so he auditioned but had no experience playing drums before
-Didn’t think it would be very difficult, but was dead wrong
-He was so bad he made the band director cry, but the director let him join anyway because they needed more percussionists
-He actually worked really hard and got better at percussion and even decided to march
-He wasn’t experienced enough to do snare yet though (which is what he really wanted to do) but was content with being put on bass drum
-Followed the influence of Percussionist!Junhui and also never wears a shirt, but people yell at him for it instead of staring at him lol
-Asks Percussionist!Junhui to teach him how to spin a drumstick between his fingers because he thinks it looks cool
-Spent the next six hours practicing it until he got it down perfect

Chan: Drum Major

-The most responsible even though he’s the youngest
-Commands respect from everyone marching because no one likes to see Lee Chan angry like it’s just not fun for anyone because he’ll pout for days
-Tries to keep everyone on task and is generally successful in this
-Made up his own little drum major salute for right before performing and everyone agrees that he looks so cute while doing it even though he’s trying to be professional and manly
-He’s the glue that keeps everyone from falling apart, and the marching band wouldn’t be nearly as good without him


Part 1: Did Isayama have any say in this?

I’ve exhausted my salt supply because of the Season 2 cour drama already, (the one thing WIT Studio couldn’t have fucked up but did it anyway…) so I tried to be positive in my replies!

Anonymous said:

I m deceived of how they made the rivamika scene :( 

I feel you, anon! But honestly, after almost being scared to death while watching the raw stream because someone whose stream was ahead said they’d skipped the carriage scene again (@suniuz​ I’M LOOKING AT YOU LOL), I’m just relieved they did not skip that scene entirely.

@noatchka​​​ said:

I watched the 3rd episode of season 2, and Levi didnt say ‘dont make a mistake’, or something to Mikasa, but Towards Eren. I like that tho xD 

Nevermind, i saw your post xD 

Despite popular opinion, I also don’t really mind, as long as they do justice to Mikasa’s character development during the Uprising Arc, whenever it airs. Apparently they changed Levi’s scolding to be directed at Eren because of the butterfly effect that came with radically changing season 1′s last episode (rage mode Eren)

Pros: Changing Levi’s dialogue to “I dunno why you’re so attached to him, but protect him at all costs” made him seem just jealous of Mikasa and Eren, and that’s it. In the manga at least he had an excuse for what he said - he was concerned about Mikasa AND her performance. Rivamika feels!

Cons: Mikasa not being scolded takes away from her flaws and makes her character more dependent on Eren, and less on Levi (which is actually what happens in later chapters). Cue “Mikasa is a Mary-sue” and “Mikasa is just shipping fodder” comments. Plus, Levi’s scolding is one of the catalysts for almost her entire character development in the Uprising Arc, and that’s what I like best about Rivamika - Levi is the one that helps her mature in that arc.

It’s also bad for Eren’s character. While they removed his “I’ll know exactly who to point all this anger at…” line, they added his rage mode to episode 25, and now Levi’s scolding on top of it makes Eren seem even angrier and more out of control. We know he’s going to snap later this season because of Reiner and Bertholdt anyway, so what’s the point…? At this rate I don’t understand what they’re trying to get at with Eren’s character anymore.

Anonymous said:

I feel like the rivamika carriage scene got really trivialised…. my only consolation was seeing Levi’s face literally soften specifically for Mikasa when he gave her orders 

In the manga, while we can’t see Levi’s face when he talks to Armin, we can suppose he keeps the same expression when he’s speaking to Mikasa.

Notice above how his expression doesn’t change at all when he scolds Mikasa, after asking her why she’s so attached to Eren. In this episode, however, Levi’s expression is stern towards Armin, becomes softer towards Mikasa and turns even harsher towards Eren, because of his scolding!

That’s a big deal and something I’m eternally grateful to the anime for!

Anonymous said:

As time passes by I find myself even more disappointed and salty about how the carriage scene was handled. Mainly because of how Mikasa’s character is portrayed in the anime and how all the anime-only viewers I know see her and I quote “ she is a generic MC centered character with no actual purpose other than fighting and following the MC around. She lacks all the depth and development of other characters and as it is for a supposed main her presence feels insignificant ” and to my dismay I can’t defend her since The anime adaption does portray her that way with all the changes in season 1 and I can’t reference the manga in our discussions. I’m honestly worried about her character going forward………( two part ask. I guess having more than a 100 people bash one of your favorites while you watch helplessly does that. I’m mostly venting but I’d love to know your opinion on this if you don’t mind. )

Yes, unfortunately. See the pros and cons I wrote about above. We can’t do anything right now except be patient and wait and see if they fix it this season or next (which is more likely because… Ackermans).

Anonymous said:

With these drastic changes in the latest episode (which I was looking forward to so much) it is likely that EreMika and EreRi (NOTE: I have nothing against this 2 ship whatsoever) will gain tons of fans, it just saddens me RivaMika don’t even get much screen time and then the studio will just change it like that, and to top it all they had ruined Mikasa’s character development. We won’t even get the “How’s your leg part”… Is that too much to ask?? Do they really need to do that? 

I don’t think it was all that bad for the Rivamika ship relatively speaking. But which ship gets more fans because of that scene should not be the main concern here, it’s Mikasa, Levi and Eren’s character development!

As for the “how’s your leg” moment from chapter 53: Hold on, we don’t know if they’re going to cut that scene from season 3 just because of what they did to episode 28! Some time ago I even talked about how they might tie Mikasa’s missing monologue from episode 25 to that scene when it airs in season 3. Who knows, maybe Levi will scold Mikasa differently, in other circumstances!

It makes sense to postpone that part of Mikasa’s character development to season 3 since the Uprising arc is much more about these two (Levi and Mikasa) than the Clash of the Titans arc. But it doesn’t look good for Mikasa’s character in this arc - it takes away the balance that Isayama gave her from Levi’s scolding.

Anonymous said:

Hi! I know that you talked about the change in the last espisode, but I feel that they took away what Isayama himself put through several chapters: that feeling of curiosity towards Mikasa. They also eliminated the guilt of her, because first the dialogue of “the strongest man of humanity is injured because of me” was removed. And now the one of “protects to Eren but controlate” which just referred to that occasion of the fight with the woman Titán. (½) 

I would not be surprised if they removed the part where mikasa asks for his leg if they animate the bow of insurrection. The only thing I rescued from that moment in the anime, was that in fact Levi did not even scold Mikasa, instead to Eren himself and made him rather annoying. Sorry if my English is with google translate xD (2/2)

As I said above, let’s wait and see if they include these moments this season or next. Since they emphasized his leg’s injury with the added dialogue from last episode, I think chances are low that they’ll cut the “how’s your leg” scene from season 3.

@dark-als​ replied to your post “EPISODE 28”

I get that they are adapting things to fit with season 1 ending but I must admit I’m disappointed with how they handled this scene. I always viewed this scene as an important character development moment for Mikasa where she acknowledges her mistakes and takes responsibility for them. Yet they completely downplayed the moment … I really hope this doesn’t become a trend with other important scenes

I also hope this doesn’t become a trend, but let’s just wait. They can’t ignore this aspect of her character for too long because of the Uprising Arc. 

I’m still hopeful that they won’t cut the “is your leg okay” scene from chapter 53. In my opinion, the anime’s biggest fuck up was making Levi, despite his injury, use the 3DMG to stop Eren from eating Annie. But they included this line to last episode’s dialogue to remind everyone that he’s still injured and to explain why he’s not actively fighting in the Clash of the Titans arc. So you see, if they fixed their blunder with Levi’s character, there’s still hope they can fix the one with Mikasa’s.

@suniuz  replied to your post “EPISODE 28”

I was a little bit disappointed but maybe this means Levi doesn’t want to blame Mikasa in front of everyone else? (Idk I’m just trying to make myself feel less salty but yeah Mikasa taking responsibility for her own mistake is so important :’(

Maybe it is. But it’s the second time the anime skips over that matter (Mikasa’s blunder versus the Female Titan). While from a Rivamika shipper’s point of view that might be great since Levi seems less harsh on Mikasa (even less than he usually is, considering how lenient he was to her during the Uprising Arc!), I really hope that means they’re just postponing these scenes to season 3 so the context is easier for anime-only watchers to understand.

Lastly, I’m going to quote Isayama, because here’s a friendly reminder that he’s genuinely worried about her character development:

Isayama: Mikasa’s growth probably involves separation from Eren. By separation, I mean she might be able to return to that ordinary girl that she used to be in childhood…… I read some interesting thoughts from readers on the internet. People would say male mangaka have a tendency to reject the notion of “fate.“ On the contrary, female mangaka draw works that approve “fate.” You meet your Mr./Ms. Right, you say “This is fate!”, and you accept that the trajectory of your life is already predestined. People who interfere with that and seem to affect your serene life are portrayed as villains. Of course, I am not speaking of all mangaka, but with my mentality as a male mangaka, I think it is pitiful if Mikasa’s life is only about staying together with Eren. However to Mikasa, it is a wonderful thing to be with Eren forever. Combining what I’ve said, if I were to draw the separation of Eren and Mikasa, I feel like my portrayal likely won’t be satisfactory for readers, because Mikasa would have to endure the strain of being stuck between Eren and Armin…

If he allowed these changes there must be a very good reason, and we’ll only know it when this season ends or maybe when next season airs.

dracarys--stormborn  asked:

I know I'm kinda late but how do you feel about the TVD finale and what they did to Stefan? Especially when they said that Damon's better than him? Also, Stef had more chemistry with Elena while she was unconscious than any Delena scene lol.

So, as you all know by now I didn’t actually watch the finale, but I read about what happened on Tumblr and I saw a couple of gif sets, so I do have a couple of thoughts about the finale.

- About what they did to Stefan: I’m not going to lie, I would’ve preferred it if Stefan and Elena would’ve been allowed to ride off into the sunset together because they’re the only couple that made sense as endgame all along, literally the only couple. But since it was made abundantly clear that wasn’t going to happen, I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out. Because not only did Stefan do what he always does, which is stepping up and keeping those he loves safe, he also found peace, and not just peace, oh no, he was reunited with his very best friend and I kind of found that heartwarming. It wasn’t the happy ending I hoped for when I started watching, but under the given circumstances, I really think it was the best ending possible for us Stefan stans.

- About what he said about Damon: I’m not even mad, the show has been using other characters to prop up Damon through dialogue for years now. Stefan always excused Damon’s behavior, he always made it seem like something Damon was not, he always gave Damon credit even though he never deserves it, he has been pushing Elena back to Stefan since season five, so what Stefan said in the finale didn’t get to me because, well, it was big fat bullshit but it was nothing new.

- About the DE scenes: first of all, let me just say how happy I am they didn’t even get a conversation. Like, they hugged, they kissed, they held hands, and that’s it. I was prepared for something much, much, much worse. And then there’s the painful, hilarious lack of chemistry between them. Because not only did Ian choose to kiss Nina’s chin instead of her lips (no amount of slowmotion and over the top lighting and fancy camera angles can hide that, dear TVD crew), he also couldn’t even be bothered to not look constipated when he held her hand. Like, those scenes were so bad it still makes me laugh and it’s been weeks. xD 

- About Katherine’s “comeback”: I only have one thing to say: what were the writers thinking??????

- About endgames: when it comes to endgames, I have to say I found SE to come out looking best. Not only because of the fact that DE didn’t even spend the afterlife together (we’re supposed to believe they’re ‘epic soulmates’ but it was like Elena just lived her life as best as she could because she owed Stefan that and then she bailed as soon as she died xD) but also because of that final SE scene, the physicality, the chemistry. Yes, sure, the dialogue was about Caroline and Damon, but just look at that scene. Mute the scene and look at it, and it’s our beautiful SE endgame. Nina and Paul brought their A game one last time and it is something to be grateful for. Over the course of eight seasons, SE got the best lines, the best scenes, the best chemistry, SE actually had it all and the series finale reconfirmed that. They’re endgame, guys. Maybe not ‘technically’, but they looked and felt like the real endgame couple. Plus, that scene of Elena writing in her diary near his grave… Like, the diaries were something that connected them and when they got together, they didn’t need them anymore because they had each other to talk to instead, and as soon as they were apart, they started writing in those diaries again. Stefan was always the one Elena could truly be herself with, and now that he died, she dug up her diary and wrote in it while looking at the crypt where he was buried and there’s something morbidly poetic about it. It’s SE, it has always been SE. (I also have to add I loved that Elena left her necklace on his grave or whatever, because if Kevin did one thing right in that final episode, it was making sure everyone knew that necklace was always meant to be an SE symbol, he righted JP’s wrong with that and it’s awesome because now DE is actually literally left with nothing. Think about it.)

- And last but not least, about me being petty: and this is me being really petty, but can I just say how hilarious it is that Stefan chose to die rather than spending a single day married to Caroline? xD

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S6, Vol. 2

What’s that? It’s the Wartime Miniseries PART 2!

We’re at the Deep Space 9
We’re at the Terok Nor
We’re at the combination Deep Space 9 and Terok Nor

[dance breakdown]

6x04 ‘Behind the Lines’
- Nog has managed to produce BRANDY from somewhere, because “I may be a cadet, but I’m still a Ferengi.” Nog is that dude in The Great Escape who can always get you stuff, isn’t he.
- THE DEFIANT CREW HAS A CEREMONY FOR WHEN THEY USE UP A POWER CELL. Chief O’Brien PRESENTS IT to Captain Sisko, who then GIVES A ROUSING SPEECH with CALL-AND-RESPONSE ELEMENTS. do you know how much I love call-and-response??? it’s a whole personal story, having to do with Moby-Dick and my high school English teacher, and, in retrospect, the fact that he was the one who used to be a Captain in the Marine Corps…. anyway, can attest that call-and-response is a guaranteed way to create strong group bonding AND startle awful vice principals your enemies. y’know looking back, that my English teacher was seen by the administration as a defiant Romantic revolutionary with a young literati army is also making a lot of sense….
- me last time: “what strange new rhythms will you all have fallen into out here”
  Ben to his Admiral right now: “It’s just a little ritual we fell into”

mmmm Kira providing this diegetic VO of what’s going through this Cardassian’s head at the bar while she and Rom look down on him from the second level, GOOD STUFF

- Kira: “How did you get ahold of Damar’s pad anyway?”
  Rom: “I’m good with my hands.”
  high oh.
- I think that Jem’Hadar just broke a Cardassian’s back over his knee? what kinda fight choreography can you guys afford these days!
- Weyoun, through a grin: “Our men need to see that we’re still allies. Smile.”

Is This Helping

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Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael

“Hold the door.” you heard a voice call from the corridor as the evaluator doors began to shut.

You stuck your foot in the way of the closing door and peered your head out to see who was calling. You saw a speed-walking Barba coming down the corridor towards you. He slipped in beside you and the doors closed.

“Hey Barba.I didn’t know you were here.” you greeted.

“Liv called me in to oversea an interrogation. Which was great timing considering I have court in an hour.” he commented bitterly looking down at his phone texting franticly.

“Oh stop complaining. You’ll get to court on time.” you said chuckling.

“From here to downtown Manhattan. Sure I will.” he smirked.

“I would know. I’ve been to practically every strip joint in the city today hunting down this lead. The traffic been great.” you joked.

“For the Santiago case, right? Shouldn’t your partner be with you?” he questioned finally looking up at you.

“Sonny, had a family emergency. So I said I’ll cover for him and anyway I’m much more convincing when it comes to strip joint owners. If you know what I mean.” you explained.

“I’m sure none of them can resist telling you anything you want. How many have propositioned you?” he questioned sarcastically.

“Not as many as last time.” you smiled.

That had earned you a small smile from him when the elevator stopped abruptly. It felt like your whole world had shifted to the side. Suddenly, the floor felt like it was going dropping from over you. Then their was a crash and then a sharp stop. You clung onto the wall for stability but the heel on the boot gave out and you crashed onto the ground.

“Are you alright?” Barba asked outstretching a hand to help you up.

“Yeah,” you said taking his hand and getting up, “I just didn’t steady myself quick enough.”

“I can tell.” he commented.

“What is going on?” you said ignoring his comment and going towards the doors to inspect them.

“Well I think it’s clear that the elevator stopped.” Barba quipped.

“Really detective? Honestly, your wasted as a lawyer, you know that?.” you snapped.

“You asked.” he shot back.

You sighed deeply. You went to the control panel and pressed the emergency button. A voice rang out informing you that their was a technical difficulty and that they were working to fix it. They said that it would probably take an hour.After that the door opened slightly. You peered your head out against Barba’s wishes and looked up seeing that you had stopped right in the middle of two floors and you couldn’t reach any.

Turning around you saw Barba tapping the screen on his phone.

“What are you doing?” you asked curious.

“Calling the courthouse so they can postpone court. I can’t believe this is happening. Why today?” he ranted putting the phone to his ear.

“It’s okay they’re going to fix it.” you tried to reassure him.

“You don’t understand.” he spat beginning to pace to the small room and hanging up the phone due to lack of service.

“Well we’re not going anywhere so explain it to me. ” you demanded trying to get a read on him.

You had been working at SVU for a few months at this point. You got on well with the rest of the squad. You maintained a positive attitude despite what you saw day to day. You liked to make others smile on their darkest days. You had an instinct to help people but that didn’t mean you were a pushover as Fin said after you went postal on a suspect you were “ damn right scary under that pretty face”.

You were great at reading people. You could get basic details about a person with just one look but Barba was complicated. Sure you knew the basics he was late thirties and single. You learned later that he was heavily sarcastic and liked to detach himself emotionally from cases. He was the polar opposite to you but much like your scary side he had a kind side as well. You being a detective had also picked up other details about him but you still didn’t really understand him.

He was a mystery but you liked miseries especially cute ones.

“It was the Greenwald case.” he admitted sadly.

“The serial rapist who targeted women in their early sixties. Same age as your mother, right?.” you understood.

He shot you a confused look.

“I’ve seen pictures of her in your office and besides I’m a detective you know.” you smiled shyly at him.

A silence fell over you two. You looked away but you could feel his gaze on you. You dared turn to look and met his gaze.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you.” he apologised.

“It’s okay. I’m just glad your not the emotionless robot I thought you were.”you chuckled.

“You thought that?” he questioned.

“Well obviously. You’ve been riding my ass since the day I got here. Everything have to be perfect for the oh so great one. ” you accused playfully.

“I’m the same to everyone.” he replied.

“No your not. You’re on me way more.” You shot back folding your arms defensively.

“Well you’re special.” he finally admitted after an intense glare down.

‘How so?” you questioned.

“Your not as good as a detective.” he sated.

“Excuse me, councillor?” you asked offended.

“I’m kidding. Lighten up and call me Rafael.” he teased pulling off his suit jacket and laying it down on the floor.

“What are you doing?” you asked raising an eyebrow.

“Getting comfortable. We’re going to be here for a while. And these pants are too expensive to get dirty on this floor.” he said sitting down heavily on the ground.

“And the jackets not?” you said sitting down beside him.

Once you sat down. You both launched into a much needed conversation. You told each other a little more about yourselves. Talking briefly about your past. He was actually quite funny when he wasn’t on you about a case. Very considerate as well. Just a big old softy like you. You could sense a beautiful friendship coming along but when you said this out lols you were met with a scoff and a sarcastic comment but you laughed off.

It was good hour before the intercom crackled, the doors closed and the elevator started moving again. You both got up and you helped him dust off his suit jacket varying jokes the whole time. The doors opened back to the squad-room floor. Olivia and Rollins were waiting for you both.

“Are you two okay?” Rollins asked as you both stepped out the elevator.

“Just great.  Two and a half hours of this one complaining.” you joked.

“Mmm and this one talking about her exciting new career as a stripper.” Barba fired back glancing over to you.

“Well, I’m just glad you two didn’t kill each other in there.” Olivia chuckled.

“Two minutes more and it would have been bye bye Barba. Which by the way is Barba’s favourite movie. Got thing for musicals.” you teased.

“While Y/N’s here is Pretty Woman. Whole life is based on it.” he shot back.

You both glared at each other before breaking out into smiles.

“Looks like the start of a beautiful relationship.” Olivia commented after she made sure you were both okay.

And she was right it was.

For it would only be two more months until he asked you out on your first date.

anonymous asked:

hey, I just wanted to tell you that your opinions are so wonderful and well-articulated! I was looking at some asks today on the account ant*phannie. I believe that dnp are probably in some kind of romantic relationship, but I'm very easily influenced by other people's opinions. Sometimes I wonder if I (and a large portion of the phandom) are "delusional" for believing that dnp could be together romantically? Do you ever doubt your own opinions on the subject or second guess yourself?

i’m not going to pretend like i’ve never doubted my stance on the issue–of course i have! and if not my stance itself, then i’ve at the very least doubted the ethics of posting about dnp with the implicit premise that they are in fact romantically involved, when they have seemed to prefer that the public view their relationship ambiguously and not label it beyond friendship. however, these doubts have all but disappeared, especially in the last few months. for me, the most common cause of doubts in their relationship status itself have been the following (and i’ll tell you why each of them is no longer an issue for me):

1. the near implausibility, just logistically, of keeping their involvement a secret for so long. to me it’s always been baffling to the point of incomprehensibility that over the span of seven years nothing has slipped, they’ve never been spotted in compromising positions, no one has ever outed them substantively (ofc i don’t entirely believe that’s true as there have been a number of slip-ups for sure, but nothing that they haven’t been able to cover w excuses and nothing overt enough as to be incontrovertible “evidence” of anything). this argument is compelling but ultimately doesn’t hold water for me. it’s actually pretty reasonable that they don’t get spotted “in compromising positions” because they’re very careful and controlled when in public, and actually are a lot less recognizable than they may seem from within this fandom. their fan base at largest estimate is like 6M people (the number of ppl subscribed to dan plus a few hundred thousand potential viewers who aren’t subscribed), and i’d estimate that the number of people who actually care deeply about dnp’s personal matters and relationship are probably closer to 500-800,000, if that, based off of various things like the number of views on phil lester vs. praying mantis (that’s still sub-1M views nearly a year and a half after it was posted). although thats still an enormous number, its way fewer than we’re generally led to believe and it’s dispersed across the globe. it means that they can probably go to a lot of places without being spotted and do a lot of things without us ever finding out. as for the lack of outing by friends/peers/colleagues/etc. i just think that it’s a pretty obvious taboo for people in general to out anyone as being lgbtq or in a non-het relationship. but even if you don’t buy that most of dnp’s colleagues and peers have basic integrity, i think even a person with malicious intent, or a desire for attention as being the person to out dnp, wouldn’t go through with it, bc if they did, one or two things would happen: either no one would believe them or they’d get an unbelievable amount of hate and criticism for violating the privacy of two of the most well-liked and respected people on this platform. it could completely destroy someone’s career if they were a youtuber, and send them into a maelstrom of hate even if they weren’t.

2. the lack of apparent incentive for dnp to remain ambiguous/closeted if they’re truly together. i see this argument all the time. basically, dnp aren’t together bc they say (said) they aren’t together, and what motivation do they have to lie? sometimes i wonder that myself, but it’s honestly a pretty easy question to answer. short answer: they’re closeted and there’s an infinite number of reasons why they would want to stay that way. i’d also clarify that if they were together, they haven’t “lied” about it outside of a span of about eight months that happened five years ago. as i’ve mentioned in various posts before, that span of eight months was pretty clearly in direct response to a giant privacy invasion and the exposure of potential evidence of their romantic involvement. at bare minimum, their interest in keeping their relationship under wraps is so that it never overshadows their creative content and so that their professional careers would never actually, literally be dependent on each other (though they clearly don’t mind so much if that happens anymore). and then countless reasons on top of that. the public doesn’t have any right to their private affairs for instance. perhaps one or both of them were struggling w their sexuality. if you’re cynical, maybe the ambiguity is good for them for other reasons–bc the speculation drives interest in their content. maybe they didn’t want to diminish their chances of being hired as presenting duos for giant corporations like the BBC and the BRITS (bc you know that if they were an out couple, interest in their presenting abilities would be greatly eclipsed by all of the baggage of their relationship status). maybe they themselves don’t have a label for their connection/relationship/partnership and as a result never bothered trying to come up with one for the public… etc. etc. etc. maybe even a combination of all of these, and more.

as for doubts about the ethics of posting about them as though it were confirmed that they’re together… i’ll admit i’ve barely questioned it especially in the last few months in which they themselves seem to be making concerted efforts to blur the lines of their behavior in the public eye. but mostly, i just don’t care bc i’m one person, my personal opinions on, and arguments about, this issue are immensely inconsequential in the face of the sheer size of their audience, and i think it’d be pretty presumptuous of me to think that i’m out here changing anyone’s mind on dnp’s relationship or identities. i also don’t care if i am doing that, bc i don’t think anything i post is invasive or incites my followers to be invasive, nor do my opinions draw upon information that dnp have expressly tried to keep private. these are the conclusions i’ve reached based on what is publicly available to me and after trying to make myself as thoroughly informed as possible on dnp and their situation. hope this makes sense!!!!

my concluding recommendation: stay off the anti blogs for your own sanity and health hahah. and focus on what’s happening right now, in the present, rather than the angry words of a scared boy from five years ago trying to protect the thing that was most precious to him.

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Sad/happy/mad/worried that people like jaehwan and sewoon are only being appreciated now... they've been good since day 1 and I'm relieved that Korean fans notice them more than international fans

Hi anon. Since they are completely =/= cases I’ll talk about them separately :) hope it’s okay. Also i love you?? ty for this you didnt want a long answer but…. oops

i really feel exactly that, probably 30% mad, 61% worried, 7% happy and 1% sad the rest is miscellaneous ghjfghj (btw i listened to imagine dragons, bastille and kendrick lamar while writing this so excuse me if i get over emotional)

Since you support them both you should read this relatable pann that talks about how they should both be on top 11 here (op knows talent and i 100% support them).

Let’s talk about Jaehwan:

Vocal opportunities

Jaehwan had a lot of opportunities to shine (vocal wise) vs. Sewoon who only got a main vocal position in the last performance.

Jaehwan has been constantly the main vocal (you can check his line distribution of all the songs - Sorry Sorry; Downpour; Never) he has around 40% of all the lines in all the performances which puts him in a position of advantage.

As I said Sewoon only got his chance to shine in the last episode: Be Mine (he got 10% of all lines and was the 2nd with the least amount of lines, i’m not even gonna talk about his screentime… you can check some comments about it on here from his naver fancam); Playing with Fire (20%); Oh Little Girl (50% - *i’ll continue this discourse a little bit down).

The rest of the discourse™

(Sidenote: I’m still not over his ‘Hey Mama’ performance, i think everyone knows i’m an exo-l right?? i know how hard that performance is!! Xiumin, Baekhyun and Chen are some of the most stable members and to be so close to their level of performance is amazing! i have no words.)

Jaehwan has been one of the few trainee’s who has been constantly rising (ignoring the last elimination lmao) he’s on the 2nd page of this masterlist of all the rankings if you want to check. And i think he has a good chance of being part of the top 11.

His begining: He was on Korea’s got talent, he actually debuted 3 years ago but his band didn’t promote on music shows and usually performed covers + he’s an independent trainee and ofc that brings a few difficulties for this type of shows. I think “Sorry, Sorry’ was a great attention catcher but ‘Downpour’ was what really grabbed people’s attentions because it’s a song that can show his vocals a little more.

A great thing that happened was that he actually started to blend with the popular kids 👀 which kind of got him more attention. He’s also in a few ships i swear to god i hate this ship stuff so much bc that’s not what should matter but wtv mainly Sungwoon, Pledis and Sewoon (just an fyi he’s actually quite known in the Sewoon fandom but it looks like the opposite isn’t as true). This favors him in the 2-pick vote.

Let’s not forget he’s part of Never team that completely took over the charts (i mean olg did too but in a smaller way and nobody cares dfghj).

Overall did I think he should have been more “famous” since the beginning? Yes. But I think he has a great chance to make it to the top 11 so let’s not feel discouraged!!

Now Sewoon aka the loml:

1st. Let’s be honest the only people who actually appreciated his voice were his fans.

So he began in 13th, a pretty nice place right? I’m almost sure this place was carried by a lot of kpop star fans that knew him before this show (this is based on what i see/people i follow online). And he has been dropping ever since because of the lack of screentime.

*(continuation) The first time he really got a chance to shine was in the 9th episode, since he was never a main vocal (kendrick is telling me to be humble but kid get up, be greedy be greedy). Really Kiggen is the king of the fandom, our god, our saviour and the only person that truly matters after our ponyo. I WOULD DEVOTE MY LIFE TO HIM IF HE ASKED ME. Some Sewoon stans were so grateful bc Kiggen was constantly praising and telling facts about Sewoon that they dm kiggen thanking him, like what you see here).

Some of Kiggen’s compliments to him and his team: x x x x ( “For someone who hasn’t even released an album, he catches onto the rhythm well”!!!! you heard him??)

There’s actually a news’ article talking about how he started gaining attention for his voice and good personality in ep 9 here (thanks to Khaerina for showing us this, i think Via (aka sewoonari) is gonna translate it soon).

From what Via (aka sewoonari) said he has gain more attention in the last episode and hopefully he can rise :(( you have a pann here.

This rise in popularity is also clear on yt comments since he used to be kind of ignored ifans, omg am i glad we can’t vote, but now there are actually a good amount of comments about him on ‘Oh little girl’ video here.

to consider pt 1 - editing: Sewoon was victim of ‘evil editing’ (if you want to call it that, i don’t think it was evil editing since i didn’t see anything wrong with what he did but he did got hate).

To consider pt 2 - fandom: I think he actually has a strong fanbase and 1 pick would be a blessing and actually what the show should apply. Now 2-pick favors ships….. lol ……

Also Maé talked about both of them, their talent, why they deserve to be on top 11 and the hate they receive here i think it’s a great read.

Sum up: I’m actually more worried about Sewoon than I’m for Jaehwan, not because Sewoon is my bias but because of the rankings and how they are seen. I think Jaehwan has made it clear to be a strong vocal and he actually said he’ll be produce 101′s main vocal haha. However, Sewoon is still not seen as one by some people. I’m also happy Jaehwan fandom grew this much and i wish both fandoms can grow exponentially.

Costa Rica Xmas Vacation

NOTE BY CO: This post was submitted in several parts by Sondra Rainwater who found the veracity of her comment to DG a while ago (about seeing Tony and Cait in an airport in CR over the holidays a year ago) under attack by Chasing_Frogs, mommydog67 and other extreme shippers (ES). She independently and graciously decided to send me this information in clarification. I’m just sorry she had to do so. Like with the Novel Adventures people in NC, when ES want to keep their fantasy alive they try to turn regular fans into “liars.” It is always fascinating when these fans discover what their fellow “fans” are doing and then tell their side of the story. Note, that I have added some screenshots of some of her tweets to illustrate the points she is making.

First submission by Sondra Rainwater:

A woman, whom I do not know just tweeted me, in regards to a tweet I made on Diana Gabaldon’s Twitter, and I found out it has to do with one of my tweets on your blog. Tweets are public, so I don’t mind, but what I do mind is this woman questioning me and pics on my twitter feed. I’ve been going to Costa Rica every Xmas and NYE for years. My pics are valid and so are my tweets. There is a tweet from Cape Santa Maria, on my twitter feed thanking for pics, from our stay. I sent this Frog Mommy this tweet from them to show their validity. I guess she doesn’t like the airport tweet. These people are a couple, and that’s a fact. If you need more info DM me on FB under my name.

Second submission by Sondra Rainwater:

In regards to my response to Chasing Frogs, go to my Twitter page or hers, to see my response. They show the tweet from Cape Santa Maria thanking me for the photos. There’s something really wrong with this woman. She must be stalking my twitter feed. Unbelievable!

[Screencap added by CO]

Third submission by Sondra Rainwater:

Sorry to send so many messages, but I just read about the time she claimed I was suppose to be in the Bahamas. The pictures I shared with Cape Santa Maria were from our June 30, 2013–July 11, 2013 trip at their resort. Not January 2016. I was new to twitter and just started sharing. Sorry again, for so many messages, but I can’t believe how this woman, who doesn’t even know me, knows so much about my vacations. I was in Costa Rica December 23, 2015——January 9, 2016 We did several resorts. She can call and check our dates, if she is so interested. We started at Xandari Resort, Bosque del Cabo, and Tango Mar. She can give Cape Santa Maria a call to check our dates as well. 

Fourth submission by Sondra Rainwater:

Sorry, but just one more thing. When you go to Costa Rica. Anyone will tell you, you fly into the International Airport, then catch a domestic flight, Nature Air or Sansa, to all other destinations. Most people do as many as 3 or 4 different parts of the country, while they are there, as every part has something different to offer. Each time you fly to another destination, you have to fly back to the International Airport to catch a domestic flight to your next destination. I was in and out of the International airport 3 times, actually 4, if you count the trip home. I was just lucky to catch them at the airport, where they were most likely catching a domestic flight, as well. I can’t believe the Frog Chaser is making such a big deal out of my tweet. I hope I’ve been able to set the record straight. If not, it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. Lol! Thank you so much for liking my travel pictures. I’m a retired fashion designer, in better ladies evening wear. I did my last line in 1989 to get married and start a family. Dressed many a celebrity, some receiving awards in my dresses. Hard work! So, now I love to travel to beautiful places. Who knew that love of travel and a quick tweet would get this woman so upset. Thanks again for liking my travel pictures. My response to Froggy is on my twitter feed. Sorry, you had to deal with all this mess.

[Screencap added by CO]

Thanks so much for clarifying all of this Sondra!  I’m so sorry these extreme shippers put you through this in the first place. They are so desperate to believe that Sam and Cait are a real couple that they come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories and they turn innocent peop!le into liars. They have been spreading rumors that Tony is Cait’s gay friend to try to excuse his presence in her life and have even posted that assertion on clickbait sites that thousands can read. The things they have written about Sam’s girlfriend MacKenzie are just awful. Anyway, they came up with a whole bizarre theory last year that Sam flew from Thailand and spent New Year’s in CR with Caith despite Sam, Nell Hudson and the guy from the gym that Sam was using all saying he was in Thailand for New Year’s. Unbelievable!

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- this boy seems so fking chill

- but tbh

- he has nO CHILL IM 

- like when if he drops his sandwich, he’d just look at it before picking it up and throw it away bc it wasnt wrapped

- but inside he’s like gODDAMN IT WHY DID I HAVE TO DROP THE ONLY THING I LOOKED FORWARD TO AT SCHOOL and then he goes home and complains to his mom 

- and his eyes are like those anime character’s that glisten like goodbye sandwich


- the first say of school comes by and you’re late asf lmaooo 

- and vernons already in the classroom, just sitting and listening to his music, playing on his phone

- and then when you barge in, vernon just glances up 

- but then looks back up with wide eyes because its you!!! its Y/N!!!!



- and you’re just smiling sheepishly, blushing in embarrassment when the teacher glares at you 

- so then you look around the classroom for any familiar faces bc you’re not good at making new friends

- you’re too awkward and iTS SO FUNNY BUT SO ADORABLE TO VERNON



- so then you sit down like, “hey, hansol right?” 

- vernon just nods and cooly speaks like he’s so swagalicious, “you can call me vernon.” 

- you just smile at him and giggle

- and vernon has this cheeky grin on his face

- aww 

- so one day you walk in the library and you find vernon just concentrating really hardcore lol his face is like >:(( 


- And you slowly walk up to him and sit down next to him, raising your brows when he doesnt even notice you

- but when you open your book, he suddenly jumps and looks at you with a shocked expression like holy 

- you just laugh and just stare at him and he’s like

- “um… hey? why…” 

- you just ask him, “whatcha up to?” 

- and then he’d blink before shaking his head and bursting out, “uHM  math??? “ 

- and you’re laughing, “do you need help?” 

- vernon’s just like “pshhh….. nO”

 - but then 5 pages into your book, he’s nudging you like 


- you just laugh so hard because he’s so ???? you don’t know how to describe this handsome young man

- so ever since that day, you’d find hansol at the library after school, glaring at his book or papers LMAO

- and you’d always sit beside him and ask him if he needs help 

- lets just say sometimes he doesnt


- but on the outside, he’s nodding and making “hmm,” when you describe stuff to him

- when you look over at him, he’d have that dazed face

- but then his cheeks slowly go red before he looks down at his page like, “oh! i get it now, thanks!” 

- and you’d just smile at him and chuckle 


- so as days pass, you get closer to vernon as helping him with math now includes casual conversations and stuff

- and it’s so cute bc vernon looks so chill

- but his hearts pounding so fast and his hands are clammy 

- he always stares at you with that one look 

- the “she’s gonna be my wife” look 


- so one day while you were helping vernon with math

 - but then you get a phone call so you excuse yourself and pick it up

- immediately your face falls because your dad has just been admitted to the hospital because of his work and his lack of sleep and nutrition, etc which lead him to getting into an accident 

- you get up and panic, “i’m sorry hansol, but I have to go!” and tears and rolling down rapidly

- and vernons just in shock and he’s about to reach out for you but then you just ran away

- and vernon tries to run to you 

- and you’re just trying to hard not to fall and break down

- and when vernon catches up with you, he pants and suggests he comes with you 

- being so weak and sad at that moment, you just hug him and cry when he goes on the bus to the hospital because he kept hearing you cry out the words “dad” and “hospital” 

- vernon wouldnt ask you about what really happened and had an idea

- he would comfort you and hug you back, trying to ignore his fast pounding of his heart

- when you wait outside the room for you dad, you just kept your arms around vernon and stay silent 

- vernons holding you tightly and he really cares for you so he’d whisper, “he’s going to be fine,” a lot of times and trying to assure you 

- and your dad is fine, and when you go in the room 

- you just see your dad eating some pudding with his legs and stomach wrapped up 

- and you’re like sniffing like, “dad you’re so stupid… i hate you…” 

- and when your dad sees vernon at the door he’d just point his pudding spoon and be like “is that your boyfriend? nice one” 


- and vernon just jogs up before asking, “sir, do you need anything? do you need me to call in a nurse or doctor?” because he saw your dad look at him and point and say something 

- and your dads just like, “wow you picked a good one,” 

- you feel so embarrassed but you sigh and tell your dad how happy and relieved you are that he’s completely fine– anD HAPPY WITH SOME PUDDING

- so then when you leave, you stay silent and vernons just looking at you 

- whenever you catch him, he just looks away with pink cheeks aww

- “i’m sorry about earlier… you know,” you’d apologize

- vernon looks at you shocked like, “you don’t need to apologize. i’m your friend. that’s what friends are for. support.” 

- and you just blush because of how cool he looks when he talked and brushed his hair up 

- and you just clear your throat and nod, like, “yeah” 

- but you’re secretly like 

- “goddamn why is he so beautiful and nice” 

- vernon would still be looking at you before a smile appears on his face and he’s just happy to be with you

- so as days progress, especially after that day, you and vernon become such great friends

 - like where were you my whole life even though i knew you– i reALLY DIDNT KNOW YOU AND IM SO GLAD I KNOW YOU NOW– to vernon

- he’d be the first and last person you’d text

- and you two just get more and more attracted to each other

- one day you two would just hang out at vernons place and be sitting/lying on his bed

- no dirty thoughts ok goddamn this generation 

- and he and you would always glance at each other

- “vernon, we were suppose to do our project” 

- “can we do it tomorrow” 

- “ok” 

- so then it’ll be quiet but then vernon would just look over at you 

- “hey, have you kissed anyone yet” 

- and you made a face like wtf

- “why the sudden question?” you’d ask him, laughing

- vernon would laugh too but then he slowly gets serious and a soft expression takes over 

- and he’d just sigh and whisper, “there’s this girl… every time i stare at her… i just want to kiss and hold her…” he’d softly confess


- and you’d just shake your head and whisper back, “no.” 

- “no what?” vernon would blink out of daze when he heard you talk 

- “i haven’t kissed anyone yet. unless you count cheek and nose kisses.” 

- “oh. i was talking about lip kisses but if you prefer those–” 

- then he’d stop himself and blush really hard and just UMMM

- and you’d sit up next to him and raise your brows at him 

- “what were you saying?” 

- cue vernon screaming in the inside

- vernon would just stay still and panic

- but then panics even more because

- you lean in and press your lips against his

- and he just sits there like !!!!!! WOMAN YOU RUINED MY PLAN I WAS SUPPOSE TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE

- and before he can respond, you pull away and just smile at him

- “is that what you wanted?” 

- vernon just sits there like what just   happened 

- and you’re just like “well… i think that way of you, hansol. so…” 

- and then he coughs out

- “can we like… try again… but like… longer– i mean like–” 

- so then you just close your eyes and smile

- he’s so confused at the first 2 seconds but then he’s likE OH YOU’RE LETTING ME–

- and then he leans in and finally kisses you 

- and you both just smile against each other’s lips 


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

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