lol england idk

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are you still into Hetalia ??

Yeah! I actually really do like Hetalia, it’s one of the first anime I’ve watched and even care to rewatch now. I guess I always really liked the light humor of the show and it lowkey taught me quite a bit about countries. So I’ll probably love hetalia forever lol

Oh yeAH the shipping and angst is also great too LOL

just finished blue lily lily blue this was a wild ride from start to finish


A quick doodle of Panda!Russia and Spaceboi!America in OTGW style ‘cause I find the art style really adorable and simple. Also a little side thing for We Bare Bears cause Ivan’s dressed as a Panda it looks like a Koala but watev

Kinda wanna draw the Axis + Allies in OTGW style now aww